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  1. Lucila added a post in a topic Women who hate women to get favoritism from men   

    It just happened to me to be with a girl like that ... Half of her male "friends" liked her and then she complained, when later she flirted with them, my ex boyfriend left me and magically they are best friends, when he and she  talken shit...
    And then he comes to me saying that I always thought we were friends ...
    She only came to tell me that and to insult me, I do not know what her problem was, but even her style changed, sometimes she said that she was very white and that it was very good with her style ...or showed her tits to get what she wanted, and had a boyfriend ... I do not know ... I never considered her a friend, we only spoke a little because she was in the group ...
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  2. Lucila added a post in a topic What is your general everday style??   

    My style in general, always based on colors, I use a lot of old pink or light blue, but light colors and sometimes black ... I would say no style is vintage, because I like that style ... I will put some pictures that go with it style i like... 

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  3. Lucila added a post in a topic Your favourite/signature perfume?   

    My favorite perfume without hesitation is nina ricci ... I love it, its aroma, its aesthetics, everything! And not only that, but it gives me Nostalgia, it's perfect, at least for me ...

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  4. Lucila added a post in a topic What makeup style do you prefer?   

    I do not know exactly what style I like ... But I love the aesthetics of elle, I like something more natural, innocent ...
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  5. Lucila added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    I am Poppy(?
                 Hello everyone!
    I already knew this site several years ago, by dakota rose, and now I made an account!The truth is that I find it very interesting to unmask these dubious snowflakes hahahaAbout me? Whatever you want to know, you can ask!And sorry for my English, I hope you have consistency haha
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  6. Lucila added a post in a topic babygirl0   

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