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  1. kid idiot added a post in a topic sungminnie/milo   

    holy shit i used to be mutuals with them on tumblr but we never really talked since we knew each other by association. i wasn't sure if i believed the allegations of them yellowfacing but the callout doc that i read sold it for me lol. im kind of in shock.
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  2. kid idiot added a post in a topic Spechie   

    this is so embarrassing....
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  3. kid idiot added a post in a topic Spechie   

    she's 19, i feel like the "facts over feelings" thing doesnt even apply to her because her lack of control with her emotions is mostly the reason why she does and say dumb shit in the first place. more like "my feelings over your feelings", LUL.
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  4. kid idiot added a post in a topic League of Legends   

    ashe only because i dont feed as much as i do using the other characters LOL
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  5. kid idiot added a post in a topic Mobile games?   

    onmyoji arena, helix waltz and honkai impact are a few that i'm currently playing
    onmyoji arena is really fun nd probs my favourite out of the three but because it's a moba the community can be really toxic lol
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  6. kid idiot added a post in a topic Spechie   

    im sorry to hear about this. that was basically mine and a couple other ppl's discord experiences with them. if you dont let them make fun of you they'll go full aggro lol..
    i'm glad your dad is alive though that must have been scary...
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  7. kid idiot added a post in a topic Spechie   

    i just watched the video...and it definitely pushed me over the edge on my opinion of her, lol. yeah she definitely doesn't care about her art. i think i tired too hard to believe there was some good in her that she could focus her energy on instead of the negativity she keeps bringing upon herself and other people.
    also my fucking god what the fuck are those t-shirts at the bottom????????? I would literally be ashamed to put out products like that, what the actual fuck. the fact that she couldn't even bother to put a border/background or SOME SHIT around her fucking art baffles me...you can't even see the text in some of the colors. if ppl are going to pay 22 dollars for a t-shirt that looks like no effort was put into it then i really dont feel bad for them unless theyre kids that don't know any better. 
    yeah the whole thot thing she keeps bringing up is so annoying and makes her look like a "pick me" chick. i'm surprised she got the guy that she wanted despite her acting like boo boo the fool. 
    the fact that she got someone else...to apologize for her for being the main cause of someone's attempted suicide...i have no words. even if she said that it doesn't need to be indirect, she should have had the mental capacity to realize that she might seem more genuine if she could talk to them directly. this is messin w/ my mental health to be honest theres just so much idiocy and negativity from this girl i dont understand. Her home situation didn't even seem like it was that bad for her to be THIS bad so i really don't get why she's like this...
    i'm interested to see what you'll put out on her. 
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  8. kid idiot added a post in a topic Spechie   

    Ohhh okay, i had no idea about that being an inside joke, thank you for the information. I will edit my original post, dont really want to make it seem like she was lying when she couldn't have been. i'm not very good at spotting when people are joking about that stuff especially over the internet so it usually goes over my head lol.
    as for the art stuff from my talks with her i still think she cares about her art (atleast her work mainly outside of youtube), but just cant for the life of her get past criticism. I think she would have potential as an artist if she could just get passed that, though, unless she's changed a lot in the past 10 months. i haven't really been keeping up with her until the criticism discourse and the Mandy stuff went down
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  9. kid idiot added a post in a topic Spechie   

    edit: I was just told it was apparently an inside joke with her friends, sorry about that!
    ah i did not know that, i wasn't too into the animation storytime community and only knew of a few of the really popular ones. I agree, it seemed like she stopped putting effort into her videos after she hit a certain number. as someone who's also trying to be a successful artist, its definitely a bad move on her part considering the fact that it's something she wants to pursue, she may think she's made it with the subscriber count she has now but her patreon doesn't seem to be reflecting on that. she cant draw the same 3/4 headshots forever, lol.
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  10. kid idiot added a post in a topic Spechie   

    edit: i may hve gotten information wrong due to jokes that she made going over my head so i had to erase something i had pointed out, hope you don't mind 
    the funny fucking thing is that she acted like she hated it when we would tease them for obviously liking each other but then would say shit like this: 
    or that one time she said something about us being mad because she's in her dms, mostly aimed towards the girl that had vented about the disrespect she was getting from the two. mind you this girl was a minor and also had an obvious crush on Tim and Spechie would try to rub it in her face lowkey that her and tim were close, even though she dead knew this girl wouldn't even have a chance. if its anything thats some crazy power tripping shit to be pulling.
    yep, that whole "im going to start accepting criticism" was a ruse to stop getting hate since everyone was on her ass about her not being able to and she probably people would start respecting her once she did it. She acts likes criticism physically hurts her, the amount of ppl who had to tiptoe around her for being a 300k youtuber was so painful to watch.
    no, it makes perfect sense for you to be emotional about it. I was beyond upset myself about it as someone who is also diagnosed with depression, the only thing actually holding me back from trying anything jeopardizing has been my religion. i'm sorry to hear about your attempt, though. Hearing about the Mandy thing was pretty much the last straw for me and i took the time to basically rant about her because i was really upset about it. her depression video was probably one of the worst things i had ever seen on youtube and just about everyone who didn't even have depression could tell that this girl didn't know what the hell she was talking about. how are you going to say you're self diagnosed but tell the same kids who think they have depression that they dont have depression themselves? makes no fucking sense. Not to mention all those snide, almost condescending comments she would make about people who used certain mediums as coping mechanisms. Did she even apologize to Mandy about the trouble she had caused her?
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  11. kid idiot added a post in a topic Spechie   

