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    So I watched that fashion week vlog and do people really need a tutorial on how to wear black, the easiest color to dress in because it goes with everything? The only tips you would provide are in regards to fit, cut, mixing textures, etc. which we know Joan cannot do to save her life. Joan also has no personal style and can't even put a basic season appropriate outfit together. The thing that bugs me the most about how she dresses is that the outfits are usually just on the cusp of being decent but there is just one thing that throws it off, like it's the wrong size, wrong fit, wrong accessory (like those blood orange sunglasses that clash with 90% of the outfits she wears them with). The other thing is that she doesn't have the attitude or confidence to pull off the outfits she tries to wear. Like that cape/trench she got from that designer to wear to SFW would not be bad on her if she didn't slouch and had more grace about how she carries herself.
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  2. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Were her and that guy even really exclusive? Like they seemed to only be together for a couple of months since Joanday season 1 wrapped in November because that's when, according to her, she had more time to be in one and then they broke up the beginning of this year. If your partner starts seeing someone else barely 3 months into a relationship, you were never really serious in the first place. Like he could have just been dating to see who he liked more which I wouldn't even classify as cheating if there wasn't a real committment.
    Were her and that guy even really exclusive? Like they seemed to only be together for a couple of months since Joanday season 1 wrapped in November because that's when, according to her, she had more time to be in one and then they broke up the beginning of this year. If your partner starts seeing someone else barely 3 months into a relationship, you were never really serious in the first place. Like he could have just been dating to see who he liked more which I wouldn't even classify as cheating if there wasn't a real committment.
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  3. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    It kills me when people put their lives out there for public scrutiny and then get mad when people have something to say that isn't unfettered praised. Like most of the people leaving comments watched her videos so really by extension if commenting here or on her videos mean we have no lives and need to do something productive, watching her 10 minute videos is unproductive and a waste of time as well. You put your friendships, spending habits, your friends' business, your family's business, out there for the world to see, don't act like people are digging through your life to talk shit about you. Like what else are we going to discuss? And maybe put some thought into the stuff you say and how you present yourself before doing it? That's the main thing people are asking for here, is to put more thought and effort into the things you do. Think before you buy another bag you don't need. Think about your outfits and what suits you. Think about your content and what you are going to say so you don't look like BooBoo the Fool.
    She may have a huge thread here, but it is relatively tame in comparison to what other people's are like. Like no one is here trying to speculate and expose her on being a hooker and no real life acquiantances coming in to spill tea on her past like her friend/ex-friend(?) Coco. And if this thread was so bad, why would you ever draw people's attention to it? That's like a cyberbullying victim sending people to the hate page calling them a slut.
    Then talking about her hot-minute relationship. The Lee Hyori comment was telling in that if the girl was hot, she would then also be hot since this dude went for both of them. She would be in the same league. In reality though, being cheated on is a hit to your self-esteem so the idea it would somehow be better or more understandable if the person was hotter is so dumb. She's also just opening the door for people to comment on her business too by yet again putting it out there. You can't have it both ways Joan.
    I used to be just disappointed and sorta ambivalent about her just putting my two cents in every now and then, but she's really taking a turn for the worse and annoys me now. But I'm ahead of you Joan, I have a job and am currently applying to go back to grad school and study!
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  4. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Wow she looks like she hasn't slept in days. I lowkey thought y'all exaggerated how old she looked before because while she looked more like 30s than 20s, 30s isn't old. But THIS is really old lady territory. Like who would take skincare advice from someone who looks 30 years older than their actual age? She didn't look this rough without makeup even a year ago so you know her using 10,000 different products in a month probably is making things worse and not better. Common sense would tell you trying a bunch of different chemicals on your face every couple of weeks would not be smart so I don't know why you would make product reviews the main content of your channel.
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  5. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Preach! The crying about the struggle of not being able to buy nice stuff like her peers really irked me. It would be one thing if she was like "watching my friends buy all this designer stuff was really hard because we were about to lose our house," but she left it at her not being able to buy Chanel like the crowd she wanted to run with was the worst part. Like wouldn't you gain some perspective on what really matters and learn not to define your self-worth by how much money you can blow on status symbols? 
