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  1. Banshee717 added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    Please, Wylow, free your damn hair once in a while. My scalp hurts just by seeing all these pics with that tight ponytail.
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  2. Banshee717 added a post in a topic Indigo White   

    I personally suck at detecting shoops and I could be totally wrong, but to me her waist in the older pics is nothing like her waist in her most recent shots. It was just the feeling I got by comparing the pictures. I doubt workout + growing up can make that kind of changement to someone's body (but again, I could be wrong).
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  3. Banshee717 added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    I understand, thank you for translating!
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  4. Banshee717 added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    Update: Mickey Mouse is not alone. Hope there is just two of them
    Went to buy a trap. 99% of them were meant to kill the animal. The only one that was supposed to be cruelty free was made in a way that the animal could easily hurt itself. Is that impossible to produce a safe trap?? It is not like I have to get rid of some giant alien freak
    (They both hella cute, though)
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  5. Banshee717 added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    Pratictioner/follower of religion X: Deity X takes a lot from you, but they will also give you a lot
    Me: Can I ask you what do they take from you, actually? What do you mean by that? (:
    P/F: Talk to the Deity and you will see
    Fucking thank you - how useful such spirituality much help
    (This happens 666 so many times a day. Why even sharing your experiences if you are not going to actually do ittt)
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  6. Banshee717 added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    A tiny Speedy Gonzales decided to get lost in my basement. I put a piece of bread right after the door to see if they left the basement and five minutes later Ratatouille got it. Poor thing must be hungry. Gotta try to catch it & free it somewhere else.
    That thingie is so cute, I wish I could keep it
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  7. Banshee717 added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    I think that camming would still be a challenge for her. It requires that strength of will and patience that Wylow does not have. Not to mention that I fear she would keep on begging for money/tips... Not cool at all. It would be such a nice idea, though!
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  8. Banshee717 added a post in a topic "Retired Snowflakes" category   

    I agree with creating a new section for "Retired Snowflakes".
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  9. Banshee717 added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    To me, it looks like she had some work done (I am sure about the jaw). Not so cringey like other Gangnam Unnies, but almost there
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  10. Banshee717 added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    (I am loving you)
    Have been lurking here for ages and JFC, the Marge set is the worst ever. I am amazed by her lack of taste and originality, I just cannot believe someone would post that and sell it. How can she look at those pics and think they look decent and acceptable? How can she be satisfied with them?? Nothing wrong with going the porn way, but at least do that properly. I think she must have a hella low self esteem not to be more demanding with herself (along with being incredibly lazy & lacking the tiniest grain of taste). I refuse to acknowledge how much she does not care about her own thing. It shows sooo much... Just seeing how dirty her house is (even the same spaces she uses for her sets!), is enough. Those close ups are meaningless and not appealing, the dumb poses come from another universe and she never ceases to be ultra gross and even one step more far from being sexy than usual. I cannot understand. At this point I only hope her followers realise (sooner or later) that there are many other girls doing 1000 times better than her.
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  11. Banshee717 added a post in a topic Stop Peaches!!   

    Kind of OT, but I know nothing about halfway houses: are they provided with therapists/psychologists? 
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  12. Banshee717 added a post in a topic Milki.jpg   

    I would like to mention as well:
    Uses tags not related to her pics like #harajuku #ulzzang or other "mainstream" things such as videogamesUses mental health issues such as anxiety and depression to get attention and approval (looks like she is faking)Gave away her second IG account and then took it back, lying to her supporterBuys followersUses other accounts to spam her profile (for example @mooniacscenedesu) and saying they do not belong to herDeleted most of her videos on Youtube after people here pointed out her shoopingUses Wicca and witchcraft for aesthetic purposesUsed to beg for money and gifts (I can't find her Kofi account right now, but she has one)Sfs and spams a lot in her stories
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  13. Banshee717 added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

  14. Banshee717 added a post in a topic Stop Peaches!!   

    ^^^ Totally agree. Peaches first has to realize that what she is doing is uber wrong and horrible. Second, she needs to actually want to get out of this situation. No matter if they put her in the best mental hospital, no matter if she is going to have the best doctors and medecines: this is going to do nothing if she does not want to understand and be a better person. It is the will of the patient that makes it possible for them to get better.
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  15. Banshee717 added a post in a topic Milki.jpg   

    Nothing wrong with looking masculine actually. The thing here is, I doubt she wanted to look boy-ish (= fail) and did a poor job with styling the wig + angle + editing. That way her forehead looks bigger than what it is. 
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