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  1. miyabidoll added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    The problem is how can she look so good in her instagram photos but looks so different on pictures taken by her fans or on people's vlogs ?
    I mean if there weren't so different, I wouldn't care. And I know, guys, make up is powerful. But Isn't make up supposed to enhance your natural beauty? and not change your face and your eyes shape ?
    Personally, I find her natural face ugly, mid talking or not, have you seen it ? I mean i'm talking about her true face without make up and circle lenses.
    The only time she took photos of her bare face closely, all natural, without circle lenses/make up and shit was the time when she had surgeries.
    And do you know why ? Because after the surgery, she had chubby cheeks, she found herself "cute". She saw an opportunity to show people again she looks cute without make up on (she made sure to show her cute pj, her messy hair, "I woke up like this guys trust me") I know you don't go out much post-surgery taht's why she wasn't wearing normal clothes but have you ever seen her taking picture in pjs with bare face since the surgery? 

    It wasn't her "real face" since her jaw, cheeks, chin were going to change again... so negative comments wouldn't have affected her ego at all.
    So she took advantage of that, to show people that she's not afraid of showing her "natural face", that she "doesn't care" people seeing
    her "natural face", that "it's not a big deal" for her, because she knew her face was going back to normal soon, that she would lost her chubby cheeks.
    There's nothing wrong trying to look beautiful or cute. But for Lilypichu's case, it's her whole identity that is deeply fake, personality and physical appearance wise. She has always LOVED anime and getting attentions, she has always dreamt to be that typical cute/innocent girl. It's obvious to me that everything she does to look like a lolicute girl is calculated. 
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  2. miyabidoll added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    in a video, where she baked cookies with pokimane and Chris' wife while streaming. People in the chat were asking how old was Lilypichu. Pokimane read it out loud and asked directly to her. I think she answered 24 yo but i'm not sure if I heard it right and she seemed serious saying it.
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  3. miyabidoll added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    You're right, around 5:38 THAT is her real voice, no effort needed and it sounds natural. 
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  4. miyabidoll added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    She almost had a nip slip too on HyperX Livestream video with OfflineTV too.
    Later in the video, someone must have told her and she changed her outfit, that's why she took so long to join the rest of the people in the bus. 
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  5. miyabidoll added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    I love Hikaru Station's voice. Lilypichu's voice is very inconsistent, you can hear her trying to do the cute voice, half whispering and sounds like a normal voice of a woman, all at the same time. She was lost 
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  6. miyabidoll added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    Personally, I don't think she's faking her voice around her friends and bf, she just has naturally high pitched voice that can sound cute whenever she wants. A lot of asian women has this kind of voice but they don't force their voice to sound like a loligirl.
    I heard her on stream recently and she wasn't tryharding the cute voice, (I mean, compared to her videos and her old self when twitch was taking off.) If you listen carefuly to her voice, it doesn't sound the same like on her youtube videos. Actually, her natural voice is annoying af and sounds nasal (not talking about her commercial voice either).
    BUT also because I think it's like voice acting. She's acting when she embodies her fake loli character. In voice acting, when you voice act the character you were chosen, behind the screen, you have to do the facial expressions of the character and you speak with one's hands. It's literally acting. 
    So she's showing herself more and more on streams in front of the camera, it would be weird to see her act like an anime character in real life in front of viewers, right? They would be like "wtf is she doing with all the movements and exaggerated expressions". There's conflict between her, trying to sound anime like and trying to look normal/natural on stream without looking like someone trying to do acting. Do you know what I mean? 
    Imagine her, embodying her character behind the computer on her "draw my life" video, she can't just have sat and talked there normally. She must have done movements with her hands and cute expressions. If she was filming herself in front of the camera to show to people, you would have immediatly thought she was acting and that is not her natural personality and voice because it would look exaggerated and unnatural. She had to make efforts, plus, she must have repeated 50 times before getting the perfect tone of her voice in her videos. She can edit, delete a scene where her voice doesn't sound perfect and repeat etc.

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  7. miyabidoll added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    lmao, this is ridiculous. 
    Guys, I don't know the context on why she invited her to her stream and etc. But what I'm sure is that she wanted her on her stream to show people that she's better than this girl "@NyanAFKclub". Lilypichu clearly knows this girl is faking her voice and if she can expose her, hell she would do It. Lilypichu's channel grew bigger because of her voice. It's not a surprise that she doesn't want other girls to succeed because of their cute voice especially if it appears to be fake. She wants to be unique, also from what I read NyanAFKclub draws too? She has a "cute voice" and draws like Lilypichu. Wouldn't be surprised to know that she actually hates this girl. When I saw the video, it made me think, It's kinda like when you take photos with someone uglier than you, you know you will look more beautiful next to her even if you might be average but because of this contrast, it works. Sorry for this comparison, didn't think of something better. 
    I don't see any other reasons, she would invite her besides of being friend with her but I know It's impossible. Lilypichu loves her loli personality she managed to build over the years, she loves being the "cutie one" among her group of friends. She would never accept that. 
    Also, I don't know if it's still the case but Lilypichu follows some random girls instagrams (they don't have lots of followers, not well known or anything) who make really bad cosplay. These girls are literally the typical ugly weaboos you see on the internet and you can't help yourself but cringe, white girls trying to look like ullzzang or japanese, they like watching anime (I don't have anything against anime). They are usually fat or ugly. (sorry for being harsh but it's my personal opinion from what I saw) I'm sure she follows them just to feel better about herself while browsing their instagram. 
    Besides, the advantage for Lilypichu is that it puts Nyan on the spotlight of "girls trying to fake their voice", so we talk about how bad this girl is and we actually forget Lilypichu for a moment. And It kinda worked, you all talked about her lol. Lilypichu is well-known to be manipulative.

