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  1. tadster91 added a post in a topic James Charles   

    I generally found James Charles to be annoying so never really followed him and initially only watched Tati's video for the lulz because I didn't know all the background so initially i thought this was just another round of petty beautyguru drama, but after following the video and piecing it all together I got where Tati was coming from. Like she didn't have anything to gain from the relationship since he was a nobody when she met him so I think she had genuine motives to help him and guide him, which is as it's been said already, why she didn't go the nuclear option and expose him.
    But the other thing I think is getting overlooked and why James was able to get away with being gross and manipulative with these straight guys is that he is literally doing the thing that is the number one homophobic stereotype: he's a gay man who preys on straight men to turn them or at least sleep with them. If anyone had tried to expose him without the receipts to prove it, he easily could have turned it around as homophobia and a lot of people who don't follow him as well as his legion of followers would jump to his defense and seek to cancel the exposer as a homophobe. With Jeffree's history people would write him off as jealous and it would probably cause more problems than it was worth since it was easier for him to just cut ties. The straight guys in question would have been painted as "fragile" and uncomfortable with gay men. Even Gage didn't outright say that James preyed on him to sleep with him. Tati was uniquely positioned to do it since she had been such a strong supporter of him. Also the way she presented it was well done because she started the video with a montage of all the times she had him on her channel and promoted him, then had pictures of him at her wedding, went on and on about how he called her and her husband mom and dad, had that video of her crying talking about how proud of him she was. Like she did that very calmly for almost half an hour before she dropped the tea on his predatory behavior and even then she restrained herself by not getting overly detailed so you knew she wasn't just trying to ruin him or reinforce any homophobic stereotypes especially when she explained why it was wrong. I just wanted to point out there was that going on too.

    It's sad because I can say as a gay man there is a segment of gay men who fetishize straight men for their masculinity" or whatever even though there are so many masc gay men, half of any gay bar anywhere is full of them and they aren't a rare find on apps either. There's a whole genre of porn dedicated to turning straight guys. In fact James acts like an actor straight out of one of those pornos. Usually in the most innocent form, they just have internalized homophobia or are insecure and go after unattainable guys rather than face rejection from other gay men. But the way James emotionally manipulates and weaponizes homophobia against these dudes to sleep with them is sick.
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  2. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    I just wanted to say that I agree that Joan should change her self-absorbed, passive aggressively bitchy behaviors. I wasn't trying to justify them with my earlier comment just highlighting that "harsh", "I'm a scorpio", "I speak my mind and don't change for anyone", are euphemisms for that. I don't think she's like a trash person and has some endearing qualities since she does have legitimately nice friends like her friends from college, Ivan, Ashley, Erin, even messy ass Eddy has a decent friendship with her. I think a lot of her occasional bitchiness comes from insecurity and comes from her projecting her own issues onto other people. Like when she makes comments about how people spend their money and how much they paid for something, it's like the girl with the bankrupt parents who was envious of her peers who could just buy chanel bags like they were nothing jumps out. But she also feels guilty about her own extravagent spending because she does it mostly to flex and prove something to other people.
    I think her friends get this about her on some level which is why they put up with it. Most of us here did like her at some point and only got put off from her because of specific things that she could easily change. But I do agree with the sentiment that a lot of her friends like Ivan are toooo nice in pointing out negative habits she should change to the point that they end up enabling her, which I get because it is easier to risk hurting someone's feelings when you aren't particularly invested in them versus like your longtime friend that you value and don't want to lose. But someone close to her needs to be honest because if her behavior gets worse it'll cause more harm to her and her relationships in the long run. People can only take so much.
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  3. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    I had written a comment about Ivan's q&a with her but it didn't post. But at the part in question about Ivan telling people he introduces her to, to "giver her 10 minutes," Joan followed up and said that a lot of her friends tell her that she comes off "harsh" in the way she engages with people because she's a Scorpio and just says what she thinks and doesn't sugar coat it for others. Thinking back to the shopping trip with Kim and Sunny and all the passive aggressive bitchy remarks she made that in her mind she thinks is just her trying to realte with who she's with, I know the behavior they are getting at and it's not being socially awkward in that you are slow to warm-up but the social awkwardness that comes from not having the emotional intelligence to realize that you may have offended someone or put them off.
    I started to notice way back when she was in the states going to all those back to back weddings like a year ago that she's pretty self-absorbed and lacks the ability to read the room or the energy of the people she's with. Like there were multiple occasions where her non-influencer friends were clearly annoyed with her trying to vlog every waking moment they spent together from ice cream dates to the one friend's entire wedding ceremony and reception. Or when she shoves the camera in the face of people who are trying to hide from it. Also whenever she is with a group "showing them around" she always drags them around to do what she wants to do. She can just come off very self-involved.
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  4. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    She's so dumb. Like does she think any lawyer worth their salt would waste their time with an obviously bogus claim? They aren't even the same type of product, she is not the first person to come up with the idea of putting to products meant to be used together in one container and she didn't invent the colors purple and green, which they aren't even the same shade. And the reviews of her cream haven't been all that so why would a huge company waste their time copying some mediocre product? Intellectual property rights are hard to defend unless you can prove that the offender directly copied something. Bigger entities have gotten away with more blatant instances of plagiarism (like Beyonce with the Countdown MV) and the concepts she adapted for the development of the product aren't original, like didn't she say the shape of the compartments were inspired by the concept of yin and yang, a universal symbol of duality just like day and night imagery is, especially in Asia? She basically would have to prove that someone form Neogen was leaking info during the development stage of the product to someone at Watson's in order for them to release a copied product BEFORE hers even hit the shelves. Which who would do that without knowing if it is even successful enough to be worth copying?

