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  1. Umbreon added a post in a topic Halsey   

    I’m a fan of Halsey’s music more so than Halsey herself, but Nightmare wasn’t too bad. I don’t think it was as good as her other songs, but I love any kind of media with violent/rough/fed up women lmao. My gay heart is thriving. 
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  2. Umbreon added a post in a topic James Charles   

    I hope to god this humbled James enough and taught him to think twice about sending his followers after people now that he's been on the end of a mass "bullying" campaign, for lack of a better word. I also hope it teaches him that being a greedy little back-stabber has massive consequences when you're in an industry like this.
    All together I'm just a little sick of this whole situation. I think everyone's entirely too up their own ass and vicious.
    As for Jeffree, I'm genuinely shocked he was able to admit he was being rabid with a need to destroy James. He genuinely tried to ruin this kid by insinuating he was some kind of sexual monster that couldn't help himself and then cowered when asked for proof because I really don't think he had any.
    I think James is an idiotic sex pest and I do think he did do some weird shit to some people behind the scenes- he's at very least made a lot of people uncomfortable. Him also pursuing men of a certain orientation he knows aren't interested to fuel a fetish he has is also mega scummy (he also needs to not put himself as "woman seeking men" on Tinder when he identifies as a cis dude so straight guys will see him, wtf).
    That being said, I don't think he ever was going to the extent of like, sexually abusing anybody or blackmailing people for sex. I think he needs therapy and his mom and to stay off the internet while he collects himself.
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  3. Umbreon added a post in a topic James Charles   

    Jeffree Weenie Hut Jrs Star made a video apologizing to James and stating he was done with the drama and that he let himself get out of hand. I’m genuinely shocked he apologized, but I reckon he didn’t have anything of value to spill anyways. Jeffree backed himself into a corner he couldn’t escape from, me thinks.
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  4. Umbreon added a post in a topic James Charles   

    The bathroom incident was proven to be fake, not sure if the catfishing one was. A few people that were allegedly from his school chimed in on that one. 
    I hope for those boys’ sake it was false though. 
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  5. Umbreon added a post in a topic James Charles   

    Two things James didn’t address was the cat fishing of his football team at school and the verified user who claimed he was staying in a hotel with James at Playlist Live and watched James keep touching his friend till he told him to “fucking stop”. 
    He also only mentioned one of the verified girls who claimed he was sending messages to their boyfriends, and didn’t mention the married dude he told to take a compliment to upon hitting on him on IG.
    He managed to scrounge up every other accusation but those. I find that strange.
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  6. Umbreon added a post in a topic James Charles   

    I think they might’ve just meant like,,, YT wise if that makes sense?
    Like, there’s no unproblematic human, absolutely, but people like James like to claim it’s so hard to be a beauty influencer when it reality there’s hundreds of successful people who just review or try on makeup and stay in their lane and make a shit ton of money. 
    Being unproblematic in the YT scene (or any entertainment industry lmao) is fairly easy if you just mind your business and are nice to people. Idk, just my stale take lmao
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  7. Umbreon added a post in a topic James Charles   

    I’m not at all dunking on anybody who’s changed their minds on James given the info he released (bc I sure have in a few aspects, mainly Jeffree’s behavior) but it’s real funny how the switch was flipped from “JAMES IS A PREDATOR CANCEL HIM” to “SLAY QWEEN YES LOVE U JAMES” in like an hour on twitter lmao. 
    I feel like shit is way too complicated to leap from one side to the other, but here we are.
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  8. Umbreon added a post in a topic James Charles   

    I def feel like the saying “There’s three sides to every story- his, mine, and the truth.” 
    I think it’s a little bit of Tati’s and a little bit of James’.
    I do honestly doubt Tati lied as much as James claimed she did in that video, though. Tati’s old(er) but she’s not senile. I doubt she’d just pull something out of her ass just because.
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  9. Umbreon added a post in a topic James Charles   

    The gist of James’ new video is basically him calling Tati and Jeffree liars. He even leaked a text from Jeffree calling him a threat to society.
    We’re in for a war, Sisters!
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  10. Umbreon added a post in a topic James Charles   

    I agree. I don’t think Tati was malicious in what she was doing, but that she underestimated just how many people loathe James Charles for his obnoxious and entitled personality. His fans were pretty Sister Silent for the most part in all this controversy.
    It sucks that she had to literally drag him by the ear on the internet to get him to listen. Imo, that’s his own fault. His behavior and massive ego was going to destroy his career because he’d say something gross to someone important at an event and get his ass blacklisted or something. Homeboy needed a chewing out to humble himself and we all know his own mama wouldn’t have done that. 
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  11. Umbreon added a post in a topic James Charles   

