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  1. ♡ anemic ♡ added a post in a topic Your favourite/signature perfume?   

    Noa by Cacharel 
    i simply adore it, im a fan of that "hi girl i just hopped out from shower" feeling. but this one also makes me feel like baby omL I LOVE IT. its like my second bottle and just aaaaAAH

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  2. ♡ anemic ♡ added a post in a topic Beauty trends you love   

    i personally lOOOVE light coloured and natural brows, lipgloss, dewy (but not like oily) skin and like lots of blush that makes you look like youre drunk or smth? i think its called igari or byojaku or something like that  tbh i like anything that makes you look like youre from final fantasy.
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  3. ♡ anemic ♡ added a post in a topic Momosweetcosplay / Ahripop / Himeahri   

    same oml
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  4. ♡ anemic ♡ added a post in a topic Thailiian   

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  5. ♡ anemic ♡ added a post in a topic Favorite dog breed   

    Shiba inu

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  6. ♡ anemic ♡ added a post in a topic Your opinion: prettiest girls on the internet   

    I actually really like Dakota's unshooped face, idk if she's the prettiest but yah 
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  7. ♡ anemic ♡ added a post in a topic Language exchange anyone?   

    I'm Turkish and if anyone's interested in learning Turkish, just shoot me a message! We can be study buddies. Turkish literature is really precious guys, you don't want to miss it 
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  8. ♡ anemic ♡ added a post in a topic What does your skincare routine consist of?   

    Hm, my routine is pretty simple actually. Since my skin is not oily but not dry either and its not very problematic, i don't push too much. I only use natural stuff tho. I live in Turkey so its pretty simple to find natural homemade things in islands near Istanbul ^^ (sorry for TMI hehe)
    Anyways, for washing my face when i wake up or smth I use handmade rose and olive oil soaps, my grandmother makes them.
    For cleansing, i use Ziaja olive leaf cleansing oil.
    Ocassionaly, i use the Body Shop's Chiense ginseng and rice mask and skin food's fresh apple sparkling serum  
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  9. ♡ anemic ♡ added a post in a topic Anzujaamu   

    Um, I think in this picture she looks a lil weird (?) too.
    Like she tried to alter/edit her face but failed, maybe?
    Or it could be makeup too. 

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  10. ♡ anemic ♡ added a post in a topic HANDSOME MEN   

    Benedict Cumberbatch. 
    End of discussion for me.
    Cumberbitches unite 2k16
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  11. ♡ anemic ♡ added a post in a topic What anime girl stereotype are you?   

    I'm 5'3 -i don't know if this is short or not- and I use bras, I'm confused 
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  12. ♡ anemic ♡ added a post in a topic Post What You're Listening To!   

    mah jam
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  13. ♡ anemic ♡ added a post in a topic Alicia jiroux insta famous   

    She looks really pretty but those eyebrows gave me the chills :'D
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  14. ♡ anemic ♡ added a post in a topic Sissel AB   

    Aw she looks very different in her videos~ I think she slims her jawline a bit? I mean, she doesn't make it like a Dorito chip, just tones it down. But she is still very pretty~ And as a side note, editing is not a problem for me if they don't lie about it. 
    I think her personality is not bland at all, she is kind of funny to me 
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  15. ♡ anemic ♡ added a post in a topic Jadahdoll   

    She just looks like a princess ahh I'm so amazed she has a beautiful smile too :')
    The second selca looks a tad bit creepy, I would say.
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