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  1. salamandersaviour added a post in a topic WWWengie   

    That's what I'm always confused about! Seriously what's with the whole obsession with unicorns by adults in recent years? Remember when the unicorn emoji came out people were losing their shit. And what's up with those generic ass youtubers who obsess over them? Superwoman for one, even her tour movie was called A Trip to Unicorn Island. Childish much. The only time I was ever mildly into unicorns was when I was reading the 'My Secret Unicorn series'. And that was 15 years ago. 
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  2. salamandersaviour added a post in a topic WWWengie   

    New to this thread here, so...
    Have so much to say about Wengie but basically it has already been said before
    Can't remember if anyone has ever pointed this out before but OMG "______ HUG!!!" at the start of each video is absolutely cringey. You're freaking 31 ughh
    Even when I try to put myself into the shoes of her demographic (aka tweens, little kids) it still creeps me out
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  3. salamandersaviour added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Lurker here finally de-lurking but HEY! Milk --> cereal is a totally legitimate choice of action to make. I do that too ^^ My cereal doesn't get soggy as quickly
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  4. salamandersaviour added a post in a topic General Asian-American Youtuber Thread   

    I've been generally liking Wong Fu's content this year, including the BGA one they did with Ryan. Asian Bachelorette was hilarious. I wish they would continue doing more comedic skits cause they are actually pretty decent, as compared to their sappy cliche love stories. Personality-wise, I love their team as a whole! They do seem to work great together, Jen can be a little awkward sometimes but I guess that makes her #relatable acc to their viewers. I think Lunch Break is one of the best shows they've put out, they do touch on some fun topics and overall better quality content wise compared to other 'pillow-talk/coffee-talk' esque videos by other youtubers. If they had a podcast I would definitely tune in lol. On a side note, I REALLY MISS CHRISTINE I wish she didn't leave. ALSO TED. I get that he has a family and living in NYC but I miss his endearing awkwardness and obsession with cats lolol.
    I get that Arden Cho is(was?) an actress but since she has her own youtube channel I'm gonna talk about her. Her videos are alright I guess, I like watching her ArdenEats series, I don't think she's particularly great at singing though. But something always seems off about her to me... she's been starting to do those Anna Akana inspired commentary videos (?) which I guess she wants to make all types of video genres but honestly it just makes her channel's direction very convoluted. Plus she always gives me very try-hard vibes even though I feel she is a sweet girl. But she's 32 yet always tries to act younger - I know its okay to feel young and frankly she also looks younger than her age, but from her insta-stories and pictures she has soo many girls night in, parties; it feels like she's trying to channel her inner 21 years old self lol. She's dating Ryan Higa right now and they do make quite a cute couple, I wish them the best in their relationship and hopefully hear some good news soon.
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