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  1. popsicle added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    I saw the video she did with Chris and was curious what Sharla has been up to lately. The videos in Victoria/Vancouver were kind of nice again, but now this video for the crane game app...
    Normally,when Youtubers promote something/do sponsored segments or videos I don’t care too much and if they annoy me I just skip them. I prefer it if they choose products/companies that make sense for their channel (like the sponsored travel videos Sharla has done in Japan), but I get that Youtubers have to pay their bills, too. 
    But then she has things like this in between. A full video basically promoting gambling? I know there’s worse stuff happening on YouTube, but I still wish that Sharla would be more picky when it comes to whom or what she promotes. 
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  2. popsicle added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Honestly, that part got me really curious. I believe you are right and she just has a very different idea of what ‚support‘ means or wanted to play it up for the video. But after all the recent drama on YouTube my first thought was along the lines of ‚how many of those I’m not getting paid by company XY to do these videos were sponsored in some other form after all‘. 
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  3. popsicle added a post in a topic Pretty Pastel Please   

    Are you the same girl she had that fight on Twitter with? The writing style is so similar (including things like ‘sponcer’ etc.)
    Anyway, somehow that girl popped up in my recommendations with her new videos, I don’t think I had ever seen her before. And looking at her other content I know exactly why. I don’t even mind Archie that much, but her videos are already all over the place (imo) and he certainly doesn’t help. Especially, since she really reacts to everything he does and just leaves it in (I forgot who pointed that out here, but I really agree it’s rather her reactions than the bird that get annoying). 
    In regards to the new videos... They seem a bit rushed and I don’t see why she would compare them to Shane’s videos when they seem to lack any production value. I understand that posting them later would have given her a lot less attention and it makes sense to do them now, but that comparison didn’t do her any favour. It’s also not like Shane invented the whole thing. I still think she raises some good points, even if she might be exaggerating  when it comes to her extensive work experience. (I don’t believe you’d need a lot of experience to make some of those observations, though.) 
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  4. popsicle added a post in a topic TerryTV (Terry Song)   

    I don’t get what else you expect to find on a gossip site. Sure there’s some positive comments every now and then (and I find Terry’s thread really isn’t all that harsh), but that’s not why people are discussing anyone here. I don’t go to 4chan on the search for wholesome and family friendly content either. I’m sure if you want to see why people like his content there’s plenty to read in his comment section on YouTube. 
    Since it was brought up here I had a look at his stalker series and honestly I find it cringy af, too. Since he’s deviating from what actually happened why not make it a better story? As it is now it’s just generic and full of cliches, like poorly written fan fiction. That there’s enough people watching it really doesn’t mean a whole lot in terms of quality.
    Of course overall Terry seems pretty harmless and not all that offensive. Doesn’t mean people who say that they don’t enjoy his new content are wrong or don’t know what they’re talking about just because they didn’t watch every video since the creation of his channel.
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  5. popsicle added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    I won’t even pretend I completely understand it, as I am not vegan, but I assume the issue is that for many people veganism is more than just eating habits. I don’t really feel sorry for her when people seem to have a very close look at her eating habits.  She the one who chose that label (maybe for views who knows) and she must have known that people have very strong beliefs when it comes to this topic.   
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  6. popsicle added a post in a topic KennieJD   

    I’m always surprised Kennie (and others like her) act like it’s the most horrible thing in the world to be a Koreaboo when this describes most of their fanbase. You’d think people would feel insulted but I guess they’re all the one fan that’s different and not ‘one of those kboos’. 
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  7. popsicle added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Hopefully. The “a little slower than usual” part made me laugh though. Made it sound like she’s been pumping out content recently.  
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  8. popsicle added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    Couldn’t agree more. Is it an ego thing? From what I’ve seen so far no one seemed bothered by her trying to crowdfund the project at all, it was just the hashtag. Just admit it was the wrong choice to use it in your case - despite all the issues with your company - and move on. 
    At least they just seem to find fault with the part where she calls herself a starving artist and they’re not saying she shouldn’t call herself an artist at all lol. 
    Also Edward explaining the world of entertainment to the masses again was hilarious. 
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  9. popsicle added a post in a topic Tana Mongeau   

