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  1. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    I understand that. I think that part is pretty obvious. I'm mainly talking about the more extreme instances where fans would get super serious with it or even send hate if an idol does something "out of character" according to them. Not to mention the double standard that I've seen where cute female idols (that are legal adults) explore their sexuality and get shamed for it as opposed to the male idols. I definitely get where you're coming from so I hope my tone isn't coming across as disrespectful, I'm just saying some of it gets out of hand and those are the cases I side-eye, y'know? 
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  2. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    I feel weird when I see young fans call GROWN idols babies to "protecc." Like, I get some of it is a joke...but some people get serious with it. Yes, it's part of fandom culture to feel connected to your fav, but...they're adults. It may be hard to tell with the soft lighting, no facial hair and animal ears they wear at fan signings, but...they're still regular people. Another example is when fans get so shocked hearing older idols curse or talk about sex or find out they smoke, etc. I don't understand the surprise with that. 
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  3. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    So...this is basically trying to be Stylenanda(?) 
    Her opening a store period seems like a slippery move, but even if it wasn't....isn't it bad for business to not be there for the opening? With the amount of fans she has left, wouldn't she rather pull in more numbers by showing up? And even beyond sale numbers, it's good opportunity for fan service. It just seems like common sense to show up. If she has obligations, then she can schedule the opening on a day she can make it, because it is HER store, right? If I'm speaking nonsense then educate me, but this just doesn't even seem smart objectively. 
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  4. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Not every K-Drama is bad or Romance based. There are other genres and some of them are actually pretty good if you ask around. Yes, some are cringeworthy, but there are some that have actually gotten me emotional because of the plot/acting. 
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  5. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    I was also going to mention this so I'm glad you did. So, even if we were to all leave the xenophobia out of the picture...she still liked a shady tweet supporting Scooter when he was potentially caught in a lie? If that still doesn't strike anyone as careless then I'm not sure what does at this point, but I'm open to discussion.
    Still, imo,  she got her hands dirty and should be held accountable like the adult she is. I feel like a lot of people, especially her fanbase it seems, forget that despite her petite size and baby face, she Is GROWN. Period. 
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  6. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    I just want to point out that I don't recall anyone blatantly stating Ariana Grande is racist (if I'm wrong, please direct me to the post), and yes, speaking for myself I'm well aware that Kris Wu is Chinese and not Japanese, so when saying "profiting off of East Asian aesthetic after disrespecting an East Asian artist," I mean it in the context of her timing with all of this, not that the countries are interchangeable. If it came off as lumping together, then I'm sorry for that and I hope I'm clarifying a little. 
    That being said, her liking the shady tweet was about Scooter Braun. Absolutely correct. But why is it that Scooter Braun saw the xenophobic comments that came from the fans and issued an apology and Ariana did not? That is what I'm viewing as problematic. She may have been told by her team not to respond, however, if her fans are spewing that kind of hate speech, why wouldn't she say she isn't okay with it? She's apologized after a scandal before, so why not this one? No celebrity can control their fans, but they have influence. Wouldn't she rather state that she opposes racist language instead of keeping quiet? Those are simply the questions I'm asking, because I genuinely don't understand why she dropped the ball with that. 
    Now some of these same fans who "lumped East Asian cultures together" by calling Kris a sushi roll, may in fact now buy that arigatou sweater because SHE'S making it cool to dig aspects of Asian culture, yet Asians from all over are still trying to get better mainstream representation. By default, Ariana is already more popular and I get that, but it's all still leaving a sour taste in my mouth to be honest. I hope I'm phrasing my thoughts correctly. 
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  7. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    I was about to actually mention Kylie Jenner. A lot of people roasted Kylie for trying to "pick and choose which ethnic features she wants," but...Ariana is on a similar route. We all obviously know that full lips, tan skin, and thick hair don't solely belong to black people, but like others mentioned, it's the combination of those things along with the behavior that makes me side-eye Ariana. I still find it odd that people dragged Kylie for filth yet make excuses for Ariana. Katy Perry also received heat for her "blaccent," cornrows, and Yaki textured hair combo in her video "This Is How We Do," but when Ariana does it, it's cute, she's being that gworl, etc. I'm guess I'm just still not fully understanding that. 
