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  1. Joestark added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    Im cringing so bad , the worst thing is the title of the photo: "holy light" 
    gurl bye.
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  2. Joestark added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    What a poser lmao . I think he doesn't care about the characters, if they are cute bois he will cosplay them. 
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  3. Joestark added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    Hello  I just wanna say that I was in the last con as gehe (Saturday) and I went to see his talk about Cosplay you know, In the whole time on the talk he was like "You can't do this on your wig because you gonna look extremely bad etc etc" always speaking about himself, and extending the time speaking about the health, and the university (???) It was very boring tbh , and after the talk I guess he was in his stand selling his prints and taking photos with the people, Well, I don't find him . I think he was about 4 hours in the con (idk), just giving his boring talk about cosplay and standing in the stand for a little time. (And I can confirm this because I was searching him but I don't find nothing) Is sad because the organization pays the costs of his trip and the hotel. For only listen him speaking about things that we all already know lol. Also WTF the cosplay looks very bad in the real life... And he is very tiny??? I took a photo of him in the Talk, Maybe I look like a psychopath lol but It's for you guys can see how Gehe looks, I don't see any muscles.   Sorry for the bad english I tried my best!

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  4. Joestark added a post in a topic Ayuru (pnkvirus)   

    Gale is a cocky I don't hink Ayu is like that... But ... How many times have they go to Japan?!?!?!  Where do they get so much money lol  "Professional Cosplayers" yeah of course, in Spain maybe 😂😂

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  5. Joestark added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    Gehe and Ayu are in Germany ,Ayu has uploaded some very nice pictures with her fans ! But Gehe ... He just took pictures with the famous cosplayers lol ... He should be grateful to his fans honestly ...  😑😑 
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  6. Joestark added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    Gehe weeks ago won the cosplay contest with his friend Ayu, okay ... but I think two people could not win a contest in which the prize is valued at 400 euros, I think .. no seems suspicious? and an interesting fact, Ayuru has won three contests in a row ... her boyfriend (gale) friend of gehe and she ... will not have anything to do? sincerely, being Spanish I can confirm that the contests here are rigged and is like a mafia XDD Here the fame only works if you have a kawaii anime face, sadly. I have never seen gehe or ayu in an expo, but one of his friends (Elle), I did not seem like a bad person unless ... you know ... fame goes up in the head haha ... Cosplayers Spanish celebrities currently half are hipocrites or that sensation have caused me
    I just wanted to give my opinion I can not speak badly about these cosplayers next to my cosplay scene because I would get treated badly by the fangirls DX srry for my English !! 
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