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  1. Yuuto added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    cuz their silicone botox and implants
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  2. Yuuto added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    How the fuck you going to teach someone a language if you don't speak their language aswell. Like how do you translate and teach them what a Japanese word means in the language your teaching. Don't you need to understand both languages fluently to teach translate and explain them to someone? Im so confused.. And teaching them only in the language they don't understand how is that going to work. 

    And where is she getting the time to do this?! She's always complaining on her story how busy she is. 
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  3. Yuuto added a post in a topic Milki.jpg   

  4. Yuuto added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    I'm still waiting and hoping for the " this is all a prank" or "I'm just trolling"  video...
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  5. Yuuto added a post in a topic Milki.jpg   

    She literally just got done with College/graduation. But instead of getting a job to pay her expensive copycat and  instafame  addiction she is immediately is back online and doing what she always does.
     She could turn her life around right now. She could get work experience. She could earn money. She could get out of her room for fresh air.
    She has time now why does she not fucking do something with it. 

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  6. Yuuto added a post in a topic Milki.jpg   

    I think she is to afraid to post or ran out of things to copy
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  7. Yuuto added a post in a topic Tana Mongeau   

  8. Yuuto added a post in a topic Kaddi Chan/ Kaddi Cosplay   

    100000% proof that she's stalks this thread! She posted the same photo and talked about "wanting to show natural side of her". 
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  9. Yuuto added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    I want to just take away his YouTube channel and get him banned from comeing close to woman or children... Or really any normal human..  
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  10. Yuuto added a post in a topic Tana Mongeau   

    I believe Tana is using shane and this hole idea of his. She didn't do real shit till shane came along. And I bet she's going to have excuses for everything blame everything on someone else and just completely victimize herself. Instead of taking at least a part of the blame. The fact she still hasn't made a clear honest public apology statement is ridiculous. I wonder if she would have ever said anything if shane didn't show up.
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  11. Yuuto added a post in a topic Milki.jpg   

  12. Yuuto added a post in a topic Milki.jpg   

    She should be honest and open about her real body type. It's fine to not have a barbie body but having a obese body type is also unhealthy. But she's just chubby and from what we've seen id say it's because of all the junk food and staying in her room all day. So far she shoops herself to make everyone belive she has a barbie body type. But she does it so badly that it gives her follower the message " if your chubby shoop yourself thin". It's just annoying she should stand up to her real body type and be honest and show it's not a bad thing to have some chub.
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  13. Yuuto added a post in a topic Milki.jpg   

    So I don't know if anyone remembers but she bought from all the ko-fi money makeup and even boasted how she got something from jeffree star. ( I think it's been posted on here). Now to me this hole "i want to post more natural makeup" thing is just because of laziness. Natural makeup is quicker and needs much less effort. But if I was one of her follower and payed for her to buy 50$ makeup I want to see fucking art made with it! Not some harf assed lazy shit disguised as "natural makeup".
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  14. Yuuto added a post in a topic pia the biggest bully on instagram   

    then she blocked you
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  15. Yuuto added a post in a topic Trisha Paytas (blndsundoll4mj)   

    I still feel sorry for Jason. I use to be a big fan of Trisha but honestly this is the last straw. I use to binge watch her mukbangs of stuffing her face and drowing in tears. But I've come to realise she over dramatics everything. Crys over everything. And has to make everything in her life public. Even if it's  a none public matter and negatively effects the people involved. For exsample this hole situation with Jason was a eye opener for me. She dragged the breakup into the public eye and that forced jason into the public eye. She gave him no choice. And she did it in such a sick way. The name of that video was ridiculous. And yes she is a public person but many public people keep alot private for example things like breakups and fights. They may make a simple public statement to the situation but they don't drag it into the public eye and force everyone involved  to sort it out in public. ( Unless they plan the drama for showbiz then they make a big public show down). Anyway Trisha should've given Jason time to just recover and make a public statement about it when he feels like it. And not force him into this situation. She needs to stop crying that everyone is now hateing on her she brought this entire thing onto herself. I just really needed to get this of my chest. I understand if not alot of people agree. And yes they are both fault and did stuff wrong. But I'm still on Jasons side.
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