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  1. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    Uhm I didn't say that I believe her crap? that's why I said 'But she looks equally big to her boyfriend in their videos/photos' and put 'if what she tells in her videos 'is the truth'.' in quotation marks. Sorry for the confusion if it sounded as if i'm standing up for her or claiming it would be true, i said various times in this thread that she's bigger. i was merely referencing from her video about her date with sweeto in a restaurant where she couldn't climb up a regular chair to sit on it and the waiters said that nobody as small as her was ever in their restaurant or smth.
    here's the video just for reference:
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  2. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    Yeah, I get what you mean!
    I think I wanted to say: 'I am feeling like what she does is a little offensive. I don't really know if I would be MORE offended if I was part of the group she uses for her fetish photos since I am not part of it, so I can't know. But I think it would bother me even MORE if i was actually part of the group'.
    But this makes a lot of sense the way you worded it.
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  3. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    I can't test the danmaku minigame myself because YanSim stopped running on my computer without crushing because of low framerate since the sport club patch. Anyway, I keep watching 'let's plays' especially by razzbowski cause I mean... he's literally one of the only 'popular' youtubers who's still playing this mess, right?
    he plays the miyuki minigame here at around 3:50 in case anyone else has the same problem as me:
    My opinion as a touhou player after seeing yandere dev's danmaku game:
    the enemies look boring and bland and you can't tell them apart if you just look at the bottom of the screen (as most danmaku players do) so i wouldn't notice if an enemies has little differences such as as wings or not, i think that's confusingthe 'blood coming out of eyes' miyuki looks forcefully edgy and well yeah, what else could I expect from this game. it makes no sense and there is no explanation for it. also miyuki is not an evil character, she is a 'good' magical girl. turning her evil is just for shock value and that's the cheapest way of scaring the audience so... It would have made more sense to just exchange her for fun girl tbh (and that's still boring but it would have been better).you can't kill the enemies even if you straight fire at just one of those 'waves'. was it even tested how much health they have? it seems to be impossible to shoot down one full 'wave' at once. would make more sense to just dodge them.where is the hitbox even?all enemies seem to be aiming at miyuki? i feel like this is what makes it hard for beginners but could make it easy for experienced players, since you can 'guide' where the bullets shall land.i doubt yandere dev has ever played a danmaku game.
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  4. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    In that case I think the fans are just dumb, I would still support a good singer even if he looks like shit as long as he steps up on stage and is honest about who he really is. But yeah I can see how he would have gotten that backlash especially in the anime community where people are superficial and focused on unrealistic looks
    I agree. I am so confused how Wolfychu can go to cons, heck even her students from her 'teaching' video are commenting on her video and NOBODY mentions anything about it. I do believe her voice is somehow high irl and she might be generally small,... around 4'2" if what she tells in her videos 'is the truth'. But she looks equally big to her boyfriend in their videos/photos and her voice was a little deeper in the recording at vidcon. That's why I wonder why people are still so blind and believe she is a literal 10 year old when there is so much evidence that she is just a normal woman. + kids have met her at vidcon and they still keep silent about it and support the 'wolfychu is a loli' theory? it's so... silly.
    (And I mean that in a way like she is not especially good-looking, she is not bad-looking. She is just regular and nothing to be ashamed of.)
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  5. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    But that Harley Quinn cosplay is from last year....? At least I thought. I saw pictures of her wearing it before.
    Anyway, I get that some of you think that she's not fetishising albinos, lesbians etc bc she's just wearing the costume and I think it's sort of a grey area? But since it's a grey area where it makes me feel weird, I think that it might offend people who are actually part of the group. I'm not a lesbian so I wouldn't know if lesbians get offended if she dresses up as a lesbian just to fulfill the fetish of straight men. I also wouldn't know if albinos would be cool with people dressing up as them but for nsfw costumes. I think it depends? Like maybe just 50% of them would feel offended and the rest would be fine. I think it's a subjective thing but then there is this. Let's say I was hypersexual which is a disorder and she would dress up as an OC and call it 'hypersexual OC' and scream 'i want sex!! give me dicks!!' to fulfill straight mens' fantasies about hypersexual/sex addicted women. I think that would offend me???? Since it's a disorder and all. So idk, I think when she brings skin color/race, disorders, genders, sexuality etc into it... it just ends up being a fetishisation of something she shouldn't do. but that's just me and i accept this is a split opinion.
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  6. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    Oh man... she is using the same lobster claws as one other snowflake
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  7. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

