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  1. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    She wears these items obsessively to justify blowing money on stuff she KNOWS is overpriced crap. It's really sad at this point how blinded she is by the labels and how she has no identity that comes from within herself. Like if you are uncomfortable about the price of something and have to make justifications for your choice, THEN DON'T BUY IT! If you want to invest in high end clothing, learn what and how to properly invest in designer pieces that will give you the most value for your money. 
    She also needs to broaden her horizons beyond Instagram and Blackpink's Closet for fashion influences so she can really understand how style works. Does she read fashion magazines, or history of fashion/art/design books? I get a lot of inspiration and learn how to put different colors and patterns together just by consuming a lot of art and media from all over the place and across time periods. With all the money she blows she could probably afford a session with a personal stylist to help her get the look she is going for. But considering how she doesn't take input from anyone, it may not be worth it.
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  2. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Have y'all ever seen that Dane Cook joke about Karen, the friend in the group nobody really likes and everyone talks about behind her back, but are all "Hey Kare, sup Kare!" to her face? Joan is Karen (but a lite version because I don't think her friends like HATE her, but...)
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  3. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    I grew up in Miami with a lot of second and third generation Hispanics and I noticed if they primarily lived and socialized within their ethnic community with a lot of non- or poor English-speakers, they picked up a lot of the same poor grammar. Joan is second generation based on her parents speaking primarily Korean, and seems to have only primarily socialized in the Korean/Korean American community in LA. Obviously at school she would have to speak and learn in English and you spend more time at school than with your parents, but if no one at home can help you with your English homework and reinforce proper grammar, you're not going to be great. And I've had some teachers with questionable grammar (that was Florida though, California has higher standards) so you may not even be taught proper grammar in school.
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  4. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Looks like Joan is moving on from "quality over quantity" to "investment" as her new cover for being a superficial label junkie. Too bad she also doesn't know what that term means either. I wouldn't consider that Burberry t-shirt an investment piece just because it is Burberry. It's just a cotton t-shirt that isn't going to be anymore durable than most well stitched cotton t-shirts at lower price points. You're literally just paying for the name not "quality."  I still don't get why she didn't want that denim jacket that actually fit her properly and Amy (who has actual style) tried so hard to help her with her advice to no avail. I don't know why she insists on being swallowed by her clothes like it looks good on her. She needs to learn about her body proportions and what cuts and fits work for them. She also needs to learn that throwing a bunch of expensive trendy items on together doesn't make your outfit look polished or put together.  
    I honestly think the only way she is able to throw away money frivolously on these clothes and bags is that most of her expenses are paid for by others. I fully believe her parents are footing the bill went it comes to rent on their apartment and all the related household expenses. She gets most of her skincare through sponsorships and the reward zone. And while she doesn't have any good spending habits or understanding value for her money, she's also incredibly cheap when it comes to anything other than designer brands, so she probably isn't doing a whole lot of splurging on other things. I also don't think she pays actual retail price for these items. She rarely ever goes into the actual store (though this may be because they don't allow filming) and is always waiting to go to the airport to shop duty free, so who knows how she is actually procurring these items. She would literally be blowing her entire monthly income solely on this stuff, which she can do if she doesn't have to worry about rent, food, phone, internet, healthcare, student loans, credit card bills, transportation, etc.
    I also peeped in her last couple of vlogs that her non-youtuber friends are over her filming them all the time. In Janice's wedding one, Kevin the groom was lowkey shading her when addressing her followers and the "shoutout to Joanday too." Then when she flashed over to Richard and Christine they threw up her "signature" finger heart farewell, then she was like "and that reminds me to end the vlog here and enjoy living in this moment" or something along those lines. Then in this recent one, Joanne kept hiding from the camera. So consequently, large chunks of her week went unseen except when she was with Amy and Jenn.
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  5. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    IIRC, I think they mentioned that Abe had finished college and was in Korea teaching English for Business and was in a pre-MBA program or applying to an MBA program? Anyway, I think the interviews are for graduate school because he is only like 2-3 years younger than Joan.
