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  1. Shinya added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    I found this a while ago, luckily I remembered to take a screenshot, since it's now deleted.
    I find this very ironic.

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  2. Shinya added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    The friend anon wasn't the only reason, scrolling back some pages at the beginning of the thread, you'll see Knite had a blog recently deleted, where they posted pictures of themselves in a rather feminine fashion, like showing off their body while wearing a virgin killer sweater(I think), since no transgender person would want to flaunt a feminine body like that, specially if they are sensitive about it, everyone assumed it was a facade, since when pointed out, Knite deleted all blogs.
    The photo is at the very beginning now, but here it is
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  3. Shinya added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    That con happened in my country! During the cosplay contest, during the first part, they paid more attention to the livestream on Instagram rather than the cosplay contest itself.
    And the shopped bicep is funny, since you can see in the vlog his noodle arms
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  4. Shinya added a post in a topic List of Stolen and Uncredited Assets   

    Even if you used references, you should still credit, regardless, but this seems too close to be just referenced

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  5. Shinya added a post in a topic List of Stolen and Uncredited Assets   

    I dunno if this should be the place to post it, but Mullberry, the artist who draws for Yandev traced some work, claimed it as their own, and when I tried to call them out, they flagged my comment as spam lmao
    Stolen drawing
    Original one

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  6. Shinya added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    I'm still weeping at the Dino cosplay, I don't understand why did Knite tape (or at least looks like it), when the character is Italian?? At least she seems like she is cosplaying him because she actually likes him (but something tells me it's because KHR is slowly being brought back)
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  7. Shinya added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    um... have you seen what this topic is about?
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  8. Shinya added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    Why would he share those comments omg, especially by not censoring the names, it's like he wants people to either agree with them, or give him attention;;
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  9. Shinya added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    Even tho GoMons has already shown the halo around the ears and hands, Awful shown the forgotten hand, I still went ahead and picked the color from the picture, obviously, they all follow the same palette, so it was obviously edited, thank you QueenofLiars for the suggestion! I tried my best getting this comparison chart!

    They all fell under the same zone, he used the same color to highlight and the same shades to add shadows, you can see some parts share the same shade of green. 
    Also, I'm wheezing at this
    Did he forget to blend it towards the shirt? Omfg, look at that harsh line just suddenly finishing there.
    Seriously Geheichou, for an artist, I'd expected your fake shadings to be a bit better than this, is he even getting that lazy?
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  10. Shinya added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    New photos, and oh my god if the Story one isn't gold
    "Photoshop is a good friend of mine"
    Oh we know, don't worry

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  11. Shinya added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    I'm honestly crying of laughter looking at those screenshots, he wants that Jiyu dead because they trash talked him? (With reason)???? Oh my god, what is he, 15? I only see this behavior in edgy, emo high schoolers, who wish they could kill their "enemies" with magical anime powers, WOWIE
    Also, his language and behavior is absolutely unacceptable, either as a game developer or a proper human being, that kid deserves a good ol'slap of reality, so he could see that he is a shitty, toxic person, no wonder why no girls like him, except edgy middle schoolers oops
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  12. Shinya added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    Was gonna mention that! It does look like she was trying to smooth out the nose area, probably got too blurred and she tried to clone the texture on her cheeks to put it on the nose, but the area was too light, so it looks hella weird
    Another thing I can think of is that she tried to highlight the cheekbones on PS, but didn't either lower the opacity or didn't blend it well, notice that white line is in almost all of the pictures
    Also, the editing is so bad, the cheek area is really pixelated compared to the jaw area, which is smooth, also, the nose seems really badly blurred?

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  13. Shinya added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    Hmm, not sure, it says "Adobe" at the bottom, may be Photoshop, plus, not the first time she edited the photos for modeling 🙄 I hope the store edits the photo tho, might be cool to compare her own edited modeling photos, to the non-edited ones
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  14. Shinya added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    An IG story, I dunno what even is that pose, also, no taping, I think, at least couldn't tell

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  15. Shinya added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    That nose picture, it really does look like 1: Someone tried "drawing" the nose on like you do with drawing, you paint some highlights there to make the nose stand out, or 2: Someone tried to badly erase part of the nose, to make it smaller.
    It's obviously edited, like GoMons said, one half of the nose has sharp, clean lines, while the other one is badly blurred
    Edit: More badly edited facial hair! Slightly upped the contrast and saturation, so it would be easier to check the editing on the original picture

