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  1. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Well I don't know what to say but I feel like the only thing to really mention at this moment is to say that I am glad she is alright because a human's life matters a lot more over money. I am still sorry some people might never get their money back but I feel like there isn't much to say or do, at least for me. I feel like puking right now. I lost someone in my past and seeing the allegations of having actively pushed her to do and that every single person on this thread has told her to do 'it' is just too much for me. I always actively participate here because the whole commission scam story really got to me and never did anyone say that she shall hurt herself. I am sick to argue about that right now so I will just stop here. Thanks for everyone who contributed to exposing her scams, this thread was really a wild ride until it got until this point. It's just making me sick right now, I get too much reminded of feeling at fault of losing someone, a blame I can't take. I don't want to get detailed about it because it's against the PULL rules to derail a thread with private info so I will leave it at that. It doesn't matter anyway. I know nobody of you people told her to commit suicide. I have been in this thread til almost the beginning. I know nobody actively went to her and told her to hurt herself. I know all that was ever discussed on here were her scams. I know it doesn't mean anything but I am in contact with one of Cyome's friends who is in contact with Cyome's ex husband and he told her that he thinks PULL is disgusting and that he thinks the website is horrible. He also blocked her when he found out she sides with this website. Take that as you will, I just wanted to defend PULL on that because people tried to reach out to him. That is all I want to say, take it as you will. It doesn't matter anymore. I feel like puking because being accused of having wanted that someone commits actual suicide is a lot. I honestly can't even look at PULL anymore without shaking. Thanks a lot for the good time on this website and for all adventures on other threads were we actually made snowflakes better themselves and brought justice for scammed people. I don't know what else to say but that I am glad Cyome is actually alright and that that one explicit photo she posted is an old photo. That's good. Believe me or not, but I am actually relieved. I said before I am neutral on her and I won't support her actively with getting better, but when it comes to someone's life being on the line, of course I will root for her. So I'm glad she is fine. Thanks a lot for everything, people. I'm off. Take care of yourself!
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  2. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    I know it probably doesn't mean much because it's just the words of a stranger on the internet but you aren't at fault for what Cyome is doing! Trust me. I'm so sorry you have to go through these feelings because of her livestream. Even if Cyome thinks this thread contributed to her state, this is her opinion and I beg to differ. You are a sweet person who even made art for Cyome's commissioners in her place. Please don't feel bad or guilty because of her words. She is currently unstable and we must leave her be. But that doesn't mean that what she thinks about us is ultimately right. Please take your time to recover and don't let Cyome's words hurt you. She should not have livestreamed that but she did in desperation. It was wrong of her to do, but she was drunk and couldn't think straight. Don't take her words about this thread to heart, please. We all have different opinions and I tell you in my book you didn't do anything wrong. You just voiced your opinion about her scams and even made art in her place. I am so sorry you are affected by what happened like this and that you had to experience such horrible things in the past. I wish the best to you and that you also get your deserved rest from this to recover from this. Nobody deserves to get hurt from the current situation. Don't worry, you didn't sound rude. I understand how it would trigger you to see what she what is currently happening. I really hope that you will get better after what she did and that you can calm down from it. We really all need to stick together in this situation and help each other. So please, take care of yourself too! Please take a break from this thread so you don't need to see it because of the topic. Please take care!
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  3. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Hey I just saw the news and just wanted to say that I agree with everything Lopunny said. She's an adult and responsible for everything she does herself, also nobody ever said she shall do anything bad to herself or to others! By that I mean nobody ever said 'Cyome, become a villian who scam others' nor 'Cyome shall pay for that'. No! Tbh there are so many advices on this thread to help her out, how she can become better, how to get out of the situation. If she reads this thread please Cyome look at all the things people ask you to do e.g. making an apology. That's all people demand! Nobody thinks of you like a disney villian or so. You are not a lost cause who is hated by everyone or so. In fact, people want to see you grow and overcome the situation. That you make the commissions and send the charms and apologize for the bullying, doxxing and scamming you did is everything people ask for. Nobody wants you to get hurt or that it stays like that! People are waiting for you to redeem and are willing to give you a second chance. Nobody hates you, nobody wants you to hurt yourself