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  1. sylveon added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 4]   

    That's the only one that's "non-western". It's cool I guess but has literally the same drinks as any other Starbucks in Japan plus a million tourists. I guess that's most of Gion though lol. It's a nice atmosphere, though.
    Honestly, I don't see anything wrong with going to a Starbucks in a foreign country - I really like trying regional foods and drinks there and at McDonald's lol. Just as long as that's not ALL you're doing... like with Kenna and her damn pancakes. She definitely should've tried a traditional tea house. Could've swapped her pancakes and coffee for traditional Japanese sweets and matcha ONE time...
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  2. sylveon added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    if girl wasn't well on her way to snowflake status before....
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  3. sylveon added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    is girl's next aesthetic cindy loohoo or
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  4. sylveon added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    You definitely don't need to know Japanese to teach Japanese people English. Lots of jobs don't require it. When I started teaching here I spoke basically 0 Japanese (though I did take a class to prep beforehand) and I still RARELY use Japanese in my classes. There's a learning curve, but you figure out how to communicate using English that suits your students level, plus gestures. 
    HOWEVER, she's clearly very new to teaching and has little ESL experience... so I'm assuming what she's doing in her "private classes" are just.... chatting. Probably not much actual structure, ability to explain grammar, etc (which I'll admit is SO USEFUL to be able to do in Japanese, even if it's just knowing the words for stuff like 'adjective, noun, pas-tense', etc. If I ever use JP in class, that's what it is). And since that's more than likely the case, the fact that she's charging 4000yen/1 hr for a CHAT is absolutely ridiculous. And it's super telling of her clientele that they're basically paying for a date with a "cute foreigner"... paying for companionship isn't uncommon for lonely Japanese men (hostess clubs, nonsexual escorts, soap houses...)... I'd say maybe she didn't know she'd be exploited in that way, but I have a feeling she knows exactly what she's playing at.
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  5. sylveon added a post in a topic "Retired Snowflakes" category   

    Yep, I personally don't really care whether there's a dedicated 'retired' snowflake forum. I'm just supporting a change in the layout/forum make-up that'll make it more current with drama that's happening with snowflakes that are more relevant than what's (generally) on the front page. Thanks for the detailed reply, glad things are in the works!
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  6. sylveon added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    I'm so glad this plastic brat has a thread here. I'm lowkey a fan of Descendents (mostly because I have a massive crush on Sofia Carson lol) but something about Dove always struck me as off. Obviously, part of it was the too-perfect-to-be-real looks but I realized there was something off about her personality after watching some Descendents car sing along promo where she looked like she'd rather be ANYWHERE else. And suspiciously was the *only* cast member who wasn't actually singing and just lipsyncing her parts? Obviously she's a good singer, but I have a feeling the autotune the hell out of her in Descendents because she doesn't really have riffing abilities and has a hard time hitting the REALLY high stuff. She's definitely a classic musical theater singer and tbh that's the only place I think she could have real success. Her face is too plastic these days for acting (as a lot of people mentioned, she looks off compared to other actors) and her voice really isn't suited for mainstream pop... on Broadway, you can look as plastic as you want and, honestly, having a super fake/affected personality is fine for a lot of musical theater roles, especially the ingenue types which Dove could easily do.
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  7. sylveon added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    That was so uncomfortable for so many reasons, but mostly the fact that girl seems to think she is model material when the way she poses with that dang icecream or her little scene inspecting that macaroon were like the cringiest, most unmodelesque things I've ever seen lol.
    Also, sidenote, I know this has already been pointed out, but I just cannot help but roll my eyes at the total 180 she made in her color aesthetics since dropping hundos on all those ugu kawaii pinku purincesu clothes that would now CRAMP HER STYLE. I cannot express how annoying it is to me that homegirl literally dictates her fashion choices based on her INSTA THEME. Obviously I've known this for awhile but for some reason it just now hit me how fucking sad that really is.
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  8. sylveon added a post in a topic "Retired Snowflakes" category   

    I get the concerns, but isn't that a possibility with any Snowflake? I guess you already acknowledged that, but it seems like you'd want to put more relevant flakes in the subforums even if you're only making a switch every few years or so. Even if you don't 'retire' snowlfakes and as you said perhaps move them to different categories I think it'd make the interface seem a little more current. Even though Kiki's had some drama, she's been steadily bowing out of the limelight for years -  same with Miranda. They're still pulling shit and there's still some interest with og PULL members, but in general, their popularity has declined drastically, to the point of almost total irrelevance on social media - no one really discusses them aside from on here and a few other gossip sites. The current lineup of snowflakes just makes this site seem kind of outdated tbh. Yes, there's a possibility these flakes could spark more drama, but I guess my point is that even if they do it won't catch anyone's attention besides those who were their when they were stirring up shit in their heyday. 
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  9. sylveon added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Yeah the shit she's trying to claim here is honestly fuckin insulting to what's actually going to on in "Asia" (Japan and Korea...). Yeah, in Japan guys are really comfortable with like "skinship"? I guess. Like my Junior high boy students are always holding each other's hands, sitting on each other's laps, slapping each other's balls around and it's not considered "gay" behavior like it might be back in the west, but like. Like fine, I get that. But 1) girl was the one stereotyping in the first place ("he's saying it's easy to tell you're gay bc you're flamboyant - oh, but that shouldn't be a bad thing it's great that you're so nice and shouldn't mean you're gay!" ...????!!!!!) and 2) the actual progression of any sort of tangible rights is fucking stagnant here. There are advocate groups but not many and the system makes it so hard for them to have any sort of voice. On top of that, there's a really deeply ingrained culture of keeping all that shit behind wraps. Fine, you can "be gay" but don't burden your family/friends/coworkers by sharing that info openly, just do what's expected and get married, have some kids, and cheat on your wife on the side - and even that's only acceptable when it's men.
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  10. sylveon added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Ah man, I just listened to Tessa's newest song and really liked it... it just came up on my Youtube recs, I know nothing about her. Is there any other drama surrounding her? She doesn't have a thread otherwise I'd post there.
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  11. sylveon added a post in a topic Norm - Tokyo Lens   

