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  1. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic Emily Mei / emilythemermaid   

    Nancy is from Momoland. I know hardly anything about Momoland tbh, but Nancy got well known primarily because she's half Korean I believe...and we all know how that goes. 
    Emily also met Blackpink too...and again, posted pics alongside them like they were all best of friends. I don't know if it was before or after she met Sorn though. To be honest it seems like Sorn is friends with any foreigner who has clout so she seems pretty accessible. She did a collab with Edward Avila after all. 
    I don't know. With Emily it's a little strange. It's like idols are Pokemon to her, not actual friends. Though she'd probably like that too since she's SUCH a "geek." 
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  2. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    I still lowkey cringe when I remember Jennie saying she wanted to slap Lisa in the face as a present for her birthday. She said she was kidding, but it was still just...yikes and I felt off about her relationship with the group ever since. 

    EDIT: Plus as I've noted before, even if Li-Chae-Soo aren't seen hanging out as much, it's their families being interwoven and knit that gives me an inkling that there's at least a little more beyond work, but I've personally never seen Jennie's family with the others, only amongst themselves. 
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  3. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    I don't want to sound harsh but am I the only one that finds B.M. from Kard so utterly corny? I feel like people give him such a huge pass just because he's built but some of the shit he says is like...not it to me. He's not even all that attractive to me if I'm being honest. I don't think he's so much idol material either. Whenever I see him dance he looks so stiff. I don't know, ya'll. I just don't see it. I'm glad he started a charity movement for breast cancer but that's about it. 
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  4. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic Kpop scandals   

    I never got into AOA so I can't act like I have full knowledge of their group dynamic. However, Jimin was over for me when Unpretty Rapstar came out. Yes, MNET editing happens, but the woman's entitlement shined in small hints and it was clear that she got way farther than she was supposed to. Point blank period. This was also around the time that she was revealed to say the N-Word in a rap and...I wasn't even surprised. When I heard her song Puss I knew it would be a matter of time cause she was just cussing and dropping bombs for no reason. I was like...are people really into this? The whole song, lyrics, stage, was complete trash. I find it so interesting how so many people used to praise her for that song and thought she was this Queen with a cute/"badass" image...and now everyone suddenly thinks it's trash a day later when it's like...no, it was always garbage and she was leaving breadcrumbs of her behavior during that era, it's just that when some people called it out, their arms were twisted by her fans. Am I saying it was enough to anticipate what Mina revealed? Absolutely not. But to say I had a bad feeling about her for a while is heart breaking considering all the more she did behind the scenes. At most, I expected natural conflict, but all of this?? That's just gut wrenching. 
    I truly hope that Mina is alright because it takes a substantial amount of courage to come out with this and she should be surrounded by her loved ones. 
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  5. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    I remember hearing about this tantrum a couple days ago and you know what dawned on me? It's so ironic because I remember in the Conspiracy Palette series Shane put on his uwu voice and said that he always wasn't able to "speak up for himself" the way Jeffree does when making business decisions so that's why he's "Youtube Poor." It's why it was so telling when the launch of the palette happened. When the site crashed and Jeffree was making demands in a very bitchy tone, Shane was able to parrot so easily, because this video right here pretty much proves that him being "too weak to speak" was a lie. He's "Youtube Poor" (or was before the palette) cause he's just an ass. 

    EDIT: Also, this goes to show that the real world, not just Youtube, already tried to shake it into him that his skits were problematic as hell and yet he dismissed it entirely for the sake of his messed up vision. Shane was 24 years old while this was going on btw. Well passed the age of even James Charles, and yet he felt the 19 year old with a climbing career (who maybe just needed a private sit down at best, who knows) needed a humble pie larger than the grown ass man taking a piss on his whole film team or his grown friend that has a hard on for hurting people. 
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  6. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    I don't know if this was mentioned before but G-Idle's online concert recently dropped and...are they okay? I was gonna give an opinion but I didn't want to do that based on assumptions, but they all look tired as hell and the dancing is very weak here. I was pretty surprised since they usually get a lot of hype for their stages. I even looked at the comments and only like..one comment with replies (from what I saw) was pointing it out even though it's super obvious that they weren't giving 100 percent for some reason. Did they have enough rehearsal time? Cause even the backup dancers looked out of sync some moments. I just wanted to be fair and ask.
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  7. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic Won Nation (Yvng Juuggin, Rich Hobo, Sleepy Da Plug)   

    Apparently Gangnam isn't very foreigner friendly though (and if they do allow foreigners, allegedly it's more so European model types). This is just what I've heard though.
    I didn't go to Gangnam when I went clubbing, but I went to Hongdae after a friend recommended it and to be honest...NB2 was a full on mess. I hated it. The DJ was terrible, hardly anyone danced, and some of the men were just full on terrible. I wouldn't go there again. 
    But that's literally the problem I've voiced with all of these "Clubbing in Korea" videos since I first joined PULL. The gross behavior of the guys they meet is almost always excused because they "kinda looked like [insert idol here]." It's just awful. How do they expect victims to come out or feel safe with advice like that? 
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  8. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Does anyone else think Jeffree had a hand in writing that statement for him? Idk if it's that thing where friends naturally absorb qualities and even speech patterns of each other, but there were so many things in that statement that screamed Jeffree. Whenever Jeffree makes a statement, he always asks self serving questions: "Do I [insert action here]? Yes. Was it wrong? Absolutely. Have I changed since then? Yes." etc. It's the same pattern of words every time. He did it in Mom's Basement (Keemstar's Podcast). He did it in Chris Hansen's video when he said, "Did I witness an actual crime? No." (8 minutes) He always uses that language in his statements to manipulate his audience. Then he'll bring up his past and whatnot, much like how Shane did in the statement. It's funny how when it comes to "Dramageddon 2," he's so "sick of hearing it a year later"...yet he wasn't the victim of slander in that situation. In fact, he encouraged it when hyping up Tati at the time. Now that the block is too hot and people are holding his actions to question, suddenly he needs a mental health break. What about the mental health of those he effected? The fact that he said the Beauty Community is just made up of toxic people screams volumes. He clearly hasn't looked around at who he surrounded himself with. What if he hung out with RawBeautyKristi instead or SmokeyGlow or Patricia Bright? Would he be able to honestly say the same thing? Likely not. He's just projecting. Period. He dipped his hands in the boiling pot and he's upset he got burned. 
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  9. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic Creepshow Art   