    She needs to humble herself before she gets humbled by someone else.
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  5. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Joan is too small potatoes for them to sue. They'd pay more in legal fees than what they would get. Like the product is clearly not a ripoff and she doesn't own the patent on a dual container. She's not even a Neogen employee and it's probably not even HER cream (in that Neogen probably owns the formula and is just giving her a cut of the profits for using her name on it and giving some feedback through the process. ) It's not like she could just take the cream and start her own company with it.
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  6. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    The packaging doesn't even look the same. Stores do generic versions of brand items in basically the same packaging with the same exact ingredients as the brand they are comparing too. And even still, it's not the same type of product so why make a display like this publically? Also, she is using "we" pretty generously. Were you slaving away in the lab Joan to get the formula just right alongside the other chemists? Everytime she starts going on about all the effort it took for this cream I get eye strain from how hard I roll mine.
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  7. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Lol at that AirBnb just screaming "this is an income property and we did one-stop shopping at Ikea." It's just a basic apartment where is the WOW factor?
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  8. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Yeah what you did is an actual gap year because you already plan to go to grad school and were just taking a break in your studies to do something else. Other people take "gap years" that are really just periods of "I don't really know what I'm going to do so I'm going to just take time for self-discovery" usually by doing something like backpacking through Europe and not really working for an indefinite period while they figure things out. That's more of what Claudine did. They just call it a gap year because that sounds more purposeful than what it actually is: an employment gap and dropping out of the workforce because you were overwhelmed by rejection. Claudine applied to jobs but didn't land anything which is extra discouraging when you spent like $300k going to Harvard and that degree in and of itself doesn't do all the things that it is hyped up to do, so you take a "break" from job searching because you have an existential crisis and you can afford to, lol.
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  9. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Oh yeah the idea that she was interested in journalism is such a joke to me. I initially was a journalism major and can say that Joan wouldn't have made it through the first reporting and writing class since she has zero creativity and lacks the ambition to chase down ledes or create a narrative. She could be using her channel to build a reel of clips to transfer into broadcasting, but the GRWMs and skincare routines aren't going to get it.
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  10. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    I just started the life after college video and the biggest thing that irks me that gets propogated over and over even though it does not play out that way in reality is the idea that a) college is a job training center (it isn't) and b) career trajectories are linear and that if you get degree A you will land job B. When you are going through school like from high school to college, you have a very linear pathway where you get out exactly what you put in to it. If you meet all the points on the rubric you get an A. If you study and get all the correct answers on a test, you get an A. While you aren't guaranteed to go to your dream school because they only have so many spots and will definitely have more qualified applicants than they can let it (that's the other scam especially with elite schools like Harvard, they increase number of applicants without increasing enrollment so they can reject more people and look more selective and elite), you will definitely be able to get into a college somewhere. When it comes to getting a job, you could have all the experience and a perfect resume and still get passed over because they already had someone they wanted for the job and just did the posting as a formality, hired internally, or decided they straight up liked someone who may have been lesser qualified but had a better personality than you. There is literally no guarantee regardless of what you major in, what school you went to, where you interned, etc.

    The reason people like Claudine and Joan have trouble (and they aren't the only ones) is that they bought into the idea if they just do ABC they would get XYZ (Claudine flat out says this) and that's not how it works. For like 90% of jobs out there, they don't really care what you studied in college so the idea that you can't get a job with a sociology degree is so bogus. Most jobs just need someone who can read, write, think critically and solve problems, learn fast, and have enough emotional intelligence to deal with people, especially in the service economy that we now have. Most jobs there is no way to get the skills other than just doing the job. You can get those similar types of experiences and skills by being involved in student groups where you have to work with people to get certain things done (skills like fundraising/development, project management, human resources, communications, marketing, etc. can all be acquired in extracurriculars). Networking is the biggest thing. My sister is an HR manager who got her current job when a former boss of hers was looking to fill a position and contacted her when she found out that my sister was looking to leave her former company through their network. That position was my sister's to turn down even though they were interviewing other people for it. She even passed on a position opening to me that came up because she knew I was looking after graduation and thought I could be a fit for it. That's how it works. Just be an active member of your alumni association and keep your LinkedIn up to date and just take on your own independent projects and share them with people and the odds of you ending up employed increase tenfold. There also is nothing wrong for settling with a basic keep it together office job where you build transferable skills while searching for a better position. It's easier to land something while networking when you are employed.