    He tries to act like he's so unique when you look at his Linkedin profile (and from the bits and pieces I've seen of him in Sharla's vlogs tbh I just don't wanna justify his channel with views) but his breed is not rare in Japan... I have worked with and met an INSANE amount of men in Japan who move here to justify some sort of power trip? Idk why they think Japan is the place they need to do it, I guess bc they can get away with it more easily. And then because Japanese companies don't really know how to handle those kind of abrasive/toxic personalities and end up just shuffling them around or "promoting" them to get them away from the people they're harassing/being a general nuisance to. So clear that's what happened with him. Thinking about how he must be in real life makes me feel sick since I'm sure I have met many "Norm"s in Japan already and it's never a pleasant experience...  
    Edit  - i.e., the "secret wife" discussion, this is just pure speculation again from the amount of foreign guys I know in Japan who seem quite similar - I think we all know a lot of guys come to Japan to find a Japanese waifu. I have a close Japanese friend myself to unfortunately fell into that trap and married an absolute buttplug - who uses their communication barriers as an excuse to go out and flirt with girls. And then brag about it to his friends. Who all pull the same shit with their s.o's.  Since Norm seems to be very hush-hush and frames himself as if he's single, wouldn't be surprised 
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  12. sylveon added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Omg. I cannot even get through the whole latter half of the video. The fact that Norm has to sit there and backtrack his original statement ("You're obviously gay, you're so FLAMBOYANT!!!") for like 10 minutes to put a "convincing" positive spin on it... and that Sharla sat there backing it up. Uh uh. The initial look on Greg's face broke my damn heart. He was so right to be upset and I feel really bad that Sharla and Norm ended up manipulating him into believing it was meant to be an encouraging statement in the first place. Like just suck it up and apologize for stereotyping. Wish that 10min monologue could've been Greg explaining why generalizing LGBTQ people is hurtful instead of some idiot straight guy rambling on justifying his ignorance with Sharla in tow. Wow. Speechless, Sharla's been super cringe lately anyway but this is like a new low for me with her..
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  13. sylveon added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I don't think it's fair to imply that just because she and Tom have money that Taylor shouldn't have asked for donations from fans. That was her using her platform to do good, not beg for money. Tbh one of the better series she'd had on her channel in awhile, too...
    And idk about you, but I'm a sucker for marriage proposals.... I've seen maaaaany of them on Youtube and online through the years and I cry almost every time lol. This was definitely one of the more excessive ones I've seen but it doesn't trump any other one I've seen bc of that? Honestly I think the ring is huge and tacky but.... knowing how loaded he is and the lavish lives they lead anyway, I'd expect no less. 
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  14. sylveon added a post in a topic ChoNunMigookSaram/Megan Bowen   

    I think I read somewhere that Carson spent most of her childhood in Japan and Korea (correct me if I'm wrong?) so I think she connects to the cultures there a lot more. If that's the case, it kind of makes sense to me that she'd wanna pursue any type of career there, whether it's a 'normal' one or acting. Yeah, Korea doesn't need big/foreign actors because it's thriving on its own, but I think the point is more that it shouldn't be viewed as foreign actors being necessary from a business perspective or to fulfill a certain role, but that there are actually a lot of foreigners living there just as... regular-ass people, so why aren't they considered in that 'reflection of South Korean life in dramas' that the casting director talks about? Obviously that's a loaded question, but for people like Carson who are ethnically non-East Asian* but were culturally raised there (or even half-Korean people who experience similar treatment), to me it makes sense why the industry is being questioned. 
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  15. sylveon added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Ahhhh yeah I'm totally crying! She did such a nice job with that video, it was really raw and beautiful~ Loved that she decided to keep the speech private, too. Definitely should be something for just them. Throughout all the shit with my girl Tay Tay, I have always, always loved and appreciated hers and Elbow-san's (now we can finally all say Tom's lol) relationship. The more she revealed of their relationship through the years, the more genuine she came across in her videos. They honestly really seem to bring out the best in each other. So happy for them and STOKED for the wedding planning vids to come cuz we all know this is where she's gonna truly shine ahahhaa
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