    This isn't directed at you tbh, I just needed your quote to recall some info sorry.
    While I do agree that I'm glad Shannon was called out for her behavior and faced some criticism, I also feel like Tobi's video was not it. In my opinion, Tobi almost sings a similar tune to Shannon. She (Tobi) was very emotional in her video as well, and had a seemingly holier than thou attitude about she handles situations "like an adult." She even had the same self deprecating tone in the beginning of her video that Shannon often does. I'm not saying anyone isn't allowed to be emotional in videos, it just muddles the point a bit when you're calling out someone for riding on emotion...while also doing that very same thing. Yes, holding someone accountable for their actions is important and noting bad behavior is important, but it just almost feels like it's from the wrong messenger. There are other videos discussing Shannon's downgrade in content that I've seen before that I thought were a lot more sound and organized. I had a feeling to take Tobi's with a grain of salt, because there was a very slight veil of hypocrisy over it, and considering her recent video caping for Shane Dawson's crappy statements...I feel like I had that gut feeling for a reason. 
    So, basically, yeah, Tobi made points, but the video had some red flags to me.  
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  10. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic Kpop scandals   

    Lee Hi has definitely had plastic surgery imo. Her nose used to be round and flatter but it is absolutely sharp and refined at the tip now. Not really a big deal tbh, but it's definitely noticeable. 
    As far as BTS enlisting, that can definitely make or break their career. Girl groups age faster than boy groups in relevancy from what I've seen, because society in general turns their nose to women who are aging, so that also had to do with SNSD's downfall in popularity (especially in Korea where the younger/cuter a girl looks the better), not to mention their group scandals with Jessica leaving. I overall agree that a new group can always take the crown, but I also think it's a little of a case by case situation. BTS has almost an anomaly of a fan base. I thought I saw it all with the Cassies, the Sones, and even the Exo-Ls but Army are like a new breed, so it ultimately depends on if they're still as hungry as they are now. If a fanbase as big and active as theirs keeps them afloat during enlistment that's their only saving grace, which has a slight chance if they promote as sub-units. 
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  11. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

    Lol wow really cause I deadass called that earlier. Not that I feel good about cheating, but everyone been knew that would happen so I don't know what made her think she would be any different. 
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  12. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic Halsey   

    Idk if this was mentioned before and sorry if it has but I think Halsey is just a self insert for some of the army. Her "proximity" to them makes her someone that they want to be and that's where some of the praise comes from. 
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  13. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic Creepshow Art   

    I was just about to mention her Belle Delphine video. Now I admit I don't know much about Belle myself but seeing as I know she has a prominent thread here calling her out, I figured she wasn't the best person to root for. But it just feels like with Shannon that if someone, especially a woman, is involved with sex work, then they are absolved of all responsibility because "Wow! I don't have the confidence to do that!! Omg!! What a businesswoman!!" When it's like...no....you can be involved in sex work and still be an asshole. The two aren't mutually exclusive. It's just odd that she considers herself a commentary channel that is so righteous and tries to call out people who don't do their research and yet a number of her videos don't even scratch the surface of the people she talks about? Like, how are you going to be so against things like CP and racism but hold Belle to such this high regard when she allegedly gave out nudes of minors...? She'll attack Chris Hansen, Jeffree, Dahvie, etc. (which is well deserved; they are trash), but then when it comes to other people who have done awful things, she seemingly puts on her cape..? I don't understand that. Like, which one is it..? 
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  14. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic Creepshow Art   

    I don't mind her that much and I do hope she continues to improve her content, but I will say that I'm not feeling her self deprecating. It might be because YouTube as a whole is on that trend, but whenever I hear things like, "Hey so this video took forever because I'm a sparkling piece of shit☆!" I just can't... Don't get me wrong, I know it helps people cope to use humor because I've had low self esteem issues, but sometimes I'm just like...please seek help if you can? Instead of ragging on yourself cause it's not good for you? Once or twice in a blue moon maybe, but so often..?? 
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  15. cocoaqueen added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    I'm not really going to praise SM's training tbh because it has still been incredibly unhealthy for a lot of idols in passing, even if they ended up "performing better," ....okay maybe so, but at what cost? Maybe it's improved since a certain year but...Mm. JYP has the same problem. He uses really rough vocal techniques and it makes Twice's voices sound absolutely terrible at times. Both MoMo and Rose are under the "no you have to sound high pitch" thumb, even though their natural voices are not like that. There's a way to have vocal training, dance training, and live training without disregarding health but most companies don't practice this so most idols are fucked. At this point, I don't really expect idols to be the best performers of all time, just hopefully not downright terrible, because the industry needs to be reformed asap. YG included. 
    As far as their teasers, they're all fine-ish to me...? Idk? I personally care more about what the music sounds like so I've never been phased by teasers of any group. I will say I didn't recognize Jennie at all though. 
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