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  1. miyabidoll added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I feel like she's s trying to do everything that big youtubers do currently. She thinks It's the way to succeed and have lots of viewers. Like when you said Shane's thumbnail, she tries to do the same and I noticed she also talks like Safiya (from Buzzfeed). Agree with the comments before, she doesn't have her own style, she's lost and doesn't know what to do with her channel
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  2. miyabidoll added a post in a topic Lunestelle   

    She's not the most unique person on this planet, no one is. But in this context and compared to Lunestelle, I think I chose the right word. And I repeat, It's not only about theme aesthetics on Instagram, It's about personality (behaviour, gestures, the way she talks). (and let's not forget clothing style, hairstyle, interests).
    SURE there are people having similar clothing style to her but for sure among these people, there are some who don't like avatar the air bender or don't even know what over the garden wall is, right? In Lunestelle's case, she literally likes EVERYTHING Kenna has mentioned. It's not coincidences. 
    Now, imagine someone copies you. Same interests, same way of talking, same hairstyle, same haircolor, same clothes; e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.
    How would you feel?
    Would you like It If people starting to tell you "you're not even original, you didn't invent these things". If It was only about the same haircut, I don't think Kenna would have attacked her but Lunestelle copied everything from her. 
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  3. miyabidoll added a post in a topic Lunestelle   

    I think she's making the copy less obvious but we don't fall for her bs. She's probably thinking "I will copy her again but not exactly the same so they won't suspect anything" lol. Funny how everything new Kenna mentions, she mentions It too. 
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  4. miyabidoll added a post in a topic Lunestelle   

    It's not only about aesthetics. Lunestelle copies Kenna's behaviour too. That's FUCKING creepy, dude. People only see what happens on instagram but just look at her videos, she acts exactly like Kenna. 
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  5. miyabidoll added a post in a topic Lunestelle   

    I also have a lot of interests in common with Kenna. BUT I don't display them on instagram or youtube like her and that's what makes her different from us and make me realize that Lunestelle is copying her. I'm sure Lunestelle genuinely likes harry potter or miyazaki's movies before discovering Kenna but the way she portrays herself and especially displays her interests on Instagram/Youtube JUST LIKE Kenna is creepy.  You can find a lot of people fond of harry potter or ghibli, It's not that difficult to find people with these interests. It's just the way Kenna displays her passion that makes her different from us. She does DIY, lookbooks, hauls, all related to her interests. That's what made me subscribed to her in the first place because I don't relate to glamorous youtubers spending on luxury brands who put on heavy make up. 
    Kenna and Lunestelle also have the same aesthetics, It's not only about interests. Lunestelle could display her harry potter stuff on instagram but why does she take the exact same pink aesthetics??? 
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  6. miyabidoll added a post in a topic Lunestelle   

    Also, Lunestelle used the same songs as Kenna for her videos like "hold me - olmos", "In love with a ghost - flowers" or pogo' songs.
    And she also mentioned in her "get to know me" she loves harry potter, avatar the air bender, over the garden wall, said that she has sensitive eyes and her favourite place on earth is disneyland, everything just like Kenna...
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  7. miyabidoll added a post in a topic Lunestelle   

    Yeah that's fucking creepy,. And I know I miss some other details that you can only see in videos, like when Lunestelle talks, she acts exactly like Kenna. 
    It angers me to know that Kenna apologized to her when in reality, all was true. I think Kenna was convinced at the beginning but then she saw the amount of hating comments she got, it changed her mind but she was right...
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  8. miyabidoll added a post in a topic Lunestelle   

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  9. miyabidoll added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I saw Pokimane without make up in a video and I have to say she looks sooooooo much cuter without her heavy make up. 
    I didn't recognize her in the thumbnail at first...
    I thought she was like other girls like Lilypichu, who are scared of showing their bare faces because they know how they look different without make up. In her case, she's totally embracing her natural face  

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  10. miyabidoll added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    She DEFINITELY exagerates her voice to make it sound cuter, ESPECIALLY when she laughs. 
    I don't watch Janet/xchocobars videos but I noticed in a video on youtube that they have similar voices o_o. I even thought Lilypichu was in the video.
    Btw, Lilypichu always complain about haters talking about her voice, saying it's fake, but you know what? actually she's glad to debate about it because she knows her voice isn't fake but she doesn't want to admit she exagerates It to make it sound cute.
    Her voice isn't the only thing that annoy us, it's her exagerate personality of a fake anime/cute/innocent/shy girl but somehow she never mentioned haters talking about her fake personality because she knows It's the truth, she exagerates a lot and If she complained about that to her fans, they would actually agree with us and realize like us how she portrays herself is not natural. She keeps complaining about people talking about her voice as if her voice was the only reason we didn't like her lol. 
    Also, has anyone noticed she started to copy Pokimane's thumbnail with her "surprised/chocked face"?

