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  1. Joestark added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    Gehe and Ayu are in Germany ,Ayu has uploaded some very nice pictures with her fans ! But Gehe ... He just took pictures with the famous cosplayers lol ... He should be grateful to his fans honestly ...  😑😑 
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  2. Joestark added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    Gehe weeks ago won the cosplay contest with his friend Ayu, okay ... but I think two people could not win a contest in which the prize is valued at 400 euros, I think .. no seems suspicious? and an interesting fact, Ayuru has won three contests in a row ... her boyfriend (gale) friend of gehe and she ... will not have anything to do? sincerely, being Spanish I can confirm that the contests here are rigged and is like a mafia XDD Here the fame only works if you have a kawaii anime face, sadly. I have never seen gehe or ayu in an expo, but one of his friends (Elle), I did not seem like a bad person unless ... you know ... fame goes up in the head haha ... Cosplayers Spanish celebrities currently half are hipocrites or that sensation have caused me
    I just wanted to give my opinion I can not speak badly about these cosplayers next to my cosplay scene because I would get treated badly by the fangirls DX srry for my English !! 
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