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  1. Friedjustice added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Funnier still about this video is that even Poki is laughing at her fans at this point.
    At numerous points (4:23 is one of them) her and Fed are joking about who her predominantly male fanbase would even buy this for.
    Basically laughing at how her fanbase are all a bunch of pathetic losers who don't have girlfriends and should still support Poki by buying this for their sister, mothers, and grandmothers lol.
    The fact that she clearly even holds the people who support her in complete contempt and still receives said support is mind boggling. 
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  2. Friedjustice added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    The reviews left on the site are a absolute cringefest/laugh riot.
    A kid said he's gonna save money to buy this for his mom (AWWWWWW).
    Another creep bought 5 for his sister.... 
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  3. Friedjustice added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I think on top of the other reasons people have already said (her indifference from profiting off firearms imagery, hiding her muslim background, etc) but she's releasing her new project on Saturday morning. The last thing I think she wants to bring attention too is this shooting; which might seem a little tone deaf for her to offer sincere condolences and then turn around and start hawking shitty makeup.
    She looks soo scuffed here (compared to her super photoshopped/filtered social media pictures)
    Like the aesthetic is supposedly youthful, but judging by her very visible wrinkles, its anything but.
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  4. Friedjustice added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    LOL this is a troll right?
    who’s going out with Hashinshin?
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  5. Friedjustice added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    1) You are trying to deflect her culpability and people that defend her by saying its okay, because there are other horrible people who also have WKs. What exactly are you arguing? Because all instances listed are wrong.
    2) It's called Hyperbole, saying someone is 'literally the worst' or 'literally Hitler' is an exaggeration, yes; but ultimately analogous, not literal.
    3) I already called this shit in my last post. Just because you are not white, doesn't make it alright for you to use racial slurs. People of all colors can be racists, and using the 'n-word' in this day and age is repugnant and should be shamed openly.  
    Seriously can the WK's give it a fucking rest.
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  6. Friedjustice added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Holy hell, I'm almost positive that you are mentally ill if you think that word vomit is supposed to exonerate you of having to defend your laughable attempts at making a coherent argument.
    The first and last statements literally contradict one another.
    Then you move to say that this is all supposed to be humor in your posts (2edgy4u) though I get the impression that this isn't the first time you've said something incredibly cringey; only to notice the looks you're getting then fall back on "OMG u GaiZ cAnT tAkE a JoKe?"
    Also plenty of people would find all of the racial slurs you listed to be distasteful at best, terribly racist at worst. What are you even arguing at this point? No one said those slurs were any less vile, it's just Poki didn't say any of those...I think you have a serious issue with race and tolerance.
    Again only basing by what I'm reading, but passive aggressively touting your high test scores in an effort to deflect people saying you have mental problems kind of speaks for itself. (Im NoT bOrDeRLiNe! I GoT a 4.0 GpA!)
    Get help.
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  7. Friedjustice added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Also I dunno how much of the LSF mods are Poki WK's but that thread has been hidden from the subreddit.
    Lol, I love how no one is addressing this though, that she could so flagrantly use that word on stream and not have it be an issue.
    Also for those people who are downplaying the use of the word, it is definitely not accepted in any situation. Public or professional; even if a black person used that word in a corporate environment they would be reprimanded.
    It's tolerated socially to be used by black people only because its seen as a form of reclaiming a slur used to denigrate black people.
    Also a list of other bullshit excuses WK garbage people want to use:
    1) She got a pass from other Black people. Well let's see TSM Daequan say that word on stream and see where it gets him, that shit didn't fly with Etika it won't fly here.
    2) She's African. Like South Africans aren't known for some of the most horrendous racism in the 20th century, that or the fact that Arab Muslims still engage in slave trade to this day.
    3) It's just a word. I dare any of you degenerates (Poki's WKs) to use this word in a public setting, be it on your FB or Twitter feeds, and see where it gets you. Why do you think she should be above the same consequences?
    Absolutely. If you make racial humor about your own ethnicity its not considered an attack. People can still find it offensive, but it can definitely be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Jewish comedians aren't anti-semites? Are you actually autistic? Or have you just never spoken to anyone outside of your family?
    Care to elaborate, my guy?
    Holy shit, it's not about a victim mentality, it's showing an absolute lack of awareness. I don't think anyone is calling her a racist, but definitely think she is incredibly ignorant for using that word.
    Also reviewing your comment history; with all that nonsense about DDoS'ing Discord servers, unironically calling people 'leftist cucks', or how deeply inflamed you about the concept that people shouldn't call other people 'niggers' shows you probably have some serious mental issues.
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  8. Friedjustice added a post in a topic Twitch egirls (and eboys)   

    A falling out perhaps? I would be interested to know more about this; anyone else?
    Pro Gamers tend to be socially awkward people who don't really get seen out in public much, so when someone asks who are they dating, typically they'll look them up online.
    Ergo their online appearance is thus much more important to the trophy egirl aspect than their irl appearance.
    Plus she is currently dating DisguisedToast, and it's his first relationship ever. Pretty sure its the first time he's ever been with a woman period.
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  9. Friedjustice added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Would you be willing to post the Discord convo?
    I watched some of her other stuff; girl is legit talented, I mean the dark humor/satire stuff might not be everyone's taste, but she is actually funny.
    Yo I'm pretty sure he knows that Poki sucks dick. I mean...
    She ain't one of those Normie ENG chicks that completes their higher education and becomes a productive member of society, whilst being role models for other girls looking to break the glass ceiling in STEM, nah. She out here sucking dick and throwing up at junior prom and shit. LOL
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  10. Friedjustice added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Link the original Twitter thread?
    If true; it she seems to have gotten in over her head with her thotty antics once again (who knew she started so young?) and paid for it. Though I don't think bullying in school is ever right, however in this context....
    If you out here sucking dick, thinking you big and bad... then throw up....LOL
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  11. Friedjustice added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Yeah that's her story NOW.
    But seeing how this thread is going on for more than a year, she used to and still does from time to time state: that she is uwu so lonely uwu single problems.
    Again I want to repeat that no one (sane people I should say) gives a flying fuck if she is seeing/dating/sleeping with anyone. It was mainly about how she would pander that she was single.
    But evidently there has been an influx of borderline people to this thread since it was shared on LSF and now we have residual crazies from Poki's own community.
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  12. Friedjustice added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Yooooo. Brittany Venti has definitely lurked here before! I saw a few screenshots that I took myself. 
    She just earned herself a sub.
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  13. Friedjustice added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    A better use of everyone's time would be to turn that video into a drinking game.
    Take a drink every time Poki has to pull her pants up because she insists on wearing her pants super high waisted to attempt to conceal the mini fupa she is developing.
    Trust me, it happens more times than you would think is reasonable. Like how sloppy does that look, to have to constantly adjust yourself to continue to look odd...
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  14. Friedjustice added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Nobody caught what Fed said at 55:50?
    Scarra is asking Albert and Toast had they had more women express interest in them before or after their relationships; and Fed goes "why don't you ask me?"
    Scarra responds "well there's a reason for that"
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  15. Friedjustice added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    TL:DW for the everyone else. TRO just makes 37 minute video in a roundabout way of saying how Poki is really just naive rather than manipulative and malicious. ffs wtf is it with theses /r/iamverysmart YouTube commentators relentlessly defending her.
    He goes out of his way to talk about how there is flaws in her arguments, but ultimately shouldn't be held accountable for making them. "She didn't maliciously copyright strike people- she barely even understands how the system works!" or "Davcev is a twat, and Poki should of just said that he deserved it"
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