    I know a lot of youtubers do that but I'm pretty sure she started to copy her because she saw how amount of views Pokimane gets .
    I never like youtubers who do that, who do they think we are, 12 years old? It reminds me when adults do stupid faces to catch baby's attention or to make them laugh. 
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  11. miyabidoll added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    There's no topics about Natsumii here, right?
    I don't have any big problems with her, she has a beautiful voice, can sing, she's calm and nice. The only thing, that people don't like about her (and I can understand) is that she makes herself 10 times look cuter than she is irl, by editing a lot her photos on instagram and choosing the right angles and all.
    But at least, she's not trying to act like a cute/shy/innocent anime girl with a fake personality. I have watched her talking at panels and her streams, she seems mature and doesn't try to act all cute.
    Btw, a lot of people noticed how Lilypichu changed recently. I think she actually saw our posts here and decided to change because she realized how accurate our description of her was lol. Looks like she agrees with all the things we pointed at in the end 
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  12. miyabidoll added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    But making her fans saying "I ship Pokiman and Lily" or "Toast and Lily" or "Fed or Lily" is somehow acceptable? She definitely took advantage of these kind of jokes to make people talk about her and offlinetv. Now, you can see thousand of videos on youtube about these. That definitely made people watch more offlinetv contents and I'm sure they made more money since this whole trend. 
    So her, ranting about keeping her privacy is a big joke. You can't decide what people can talk about or cannot because one will make you have more exposure and make you earn more money on the long run but the other one, make male weaboos less fantasize about you (and she definitely doesn't want to lost their attentions because she constantly need their validations)
    She had a good opportunity to show to haters that she's not a gold digger by dating Albert because he's less famous and has less money than her. But somehow kept it secret, not because she didn't want to hear people's opinions about her couple but because she wanted to appear "single" the longest time she could possible to most of her male fans. 
    Most of the people would have welcomed her relationship well because people appreciate Albert, there's nothing wrong about him and you know for sure she's not dating him for money. There's no reason to dislike him, he's a nice guy. And I remember people were always saying "couple goals" or "they would make a great couple", "I ship them" etc. They were happy about it. 
    So I don't know what bad things haters would have said about them. I can't see any other reasons for her to hide her relationship beside trying to give hope to her males weaboos. 
    If you encourage people to ship people with you but actually go crazy because it happened in the end and they want the truth, you can't be mad at them. You reap what you sow.
    Plus, people talk about whatever they want, there's nothing she can do about It. Trying to keep her relationship secret is completely delusional especially for someone who has been famous on the internet for years, who posts almost everyday on Twitter and Instagram. 

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  13. miyabidoll added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    When she saw the amount of people liking her instagram picture when she said she was single after her breakup with hotshotgg, she knew she was going to get a lot more attention from males. That's why she waited so long and hesitated before showing public her relationship with Albert, she wanted attentions from males, not money. Even now, you can't really tell if she's single or in relationship, she's playing with that, she likes the idea of people fantasize about her.

    Also, when they were in taiwan, when Fed was livestreaming their lunch at the "toilet restaurant", she was constantly checking twitch chat on her phone, probably checking what people were saying about her and she touched her hair every 10 min to make sure her hairstyle was on point. She wasn't even interacting with them, she could talk to them through the camera like Poki did but she didn't. She's obsessed about what people think about her, if you look at others like Albert, Scarra or Poki, they weren't on their phone all the time. 
    At a moment, when Poki was asking viewers which lipstick she should put on, she had all attentions from chat, Lily didn't like It and started to eat again food, stealing food from their plates, made sure she was on the screen, reminding people she was there like "hey, i'm here, look at me, i'm still eating when the others finished, look at me viewers, i can eat a lot and still be skinny" her. desperate attempt of getting attention 

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  14. miyabidoll added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    The problem is how can she look so good in her instagram photos but looks so different on pictures taken by her fans or on people's vlogs ?
    I mean if there weren't so different, I wouldn't care. And I know, guys, make up is powerful. But Isn't make up supposed to enhance your natural beauty? and not change your face and your eyes shape ?
    Personally, I find her natural face ugly, mid talking or not, have you seen it ? I mean i'm talking about her true face without make up and circle lenses.
    The only time she took photos of her bare face closely, all natural, without circle lenses/make up and shit was the time when she had surgeries.
    And do you know why ? Because after the surgery, she had chubby cheeks, she found herself "cute". She saw an opportunity to show people again she looks cute without make up on (she made sure to show her cute pj, her messy hair, "I woke up like this guys trust me") I know you don't go out much post-surgery taht's why she wasn't wearing normal clothes but have you ever seen her taking picture in pjs with bare face since the surgery? 

    It wasn't her "real face" since her jaw, cheeks, chin were going to change again... so negative comments wouldn't have affected her ego at all.
    So she took advantage of that, to show people that she's not afraid of showing her "natural face", that she "doesn't care" people seeing
    her "natural face", that "it's not a big deal" for her, because she knew her face was going back to normal soon, that she would lost her chubby cheeks.
    There's nothing wrong trying to look beautiful or cute. But for Lilypichu's case, it's her whole identity that is deeply fake, personality and physical appearance wise. She has always LOVED anime and getting attentions, she has always dreamt to be that typical cute/innocent girl. It's obvious to me that everything she does to look like a lolicute girl is calculated. 
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  15. miyabidoll added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    in a video, where she baked cookies with pokimane and Chris' wife while streaming. People in the chat were asking how old was Lilypichu. Pokimane read it out loud and asked directly to her. I think she answered 24 yo but i'm not sure if I heard it right and she seemed serious saying it.
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