    The funny thing too is she always makes shady comments about what other people decide to do with their money and baulks at the price of expensive items like when she was incredulous at the $250 sunglasses in Gentle Monster (when she never failed to go into a store when she saw one). The same girl who blew $300 on a basic cotton t-shirt from Burberry and has a new $2000 bag she carries for a couple months and then it vanishes into thin air everytime you turn around. And she acts so guilty and has to justify her purchases before anyone can say anything. If you are good for it Joan, why does it matter, it's your money. The whole thing just makes me very dubious about how well off she actually is because it makes no sense to be clocking how your friends spend their money and having to convince yourself to buy things you can supposedly afford unless you really can't afford to buy these things (which I doubt she can if she is "supporting" her family by paying for their living expenses, not just passing down her Gucci she no longer wears). I've never seen someone simultaneously be cheap and impulsive with spending money on expensive stuff that doesn't even look good on them and they may not even actually like, but are just buying to prove something to other people.
    Those comments on the video, like Tiffany's and the one that said walking shots weren't qulaity, are what I mean by constructive criticism that Joan reads as hate when they weren't even derogatory and gave her concrete suggestions of how she could improve her channel. This girl is her own worse enemy.
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  6. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    I about died when she said she was too career oriented and driven to get married anytime soon. Girl can't even take constructive criticism and distinguish it from "hate." Like there definitely are people who just troll her and exaggerate her shortcomings, but plenty of people have made comments about her lighting, subtitling, being more descriptive, new content ideas, correcting her misinformation in a nice way and she literally doesn't take their advice.
    These are all things within her ability to change and that she would naturally be trying to improve if she was so career-driven. Because a career isn't just a job, it's a trajectory. It's about opening doors to do other things and go to the next level, not just to get more free crap from nicer brands. And even in the exaggerations on her appearance and language skills and cafe hopping, there is truth. She doesn't speak well, so if she wants a career in broadcasting she needs to improve her speaking ability, especially if she aspires to go to a competitive market like NEW YORK, a city that has no problem attracting and refining talent especially in media. People who have amassed a moderately large internet following try to make it there all the time, she really would need to step up her game. 
    The girl lacks so much self-awareness and just constantly makes excuses for herself while also trying to flex and prove how successful she is based on the luxury stuff she buys (which she always feels guilty and tries to justify almost like she can't actually afford to get the crap she does). Like you can't have that much sympathy for her because no one is aksing her to do anything she isn't capable of doing if she just reoriented her priorities.
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  7. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    This was my exact reaction while watching. It wasn't bad in the close-up shot, until she put the cap on. She said it was because she hadn't washed her hair, but her hair actually looked cleaner than it normally does and would have been fine. Also notice how she had to mention the necklace was from "an independent Korean store" (made me think she really is trying to do every minor thing people complained about to "improve the quality") but also didn't say the name of it. Guess they weren't paying her nor do they have the cache for her to flex. I want to know where has she ever seen anyone where a blazer with cropped frayed jeans and slides like that? Her clashing of streetwear with Ann Taylor looks is just...
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  8. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    I was writing an essay but decided to shorten in to be concise. I sympathize with the struggles in college and afterwards because I faced the same thing: going to an elite university that was supposed to open so many doors but ended up being some of the worst years in my life thus far and nothing much to show for it other than some debt, underemployment, anxiety, and depression. I also sympathize with financial struggles because of family, envy of more well off people, then doing a lot of spending and buying things you wanted but did without once you finally had the means to do so.
    I also do believe that her personal life was effected by Joanday 365. I commented before how her non-YT friends looked annoyed in a lot of her vlogs and even forced her to stop vlogging at times (like at the weddings) because she was too involved with her subscribers and the camera and not focused on spending time with the people she rarely sees who also don't want to be on camera. It takes hours of footage to make a 6 minute video especially if you are showing a full day, so she wouldn't film just 5 minutes of your coffee date, she would need to film the whole thing. And she doesn't just talk to you, she talks to the thousands of people not there who will be watching this later. And when she was vlogging everyday of her life, this would happen everytime you saw her. If i had a friend like that, I would be annoyed and would consequently not spend as much time with them as I would normally because I don't want a camera around everytime we get together. And consequently for Joan, she ends up hanging out mostly with other Youtubers because they a) also vlog at the same time and b) don't care about cameras because they have their own too. She may lowkey not even like a lot of the people we see her with or at least not enough to see every day.
    That being said, while she at least recognizes that this season of Joanday has been the pits and she needs to make changes, she still missed the point of the critiques she got. Her biggest problem is that her content lacks substance. Notice that most of what she said she was going to improve on were aesthetic production details like better lighting and more walking shots which yeah those are things people harped on, but I honestly think most people would have forgiven if what she actually did in the videos was substantive and engaging. Aesthetic changes are really just putting lipstick on a pig. She can have high quality title cards but if she is still butchering both languages she speaks, providing partial and inaccurate info about products, and going to the same 5 cafes with the same 5 people every other day, people are still going to be dissatisfied and tune out.