    She basically says she didn’t mean for this to spiral into the massive cancel campaign that it did, and she wishes she could give the lost subscribers back. She felt like after so many failed attempts at addressing James’ behavior privately, she took it public so he’d listen.
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  12. Umbreon added a post in a topic James Charles   

    I think you misunderstood me. I’m not placing blame on SBH, I’m placing blame on James. SBH can sell whatever they want in whatever shape they want. I actually recommended their vitamins if you were looking for a melatonin sleeping aid that works if you’re an adult. 
    My point was that James, an influencer with a notoriously young fanbase, was personally promoting a gummy candy sleep vitamin to his gaggle of minors. A gummy vitamin, mind you, that’s known for being more tasty than it is effective. These things are delicious lmao. It was inappropriate on his part to promote them, because again, his demographic is mainly children and young teens. Not to mention he (likely illegally, mind you) mentioned they help with his anxiety, which is probably going to perk the attention of kids who suffer with anxiety and lead them to possibly using these irresponsibly. 
    Also I don’t think Tati’s fanbase is as young as James. She tends to attract older women typically (not to say kids don’t watch her). Halo also isn’t available through Amazon, so a kid can’t walk to their local CVS and buy a gift card to buy them, they’d need an actual credit card. If James’ fans weren’t mainly young teens and kids I wouldn’t really have an issue with him advertising these (though I feel like sleep aid is something to see a doctor but that’s besides the point).
    TLDR: I claimed James was in the wrong, not the company. SBH can sell whatever it likes. 
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  13. Umbreon added a post in a topic James Charles   

    So I had a spare Amazon gift card the other day and I decided I’d get those purple SBH gummies because I was looking the ingredients up to see exactly what James was promoting, and aside from being loaded with sugar, they seemed to just be a decent sleeping aid. At best I’d maybe get a good nights sleep from taking them ( I have a hard time sleeping/getting to sleep and was looking for some sleep aid options anyways ) and at worst I’d have some expensive but pretty tasty candy ( if you haven’t tried SBH before, they taste deadass like those opaque blue Scooby Doo fruit snacks). I can provide proof I actually bought these if anybody really gives a fuck, but anyways- 
    These fucking gummies knocked me the FUCK out. I took two before I went to bed and I nearly fell asleep while playing on my switch. Idk if it was placebo but within 20 minutes I couldn’t keep my eyes open. These are really effective melatonin vitamins, at least in my opinion. If you’re an adult and you actually need them, I’d actually recommend these to you (they have a very odd faint after taste though). I’m 20 years old and 5’9 and kinda chunky and my ass was out like a light.
    However, James promoting these to his audience of super young teenage fans? Not a good idea at fucking all. Like I said, these vitamins taste like literal candy. Good candy. Delicious candy, if we’re being honest. You can’t OD on melatonin, but having too much can give you migraines, stomach problems, and possibly make mental health issues and their symptoms worse. I can see some 12 year old buying these off amazon with a gift card and eating a handful of them and getting themselves sick. 
    We all talk about the betrayal to Tati, but tbh what James did was honestly kind of dangerous. These are LITERALLY sleeping pills that taste like scooby doo fruit snacks, and he was heavily promoting them. 
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  14. Umbreon added a post in a topic James Charles   

    I don’t think anybody needed to do anything to James for him to turn out entitled. He came from a well-off family (he went to a private pre-school for fuck’s same lmao) and has shown signs of entitlement early on, even in his career. There are plenty of dumbass men who can’t take “no” for an answer that haven’t been traumatized prior. Sometimes people just suck, and there isn’t a deeper meaning or have anything to do with whether they’re gay/straight/bi/etc. 
    James’ need to oversexualize everything MIGHT just be how he’s come to terms with his sexuality. I’ve found out with my own experience being gay, you can either suppress yourself and just never feel a need to explore, or it’s all you think about (or if you’re lucky you develop unconfused and knowing exactly who you are and what you want). 
    Growing up knowing you’re gay really early can be hard and you mature sexually a little bit different than straight kids do, especially since there’s a massive stigma around gay sex with people thinking it’s dirty/sinful, so gay kids tend to be inexperienced and under educated about their own interests and experiences.  
    With James, he seems extremely eager to do stuff with men but has limited interest in actually dating or having sex with them. He claims up and down he’s turned men gay and had lots of interactions with boys yet he’s apparently never done the deed or dated any of these guys.
    ( I’m NOT saying his behavior is okay or justified btw, or that being gay = just inherently sexualizing everything, I’m just drawing from mine and my friends experiences- this could very well have nothing to do with his orientation ).
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  15. Umbreon added a post in a topic James Charles   

    Gabe retweeting that nasty tweet from Keem like it’s valid. That’s like saying gay men who’ve been with women aren’t gay- some people just don’t realize they’re X or Y sexuality till they look around and experiment. There’s nothing wrong with that. Nasty.
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