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  1. Akira added a post in a topic Camila Low Camilakilla   

    judging by the pole, she’s back at her mom’s place since her little sister does pole dancing.

    also, I bet in the next coming days she’s going to repost old pictures again since she has nothing to post about. More validation seeking  for her.
    she’ll probably try to get back with Cody again because she wants that LA life again or she’ll start traveling with the new guy. Whatever it is, I know for a fact that she can’t stand living with her family. 
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  2. Akira added a post in a topic Camila Low Camilakilla   

    So I think she cheated on Cody. She’s with another guy now. 
    On Cody’s old Ig, he posted this pic on Valentine’s Day: 

    They were still together, as she was still posting pics from the home they were living together in for a couple months and she has a finsta, in which she still was following Cody with on. 
    Example: This was on February 27.

    About 2-3 weeks ago, Cody made a new IG. I guess Camila had access to his account too and deleted it because of pettiness: 

    The earliest I could find she was flirting with the guy was February 24th:

    And she was still with Cody while flirting with this guy for months because she posted pics from the house with Cody all March: 
    March 20th-25

    April: Still at the same home with Cody

    So for awhile, she was talking to this guy

    They even went on a trip together in March, when she was still with Cody. 

    So I guess around end of April she left Cody and flew over to the new guy’s place:
    May 2 (Posts from her story)

    The new guy she posted on her stories:


    So yeah, it seems like she was cheating according to the timeline. 
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  3. Akira added a post in a topic Camila Low Camilakilla   

    she did get braces, but it looks like her teeth is starting to shift. 
    and this is her lame excuse of not showing her teeth 

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  4. Akira added a post in a topic biticonjustine/justine   

    She’s been doing this scam for years and blocking people overtime. Her being “busy” just sounds like an excuse. How can you be busy when you’re just seen posting pictures and being active on social media? How are you going to refund people if you blocked them? She’s only apologizing and taking action because that tweet blew up, which snowballed into how shitty her behavior was. I mean, I know, what else is she supposed to do in this situation? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if she’s going to change or not. Time will only tell. But then again, if she’s still going to continue with representing herself as being mixed Latina-Filipino, then she’s still a fraud. 

    Her older brother (I covered the @ here) also responded to the tweet of her ex exposing their step-dad. He’s...really not helping. And he basically confirms it.

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  5. Akira added a post in a topic biticonjustine/justine   

    Her step dad has a completely different last name than her, and also her other two siblings as well (one younger, one older). I’m guessing her step dad is her mom’s 3rd marriage or something because each sibling has different last names, the younger one sharing his last name with the dad, the older one completely different from the other two. But apparently Justine calls him her dad because he’s been there since she was a baby, so basically her whole life. But to say she is half-Mexican biologically and represent herself in the Latina-Filipina community is deceitful, especially as a model because she’s basically implying being 100% Filipino is bland while trying to play off as being mixed will make herself seem more special. Also, she has blocked someone before when they (a full Filipina) said she looked like her. In fact, she blocks a lot of people for other unknown reasons too. 

    She went to the same high school as some of my friends before she changed schools, and they said she was the attention-seeking type, bouncing from one friend group to another. And before she even got famous, she’s been selling clothes online but deleted her old accounts. I guess she’s been scamming even before her modeling days, while she was in high school. When she changed schools, she dropped her old friends at the old one and once she got famous, she rarely speaks to any of them nowadays. 
    Also here’s a screenshot of her saying the n-word freely. 

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  6. Akira added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Imagine going on one of her own expose pages to grab this childhood picture and then taking the time to edit in the blue eye horribly and inconsistently...girl must be dying of boredom in quarantine that she needed to start something again. She’s gonna use this photo and claim that the real one is edited in incase her “bullies” come after her. Girl...just stop! For someone preaching about love and happiness, she’s really sad and pathetic. 
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  7. Akira added a post in a topic Camila Low Camilakilla   

    (I’m on mobile so apologies if this comes out messy.)

    Also I think she has added some fillers on her nose because it looks sharper (compared with an older photo).

    Sometimes I think she tries hard to look less Filipina. Like compared to photos other people have taken of her, she edits her eyes bigger and makes her face less wide. Other than that, she blurs her skin a lot. 

    She posted this saying she was “single” but her and Cody are still together. She always does this when they get in a fight. She unfollowed him from his insta again but they are still living together at a new place. 

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  8. Akira added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    I tried the filter out on IG. It does slim your nose and make it appear more straight. It also distorts your face, I could easily catfish someone. 
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  9. Akira added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Her “recent” trip is suspicious. She posted most of her photos from Peru 7 months ago, in February and mentions it again acting like she’s been there in present time. She went hiatus for a while, so maybe she did get some augmentation done. 
    This site tells me that this photo, along with most of the ones in her story, were posted 7 months ago already. 

