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  1. Annanais added a post in a topic Instagram Sex Ring   

    It's not a surprise to me, I had a feeling that a lot of models on ig do this. If they don't do this, they're either cam girls or selling their nudes to foreign men for money, which is safer(?) but still risky.
    I'm more concerned about the fact that they make arrangements to fly out and have sex with men they don't know, they could easily be killed or put into sex slavery. Only a very few of them don't do this or they fool the men into sending them loads of money with fake nudes then block them after receiving it.
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  2. Annanais added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    -Super unpopular opinion: I personally find open relationships to be disgusting. I'm not referring to legitimate poly-amorous people (I actually see it as a valid) but those hyper sexual people who use this as an excuse to cheat. Most of the time they just keep their friends and acquaintances around or their own sexual gratification and its just gross to me. I believe people should be able to indulge in what they want but not at the expense of someone else's feeling (unless both parties are fully aware and okay with it)
    -People who have to turn everything into a dirty joke are both annoying and boring as hell to talk to after a while. Like some of them are funny, but there's a time and place for that, plus i would like to have a fairly innocent conversation about common interests without you flipping what i said around to be something perverted.
    -Saying that you're "psyco" and "bipolar" when you clearly aren't isn't funny or cute and is definitely not an excuse for you to be abusive and controlling when it comes to your partner. I'm getting really tired of girls, both teenagers and full grown adults, saying it. Same goes for their girls who try to glorify being spoiled rotten and throwing tantrums when their boyfriends don't let them get their way. Its not cute or endearing, you look and sound stupid.
    -Aggressive people make me very uncomfortable, especially guys. I always feel like i have to be on my guard less i say or do something that gives them the wrong impression.Like being friendly and playful seems to make them think you're flirting and into them but when you reject them they turn into the biggest assholes ever.
    -People with boundary issues need to be put on a island full of people just like them so they can begin to understand how uncomfortable it makes others when they keep forcing themselves into your personal space and keep touching you in a over-familiar manner.
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  3. Annanais added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    -I'm a newbie don't drag me-
    Girls who act like they're superior to other girls bc they don't like girly things are the most annoying people ever. Oh wow, you like sports and hate make up, dresses and the colour pink? Good for you, plenty of girls are like that. Even the most feminine girls have their days where they dress and behave like a tomboy. There's nothing wrong with being girly and being a tomboy doesn't make you special. 
    I really hate the "how does it effect you" mentality bc people tend to use it for everything nowadays. It only works in some cases where people literally shouldn't care, but now you can say something like "Pedophilia is disgusting" and some fake woke teenager will say "okay but how does that effect you??? Let people live and do what makes them happy??" its sickening.
    I'm tired of seeing people say what is and isn't plus sized. People wear their weight differently, just because it doesn't show and they look smaller then they are doesn't mean they aren't plus-sized. Not all plus sized girls are visibly chubby and a tall slim looking girl being called thicc isn't her trying to steal the spot light of bigger women. Get over yourself.
    People who use being "real" as an excuse to be an asshole can go choke on a moldy carrot. I'm pretty direct with my words but I'm not gonna verbally drag people bc i can. You can be mature and respectful but also very firm when being honest or giving someone tough love, that's not the same as being passive and sugar-coating. People who take every opportunity to just be a condescending dick when being honest end up alone bc of that not because people can't handle the truth.
    People who curse a lot annoy me. Like, i curse sometimes but Jesus Christ why does every sentence have to have every single swear word known to man in it?? 
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