and nobody is telling you that is the only path. If you don't want to make the apology or so that's your decision too. It doesn't mean you need to hurt yourself or anything. Please be reasonable and think about what a lot of people here have said: Nobody wants you to get hurt, nobody hates you. People just asked you to do the commissions and covered up the scams you did. The stuff you did as an artist. You can change as a person, nobody hates you. Everyone can become better and change. What you did wasn't alright and people might not forgive you for that, but that doesn't mean you must hurt yourself. Please put yourself into the other people's shoes Cyome! During this week a lot of people messaged me saying they were scammed by you. Don't these people have the right to be hurt as well and speak up about it? Please see their point of view and that they just want justice for what you did! All they want is an apology and that you do the commissions and send out the charms! If you can't do it now and least COMMUNICATE! Let people know about your situation! Tell them you can't do it now but will do it later! DON'T GHOST PEOPLE! They aren't hating you, Cyome. Nor does anyone on these forums. Please look at our situation that we are uncovering the stuff other people experience. If people feel hurt, dissappointed and scammed by you, please aknowledge their feelings. These are the feelings of real people, Cyome. They don't want to see you fall and burn, they are just hurt by you and dissappointed. They don't hate you, they just want you to communicate with them and make up for it. Hurting yourself is not making up for it, it just makes those friends of yours more worried! Please understand the situation, Cyome. If they ask you to make a drawing they paid for that's not hate! They aren't your haters. Yes, the people on this forum are mad at your past actions Cyome, some are dissappointed and hurt as well. But you are missunderstanding the situation. If you scammed people, they just want an answer from you and the items. They don't want you to hurt yourself. I still am communicating by people that were hurt by you Cyome, but to show you that people on this forum don't want to see you burn I will hold back any information they shared to me for your sake. You need professional help, and I won't poke at your wound. Please get help Cyome, please get better. Nobody here hates you. Please take your time to become better. I won't post any evidence on any of your past mistakes that I still got saved up to show you that I think you deserve a chance to better yourself. I won't poke at you since you showed you need help. I think everyone deserves help when they need it. That includes you. Even if you did terrible stuff, there is no reason in calling you out in this situation. We are all human beings so I will respect your cry for help and will stay silent about stuff I know you did. But that was the past. Show you can become better. And that is what people here are wishing for you more than seeing you crash. Take your time, but please communicate with your commissioners. Please send out the charms. Please make an announcement when you do it. Do it when you feel like you can do it. Maybe make an annoucement post on your IG account. People need to know you are still planning to do the thing. Communicate, Cyome. Best of luck, I hope you get these things together and that you see a professional, and get the help that you need. Please take it to heart, Cyome. Nobody hates you.
    I will also take a break from this thread. I know some said this thread isn't at fault and yeah that's my opinion too but if Cyome thinks in her head that the thread is at fault and that is how she really feels it is, then we still need to be considerate of that. It doesn't matter if the thread is at fault or not. Let's keep in mind that if this is how she sees it, everything that gets contributed on this thread will stirr the drama. And it is just poking at her even more. So I will stay silent here for a while. I know I also said terrible things about her, but she is literally crying for help right now. No matter what happened before, please let's be respectful towards Cyome as a person and not poke into her wound while she showed that she is in a horrible state. Let's all be respectful towards each other and no matter if she is a scammer or not or if she hurt people herself or not, she does not deserve to have something truly terrible happen to her. I am just suggesting this, please don't feel like I try to make any rules for you guys. I just think that is what is best. This thread used to be 'ok let's expose this artist who scams others and plays the victim' and yeah that might be true, but this has become something bigger now. She said she will kill herself and her life is on the line. It doesn't matter if this thread contributed to it and who is right and who is wrong. We should not risk that someone dies because of this thread because they were hurt by it. It doesn't matter if she is sensitive about it or not. She is a human being, and she cries for help and help a knife on her stream. If she sees the people on here as monsters, let's not become that. We are all humans and Cyome needs help now. No matter what she did to others before. Let's give her a break. That matters the most at this moment. Thanks for reading!
    (ignore image, I can't remove it)
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  4. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    the same face syndrome is strong in her recent drawings. i looked at this and this looks exactly like her aerith to me, so i though this was an evil aerith or so at first.
    is it just me or are the boobs assymetric af? one of them looks huge and the other one so small compared to it