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  8. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Same. I wasn't really much of an APink fan before, but seeing them last this long gives me that comfort of nostalgia.
    I wish Tymee was more popular than Jessi. EDIT: They can obviously both be popular, I just think Tymee is more skilled so I wish she gained more recognition. 
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  9. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

    Not to be a grammar freak but is anyone else reading this post over and over while questioning themselves? I've been squinting for a minute.
    Anyway, this is hilarious, and them lying this much and so desperately is just entertaining at this point. 
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  10. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    Exactly. And Scooter Braun was the one who had to post a statement about how he doesn't support racism/xenophobia, but Ariana never did (to my knowledge), so I personally don't think it was a good PR move. It would be one thing if only Scooter got his hands dirty because he made the accusations in the first place, but since Ariana participated, she should have said something imo. Her liking a shady tweet, then ignoring it, then going on to use Asian aesthetic and whatnot is what makes it all shady to me. It makes her look like she highkey doesn't care as long as she benefits.
    And she wouldn't dare do this to a black person, because she knows she would get scorched given the political climate in the US, but since Asians don't get as much representation and Kris isn't as well known as she is in the states, it was easier for her team to sweep it under the rug.
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  11. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    And of course, as usual, Scooter Braun just deflects and talks about how Ariana is charting.  
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  12. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Honestly I thought it was just makeup too, but I get legit worried looking at Hyuna now because she looks like she's lost a considerable amount of weight. I would hope her relationship isn't sending her downward, and if that isn't it then I hope whatever is going on is helped.  

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  13. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    I agree there are worse examples of this, Hello Kitty by Avril Lavigne comes to mind. I think that, as someone else pointed out, it's not just the video though, it's a combination of things. Also, I know I already brought up Kris and he barely has anything to do with this, but the timing of this "asian aesthetic" thing when some of her fans LITERALLY called a Chinese Man a sushi roll and started a hashtag to discredit one of the biggest Asian artists of this generation is just wild to me. It's almost as if *some* of her fans are saying,"Nah, an actual East Asian artist? We don't know him. But our non East Asian queen can totally break into the East Asian market if she wants!" Yes, as a poc, I'm heavily biased against that kind of mentality tbh. And I don't know her personally, but I have this unsettling feeling that she cosigns it given her actions from the previous incident. Like, if she loves East Asian culture so much, that's cool, but where was her love when her fanbase spewed xenophobia? That's all I'm tryna say. (If she did put out a statement and I haven't seen it, please inform me)
     Regardless, personally, the video isn't THAT much of a problem for me, it's the odd timing and her hypocritical fanbase (obviously not all her fans but, y'know). 
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  14. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    (Sorry the quote function got messed up  
    I'M SAYING. I know I've already stated my case as someone who is not an Ariana fan, but I still think it's within reason imo. I will never discredit her talent, but when it comes to her problematic actions, it truly does bother me that because she puts out "bops" her shady actions seemingly go under the rug, and I say this because other people would have been flamed by now. As the quote above me mentions, Iggy is a prime example. Bhad Bhabie is another white girl who gets constantly clowned for "talking hood" yet...Ari lowkey does the same thing at times. I just feel like, yes, there are fans here in this thread that have no problem critiquing her, but the masses let her go unscathed and that just feels odd to me. I don't think Ariana is the devil but I hold her hella accountable, and I just don't understand why she doesn't receive the same mass critique when she does things other people got trashed for. Maybe someone can let me know their opinion.
    Note: I'm mainly using Iggy and Danielle's speech patterns as examples, not the other things they've been targeted for, cause those are whole other issues unrelated to my point. 
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  15. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    I was never a fan, but I always tried to give her the benefit of the doubt and did have some guilty pleasure songs. But tbh, that Kris Wu incident was the last of it for me, and the fact that people still shove "Thank u, next" everywhere as if that didn't happen, really pisses me off. She tries so hard to be down with her aave and her "ethnic" aesthetic but when a person of color is actually thriving, it's a problem for her? No. I feel like she and her team are shady as hell but she constantly gets a pass because she can carry a tune and she's cute. I said what I said. 
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