    Have to agree with you on that. Just that I don’t feel sorry for him either. It’s part of his “business” to know what can and what can’t be done in that time. And sometimes that means saying no to something. Even if you’re on friendly terms with that person or whatever. 
    I think you’re right about that. But I also felt that idea of some creators not getting a featured creator badge at vidcon (hence fans not being able to meet them) played into that statement as well. Wasn’t she banned from vidcon when she went without one of those badges last year, actually attracting a big crowd and ending up being a huge security risk? 
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  10. popsicle added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Even if it truly had been an accident and it wasn’t planned (who knows), why would she mention it if not for some desperate advertisement for her Patreon...
    I feel like instead of baiting kboos with the chance of seeing her husband in various states of undress (lol) she should give a regular upload schedule and interesting content that’s not a 10 minute advertisement a chance. But what do I know. 
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  11. popsicle added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Loved this explanation. ‘I think I look best when you can’t really see me’. 
    I’m not sure if it would bother me so much if it wasn’t for Joan trying to come across like this styling/fashion expert. Same for a lot of what she does actually. Her half-assed fitness routine that’s seemingly based on no knowledge of the topic at all, her skincare tips, etc. 
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  12. popsicle added a post in a topic Dasha & Cyr   

    Now before all the drama I honestly didn’t even know these guys, but this is really like watching high school bullies with YouTube accounts.  (Just as an aside: how are they not embarrassed by having all this happening online? Even if they for some reason never see that they’re in the wrong, why do they also seem to have no sense of shame at all?)
    And while I kind wish someone ‘influential’ on YouTube would step in and sort of put them in their place, I don’t really see Phil doing that. It’s a YouTube story and fairly messy, with a few notable exceptions that doesn’t seem to be his thing atm.
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  13. popsicle added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    I’d honestly be more surprised if she wasn’t nice when meeting a fan. Not that hoodie wearing Sharla is super professional all the time, but it’s still her job. I’d guess most Youtubers you’d have to catch on a really bad day (or invade their privacy in some form) to actually get a bad reaction - no matter how selfish/rude/unfriendly they are in private. 
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  14. popsicle added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    Have to agree with everyone saying he’s looking quite rough (even considering he might have jetlag and all that). 
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  15. popsicle added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Did she? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was both though. (Slight health issues and cosmetic reasons.)
    What I personally truly dislike about these videos -for all k-vloggers not just Sharla- is that they seem to pick their clinic based on who offers them a freebie rather than research. It’s a f-ing surgery. They seem to do more research on skincare and camera equipment than for this. No wonder some of them end up with ‘questionable’ results. Now even if they went and get some questionable things done to themselves I suppose you could argue it’s no one’s business really, but obviously to get them for free they have to turn the whole ordeal into some sort of an advertisement and that’s where I really see the problem. 
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  16. popsicle added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    I don’t know how Joan does it, but every single time she copies an outfit by Jennie, she somehow ends up looking like a 50 year old trying to be ‘one of the kids’. Sometimes I almost forget how young she actually still is. 
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  17. popsicle added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    I don’t hate the self-roast to be honest. Even if it feels like he just wrote it so his minions would start fawning over how important and amazing he is. That said... mentioning his failed music project is a bit mean when it automatically includes two other people. (Not that I necessarily disagree. It is a total catastrophe.) 
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  18. popsicle added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    I honestly do believe he does both. Lying to get content/views as well as talking about things that really happened at some point but using the “it’s all fake drama for YouTube” excuse when it comes to his wife, family, etc.
    Maybe I’m wrong but most of his viewers really just seem to be there because he’s such a train wreck. And what else does he really have to offer? Despite him claiming every other video that no person ever manages to keep him interested in them, he seemingly leads the most boring existence I can imagine. And that despite moving to a new continent, that’s almost an impressive feat in and of itself. The way he films is atrocious, just thinking about those vlogs he did during his vacation... I think I’ve seen kids do better projects for school. 
    And just for this channel he ruined his reputation so much that I truly believe by now he’d be lucky if he’d still get a job at some gas station at home. Don’t consider leaving your wife just yet Daniel, you might need that visa. 
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  19. popsicle added a post in a topic Jackie Aina   