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  8. miyabidoll added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    I think we all liked her at some points until we realized how fake she was. 
    I've noticed a bit change on her recently because she probably realized she can't act like a 12 yo anymore, closed to turn 30, in a few years. She doesn't force her voice that hard  to make it sounds cute anymore especially on long streams (because it might be exhausting too), I mean it still sounds "anime voice" but less compared to her first videos. Her fans would be chocked to hear her voice change suddenly so that's why she's taking it slow and progressive. She started to dress more like an "adult" too, maybe she was offended by my post "How to be Lilypichu 101"  

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  9. miyabidoll added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    Did anyone see the live stream of hyperx when offline tv was at Six flags fright fest?
    Looks like she doesn't like being on stream at all especially when it's live. Start at around 35 min, she looked uncomfortable and avoided filming herself when all the chat was asking for her. Even Angelskimi was trying to fix the camera angles so the viewers would see more Lily. Guess that happens when you can't control your camera angles and when you can't edit the video (delete some scenes where you look ugly) , you hide yourself behind your "cutesy voice".
    Her circle lenses makes her face scared and her eyes abnormally huge. There's no way she thinks it looks natural


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  10. miyabidoll added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    It was in Angelskimi vlog when they went to the scary amusement park : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0a3TScpxaA
    Start at 10:16. 
    The make up staff of the park put on her face make up and stuff to make her look like a zombie (pokimane had the zombie make up too but looks way less scarier than her tbh) and at the end of the night, they obviously had to remove their zombie make up and I guess she didn't bring all her make up with her or she was too lazy to put it back on because it probably takes her 3 hours to look like on her instagram photos so that's her bare face. When she realized Kimi was vlogging, she started to hide behind her phone because she remembered she had no make up on. 
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  11. miyabidoll added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    Fluffy, your description of her is so accurate. This girl thinks she's better than those tits streamers lmao, she needs to stop
    (I fail to quote you damn, don't know how it works)

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  12. miyabidoll added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    Of course the circle lenses give her that looks. She ALWAYS wear them whenever she can because it makes her eyes bigger and cute. It's really common in south korea. See the difference? 

    There are plenty of videos showing girls with circle lenses before and after on youtube. The look she's going for is called "ullzzang", if you type this word on google, you will find girls that looks like her. 
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  13. miyabidoll added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    How to be Lilypichu 101:
    -have a high pitched voice and make it higher so you can sound like anime character
    -with that voice, talk like a child
    -be clumsy, don't hesitate to spill or break things
    -say to everyone you are unconfident so people will compliment you
    -take selfie with beautiful girls and add sentences like "i feel like a potatoe" or make that face that shows you're so unconfident with yourself

    -be naive
    -pretend you don't know anything about make up/women stuff because you don't want to appear mature. Insist on the fact that PEOPLE do your make up, not you or rarely because you're pretending to be a child, don't forget that

    -dress like anime characters or like a 7yo child even if you're 25 yo. (Noo, nothing weird, you are targeting weaboos)

    -wear circle lenses to make your eyes bigger. At that point, you will look like completely different persons but screw that  as long as you look "cute"

    if you don't, wear sunglasses or try to make your eyes smile, like aegyo sal like this.

    Or hide behind your hands or anything even if you look stupid. Besides, it can make you look shy (bonus tip)

    -don't forget the winged eyeliner
    -remind people you are ugly in order to get compliments
    Hmm no. don't use the word ugly but "potatoe", it's more efficient
    -Make your mouth as SMALL as possible even if it's already small, but you gotta make it, trust me

    -draw yourself like a cute girl
    -never reply to your fans on your instagram, you're better than that
    -organize huge meetups and pretend you didn't expect so much people to come. Be a fake humble
    -also don't forget to hide your mouth when you are laughing because of your gummy smile

    -be shy or at least pretend
    -show your skinny legs whenever you can because you are proud of them skinny legs especially with cute dresses
    -tweet about some mean things haters said to you so your whiteknights can immediatly defend you and everybody will see how people are mean to you and you're always the angel one who can't defend herself
    -block everyone who asks about age
    you don't want people to know you are a grown up pretending to be a lollicute doll
    See ?? Easy, just be a cute basic wannabe anime girl. Those steps require a little bit of acting in front of the camera but you will make it!
    From a scary titan look to alien, cute ullzzang anime girl of your dream 

    Edit: I added pictures if you're lost 

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