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  1. Nakisos added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    Never heard of Alinity either but everything I've seen so far makes her sound pretty damn stupid. I wish Felix could just enjoy his new engagement joy for awhile but nope, have to get ignited by some idiot with neither morals nor sense.
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  2. Nakisos added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    I really don't get why so many people are pissed off because they're convinced she pulled a suicide trick just to kill her persona. We are talking about a long-time mentally ill person who has been abused since childhood and lives in an environment where mental healthcare is as good as none. We're talking about a person who has attempted suicide 4 times in the past, fully intending to die each time. She failed all of them, and if I remember correctly, her last attempt left her serious physical health consequences (not to mention physical health consequences from her bulimia, drug use, and just an overall fucked up life). Is it really that unbelievable that she would earnestly try to kill herself again? And is it that unbelievable that she just honestly failed, once again? However people feel about her not announcing her return or explaining anything or whatever is to each their own, but this criticism alone I'm personally unable to understand or swallow.
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  3. Nakisos added a post in a topic Going to university   

    It might be because we're from different countries and university systems that is making me a bit confused about the question, but are those subjects the classes you plan to take? Or majors you'd like to pursue? Is studying acting/some form of theater or arts out of the question?
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  4. Nakisos added a post in a topic About Insecurities   

    Found it funny and coincidental that I have every single insecurity you listed up there, haha! 
    But anyways, I can definitely relate with the acne scarring. I had light acne starting in junior high, which blew into SEVERE acne in my last year of high school. Drops hundreds, maybe even thousands, on medication and whatnot just to get it under control. I don't have it as bad anymore but man...the scars. My nose is kinda-sorta disfigured from two bumpy acne scars from sixth grade, which is probably my biggest insecurity skin-wise. Like you, my skin is also very pale; everyone called me "Snow White" growing up because my skin was so pale and so smooth, so the psychological horror of going from being told "how can such perfect skin exist!?" to "have you maybe considered Accutane" was a big blow as well. I've yet to find anything that helps much with scarring, but I really see and feel a difference in my skin when I sleep before 10:30 PM, if that means anything.
    Not really relating to your "rare condition" comment about beauty, but the ABG/Instahoe/Rave Thot look/lifestyle that is so widely seen as #goals nowadays really annoys me. Maybe I'm just jealous because I'm not rich, not hot, and just the stark opposite of them in every way, but man, I really don't understand why that's "beauty" nowadays. I think it's shallow and dumb.
    That, and the big-lips-big-butt trend too...and I'm saying that as someone with both.
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  5. Nakisos added a post in a topic Yumi King General Thread #2   

    There's a jaw-slimming botox called "v-line injections" that are extremely popular in Asia. Basically, they shrink the size of your jaw muscles so your face becomes more narrow-looking. I've had them before and they work wonders...if your main problem is jaw muscle and not cheek fat.
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  6. Nakisos added a post in a topic Sara-Tousa Bao-James Ng Jie Xian-James BelowAverage-James Lauterbach   

    Holy shit, the way he talks is so narcissistic, arrogant, fake, and gross, in a malicious, predatory sort of way. Having encountered by an eerily similar person in my past that ended very poorly for me, his entire character is disgusting and unsettling. The worst part is, just because he's somewhat conventionally attractive, he's probably not going to have much trouble finding vulnerable people to manipulate and prey upon. I'm glad you're no longer associated with this kind of scum and I can only hope that the people around him will also see him for what he really is.
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  7. Nakisos added a post in a topic Logan Paul   

    I can't stand to watch any of his videos, I completely fucking hate this guy (and his just-as-fuck of a brother). Seeing thumbnails and any images of them is enough to make me feel so ashamed as an American, Californian, and human being all at once. The fact that he is so successful is disgusting, sad, and despicable. Screw "don't stoop to their level"; if I ever saw this guy on the streets, I'd absolutely cuss him out and punch the shit out of his face.
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  8. Nakisos added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    Thanks for that huge summary!
    I admit I did not watch the video and am basing this off of that line, and I have no doubt she will visit Nara Deer Park, but she makes it sound like she can just walk out of her apartment in Tokyo and cross the street to Nara Deer Park or something. I've been living in Tokyo for university exchange and I've not yet been to Nara, but from my understanding, the fastest train from Tokyo to Nara is over $100 and a bit over 2 hours- one way. The cheapest route, according to my maps, is about $60 and over 8 hours.
    So...well, must be nice to be rich and leisurely.
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  9. Nakisos added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but one of the Japanese characters for "Rin" is the same as the one for "Hayashi" (林), which if I remember correctly is also the same character as her Chinese "Lim". I guess "Lim" just didn't sound edgy or cool enough for her...
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  10. Nakisos added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    I'm so confused about why there's fighting and what's being fought about. Sarah naturally has an uncurvy body, her pictures don't accurately reflect her body, there is lot of proof that she shops herself into a weird lump of ass and tits, everyone agrees that it's weird and fake, the end. Racial background has some degree of influence over features, sure, but I don't see how that point adds to this thread or to the already-acknowledged point of Sarah's body being a photoshopped fraud, and I certainly don't see why the poster has to get so hostile about it.
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  11. Nakisos added a post in a topic Sarah Marie Karda/ Jude Karda   

    Oh man, that sparks so many questions in me. "Someone I changed myself for" makes me really wonder if Jude seriously started T from being somehow influenced by Cody rather than really feeling a desire to themselves. "He wasn't that nice" yet I always thought he was the one more heads over heels because he was always more vocal and seemed more "clingy" to Jude...
    Also, I have no receipts because I didn't intend to post them here since the topic seemed dead, but on Jude's Snapchat, they were with Cody in Cody's car about a week or so back? And took a photo snap beaming...which doesn't really match up with this comment, so I guess I'm a bit confused.
    Another is a snap from I think yesterday or the day before; they were with a slightly chubby dark-haired man, not sure if he was family or friend, but Jude was cuddled with him and he was asleep and Jude kissed him on the forehead. I can't remember the caption anymore but it was something loving but vague in terms of whether it was romantic or platonic/familial.
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  12. Nakisos added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    I personally can't imagine sleeping in it (I couldn't even wear it past about a minute so damn your friend's good!) because it feels literally like someone is pitching mini tents in your nostrils to hold them up. I don't know what level mine is, but now I'm curious how the max level would feel/look like  
    But you do have a point; if this bum has the spare effort to slab on makeup and lenses everyday, it wouldn't seem beyond her to stick these things up her nose everyday too.
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  13. Nakisos added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    I've bought and tried that device before out of curiosity and aside from feeling really weird, it doesn't make much of a difference to your nose as a whole...in my experience, at least. I also feel like she would be too lazy to go do that all the time. 
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  14. Nakisos added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I find it a bit frustrating that the conclusion of discussions in today's world always has to be that one morally-righteous statement of what we all should think rather that what we actually think. To take a touchy example, a weight/size discussion always has to end with that virtuous concluding statement regarding how "all bodies are beautiful and size isn't important and it's what's inside that matters and we are all perfect the way we are so we should all love ourselves!!!"
    I get it and I don't disagree with the idea behind it, but honestly, we all do have our own definitions and ideas of what a perfect body is to us. It's just another personal preference, yet unless that preference falls within certain parameters, it automatically makes you a shallow, hateful, and discriminating asshole to express it. 
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  15. Nakisos added a post in a topic Liui Aquino   

    @Omo_ thanks so much for that compilation and translation! 'twas a delightful and very telling read of this "hero" and "anti-bully"...the amount of ulterior motives and fakeness he has is crazy.
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