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  1. happy added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    It seems like more and more IG models are getting the Bright Ocular/Eye color change surgery done. Just this morning, there were articles in the news about the model Nadinne Bruna, who had over 1 million followers and went to Colombia to get the surgery done. She now has to live with botched eyes.
    Here is the article: https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/6034226/instagram-nadinne-bruna-partially-blind-after-cosmetic-surgery-to-change-colour-of-her-eyes/
    And here is one really interesting quote from the article:
    "The issue with injecting a silicone plate into the eye is that it clogs the drain of the eye, just like as if a sink was blocked. The pressure builds and builds inside the eye, causing inflammation and damaging the structures. There's a reason these procedures are not FDA approved and that's because we've seen the long-term and irreparable damage they can cause."
    That sounds extremely painful.
    As @shady said earlier on the thread, this could be Sarah's future, if she doesn't pull herself together
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  2. happy added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Also, her padding is quite visible and really poorly done, making it easy to see where her boob ends and the padding begins

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  3. happy added a post in a topic Sarah Snyder   

    Something I find hilarious is that her arrest photo says that she is 5'5" yet her modeling agency website says that she is 5'8". I've heard about agencies lying about a models height, but by three inches??
    Boy, are companies going to be in for a surprise when they hire her expecting someone who is of runway model height and they get an average/short model

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  4. happy added a post in a topic Wolfiecindy / Cindykimberlys   

    According to the Uno Models website, she is 170cm (approximately a little bit under 5'7)
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  5. happy added a post in a topic JessicaUniverse   

    she probably thinks that she won't need a job in the future, and her parents will support her forever
    or, she probably thinks that her social media fame will translate into real life fame and her followers will be around forever and keep buying her books, making her the next rupi kaur or something
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  6. happy added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    ...i just noticed, in that second image did she put something inside her shirt to make it look like her nipple poking out, or is that just a stain?

    ....lol wtf??
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  7. happy added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    CBD: clone stamp, blur tool, dodge tool
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  8. happy added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Wow, Sarah looks extremely out of place here, especially in that third image. Look at how well dressed those other people are. Even that black girl standing next to her is dressed more casually, but still looks appropriate. Sarah, on the other hand, is not dressed for the occasion at all. She looks like one of those hookers who are hired to go to parties/events and just stand there and look sexy.
    Not a good look at all, imo
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  9. happy added a post in a topic AYE BAY-BAY   

    Apple iPhone
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  10. happy added a post in a topic Nisrina Sbia   

  11. happy added a post in a topic @lauijan - instagram boy   

    ....wasn't it confirmed that denjiel is chechen?
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  12. happy added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    Her ears are quite normal sized. She just looks like that because she shoops her head smaller.


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  13. happy added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    don't give her ideas!
    or should i say....eye-deas
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  14. happy added a post in a topic GlitterForever17   

     off topic:
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  15. happy added a post in a topic Lilith levisis/Clare Buley   

    Lilith Levisis? More like Lumbar Lordosis

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