    She also missed the point about the comments saying she changed and even Euni's point about how she used to fold her towels or whatever and it's that she was relatable and more down to earth before she was making all of this money and given how it seemed her biggest struggle in terms of her family's financial struggle wasn't just getting by, but envying the people around her who could just buy luxury stuff and didn't have to work like she did and she's happier now that she can throw away money on tacky designer stuff as status symbols. It came off pretty entitled and disingenuous the way she talked about her hardships.
    This is all to say while she recognizes that her channels need some help, she doesn't know what the actual problems are so I don't think there will be any real improvement beyond some superficial changes.
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  9. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    You know if she broke up with her boyfriend around Jan-Feb this year, the relationship would coincide with the drop in content around the end of 2017 when it seemed like she literally had nothing to do and was constantly "forgetting to vlog." It actually makes perfect sense if she was actually spending a lot of her time with her boyfriend that she didn't want her subscribers to know about. Good for her but also shocking considering this is the same person who vlogged all of her non-YT friends' engagements and weddings like they ony got married to generate content and revenue for her channel. 
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  10. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Wait, when did Joan have a boyfriend?
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  11. tadster91 added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    Yeah he was never actually friends with Jae because they never hung out without their mutual friends. And as I pointed out when he was trying to undercut Holland, Eddy himself engages in gay minstrelsy and queerbaiting with Aoora as his brand, so it's rich that he would say someone shouldn't just be successful because of their sexuality when that is literally what he does. 
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  12. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    I haven't been on here in a minute but I just caught up and Joan really is floundering. The fact that she has that many critical comments from mostly long time followers is not good. She needs to be more concerned about the sustainability of her channel and not her jeans. Like does she not realize that her appeal to sponsors and such is her sizeable subscriber base and not her? She is horrible at public speaking and doesn't present herself well so she won't be getting any lucrative broadcasting opportunites in front of camera, nor behind it for that matter since her editing and production skills are poor too. She knows nothing about marketing or branding. And she hasn't been developing any other transferable skills to even just go get an office job beyond being some temp admin assistant, and with how "stressed" she gets having to film herself just shopping and eating and travelling with friends, she probably couldn't even handle the demands of that. Someone was generous and gave her 5 more years but honestly she has less than that.

    I'm really wondering if Joan really has no one in her life amongst her friends and family that hasn't tried to tell her to like think ahead or really put some more effort into her work, or is she too stubborn to take what they say as valid? Like she is so directionless while everyone around her (sans people like Eddy) even if they don't know exactly where they are going have a momentum like they are going somewhere and are developing. She seems to be going through like a quarter-life identity crisis but doesn't realize it. I don't even know the girl personally and feel concerned for her, like is no one in her life witnessing this stuff (and more that we don't see off camera) willing to tell her some hard truths about herself? Ugh, this is like watching a slow car wreck. 
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  13. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Okay I died in her new vlog when she did her "signature" scan into the metro shot, except her card wasn't scanning through the case so she had to stop and take her phone case off and she was so annoyed. Why leave the shot in Joan? It's such a weird shot anyway and so inconvenient.  
    The one thing I give Joan props for is not being desperate for a man, and she doesn't seem jealous or bothered that a good chunk of her friends (at least the ones in the States) are paired up. And she's 26 so I'm sure people are starting to get on her about settling down. Some people choose to be single rather than be attached to prove their worth to other people. Joan also seems like someone who has high standards and wouldn't just date anybody. I find it funny her fans would ship her with Moma like they aren't...compatible if you know what I mean.
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  14. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    I mean she only lived in Korea for 2 years as a preschoolers befor going back to the U.S. and then having to speak English in school (which you spend more of your waking time at school away from home) so it makes sense that she wouldn't be that advanced in regards to vocabulary. 
    Sorta OT/slash not really a critique:

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  15. tadster91 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Exactly, after the counterfeit culture video my suspicions about her not actually buying this stuff from the stores were upped. Like she never shows herself going into the stores and gawks at the prices when she goes to like Gentle Monster or that Acme store that's high priced but at a lower price point than Gucci or Burberry. She also just links to someplace that carries those brands like Bloomingdales or Nordstrom, but not where she actually bought them. And the stuff just randomly appears, she never does an unboxing. There is just no way she can actually afford all of this stuff with the frequency she buys it. It would also explain why the stuff looks cheaper than what is shown like the Dionysus bag looked off to me. They are good knock offs though if they are because you really can't tell at first glance.
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