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  16. Shinya added a post in a topic PisaraWigs   

    True, she could have opened lesser slots, but if she wanted to drop the commision world, it seems like something that she thought of for a while, dumping commissions for a normal job, so it would be reasonable for her to announce it herself, not via others/on her personal facebook, but it's apparently not a new thing, she also scammed people on her previous alias? I hope people will get refunded, her wigs are hella expensive, having been scammed by this much money is outrageous.
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  17. Shinya added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Totally a traditional Japanese anime school. *shrugs*
    I'm sorry for the volunteer who had to make that whole room for him, it looks really cool, too bad that they won't probably be credited
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  18. Shinya added a post in a topic PisaraWigs   

    Oh no, I follow her on IG, I never knew about this scamming issue, I only faintly heard about it on ModeratelyOkayCosplay's instagram stories, something about on how he wasn't affiliated with her just because he got a wig from her? But damn, I never knew about this, really disappointed now;; Also, not sure if we can trust the friend on this? They would definitely take her side here, what peeves me off is that they had to be the one coming forward with this excuse, instead of Pisara herself, considering not everyone checks Facebook, how would the other commissioners ever know about this? If their excuse WAS actually the case, she should have just said so, I'm sure everyone would understand.
    Buuuuut, considering her previous alias, it's obvious that it's all lies siGHS
    Oh! Was going through the comments, and Nipah shared this, apparently a friend shared it from her personal page.

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  19. Shinya added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    Not gonna lie, on that photo of Genji, the cosplayer behind Gehe (the Terra cosplayer) looks a lot better than Gehe, they seem more of a pro cosplayer than Gehe ever was
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  20. Shinya added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    @Bubbletea pointed this out and omg, that photoshop tho

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  21. Shinya added a post in a topic Kingdom Hearts   

    Oh heya! Kingdom Hearts is one of my all-time favorite games (if you couldn't tell by my profile picture rip) but yeah, can't say I'm that obsessed, but I can agree that the plot is convoluted, filled with plot holes and confusing stuff, it didn't help that the games were released in the wrong chronological story, and it's taking so long to release KH3 (Still hyping that it's being released this year, hopefully!) I still have a somewhat good grasp of the game, but my lord, it took a lot of replaying, reading up and checking all the notes, Nomura just loves to throw more unexplained content one after the other.
    Regardless! My favorite game is probably 358/2 Days (Interesting plot, boring gameplay, the movie cutscenes cut a lot of the other Organization members, sadly), Kingdom Hearts 2 (loved the gameplay, just miss the lack of world interactions KH1 had, the camera is way better now tho), and Birth By Sleep! I was actually caught by surprise at the end, wasn't expecting that ending in a Disney title;; And definitely Fragmentary Passage! Despite being a super short game, and a 'demo' for KH3, it was nice and somewhat refreshing to see Aqua develop on her own, and not focus solely on her friends, have her whole character gravitate towards them, and focus on herself, fighting hard not to fall into Darkness, and her own inner battle with giving up or fighting on.
    Dislike I gotta say Re:Coded, the gameplay was super fun, but the story was just... there, felt like a filler, wish they could give the gameplay to 358/2 Days, since it lacks there rip- 
    Also sorry for the rambling!
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  22. Shinya added a post in a topic Show your faces   

    Was really feeling myself in this one 💙

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  23. Shinya added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    Lmao yeah the muscles are 100% photoshopped, you can see the pixels on the arms, but just to be sure, I upped the saturation and colors, and yEAH you can see the smooth lines on the rest of the arm, but the badly edited pixel-muscles 
    On the other "experimental" photos, you can see a lot of inconsistencies on Gehe's cheeks and jaw, but those are kinda obvious by now 

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  24. Shinya added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    I know Andree and Andreea/Andrea are some typical greek names, like Sakamoto said, they could have cut off for the purpose of space, again, happens to me a lot, they prioritize the last name rather than the first name </3
    And yeah you can change your gender when buying a ticket, but I dunno if they will double check your identification documents, never really had that experience. *shrugging emoji*
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  25. Shinya added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    Not 100% but I think there was a snapchat voice changer that gave you kinda of a male sounding voice? 
    Not completely sure about the streams one, but that one is way deeper than the rest, despite all of them having various levels of low tones, not to mention the robotic sound at the end of the first link lmao
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