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  1. Tina added a post in a topic neginvand   

    Dude calm down. I don’t know why you think you’re the authority of Iranian customs just because your parents lived there 20 years ago. I mean it gives you some credibility but do you honestly think some of us don’t talk to other Iranians who grew up there and just immigrated in the past 4 years?? You’re literally not the only Iranian we can talk to
    No one needs to be born in Iran to know it’s 1.  Majority ‘Muslim’ at lest on the surface and strict 2. Plastic surgery is very common their 3. Those two things obviously conflict so we can draw our own conclusions.
    Being raised religious dont mean none of your actions are haram. Her parents probably only know one side of their kids. @Negin My male (born raised there) friend said iits not unheard of to modify birth certificates in Iran in fact, a lot of men do so they go to military earlier. Or they maybe want to hide that they’re Jewish or Christian. I actually haven’t met a religious Iranian but I have met ones who were raised in religious home but did bad things. But another thing is that shame is a big thing in those societies almost more so than religion, hence why some place do honor killing. So even if not religious, don’t bring shame to your family by doing something stupid
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  2. Tina added a post in a topic neginvand   

    How do you know she is a village girl and hasn’t been to Tehran? Was she born in Holland? 
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  3. Tina added a post in a topic neginvand   

    I don’t see how you can say this. Some doctors are good but within their limited scope, see how Ourians patient still have the same nose? Also, Ourian is a bad example, he is not a surgeon and has had many complaints filed against him. Ghavami is hit or miss also, they just get much publicity because they can pay for it.
    I don’t mean that they are all bad doctors, just that is common there yet it looks like the Iranian doctors only know how to make 1 maybe up to 3 noses, obviously that’s fine if 1/3 is the nose you want and fits your face. So good-sure, but there is better options.
    But if you want nose changed it’s not ‘Iran does the best rhinoplasty’ you should see who has most diverse experience and what fit. South East Asians and black people wouldnt go to Iran for surgery. I think Korea is best as they service a lot of Europeans (noses that Iranians would want) and also because of similar nose structures they are also a top option for South East Asians and Africans who don’t want the typical skinny, sloped and pointed nose. Also, you can find doctors who will model your look based on your bone structure to find best fit for your face. But this is getting way off topic.
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  4. Tina added a post in a topic neginvand   

    What did it say? Can you post a screen shot??
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  5. Tina added a post in a topic The ACE Family   

    Ohhh!!!! I went to school with Austin! He played bacsketball. I can confirmed he is very average to below average in terms of looks in real life. I remember talking to a couple of his teammates (we had mutual friend) who were cool and he would just stand there an not interact like he was too important.  😂 I hardly noticed him, he is so short for a guy! The only thing that made him stand out was because his friends were like 6’2 and up and he BARELY touched 5’8. Those stats sayin Austin mcbroom height is 6 ft are a lie.He wasn’t even very good, but he was okay......for a short guy. He probably got on the team because of his dad. 
    I also remember he would take food from the cafeteria and just not pay for it..... Like you have almost everything if not all paid, why are you so being so entitles???
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  6. Tina added a post in a topic Mechadoll/girl with unbelievably tiny waist   

    yeah I saw in her curiouscat that she deleted Instagram so she can be a more private life......which is actually nice considering she is so young in the first place.
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  7. Tina added a post in a topic Mechadoll/girl with unbelievably tiny waist   

    Gone again. It look like she definitely lurking here 😂. But I think I got it. 
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  8. Tina added a post in a topic Mechadoll/girl with unbelievably tiny waist   

    She changed it quickly after, can you message me her new one if you know it? 
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  9. Tina added a post in a topic neginvand   

    a lot of people especially girls in Iran get nose job. It like a rite of passage. Only thing is their doctors don’t seem that good
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  10. Tina added a post in a topic General Escorts On Instagram Thread   

    The misleading part is sometimes that some of them act like they are better/smarter than people with normal work and flaunt things that were handed to them as though they earn it. Nothing wrong to get gifts but don’t act like you have it all because of yourself. 
    It gets funny the lies some people tell too like “I am a nurse and I am just wise with my money”. Yet they hide things about their reality like family and tag photos. Sure......and especially some of them are only teenagers (can’t deny that is an issue). If you choose to do it and you’re an adult (not just teen) it’s okay but younger people should not be exposed to that lifestyle. I won’t get started in how it can lead to human/sex trafficking.
    Anyway, some workers, they are open and fine with it, for few other like higher end escort, the client needs that you have discretion/secrecy so it is stupid that some of the girls are so loud in Instagram when they can lose business that way.
    I personally find it all interesting and that’s why I’m here. 
    Back in topic, @Negin do you know about Shirin Hossein? Is she escorting?
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  11. Tina added a post in a topic "Who is this?" Thread   

    She is Kazakh, don’t have much else. 
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  12. Tina added a post in a topic Mechadoll/girl with unbelievably tiny waist   

    What country is she from or lives?
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  13. Tina added a post in a topic Helaine Rôse Tieu   

    I think the curtain pattern doesn’t go straight through and coincidentally stops outside of her legs. 
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  14. Tina added a post in a topic Vivian V   

    I think it depends on the camera/phone. Like for iPhone the live camera is a mirror then when you actually press the photo is flipped. And they way we see ourselves in mirror is not actually how other people see in real life so it depends on she mirrors photos/video after.
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  15. Tina added a post in a topic Mathilde Tantot/ Pauline Tantot   

    I wonder which kind of light changes basic human physiology......
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