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  1. osmone added a post in a topic Taylor's money   

    i think for the most part people are just thrown off by the random assumptions that are not really based on any evidence. most gossip on PULL is based on things we've seen in videos or blog posts or just observations on how the snowflakes interact with other people. saying that taylor is a prostitute is kinda far reaching, considering she comes from a respected family, she's a daddy's girl, and her ego wouldn't be that low. she gets enough favour just for being cute and thats one of the many perks of being an idol-type... sex with idol-type girls usually means they're not idol anymore.. if you remember the drama of when a girl from a k-pop group had to apologize to her fans because it was discovered that she had a boyfriend.. men love these girls for their projected innocence... 
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  2. osmone added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

     geez mira. that glue. ??? 
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  3. osmone added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon   

    his fanbase is real? i always thought that was a joke. sad. 
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  4. osmone added a post in a topic Milky Kitty cosplay   

    she just looks like a weeb to me. her page doesnt really say snowflake. looks like a girl trying to be happy and if she has social issues as far as talking shit then shes probably aware of it, considering how insecure she looks and how ugly her cosplay is. she just looks like a weeb trying to enjoy her hobbies and she probably doesnt like it when other people "get in the way" of her hobbies because thats how she sees it. I have a sister who is like that and im used to dealing with those bratty vibes. i dont think it makes her a bad person or a snowflake because she's internally narcissistic and not really being in peoples faces y'know?
    edit: TL;DR sure she might be bratty and rude but theres really no snowflake shit going on here 
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  5. osmone added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Anyone else notice in the Kendal Jenner boots video that her face width looks kinda normal...? It kinda makes me doubt she had face slimming surgery at all... maybe she was just editing her videos for a slimmer face... coz in the part where she's making the boots she kinda looks like she has her original face shape from canadian-model era. Did anyone else notice?


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  6. osmone added a post in a topic Coping with a bad breakup?   

    I don't mean to make it sound so simple because it isn't, but the only thing you can do is fill up your day with other things to do. I know the feeling of having absolutely nothing to fill your mind when all you can think about is the relationship. Keep pushing on, cry your way through time for now, reach out and make new friends, even if it's just on the internet. Find people to talk to, don't have to necessarily talk about your relationship, but find people to be with. 
    Most of all, remember that we say stupid things when we're emotional. When you feel crazy, go to sleep. Sleep before you make an idiot of yourself infront of your friends and potential cute guys
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  7. osmone added a post in a topic when is the new banner coming? ;_;   

    I guessed that too, I suppose even if the art is finished I bet there is a lot of process to getting it approved to the current banner's standards. I keep thinking of who will be on it 
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  8. osmone added a post in a topic Koreaboos vs Weeaboos   

    Dis gonna sound hella ironic but I find weeaboos way more unique than koreaboos. If you think about it, weeaboos present themselves in all kinds of forms and stages, how deep they are into weeaboo shit, and what kind of weeaboo shit. You have moe shit, death note shit, naruto shit, incest shit, all will different themes...they have anime avatars of different anime characters that might say something about their personality..
    But koreaboos... you find masses of people with korean avatars, they're all identical, they all talk about the same k-dramas, k-pop...
    I used to be so weeaboo when I was a kid, being asian doesn't excuse my interests. I grew out of it when I found myself, although to this day I still love the k-hiphop scene with keith ape and okasian. 
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  9. osmone added a topic in General Discussion   

    when is the new banner coming? ;_;
    im kinda excited to see it, anyone else???
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  10. osmone added a post in a topic Taylor R General Discussion Thread   

    I wasn't attacking that person and never insulted them but ok.

