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  1. Creamdeo added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    Holy i haven't been on here since she just moved to career...anyone wanna sum up the past few monthsūü§£
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  2. Creamdeo added a post in a topic babygirl0/Mish   

    Imagaine being angsty over a day for .....*You*. 
    Shhhh Mish your anti feminism,¬†misogynist, white male fetish is showing ūüĎÄ
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  3. Creamdeo added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    I'm gonna be real, it really doesn't matter what someone looks like; like hes not ugly, its always will be about whats inside. But we've already established that hes really not an idol bf, personality wise. 
    Said he lost the promise ring which is 99% false, most likey took it off to get with local girls. Hes a paedophile, started dating when she was 16 and him...mid 20's. Not to forget the good ol' rumour that he cheated on her which I wouldn't look twice on. 
    Shes living the koreaboo dream and hes riding that white horse, they leach off eachother
    Its extremely dangerous and immature whats shes planning on doing, I actually cannot believe it. Theres no structure to her plan, theres no realistic expectations. Its all based on a koreaboo dream, especially who shes planning on doing all this with. I'm generally scared for her.. 
    [Katie, everything aside, please dont fall into whatever your expecting to happen. Or what hes telling you, dont base this on the fact your 18 and do whatever you like]
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  4. Creamdeo added a post in a topic babygirl0/Mish   

    I literally asked a similar question about it before on insta and got told to "mind my own business"... Gets told to ask questions but whenever someone does (about anything) she shoots at them. Generally confused ??

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  5. Creamdeo added a post in a topic babygirl0/Mish   

    Wait. Did she actually take advantage of the creppy old men who follow her to make a wishlist and tell them to send her stuff?.... sounds sus that they're gonna spend $50 on a pair of shoes or frilly underwear to some ddlg kid unless they want something in return. (She did say not to send her stuff if they're a teen or cant afford it....so Daddy or?)
    May be just me cause if someone bought me something as little as a bottle of water, I'd be forever grateful. Stuff taking $50+ things from people on the internet..
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  6. Creamdeo added a post in a topic babygirl0/Mish   

    I'm new to all this but I was introduced to Babgirl0's videos by her haul videos (Me and her have the same style). Then found out about her other vidoes, ddlg ect. I was really curious about her lifestyle, as anyone would if you're on the internet, I commented if her Father knew about her videos/kink/Daddy. She replied with yes and that he doesnt have a problem with it, So she seems to be chaning her story alot
    She also states she was raped young on insta, which suggest her affiliation with 50+ men. I was also but that has lead me to stray as far as I can from them.... diffrenent responses I guess. 
    I see in her videos she does alot of 'teasing' like in one of her recent videos, at one point we saw underwear. So she likes to show her 'nympet/lolita' side without care, but once she gets a comment realting to her 'looks' she instantly tells them to Fk off and calling them a creep. She likes to giveaway attention but doesn't like getting responses. Exps from older men which she seems to die for...
    I personally dont have a problem with how she lives her life, she'll see in the future. But I dont like how she projects it onto younger girls telling them to go for it.  DDLG is BDSM a literal KINK, Not for underage girls who like wearing pretty preppy clothes and saying daddy.
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