    yep and despite being the edgelord she wants to be shes actually extremely sensitive. amount of offense she took when someone joked about her pretty much leak out of her like a faucet.  
    back then she did not have a side job, im not sure about now. she said she'd rather be her own boss and hated working, and wasn't going to school so youtube was just her job. i don't remember why and i dont want to miss quote her but when i was looking back at past conversations the girl i was talking to said it was because she wanted to focus on art.
    because of that i am sort of worried about how she's going to live in the future unless she actually takes her ego down a notch and see if she can ynknow...actually try to improve herself as both a person and an artist. I didn't like her one bit after i saw how she acted but i kind of see why she is so bitter/mean about everything since we both have similar backstories so i pitied her, the only difference between us is that i don't use that to act the way she does. but when i heard about the mandy thing my vision just went red when i started typing up that post LOL. 
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  12. kid idiot added a post in a topic Spechie   

    oh boy, i got some things to say.
    it's mainly to let out my frustrations about this because i get really pissed about it pretty much whenever i see spechie's shit on my feed.
    it's about 4am right now so sorry if this is so confusing to read...my focus goes down the drain when im not getting much sleep
    i used to be in the discord server of her boyfriend's (Tim hatten) and i was one of the first ppl apart of the padawan chat, which was a private channel for the people who were active in the discord channel early january...didn't know who she was until i started supporting her as an acquaintance? (I don't know how she saw me so i didn't want to label myself as a friend) but man it was a ride.
    i wish i could have provided screenshots if i hadn't had left the server so abruptly out of anger and knew how much of a shitty personality she had because she was absolutely horrible in that server, especially towards other girls who found Papatimmy attractive (mind you im pretty sure it was before they even dated because this was early january this year and i started talking to them they were friends.). I thought she was joking about the girls until i noticed how she'd try to aggressively defend herself to justify the insults when we'd have a differing opinion about them/thought it was being taken too far and didn't want to be apart of it and would be really upset at us for not taking her side. 
    other things happened such as the bullying of a minor who also had the padawan role that was upset about the humiliation she was constantly getting thrown in her face because of a few jokes she made when she was just trying to be funny and they wouldn't fucking let it go so they kept making fun of her, she got incredibly upset over it because of the lack of respect and vented in the vent channel about it but their response was fucking shitty and the kid ended up apologizing because she didn't want to upset them, more specifically tim. i have the screenshot of this from a past conversation i had with someone about it and also tim's reaction to the apology she wrote but i need permission to post it from the girl to post it even though it was in the public discord server, it's just out of respect for her because some of it contains some personal things. and while we're on the topic Tim is no different either, the way they treated this girl made me do a total 180 on my perspective of him. i think about a GOOD majority of us in the padawan channel ended up leaving because of this and they had to add people who were active in the main chat to the padawan so it wouldn't seem so empty lol.
    when we started defending this girl spechie started making these passive aggressive comments towards us. i copied and pasted some of them into a conversation i was having with someone else who i can't name for obvious reasons but this is as much proof as i can gather unfortunately. i wasn't so big on screenshots back then, i'm sorry.

    (had to erase some people's names for their privacy. )
    i thought these particular screenshots were VERY humorous since too she would be acting like a whole ass middle schooler with all the tom foolery she would pull in that discord server. funny. 
    she also made fun of someone's mom at one point when another person w/ the padawan role sent in a photo of her and her mom together. and when that girl got upset over it they and came at her because she couldn't "take a joke"....that is somebody's mom. this also made me laugh remembering it because she got real triggered when someone said her art sucked as a joke to tease her after they were picking on them on the main chat. Tim ended up kicking the person afterwards lmfao. 
    i don't know why she thought acting like this was cute.
    and just in case spechie is ever lurking on this thread because we all know you're the type of person to do so despite how you think about ur "haters" lol: it's pretty hypocritical for you to continuously talk about ppl fat shaming when you've said worse in that server. seriously check yourself before you go on checking others, and in your own words; if you can't take it don't dish it out. don't be a hypocrite. (: 
    really wish i could see these screenshots. I see someone's name in the name of the picture that i recognize but i am not entirely sure about.
     i would ask him but we haven't talked in months and it would be weird to ask lol, but if this is who i'm thinking of im pretty much beyond pissed hearing this but not surprised. honestly spechie is just an awful, manipulative person and i don't know how she's going to go through life thinking she can live off her mediocre art and her foot-stuck-in-dog-shit equivalent personality. she literally does not care for anyone but herself. 
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  13. kid idiot added a post in a topic Freelee the Banana Girl AKA Leanne Ratcliffe   

    don't know much about her but from the way she's living i wouldn't be surprised if she was an exercise bulimic. i dont believe she eats 3k+ calories a day while looking like that with the amount she claims to exercise. she either doesn't eat the amount she claims to eat or overexercises imo.
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  14. kid idiot added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    wow, i was actually quite neutral about the guy but there was some stuff that set me off before (such as the uncomfortable modeling he used to advertise his yansim shirts)
    after seeing all the stuff about his past, my impression of him has completely changed lol. don't care if it's been years since then, mostly bc you can tell that there is still elements of his past self lingering in his personality.
    the fact that he's using 3d models that aren't even his makes me question whether or not he was really doing as much as he always claims he is, lmfao.
    just another lazy, explosive, weeaboo loser. 
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