    Back on topic, I like Taylor a lot less for being as naive as she has been, pushing "work ethic" when she is probably the laziest "personality" model I've followed.
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  11. osmone added a post in a topic Taylor R General Discussion Thread   

    I'm sorry but I can't take you seriously. what the fuck? you can say anything about anyone with any zodiac sign. you've got to be joking or that's the dumbest thing I've ever read. atleast be evidence-based, not messing around with some stars that meant something to the Mayans back when the sun and moon orbited the earth. science proves zodiacs to be as redundant as religion and you actually judge people based on their zodiac sign instead of from the fact that they are displaying some shady personality. 
    I need a drink. 
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  12. osmone added a post in a topic Taylor R General Discussion Thread   

    but do we know she even sleeps with elbowsan every night? only asking because when u consider personalities like yumi king who sleeps in separate beds from her sugar daddy... 
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  13. osmone added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf   

    Sausage is very gross but it's because Lia started out as very tomboy-ish in the first place. She was not the prettiest girl when she was younger but she still had good genes to have a decently attractive face. She uses makeup to look way way way out of her own league (obviously) but the difference is quite shocking. 
    Lia knows she's fake. There's no doubt about that. I've been following her for so long now. She definitely knows she's fake and she's using that for money. The only difference between Lia and the snowflakes is that she actually makes her money herself. She knows current makeup trends and is always updating her look to be contemporary enough for those clickbait videos. She knows exactly what she is doing and she has a strict youtube format to keep luring in more young viewers (her target audience is 13 - 20 and so her content is usually immature). She is actually a very mature person herself but she pretends to be this dumb girl. 
    The thing is though, she has been pretending to be a dumb girl for so long that it's now hard to distinguish between her fake persona and her real one.
    edit: I forgot to mention this but im sure everyone knows already, sausage is the one playing in most of her fps console videos, she is definitely not the skill level she advertises herself to be at. I'm not saying that just because she is a girl gamer, I myself am a girl who plays games at a competitive level and I have two diamond accounts on Overwatch and a Platinum account on LoL. I'm not extremely good but I'm decent, Sniperwolf is also decent, but she is not the one playing in majority of her videos where she's *too* good. Her bf definitely plays for her and she DEFINITELY got carried to her rank. She should be the same rank as me, but she is magically 2 ranks higher than her skill that is just not possible naturally.  This is all part of her ploy to make money and get rich, Sausage is in on it, and this was their plan from the very beginning. In fact it was Sausages idea for her to start the personality career that she has now. She wanted to work in business before (when she realized business wasnt her passion, she switched to nursing, and then switched to her personality career). What they have now just meshes too well with this generation of youtube/twitch money. They got way too rich too fast. 
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  14. osmone added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    I heard about pewdiepie when he started, obviously... but didnt watch him until 2017. i didnt like his energetic videos, plus i never really had a thing for watching other people play games (being the youngest sibling, you kinda just grow up watching your siblings play, and its really boring having done that all your life....)... I enjoy playing the games myself so his youtube just never interested me in the slightest...
    in 2017 though i started watching a few videos before the WSJ thing happened.. i found him quite enjoyable compared to before, maybe coz he chilled out, or maybe just coz i landed on a chill video. i dont watch his screaming gameplays but i love his chill videos that he posts when he doesn't know what kind of video to make.
    plus... i love marzia, she is really cute, i hate the way people make fun of her voice or her demeanor, i just think she is so adorable and such a nice girl, theres something very womanly about her that i really like. she seems really smart, although a bit naive... just someone i love keeping up to date with, maybe its because im not as feminine as her and she inspires me to be more girly.
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  15. osmone added a post in a topic Celia/Sonia Leslie   

    christ. is she serious about her makeup skills? wtf is this? 

    she looks like a pomegranate hit her in the face 
    on that note.... does she just surround herself with people who will complement her posts no matter what? this is just terrible TERRIBLE makeup, how can she get so many comments egging her on? doesnt make any sense. this is the worst look ive ever seen and ive seen ALOT of terrible amateur makeup vids.. 
    not enough dark contour to match the overly-done highlights, terrible lip texture (probably didn't prime them properly), blush on her brows??? massive blush bruises on her cheeks?? naked eyeshadow??? wtf is going on with this set up here? if you're gonna wear such hideous drag-heavy makeup atleast wear bright colours to help it blend...
    her makeup skills look a bit better here...

    but she's just copying someone else's tutorial from youtube... quite an oily / gloss finish though.
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