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  1. Cinnabread added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    I honestly don't see the point of this video, other than for our dear Hanfu princess to throw shade, of course. It's not a 'secret' when you make videos reviewing something that you'll never use again. It's also no 'secret' that you get paid when you review irrelevant pillows at the end of your 'wedding room' video because why tf not amiright!?!1?1?
    Many Youtubers do make sponsored videos, but many of them manage to make them interesting unlike Hanfu warrior who won't make a video unless she's being sponsored or wants to convince PULL users about how her relationship with Sjustin is perfect. What about those DIYs we were promised? I thought that her passion was back but she'd rather make video after video trying to defend her choices (gosh I'm salty).

    I completely agree Kat.
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  2. Cinnabread added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon   

    Hi I'm new to this thread too! I finally decided to face my fears and make an account here. Like many others, I have a problem with this new love confession video. First of all, Yandev keeps screaming about how he wants this to be a stealth game, even though when you spy on Osana and senpai you're not even hidden! I would expect Musume to be like: 'hey Osana! That weird girl who doesn't talk to anyone is always stalking you and senpai behind that conveniently placed bush!' Also during Osana's Monday event, it would make a LOT more sense if Socio-chan I don't know... sat down on the other bench eating lunch as well instead of 'secretly' leaning in like a creepo? That way she could hear the what's going on and not look suspicious? Not one other student would see yandere-chan acting weird? Really? (Sorry if the picture's huge I don't know how to make it smaller )

    Yandev also mentioned how you have to sabotage all 5 events to get senpai to reject Osana but why? Wouldn't it be more interesting and challenging if you sabotaged 3 or something, senpai would be like: '.... I like you, Osana' (not as strong as: 'I feel the same way about you too' like in the original video?) then you have to try and get them to break them up by sabotaging more of their events together the next week, meaning that the next rival is delayed until you break them up and senpai's more vulnerable to fall for someone else because he wants to rebound? Then the more time you take to break them apart, the harder it gets? (organic game play ftw?)
    Being nitpicky here but... why did osana say J-pop and J-rock in the Friday event... assuming that they're in Japan? (please feel free to correct my if I'm wrong ) but I'm sure people in Japan would just say pop and rock?  
    As mentioned by others (sorry if I don't know your names yet ) their events seem a little... wooden? Their Thursday event is particularly strange to me. I mean: 'gee I can't wait to spend time with senpai... Time to take a nap outside on the school's rooftop for some reason and have my phone in my hand instead of my pocket!' It doesn't feel very organic at all, it feels like those games that try to steer you into one direction even though they insist that it's based on the player's choice? (please hear me out! It kind of reminds me how in Persona 4 they were steering you towards Yukiko for the half the game until you meet more love interests in my humble opinion... but I guess I'm just salty).
    Sorry for that wall of text and I thank you all for opening up my eyes to Yandev's disgusting ways. It's hard to believe that I was a fan of him for so long. 
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