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  1. Teal added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    If that's the case, it's a pretty low blow.
    I mean, she has had that Patreon for what? A month?
    So to me it does seem that it was a "help us finance our move!"

    Good for her. It's her life. She can move wherever she wants. But I think it's a scumbag move to have your channels be Japan focused (because, well, you live in Japan) and then you make a Patreon and suddenly you announce you're moving to Korea. 

    I thought her video on sentos was good and I was hopeful she would start traveling more and doing more things, in general, in Japan now that she made a Patreon...and she instead announces she's moving to Korea.
    I'm personally not interested in Korea at all so I don't think I will continue watching her videos once she moves.
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  2. Teal added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I think it's silly to say she's privileged because she's saying that's the scariest thing that has happened to her.
    For one, she's probably exaggerating.
    And two, what does that have to do with privilege?
    I can be extremely rich or poor and be robbed at gunpoint.
    It's all luck. It isn't automatically connected to financial status.
    I guess dirt poor people who have never been robbed, have never had their home broken into, etc are privileged instead of lucky?
    Makes no sense to me.
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  3. Teal added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    When I saw that she had opened a Patreon, I wasn't surprised.
    It seems every YouTuber is doing it these days after the adpocalypse.

    It is incredibly annoying to me when YouTubers open a Patreon instead of getting a real job. Even part-time.
    I can understand when they actually work for their content but Sharla does shitty vlogs.
    And when I saw her rewards and what she wanted to get...eh...it made it even worse.

    And it's not like she's promising more and better content.
    She's made it for what? To get money for filming her cats? I love cats. I have four myself.
    But the amount she includes them in her videos is just too long.
    Most of the time they aren't even doing anything. I think she just does it as an easy way to increase the length of her videos.
    At least when Taylor incorporates her dog she puts silly subtitles and makes it more "fun" (and short, too).

    And, honestly, Sharla didn't even really test that camera out, if you ask me.
    She admitted she doesn't know anything about cameras...so how could she have possibly tested it?
    I'm damn sure she didn't change the ISO when she went outside to film in the dark.
    She needs to learn about it before she goes and "tests" it.
    She should go hang out with that friend of hers that knows about cameras so that he can teach her.
    Or hell, she can research herself. That's how I learned.
    Hopefully she does because there's no point in getting a better camera if you're not gonna learn how to use it.

    On the whole Taylor giving her a camera so she didn't need that EOS M6, well, I agree and disagree.
    I'm an amateur photographer and have two cameras for different purposes. A Sony A77 and a Nikon D750. And I want a Canon. lol
    So I can understand wanting a "sitting down" camera that you can have setup all the time with a tripod and lights and a different vlogging camera that you have on-hand all the time.
    But, the thing is, when does she ever do "sitting down" videos that would require a tripod and lights setup?
    She barely does them so I don't see why she would need a "sitting down" camera.
    Unless she plans on changing how she makes videos and, instead of sitting on the bed, she will have a real setup with a chair or sofa (kinda like Taylor)?
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