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  1. Akira added a post in a topic Buzzfeed   

    3 Reasons Why You'll Never Want To Read Buzzfeed Again Will Shock You! 
    Buzzfeed claims that they are a social news and entertainment company. Some of their contents are a hit and miss, but now as a whole, they are—for a lack of a better word—shit.
    1. The headlines are extremely sensationalized or misleading. Did my headline attract you? Good, that's what it's supposed to do. But to include it in almost every article or video is super annoying and unnecessary. It rubs off as clickbaity, which pavlovically ushers me to avoid them at all costs. And also, their articles are just lists.

    2. Their original contents are terrible. Aside from making lists, they also generate quizzes. For example, there's a quiz named, "What Kind of Milkshake Are You?" Thanks Buzzfeed. Without you, I wouldn't have known that I'm Cookies n' Cream. Besides the quizzes, there are articles about things I don't care about, won't learn from, nor inspire me. As for their YouTube videos, some are actually good. However, some get repetitive and boring. For instance, there's the Try Guys. Then, there are hundreds of "____ tries _____ for the first time" type of videos. It's so played out. Though if they stopped making these, they'd have nothing to produce. 
    3. They are unoriginal. Somehow deemed a news site, nothing is actually "news" to me. They basically steal from other sites, or anything that's trending online. It's like some people are paid to sit around as a regular internet user until they see something becoming viral worth posting about. They're the Facebook mom of the internet. Their articles are like those accounts on Tumblr that only reposts from other users (which is basically every Tumblr "blog" out there nowadays). 
    An example of Buzzfeed writing their articles based on Reddit posts: 

    In all, I'd rather watch their YouTube videos than go on their site. Obviously the quality of their content isn't something I'd trust as an informational or primary source. It is now an alternative to cracked.com. Mashable is slowing evolving towards the same fate, but it's more bearable. 
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  2. Akira added a post in a topic Jennifer: Sasha Vladimirovna / cremijeur   

    Um...I'm pretty sure she did edit her vagina. I mean, if she's gonna post the picture to appeal to her mass following, why not "clean the floors"? She still photoshops her face, so why is it hard to believe that she didn't also shoop her cooch? And idk where you've been, but there are plenty of girls on the internet like Jennifer, who have posted nudes to the public, mainly to get attention. You may not believe it, but yes—it's 2017— it happens. 
    And why go the extra mile to edit her vagina, you ask? You're asking this question on a thread about a girl who pretended to be a Russian foreign exchange student/model for years, photoshopping her face to the extreme, and who was recently caught for making money in exchange for "erotic" photos. 
    And genitals may be an ugly, astrocious thing to you, but it's what makes us human; it's natural and when you think about it, it can be beautifully diverse; it comes in different shapes and sizes, tones. 
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  3. Akira added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    When she lurks this thread, she gonna probably go back and credit her so that she can regain her fan points. 
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  4. Akira added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    So apparently, she has a new house. She snapped a video of her kitchen. I thought she understood that showing off was annoying, lol.  Yet, she's flaunting her new home that she probably shares rent with. 
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  5. Akira added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    At the rate she's posting these "educational" videos, I get more careless each time lol.
    Her voice is so monotoned, there's no joy in it. She read the script too fast, I didn't get to process any information. Her videos are super short because she most likely took a piece of information somewhere that basically summarized the topic. Which maybe explains why she's doing videos now—to avoid getting caught with plagiarism. More so, she probably didn't want to do a lot of research because she's lazy and not the type of person who would spend an all-nighter gathering infomation. And the fact that she recorded all these videos at the same time tells me she cares more about quantity and less about quality. In the end, her videos are useless because no one is going to remember the information in the video; they were too busy oogling at her cleavage. FFS, look more professional if you want to be taken seriously. Whenever she's in front of a camera, she always makes sure to show her boobs. 
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  6. Akira added a post in a topic lovelynnc   

    The way her eyelashes are on is sloppy, as seen in that video. That's the only thing I focused on, lol.
    But she appears to be an average import model...and most of them are boring because they are sooo alike. Most are Asian and have big fake boobs and other plastic surgeries; dyed hair, colored contacts, super dramatic lashes, etc. The only import model that has a personality imo is Dannie Riel. But regardless, their whole following mainly consists of men. 
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  7. Akira added a post in a topic leulahleaf / cleoleaf   

    As much as I wish they truly aren't, they do look like cuts, at least to me. They are more straight compared to the other stretch marks you see in the corner of her arm. 

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  8. Akira added a post in a topic Camila Low Camilakilla   

    I wonder why she posts these kinds of things. The only reasons that come to mind is that she wants attention or validation from people, now that she doesn't have a boyfriend. Also, her head looks so small. 
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  9. Akira added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Sarah has shallow breasts. Shallow breasts mean that they aren't full at the top. Bras that may be suited for these types are plunges and balconettes, because they fit nice and can lift the breasts a little.
    However, looking at that green lingerie photo, I noticed she's not wearing the correct bra size—in fact, she's wearing a much smaller one. 
    A perfect fit bra would have to mean that the gore sits flat on your sternum. 
    An example of a small vs correct fit: 

    Now look at Sarah's photo. She is wearing a smaller bra, which gives her cleavage and the illusion of big breasts. The gore doesn't sit on flat; it's just on top of her squished boobs.

    The problem with this is that it looks silly and can be uncomfortable. When wearing bras that are too small for you, it can create an Orange in a Glass effect where the boobs bulge out weirdly like this:

    So all this time, she's been wearing small bras to keep up with that bombshell look.
    OT Side-fact: If you look at some Victoria's Secret ads, you'll notice the models are wearing smaller bras because they are trying to market consumers who want nice breasts with cleavage. Pretty deceptive, right? But I'm not surprised because companies like VS only care about image and money. 
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  10. Akira added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    I'm not just talking only the picture part, what if she actually told them she had heterochromia? They'd put "DI" or "DIC" for 'Dichromatic' (synonym for heterochromia); while others just put down the dominant eye. Since Sarah didn't flaunt the "eye color" part of her driver's license, maybe she didn't tell them. But what if she put down that she has hazel eyes? It's obvious that she hates having brown eyes, she's been telling people they're hazel. Plus, you can see she always lightens the brown up a little to make it seem hazel. 
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  11. Akira added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Adding on, complete heterchromia is beautiful because it's uncommon, so it's seen as exotic. 
    Sarah exploits it as an aesthetic, while there are much more decent and hardworking people, who actually have it, should be more recognized. Meanwhile, she's busy filming movies and music videos, being offered gigs and such. 
    All because she popped in a contact!!!
    But besides that, she has a nasty personality, as well as the audacity to steal content from other creators. 
    I'm surprised she isn't sued yet. She completely plagiarized articles. And on top of that, lied about her eyes on her driver's license. Is that even legal?
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  12. Akira added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Of course she edited her nose. All her photos are photoshopped, which isn't surprising. She made the tip of her nose a little upturned and her nose bridge more downturned. 

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  13. Akira added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Wasn't she in Hawaii? Like, why not just take pictures of the water since you're there instead of stealing one off the internet??? Is she that lazy? Or just plain stupid? -__-
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  14. Akira added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    She's still editing her photos to make herself lighter. 
    Revolve's pic (left) vs Lily's (right)

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  15. Akira added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    It's kinda weird how she recently got her eyebrows microbladed, yet she continues to messily fill in her eyebrows. Plus, if she's just swimming in water, why wear a fuckton of makeup? 
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