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  1. osmone added a post in a topic Hikari Neko/Smol-Wolfie   

    whats with the influx of fresh new users posting new threads of random people?
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  2. osmone added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    did venus get a nose job? or has it always been like this? didnt she have very strong folds around her cheeks/nose? 

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  3. osmone added a post in a topic HELLO FARAH TUNISIAN 17 ♥   

    naturally you wouldnt want to be posting your selfies on this forum anyway. its a hate/gossip forum for snowflakes and typically for girls. do you really want to post your face when criticising girls is what we do here? sounds like you dont really know what the forum is about & its not exactly a friendly place for the underaged, even if there were girls here who lied about their age, we are not going to be responsible for u.
    PULL is also not honest, truthful or realistic. its a gossip site full of opinions and scrutiny. some friendly advice i give to you, think for yourself and don't give in to following a crowd opinion. 
    its hard to be this honest with you because you seem like a sweet girl, i dont want to scare you or make you anxious about joining communities, but id rather tell you now than have you disappointed later. :\
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  4. osmone added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    its really no work at all. a natural at photoshop can do that as easily as using a knife and fork to eat dinner. its just not as hard as you think it is. if you need a better time looking for clues, invert the photo, look for any warps, then look at the normal version of the photo, look at skin/hair, notice any unnatural smoothing, comparisons to other photos etc. to be honest people who know how to photoshop and have been photoshopping for a while will naturally know what parts of an image could be photoshopped.
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  5. osmone added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    sorry but which video is this?
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  6. osmone added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    i have no idea whats going on in this thread.
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  7. osmone added a post in a topic Michelle Phan   

    'draw my life' videos are not always drawn by the youtuber. its well known that often artists are hired to do it, phan isn't the first, definitely not the last. its silly of her WKs to automatically think she drew it when art was never her forte, she has never shown art on her YT channel, and has never made it a passion. i think the art arguments are petty.
    i didnt see anything wrong with the video until i saw the lawsuits part. i remember following that lawsuit drama when it happened. phan is just seeking pity when she used someone else's song and was sued for it. the artist may have given his permission, but it was not his permission to give; it was his label that could sue, regardless of what the artist said. phan broke a copyright law and she put that into the video under the guise of people hunting for her money? how pathetic, because people with no money at all still get sued for that same shit, this girl pissed me off when she put that in the video.
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  8. osmone added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    not original content, but if taylor vlogged about sharla's day with sharla's sister then whats the point of sharla vlogging about it? it's sharla's sister so its only reasonable that sharla is the one vlogging about her and not taylor... 
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  9. osmone added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    i always just guessed that taylor doesnt want to come off as too moochy - like, showcasing sharla's sister would only mean that theres no difference between taylor's channel and sharla's channel. theres boundaries there and you dont want to come off as always stealing someone else's content. i can see that as a thing in the creator's eyes. when im making videos of games im always paying attention to exactly how far my content goes and sometimes its best to leave some things out especially if you're featuring another content creator who needs to have their own thing going too.
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  10. osmone added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    heard of this girl when she was in her weird boho chic phase and then she went full buddhist know-it-all... i thought the kpop gossip was exaggerated or misplaced... been lurking this thread every now and then thinking "lol, PULL obsessing over the one time simply_kenna mentioned kpop".
    i got curious so i went to her instagram a few weeks later and lo and behold she's actually full koreaboo like holy shit i didnt believe you guys. 
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  11. osmone added a post in a topic Venus' height (&weight)   

    Guys. Come on. People change in height. I had a patient who grew 5cm and shrunk back down. That 5cm can be attributed to many things, your spine, posture vs gravity, your pelvis, etc... I don't feel that Venus would intentionally lie about her height and any discrepancies are due to both miscalculation and fluctuation. 
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  12. osmone added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    My friend got to interview this guy. You can't see it in the video because it was kinda edited out but he pulled her in for a hug at the end and she totally didn't see that coming, lol.
    From what I understand, he's flirty to his fanbase because he has this weird ego where he's doing his fans a "favour" by being creepy (aka fanservice). He wants to be that dreamy idol that teenage girls dream of when they go to sleep at night. It's not all that unusual considering the generation he's in... just kinda outdated ego in today's society... 
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  13. osmone added a post in a topic Taylor and elbow-sans "relationship"   

    i feel like they are good for eachother. taylor is fake so we dont really get to see how they are compatible. but we cant really speculate much because they have the least to show on camera compared to other youtube relationships. so its pretty boring to speculate on tay's life tbh.. but to say that taylor is a snowflake kinda goes for elbow-san too.. if he's the kind to enjoy sports cars and what not, i kinda feel like they have that materialism in common.
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  14. osmone added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    an artist you like to do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  
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