    And she’s still going at it with stealing photos again. 

    My guess is that she got work done and is trying to seem like she was away traveling, when in reality she was healing. Possibly a nose job because she hasn’t posted a selfie until now, and the above photo might be an old one since she’s posting her trip to Peru from months ago to make up some excuse why she was gone for awhile. We’ll see once she posts a more recent photo. 
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  10. Akira added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    Damn, I know Snapchat filters can blur your blemishes but I could see she still edited it lol like her lips (you can see the warp on the dog nose), the brown patch under her eye in the second photo, and the shadow on Switch’s arm looks unnatural. She blurred her skin out more too. 
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  11. Akira added a post in a topic Camila Low Camilakilla   

    it’s funny how just months ago while going to Sev Lasers to get a tattoo removal, she had to clarify to her followers that she wasn’t going to get Botox but yet she’s gotten herself a brow lift on the down low....
    i wouldn’t be surprised if she’s gotten injections for her smile lines, cheekbone area, or undereyes and chin. Her face looks much more different and bloated compared to a couple years ago but it’s not because of puberty. The sad thing is that she didn’t even need all these procedures, she basically turned into an IG baddie clone while continuing to promote fit teas and mattresses. 
    Also, I guess she works at a Forever 21 office since this was a photo from her coworker’s IG, who is a creative director. She is on the right. It’s ironic because she used to shit on Forever 21 and now she’s working under them lol

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  12. Akira added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    According to the FDA, as long as her product is safe in terms to packaging, ingredients, labels and directions, it is not required (though they encourage it). However, if she is going to sell an acne cream which is considered a cosmetic under FDA terms, her product is both a cosmetic and a drug, since it contains CBD, a drug.
    From the FDA:
    “If, however, your products are drugs, or both cosmetics and drugs, they must meet the requirements for drug registration. Similarly, importers of cosmetic ingredients that are also classified as food products must meet the registration requirements of the Bioterrorism Act of 2002.”
    Idk if she has already done some kind of official paperwork or anything or if she’s going to sell it as if it’s a DIY Etsy product.
    Here’s more info from the FDA site about small businesses and homemade products: https://www.fda.gov/cosmetics/resources-industry-cosmetics/small-businesses-homemade-cosmetics-fact-sheet#6
    I’d also like to quote this from the site because this is basically Sarah in a nutshell:
    “Newcomers to cosmetic manufacture sometimes think that because they have used a product themselves with no apparent problems, or because the ingredients are "natural," "organic," or "botanical," the product must be safe. This assumption is not correct.”
    Either way, even if my skin was bad, I wouldn’t volunteer to try her acne cream. From her recent pictures, CBD hasn’t been doing her wonders and she isn’t an expert on skincare. Plus, CBD oil is just like any plant-derived oil for your skin, it can work for some people but not for others. With it’s connection with weed, it sounds more like a gimmick marketed to anyone jumping on the hemp train. Not only that, but there are other known skincare lines that contain CBD oil and I’d rather try those out first rather than an untrusted homemade manufacturer (Sarah).
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  13. Akira added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    I think she was chubby when she was younger but gained more weight as she got older. Back when she was on tumblr, she edited herself to match Japanese beauty (with very light skin, big eyes, super skinny, etc), but with this fad of being “thicc”, she’s joined in on it except she has to edit less now because she’s already overweight to begin with. I guess some are shocked to believe she’s still putting up effort with editing because it’s been years and she’s still hiding her true appearance, plus we’re used to seeing her edited self. It’s sad that she’s insecure (everyone is) but it’s no shocker to me what she looks like, because photo editing has come a long way where anyone can alter their appearance drastically, but no matter what, it’s easy to spot if you’re used to seeing it online. And it’s even more sad that her friends or boyfriend can’t post a candid of her without her editing or approval first.
    Also, I don’t think houses in Arkansas are expensive anyway, so I wouldn’t assume Switch’s family is rich. If I recall correctly, Arkansas is about rank 2 in the US of cheapest state to live in. You can probably rent a 4 bedroom house for about $450 in Arkansas compared to renting an average 2 bedroom in California for $1000+ depending on the area. So Switch’s family is probably just an ordinary middle-class family. 
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  14. Akira added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    I know how the game works, lol. But if you look on the bottom of the picture, it tells you the answer which was the Jupiter one. 

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  15. Akira added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    I know. But one “truth” she said was “I’ve never had in n out.” Yet there’s an old video of her eating from there. It’s now deleted from her IG. So there are actually 2 lies and a truth. 
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