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  6. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    The last few LA vlog really highlighted for me how this girl has no boundaries when it comes to what she films to show her subscribers. She's lucky her stateside friends seem really chill, because there is no way I would allow one of my friends to film my ENTIRE wedding (which she had to have done to be able to have as much edited footage as she did) to generate (monetized) content for thousands of randos on the internet. She did the same thing with their engagements too (and made it all about her like it was a personal milestone to see her friend get engaged). She also couldn't have dinner with her father and brother (who live in a separate country and she rarely sees) without filming it, even when her father clearly doesn't want to be filmed. And not only can she not go to a meal without having both her cameras running (when she told the one friend to wait so she could switch cameras...), she TALKS to the camera like her audience is there live!
    This is all edited footage too, so she would have to be filming literally the ENTIRE TIME she is with people. And it is all mundane stuff not worth documenting. Christine was probably over this girl with a camera in her face 24/7 talking to people who are not there telling all of their business, instead of just having quality time eating an ice cream cone with her friends. She's lucky they indulge her this much, but at times it looks like it wears thin on them and they are probably glad they only have to see her like twice a year. 
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  7. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    She majored in film studies which is like majoring in literature, but movies instead of books, so we she wasn't studying how to make films. The humanities aren't easier than STEM fields, they just involve using a different part of your brain and working on different skills that are more transferable particularly critical thinking, dealing with abstract ideas, and effective writing and communicating, something every organization needs in its employees. And unless you are going into some technical field, NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU MAJORED IN for like 90% of office jobs, they care if you have the ability to fulfill the responsibilities. I have a classmate who majored in Art History and Film, and works for Google. Another friend majored in political science and theater, got a job with Deloitte and now also works at Google. Honestly I know more people who work for Google with non-STEM majors than ones who did. Before going to college though, no one ever tells you that you can study one thing and then go and get a job in something completely unrelated, it just takes more creativity and confidence to sell yourself to employers.
    To get back on topic though, Joan clearly had to have put out Berkeley quality to get in and she majored in something that should have atleast made her a more effective communicator and have some depth. That's why I don't think she's stupid or incapable of doing better, she just chooses not to because the people around her, mostly her audience, enable her to put out low quality. It's just bizarre that you would think that someone who doesn't perceive what they do as a real job in comparison to what her friends from school do and is insecure about it wouldn't put more effort into taking their channel and content seriously rather than buying tacky designer clothes, especially when they had to have done so before. Or maybe she really thinks this is quality stuff.
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  8. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    UC Berkeley is really prestigious and competitive to get into. It's considered one of the Public Ivies where the quality is basically the same, but it is way cheaper than going to one of the elite private universities. Like as a California resident, if you aren't graduating in the top 10% of your class in high school, the odds of you getting in go down exponentially, even more if you are an out-of-state student. That's why some are puzzled that she got in considering how lazy and unmotivated she is. She isn't a legacy, she's not an athlete, there isn't a shortage of eligible Korean Americans especially in California, and she comes off very shallow. Whoever her college admissions counselor in high school was must have worked wonders on her application. I don't think Joan is an idiot, she was able to graduate on time so it's not like she couldn't hack it at that caliber of institution. But I think a part of her has impostor syndrome and knows that she's not on the level or vision of success typically associated with a school like that, which is why she is out here being a Label-Loving Leslie in her Gucci and getting sponsorships to get a sense of validation.
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  9. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    This is 100% Joan!
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  10. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Yes this is part of why it doesn't work because she never fully tucks the shirt in and it's usually not even 1/2 tucked but like 1/3 or 1/4 tucked and looks sloppy. Also when you are really skinny with no curves vs. just being petite, you can't go too baggy because you'll easily look like a stick in a potato sack.
    That's the other problem, she doesn't have a chic, edgy, elegant personality or taste so she can't sell these looks. Like, she wants to be those things and thinks just throwing expensive clothes on will help her get there, but style is just as much if not more about your personality, attitude, and creativity than the article of clothing. Joan is fundamentally bland, basic, and shallow because she doesn't venture to dig deeper into anything so everything she does comes off inauthentic and cringey. 
