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    Not being rude to people over a platform where the other person can't defend themselves?
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    Are you an asshole too sweetie? If not then you're fine!
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    To add on to what was said above:
    She has a lot of internalized self hatred. She would tell people on campus that she was mixed even though she's at least 80% black. If anyone compliments her Kendall would reply it's because she's "Irish and Creole". Interesting enough, if someone would ask if she's part Korean she would agree and go along with it. She would point out her best features and say it's because she's mixed that she looked good.On the topic self hatred, Kendall doesn't like black people: Kendall avoided any organizations on campus that dealt with black issues or would have a large black student population. That meant step shows, black homecoming, any black women organizations. She turned up to a Zeta Phi Beta event to get free makeup, but that was it. She even told me point blank that she didn't want to go to the vigils the black student union organized because she didn't care about the people who died.She's a bully: I had been friends with Kendall from my sophomore year of high school to my sophomore year of college.  We fell out during sophomore year after she became increasing harder to reach. She'd rather hang out with her Korean friends instead of the (black) girls she had known since high school. She wouldn't come to any important events they we held but instead would go to Korean BBQ with her Koreaboo friends. Starting our junior year she had her friends help ostracize me from an organization called KIUM. She would laugh loudly at anything I said and would have her friends sit away from me during discussions. If I were in the same group then she would talk over me on purpose. Never contributed anything other than negativity. At one particular event I had been sitting alone waiting for it to start. She saw me from across the room and told her lackeys to sit by me. They sat next to me and in the row in front of me and began to shit talk me in Korean (I've taken the language too, so I know). I felt so uncomfortable that I left the event. The board of KIUM asked me what was wrong and I told them Kendall went out of her way to make me feel uncomfortable. This is one of the reasons why she didn't make President.She fetishizes Korean men: She would only date men if they were Korean. I remember her having a crush on a popular Korean guy and thinking she had a chance with him. She would talk shit about all of the women around him behind their backs and smile in their faces. She was once so preoccupied with getting with this guy that she told me walk home alone from a party drunk (we were suppose to spend the night at her place). She thought that the guy who had no interest in her would have sex with her that night lol. There was also another guy at this time who she called "backup bae" because he would be her backup Korean boyfriend in case she had no chance with the guy mentioned above.She's an asshole in general: She would tell me all the time how she hated her sister. I don't want to get into this too much, but her sister was mentally ill and Kendall found that very embarrassing. She would tell people she was an only child; I only knew about her sister because I saw a family photo of them. She would talk about how she wished her sister wasn't around so her parents would give her more money, and was happy that her sister wasn't going places in life (wtf??). She would also talk shit about an acquaintance who was transgender. Kendall would say that the girl only came out as trans to take shine off of her, and to undermine her bid to presidency of KIUM. This is another reason why she wasn't selected as the president.Done.
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    I have tea on this girl too. 😪😪
    She's dumb to think no one would call her out.
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    Hi I'm New
    Hello everyone! I'm new! I hope this post is approved and everyone can see it!
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