    As a fairly big creator that has been on YouTube for so long, I honestly believe there’s no way she’s so clueless. Especially with the H3H3 lawsuit etc. But the idea that she thought she could just play dumb isn’t much more appealing imo. 
    To me (with the limited info that’s public and not being a ‘fan’ of either of them) it looks like both incidents probably happened - I do believe there’s a chance Jackie’s account was compromised - but that they had nothing to do with each other. At best I could imagine that Paige didn’t handle Jackie’s personal data all that ‘carefully’, but I’d bet that’d be difficult to figure out, especially with all the other possible options of where her data might have leaked last year. As said before I don’t see why anyone would actually do that unless it’s part of a bigger thing happening and there’s more money in it than $1500 and I don’t even believe Paige could tbh.
    I’m really curious to see what happens and that might explain why Jackie even made this video (so late as well). I saw people online speculating it has to do with some Too Faced collab, but it seems a bit excessive to accuse someone of having committed actual crimes just to create some drama. 
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  20. popsicle added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    I didn’t even consider that. Maybe that is one of the reasons. I wonder how much time he has though, with his job and all that. My first thought was that she wants to film while planning her wedding ceremony and maybe even parts of the actual thing so eventually it would be difficult to avoid. I wonder how that ‘reveal’ will go down and whether she’ll give a specific reason for it. As has been said already he didn’t seem all that involved with most of her content and for people who really were curious, there have been some chances to get an idea of what he looks like already... So I feel like it won’t be a big deal, but maybe her fans will manage to surprise me with their reaction? 
    Also like @Toxicbetty (and some others I believe) I sort of lost the last bit of interest in Sharla’s content. After going to her channel today though to check out the comments on the video in which she announced KS’s appearance soon... I’d say the most damaging thing she’s recently done to her channel was probably uploading so few videos/so irregularly. 
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  21. popsicle added a post in a topic Taylor Nicole Dean   

    Wonder if she realized how bad any title talking about killing living beings sounds when so many of your pets ‘disappear’ on a regular basis... 
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  22. popsicle added a post in a topic Jackie Aina   

    Now I’m not a regular viewer of Jackie anymore, but sure looks like the last year has been boring if she’s digging up old ‘feuds’ like this. I always (wrongfully?) assume that bigger Youtubers are used to getting some amount of criticism/hate/whatever it is in their mind and never expected her to get back to someone over something they said over a year ago. How big must your ego be to get so butthurt over someone saying you’re not transparent when it comes to sponsored content. 
    Also I always thought Jackie was intelligent, but the way she at least portrays her understanding of copyright law/fair use and uploads a video making accusations like this, publicly and to a fairly huge audience, without apparently having any proof for what she’s saying... And just like @faux fatale I don’t even see what PP’s motivation would be. That’s a lot of trouble to go through for just $1500, especially since the video PP made mentions she could lose her regular job over something like this. That’s a lot of risks to take for likely less than a months wage. 
    Joke about the last year being a boring one for Jackie aside... why did she start this? After all this time, too. I don’t really get it. And the allegations seem a bit much for just some fake drama before a new launch or something along those lines. 
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  23. popsicle added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    You all make it sound scary, I wonder what she’ll end up doing. I expected something more ‘normal’ like Invisalign or veneers. 
    I’m always torn when it comes to all those K-vloggers and their sponsored cosmetic surgery. Every time it ends up less than ideal I sort of feel sorry for them, but then at the same time think they should really know better... I still hope Sharla knows better than to go for the first person who gives her something for free, but who knows.
    (All that aside, I watched one of her videos for the first time in a while again and... god she made that festival look boring. Or actually even worse: she made it look like it might have been interesting and she just decided not to show any of that.)
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  24. popsicle added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    Not saying it isn’t him (because who would be surprised) but is there actually any proof that this account was made by him? It’s not like it’s hard to find pictures of this guy etc. 
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  25. popsicle added a post in a topic Foundation Help?   

    They both have videos specifically around the topic of acne as well (Gothamista and a make up routine by Lisa Eldridge). Especially from over the counter skincare I wouldn’t expect any wonders. Acne can have so many different causes and can be quite hard to “fix” (that’s also why I don’t like proactive as a brand, it might help some people but imo they promise way too much). As an example: I always had quite bad acne and I think it’s fairly save to say it is/was hormonal. So while some topical treatments improved it a bit, none really fixed my problem. The first time I was basically acne free was on birth control pills and then again spironolactone. I’m not saying that is a perfect solution for hormonal acne either, I’d always try out topical solutions first, I’m just pointing it out because I feel there’s quite a few people online who claim their skincare is what fixed their skin when in reality they’re taking spironolactone or were on accutane for a while or whatever. 
    Just make up wise I’d really give Lisa Eldridge’s routine a shot. Not necessarily the products, the video is not all that new anyway. But full coverage foundation will just always look like you’re wearing something and if your skin isn’t at it's best it tends to  highlight every little flaw. I also think a lot of people (and despite knowing better in theory that sometimes includes me) have wrong expectations of how foundation actually looks like, thanks to filters and all that. Not too long ago there was a post on reddit about someone actually posting an unfiltered/not edited photo on Instagram and while I don’t know that make up artist/guru/whatever you want to call it, imo it’s a much more realistic depiction of what you get with full coverage foundation even if you prep your skin well. 
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