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  1. TutuNoni added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    I hope it means that she is finally leaving  

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  2. TutuNoni added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    What a crazy b!tch
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  3. TutuNoni added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    doesn't work?
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  4. TutuNoni added a post in a topic kimmy Chu/Claiborne   

    So she is saying the LaoLic is some friend that knew her and Tavia before, but then all my friends are saying that Laolic is actually Yuuhi. And that she, as "Laolic" confessed to creating the Tavia thread.
    Yuuhi's instagram was public not too long ago but changed to private right before people started accusing LaoLic of being Yuuhi.

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  5. TutuNoni added a post in a topic Tavia Olsen/Himena Cosplay   

    I heard from some of my friends said that Yuuhi said she made the Tavia thread, because she thought Tavia made the Yuuhi one in the old PULL, not sure if they meant that Yuuhi made the thread here or on lolcow.
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  6. TutuNoni added a post in a topic kimmy Chu/Claiborne   

    No. When you like anything on someone's wall, the square with the "thumb up" that says "like" becomes blue. The blue circle tells you how many people have reacted and with what, if it had a heart too it would also mean that somebody loved it. Just try it on your own fb.
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  7. TutuNoni added a topic in Little Snowflakes   

    kimmy Chu/Claiborne
    There is something in the water in Las Vegas, I swear. Just too many weeaboos here.
    Kimmy Claiborne is a black kawaii ulzang wannabe weeaboo, from Las Vegas. She used to be one of the admins for a "black girls can be kawaii" page where they would tell people to "send pictures so they can be posted" *but they only posted pictures of the admins themselves later*
    She was Tavia Olsen's roommate, but difference from other rumors, she was the one who stole a bunch of stuff.
    She photoshops herself a lot, she constantly makes gofundme campaigns to afford kawaii things(but nobody really donates), she does the whole lolicon-pedo-thing,  and she always complaints about guys giving her attention but everybody knows is not true. She is proAna but extremely overweight herself.   
    Seems that she lost her admin privilege because she was bullying other black girls. She does have a thread in lolcow.
    Twitter: twitter.com/KikitheWannab3
    Instagram: instagram.com/kikithewannabe/

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  8. TutuNoni added a post in a topic Tavia Olsen/Himena Cosplay   

    I don't think she claims to be japanese, and she doesn't use that much photoshop (she just hides her weight with her clothes) but she is huge (it's just extremely shocking to meet her in person if you have only met her in pictures). She also had a falling out with a famous  (in a negative way) weeaboo in the black community) Kimmy Chu* (whole completely lowcow)
    And she also thinks that skinny shaming is not bad compared to fat shaming...

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  9. TutuNoni added a post in a topic Tavia Olsen/Himena Cosplay   

    She is not japanese, she is 100% Caucasian and 120% weeaboo. That's her, long time ago. 

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  10. TutuNoni added a post in a topic Tavia Olsen/Himena Cosplay   

    I know her, she is actually really overweight,  maybe around 170lbs +, but you can not really tell just by looking at her face. And yes, she wants to be a hostess in Japan. She also has gone from "sweet kawaii Lolita" to "mean offensive gyaru" and right now to "sweet cosplay model". 
    She was working at a curry restaurant but I guess everybody complaint about her (she is really dumb and feels proud of it) she either quit or got fired.
    She also posted a picture of a one-way flight ticket to Japan at the beginning of last year, but she never went.

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