    Those are the biggest things I wish I knew when I was going to college was to really participate in more student groups (in a leadership role!) and to have joined the local chapter of my alumni association (I also went to an elite university like Claudine) immediately upon graduating and just go to all of those dumb football watch parties etc. since older alumni are usually in the position to be hiring people or know the people who are hiring in different places. And if you are personable and likeable enough, people will literally just create jobs and positions for you just because you went to the same school and present well whether you really have the skills or not. Also fake it until you make it and sell yourself even if you don't have 100% of the skills they ask for. 

    As we've been over Joan doesn't put in extra effort and is insecure to boot so that's why she was constantly rejected and then lucked into YouTube and then gets all of these opportunities. You'll see in the professional world there are a lot of Joans out there who are successful inspite of the fact that they really aren't good at their jobs (look up the curse of competence). Claudine was like myself and other high achieving people who were used to be really good at the school game but then got a rude awakening when the same strategy doesn't work post college unless you are going straight to grad school in a linear profession like medicine or law. But she has a Harvard degree and can afford to fly around on a gap year so she too will eventually just catch a break through the alumni association and will become successful because she is personable enough and legitimately smart where she can network her way into something once she decides what she wants to do.

    This was super long but some of the stuff they said and what other people posted about "basket-weaving majors" just really triggered me and set me off, lol.
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  11. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Joan reached 400 pages and didn't even need prostitution rumors or a beef with her former pimp to do it. It's crazy how she has like the longest thread mostly people just saying she's lazy and doesn't dress well, while other people in this section have like crazy dramatic threads getting exposed for scamming, lying, cheating, backstabbing, etc. Probably infuriates her more. But like she could easily make a few minor adjustments and not have all this "negative" criticism.
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  12. tadster91 added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    Edward's delusion really knows no bounds now. Like how many videos has he made not only justifying the Kpop industry's regressive attitudes and practices, but saying that the idols in question should have known what the reaction was going to be (Kyla with her weight, Holland being gay, Hyuna and Edawn getting dropped from Cube for dating, etc.)? Yet, he's surprised when the very same industry is rejecting him for obvious reasons that he should know being the "ultimate kpop insider." He really thinks the rules don't apply to him because of his foreigner status, which he acts like it gives him a free pass to buck Korean norms yet still get opportunities there in the entertainment industry. He could probably be an MC or host but he's not fluent in Korean and has no PR skills or media training as to how to maintain a good public image. And as much as he preaches to Westerners to respect Korean culture as it is, he has zero respect himself for the culture and how things work. Otherwise he'd have become fluent and would moderate his online presence to be more appealing and attractive to Koreans to get more opportunities there. That's what other foreigners like Megan and Whitney have done and it's paid off for them.
    I don't even know what he's aiming for in the long run. Like how long can you live in a country as a perpetual outsider like it's your playground? It's clear he's not trying to become a citizen or build a realistic career there (because getting into entertainment there is not happening since he keeps losing big opportunities there) that will keep him settled there long term, but at the same time he seems to have zero interest in going back to the States. And I don't blame him because what would he even do here? He doesn't have a college degree and the key to his yt success is that he's a western gay Asian who wears makeup and lives in Korea living a Koreaboo fantasy. Put him back stateside and his whole schtick dries up. Like homeboy is approaching 30 and what is he doing for himself?

    I hope the younger Eddie gets out of his orbit because he seems nice and like he could do something for himself if he got away from Edward and doesn't go down that track. 
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  13. tadster91 added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    A&R stands for "artists and repertoire." They are basically the people who recruit and sign talent and oversee artist development, like strategizing what direction their music should go in, how they will be marketed, etc. A&R basically makes or breaks an artist. Basically the group's A&R saw that the collabs wouldn't be as fruitful for the group as it would Eddy and his group of nugudols, because ONF is definitely more known than them (if the group is ONF). 
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  14. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    I'm cackling at her saying point blank that her viewers shouldn't look at her to do creative content and go elsewhere. Like how full of yourself do you have to be to tell people to stop watching when your livelihood literally depends on them viewing your videos? Her audience is going to really start dwindling and tuning out, and without them all those side deals and jobs are going to dry up because what else is she bringing to the table? And why even respond if you aren't going to take the comment seriously? It wasn't even a mean comment. 
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  15. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    I noticed the contrast when I watched Ashley's vlog that covered the same day trip they took to go take pictures at that abandoned train station, plus a bunch of other things that Joan had vlogged also but over like 5 different vlogs. Ashley's one vlog was so much more interesting with better editing and her channel isn't even her main gig and she doesn't do it as frequently. She also has a lot of other more interesting friends. Seeing the contrast was also when it struck me that Joan does try to emulate Ashley because what Ashley does in her personal life but also the YT content she puts out is what Joan thinks she puts out or atleast aspires to. Other than being an idol, Ashley is like what Joan could be.
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