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  11. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Can someone tell her that the oversized trend is just not for her, or is it just me that feels that way? She's like the only person who just cannot pull it off even when she straight copies the model. And it kills me how she acts like H&M and other fast fashion, budget retailers are beneath her when this haul was basically overpriced versions of what they sell. Like $340.00 for that Alright Sweater? $50/ea. for those stripped t-shirts? $248 for DISTRESSED DENIM? I sound like my mom: "why are you spending good money on ripped up jeans? In my day we put the holes in them ourselves." I would hope she got them on sale but we know Joan is not frugal, especially when she needs to flex for the gram.
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  12. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    She was hiking and riding a pony up a mountain/volcano, so this is actually appropriate and looks more put together than what she usually tries to do, like when she was hiking through the woods in a sundress when she went to Jeju.
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  13. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    I'll give Joan points for getting black leather rather than Gucci print (WHICH I HATE), as the bag as shown on the website is actually cute (but her bag does look like a knock-off). Growing up and living in Miami I am constantly inundated with tacky, materialistic Nouveau Riche types who have to constantly talk about what luxury brands they shop, the luxury cars they can't really afford to drive, etc., that I wouldn't ever buy a designer item even if I could afford to. I need to move back to Chicago, sigh.
    Anyway, there isn't anything wrong with Maybelline, Joan has just bought into the Koreaboo mindset that Korean beauty/skincare products are better and more effective than Western products by default. Of course they would work with Q2Han, because Q2Han put out quality, they studied fashion so they know what they are talking about, and they put in the work reaching out to brands and building themselves up. Joan may have more subscribers overall than them, but she is not on their level. 
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  14. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    We already know our girl can't go on a trip and not get a Gucci bag duty-free. I find Gucci generally tacky and cheap looking, but Joan manages to always get the cheapest, borderline-knock off looking item. And where does she store all of this stuff in her "minimalist" room? How many bags does she really need?
    That vlog was so pointless. I need her to stop showing us food that she is not even going to name let alone describe. How many times did she have that noodle dish before she even said what it was? And even then, still not sure because when she said it, she didn't even have it in front of her. Also she needs to stop flashing menus or products instead of naming them if she is not going to wait for the camera to properly focus, or hold it long enough that viewers can read it or pause the video. She struggles with languages in general because she failed to pronounce the Indonesian word for "thank you" like three times. She did a whole segment giving the wrong location name like three times as well and left it in there when she could have just re-filmed the room tour, like it would take all of 5 minutes. But I guess that would cut into her "getting unready in Indonesia routine" or the titilating "what's in my carry-on" videos.
    Then she couldn't believe that Maybelline products were making her look good and I was like "sweetie, that's because Ryan is professional make-up artist and knows how to properly apply make-up." Like she'll stock up on Maybelline and Fenty Beauty and still end up looking messy because she doesn't know how to apply anything correctly. Then she had to throw in the disclaimer that Maybelline was not sponsoring her, like they would ever approach her. I still don't get why these brands continue to have her be a spokesperson for them when her skin doesn't look good and her poor make-up skills and hair care make the products look like crap.
    This was long, but it's been a minute since I said anything about her or watched her videos.
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  15. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    The DJ was Nam Taehyun who's a former member of Winner. There was a shot of Yoona from SNSD/Girls Generation (she had the short hair) and then one of Irene from Red Velvet (Joy and Seulgi were also there but I don't think she saw them). 
    Like I've said before, Joan doesn't take Youtube seriously and doesn't think she has a real job so why put in the effort when she does well for herself doing the bare minimum. Youtube is such a great platform and you can really do some major stuff with it. Look what it did for Issa Rae, from Awkward Black Girl to HBO and movie roles. I also don't think she knows how important networking is and that is how people find out about new opportunities and get a leg up on the competition. It's extra frustrating because it would only take a little extra effort on her part to improve the overall quality and value of her channel.
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