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  1. Treponema added a post in a topic James Charles   

    Fuck he looks sooo much more charming in the unedited pic... nasty crotch aside tho
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  2. Treponema added a post in a topic The Proserpina/ Victoria Campbell   

    to be fair she got inspiration for her look based off of a specific artist and this person gives their characters some squiggly eyeliner. So I would give her a pass for this. And this artist’s work screams try hard edgelord too... 
    the sad thing is I am quite sure it looks way better on her unedited face. 
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  3. Treponema added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    well not to defend her or anything, but there is a significant part of people into bdsm who enjoy both sides of the coin : dominance and submissiveness. They are called switch as they can easily switch roles. So this is not a huge no-no. To me what seems odd is how she got 100% in seemingly everything but vanilla... someone’s been reading too much fifty shades.
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  4. Treponema added a post in a topic Mariah Mallad / Momokun Cosplay   

    it’s Lamu. She is supposed to be an alien who comes to earth and lives with a young man. The anime itself isn’t lewd but they make a lot of sexy jokes. So Momo cosplaying it would not be out of character but she would trash her. Also Lamu is a quite old and old neck beards are not always big on getting their waifu badly cosplayed 
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  5. Treponema added a post in a topic The Proserpina/ Victoria Campbell   

    Vic has been behaving like a c*nt lately. She got called out by a girl so she put her on blast saying how negative she was (by screenshotting all of her comments) and put her username in her insta story for everyone to see. Then she also reposted a DM she got from another person to further spread filthy rumors about this girl... You know "I dont care about you you negative hater now you're blocked"- a novella. I did not think of screenshotting this one bc I felt this thread was pretty dead lately tho
    But nowadays she mostly posts SFS stuff in her story, or pics of her dog. She seems to take good care of her so yay I guess? (I mean, before she sends this one to her parents too)
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  6. Treponema added a post in a topic Lonbon Lonlon (Kawaii Cannabis Queen)   

    Damn to me this short hair and beanie gives me serious Gipsy Rose Blanchard vibes... creepy.
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  7. Treponema added a post in a topic Lonbon Lonlon (Kawaii Cannabis Queen)   

    I am so sorry for you, and sending you loads of support 
    I have a similar yet milder condition as this actually (one of my vertebrae shifted out of alignment after a ski accident) and same as you, even though they saw me in a lot of pain, they considered surgery as a last resort, never even considered putting me on pain medication and one physio even had me out of my back brace... seems like someone is thirsty for the druuuuugz
    But let’s say she injured herself... wouldn’t she see someone for a concussion first, as the only way I imagine her hurting her neck this way would be falling from the pole head first, instead of heavy surgery for the neck ? 
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  8. Treponema added a post in a topic Mariah Mallad / Momokun Cosplay   

    One of her poses is definitely ripped off one of the posters she bought in Japan... and damn these tights are cringe... why not wear regular nylons? Feet lovers tend to be more into these bc you know... feet are visible. Or why not roll the tights at the ankle an conceal the bottom with some ankle cuffs? (I think Chun Li has chunky wrists cuffs, why not replicate these?) Damn she’s a mess
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  9. Treponema added a post in a topic Lonbon Lonlon (Kawaii Cannabis Queen)   

    I cannot hear any sound in this vid so Idk what this is about, like normal or whut... But I will say, as an art director, with all the nuance I can gather that... it's bad. I mean. I did some cringey projects as a student too, but I matured with experience and we are almost the same age...
    Movements are super awkward, (granted without music it is even more cringe) and the footage is looped constantly. The patterns are waaaayy too busy and make shapes unreadable... Girl wants be Gaspard Noe? Because the man can film about drugs and dance...
    Under spoiler and CW for sexual content,violence, drugs, self harm and suicide for the first vid, and for the second video, it's just opening credits, but they could cause a seizure, as they ar moving fast and being flashy. I just thought this second one was a good example on how to use trippy imagery with measure...
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  10. Treponema added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    Yeah I am guessing it's from the movie where one of the main characters has blue hair. It's a love story between two girls, is Whylo trying for a sugar mommy now?
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  11. Treponema added a post in a topic Lonbon Lonlon (Kawaii Cannabis Queen)   

    No probs, the tea is better whe it brews for a while :3
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  12. Treponema added a post in a topic Lonbon Lonlon (Kawaii Cannabis Queen)   

    I would love some of that tea too !
    And for the flogging one... my ex tried to do this to me too. He self harmed in order to guilt trip me to stay with him, made up some suicide attempts too. (he tried to tell me he'd kill himself with those pills he found in my bathroom, and I found out it was just a very mild painkiller that does not even numb period pains effectively) And you know what mental issue he had? Narcissistic personnality disorder. I am almost sure Lobster does have this too.
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  13. Treponema added a post in a topic Lonbon Lonlon (Kawaii Cannabis Queen)   

    Guys you know what I find strange? That she did not comment on Zombie Boy's passing and make it all about herself oO I would have expected her to redo her Anthony Bourdain trick. I must say I'm impressed.
    Also, good job on being against racism WHILE fetishizing asian teen girls, Lon... (the seifuku+shibari combo, I mean I felt like the seifuku was really out of place in this photoshoot) I guess it's not racist if the person is not black ... good job on erasing prejudice against asian people, really.
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  14. Treponema added a post in a topic Lonbon Lonlon (Kawaii Cannabis Queen)   

    I do feel kinda triggered by her approach to "suicide". Using it as a form of blackmail, making it all about herself and shit, like it "cripples" her... One of the most important people in my life decided to end his life last week, and I am beyond broken rn... I cry myself to sleep every fucking night knowing I will never get to hug him or hear him laugh, that his silhouette will never haunt the streets anymore, that no one will hear him perform and no one would be blinded by his beautiful heart... I also feel quite sad that I'll never get to be inked by him, adn thus have a little piece of him forever in me. Although guess what girl, I still showed up to work and to all my social obligations for the last few days, and this was a man I truely LOVED. My intern was even like "why did you show up if you feel this bad?" and my answer was that I had my job to do. And this friend of mine was not the type to sit down and feel sorry for himself, he dragged himself through life like a wounded beast, I swear...
    And you know what, girl? He NEVER tried to blackmail anyone with suicide, NEVER tried to belittle anyones feelings saying he had it worse (called me out once saying I was being dramatic, tho, bc I said my ex was insane, and he said Oh come on you drama queen, he was just a dick), and NEVER whined about his condition: he would sometimes open up to me or his friends about his dark sides but never as a way to gain pity. She just always uses emotions to get her ways, and seing now first hand how people can deal with their own demons, bottle them and drag them around makes me feel like she truely never experienced any of these. I know people react to trauma and emotions differently, but I swear the people with the darkest minds are always the most silent.
    And also yeah, money and fame will fix you? Maybe you should look up Robin Williams, Basquiat, Amy Whinehouse, Jimi Hendrix... Also, how shallow can you be?
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  15. Treponema added a post in a topic Lonbon Lonlon (Kawaii Cannabis Queen)   

    definitely a drive reference, she's even quoting the chorus in her IG description.
    On the stipper topic: it adds up with some of her old posts, when she was talking abt having a sexy insta... Maybe she was testing the waters to come out about that stripper lifestyle and milk the sex positive/empowerment side of feminism?
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