     Oh yeah, I remember Utaite singers and how people would think they are as hot as their anime icons and would draw fanarts of them and crush on them. I remember Neko96 or smth who was female singer, with a male anime character as icon and singing in a male voice. So girls were falling in love with the male anime character and seeing Neko96 as him. I mean it's obviously not the singers fault wanting an 'anime persona' but it were yet again the fans taking it a little far. I think those singers were actually pretty open about not being the same gender/appearance/age as their characters, right? It was wild how idolised some of these people were by some blind fans tho.
    Yeah, that's the problem exactly. She puts herself on a pedastel as an irl anime girl when she really isn't. And watching that video which was linked on this site I think this in combination with her wolf self-insert and storytimes ('This is my real life!') are where the conflicts come into play. As said in the video animators who just animate MAPs or PVs etc won't get into so much conflict because they can differenciate between their animation and themselves. But Wolfychu is at a point where she thinks: 'Wolfychu YT Channel = Myself!' That's why when you even slightly critisise her channel or drawings her fans will jump at you, because there is no differenciation that the drawn Wolfychu with blue hair and wolf ears is NOT the same as the adult woman who is running this channel. Critisise her channel and she'll probably take that as a personal insult (as well as her fans).
    This makes me somehow wish more people would come forward with 'evidence' she is just a living being as everyone of us and not a drawn anime character.
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  8. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Oh god... I agree with you guys. I usually like her anatomy even with slight mistakes but this is just terrible : /////

    I have no problem with her making NSFW etc for quick money and fame, but this is just bad for the money she gets for it
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  9. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    Maybe she recently heard about DDLG but doesn't bother looking it up like with everything she does and thought a tattoo of her dad's name would scream 'daddy issues'
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  10. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 4]   

    Yes, the key is HP merch. But seeing the mouse ears i wonder what happened to kenna's custom ears business??? 
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  11. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 4]   

    that's still lunestelle's dress that she wore when kenna had the awful brown dress tho. so we would need to wait for lunestelle's 'nightmare before christmas' outfit that is probably up to come soon (knowing her) to compare them lol
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  12. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    I think she's just having serious issues of being the best in everything. i've noticed this since a while but her mixture of starting a lot of half-assed hobbies proves it.
    i feel like natasha is like: 'i'm a thicc, thin, sporty, elegant, cute, petite, big, anime, real, natural, dramatic, childish, ladylike, funny, serious, talented, lazy, random, punky, creative, logical, kinky, vanilla, romantic, crazy goddess!'
    my asumption: she's wants to be a part of everything but she also admits that she's not really liking most of the stuff she does. she wants to show off how healthy and sporty she is because sports is something she is probably seeing a lot of pretty girls doing that she has to 'overcome'. she has to stick her nose into every kind of hobby/passion to be 'better' than all other girls. if she sees a sporty girl she feels treatened and has to do it too. she needs to show off 'how much weight she lost' but she also must label herself as 'thicc'. she tries to be a part of everything or she'll go crazy about the jealousy about girls who do the stuff in spaces/hobbies/tags she can't have control because she's not part of it.
    (if that makes sense?)
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  13. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    Oh yeah, I agree. she does have a high pitched voice. I doubt she edits much about it since it's naturally high. But nothing out of the ordinary without editing.
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  14. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    Sorry, i was even thinking 'maybe i should save this just in case' but i was on my phone and now it's already gone... daaaaamn. so quick. but yeah, i saw the mean comments under the video so i can assume what happened to the uploader. it's a shame since the girl was an actual wolfychu fan. still she got harrassed by other wolfychu fans. good thing i didn't grow up in this kind of community, can't imagine how these kids must feel sometimes : /
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  15. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Lunestelle   

    I'm not going to defend her anymore lol I'm convinced she is doing all of this on purpose. The only thing I still haven't figured out is if this is all a slowly planned and carefully crafted giant troll or if she has a wrath against kenna and is doing it all on purpose to provoke her (because of the thing that happened last year with kenna's fans attacking lunestelle), since we all know how the kawaii fairy kween kenna thinks about being copied. lunestelle's existing must eat her up inside.
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