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  5. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    i don't know... to me this sort of feels like it's staged or to actually start a craze? remember that irl yandere girl from a while ago who also wrote the name of her loved one everywhere and did crazy stuff like that (but actually went so far to kill him). i feel like he saw too many news like that and tries to go 'male yandere' to get attention or to actually start a meme with it for 'fun'. idk this is just how it feels to me, but i might be wrong and he actually is mentally unstable or so. it just feels off to me that he would write the hashtag everywhere, so he seems to care about the impact on twitter. but that's just my guess.
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  6. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Belle Delphine - copy cats   

    I feel like she started a trend of a specific look and now every e-thot copies that look, and it's so simple too. The pastel aesthetic was popular before anyway, it just looks like random tumblr girl to me, Belle simply mixed it with the ahegao and tbh anyone looks weird doing ahegao irl bc it's a silly expression. unless it's a cute girl or a supermodel who just looks really good making a silly face, so no wonder all of these are shooped to hell and back. it just doesn't look good irl. just take something cute tho and mix it with an 'i'm so sexual!!' aesthetic or 'i'm not like the other girls! i'm horny!' and you got a new trend. i feel like she just takes basic kawaii-pastel-goth clothes that any tumblrina would wear tho. so still, very basic indeed.
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  7. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    No problem! I am basically just posting what other people are sending me. For some reason a lot of people who were scammed by Cyome are reaching out to me, probably because I am kind of active on e.g. this thread. So it actually feels good to make their voices be heard, but it's really thanks to them that stuff like this gets brought to light!
    Since I know Cyome is reading this: Hi, Alice! Where are the charms? Are you gonna hold them hostage until someone else pays for you? What did you buy with the pre-order money so many people send to you? Did you ever feel a little bit bad about spending all the money on luxury or did you ever think 'Oh, I probably need to actually send these charms to people one day'? Do you ever feel like not being the victim when you scam others?
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  8. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Okay, so I have a lot to post this time, please bear with me for posting a few outdated informations but also infos on the current charm situation.
    First, this is from last year: Cyome's friends making promotions and donating in order to pay the rent for 'homeless' Cyome:
    Cyome broke up with her ex husband because she had to raise money for both of them to live, she is with a new guy now begging her ex husband for money because she spend the pre-order money for the charms on luxury items:
    Summary: We won't know if anyone will ever see their charms because Cyome is irresponsible when it comes to money.
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  9. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Agreed! I think at this point it's clear she had enough money. But only for luxury, not for rent. So she wasn't lying when she said she is homeless but it was for pity to make others pay her rent. She could have paid for any room herself, but she didn't want to. She just rather wanted to spend her money on LoL, Discord Nitro etc
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  10. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    'my collection of pacis'?
    didn't she discover the ddlg kink like a week ago? guess she already ordered tons of stuff for photosets during this week then, since i never saw her having a pacifier before this photo
    EDIT: foolish me, she probably talks about the pacifier from her lewd babyshark cosplay. why did I have to bring that image back into my head, ewww
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  11. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic General e-Artist thread   

    I really dislike this became a trend on IG and that most people don't even notice that a lot of artists with such an art style with lots of blurr and smudging trace over photos. I feel like everyone wants to be like buesssatan but instead of actually redrawing photos like her they just lazily trace over them. It has literally nothing to do with art, it's just blurring a photo, redrawing some lines and tossing some effects onto it.
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  12. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    Uhm. These reaction images to her cat pissing on her xbox are literally her facial expressions from her 'sexy' fetish patreon photos but cropped, aren't they?
    Yeah it also annoys me how she uses ABDL and 'fetish porn' in the same breath. I am not into it but I am aware tha there are abuse victims who were abused as kids, or people who were never allowed to really be kids when they were young or just people who age-regress in order to cope with stress, trauma etc. She really shouldn't use the ABDL term or 'age regression' as a term for her porn content, I guess. At least I figured that these people don't want to be seen as a NSFW-only community since there are also minors and adults who age regress without any sexual implications. But tbh I don't expect noodles to do research on the fetishes and communities she tries to be a part of. She just sort of googles what kinks there are or looks as a taglist on a hentai post and sort of goes through everything like with a checklist, having a new 'fetish' every photoset. Last time I checked fetishes are required for fetishists to get off, so she probably doesn't even know what a fetish is with her 1000 fetishes... Or maybe her fetish is just being naked or so.
    Tbh with all the sex workers and especially cosplay porn on the internet I am so confused why people support her anyway. All of her followers could get way better quality content everywhere else. It's got to be the freebies that give her the attention she got. If she wouldn't give out nudes for free her supporter number would drop asap. Also explains why she always rants about everyone just taking her free photos.
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  13. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    I mean at least the pic is sort of in-character at least after all these out of character paintings, since this at least happens in the series so she basically redrew a scene so it can't be out of character, that's good to see, but the anatomy is just so fucked up... what is even happening here? i feel so much pain looking at her head-placement, it looks like her neck is dislocated or flying above her shoulders, this is just so painful. and the hips remind me of this awful bride 2B drawing from back then.
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  14. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Ok, so here is an update on the situation. People are still wondering on what happened to the charms.
    Ok here goes...
    One of Cyome's long-time friends who got ghosted by her messaged Cyome's ex-husband to send her a message since Cyome will ignore her. He was supposed to let her know that her long-time friend will still support her if she needs help:

    Here is the answer that Cyome sent her ex-husband in response:

    No words about what her long-time friend said to her, no thanks for the support or any reaction. Just straight up coming to the point of needing money. And for what? The charms!
    Up to this day the charms have however not been shipped out. I am talking with several people who have proof to have ordered the charm and are from the EU. Shipping within the EU takes 2 days, a week at max. And there is still no trace of the charms!
    Well for once I have to agree with her!
    Also here is the proof that the Megane nerd is her ex-husband, here is a screenshot of a small group on Discord he was in with her, just to confirm that they actually wrote with each other and that it's him:

    This is when he left the group when they broke up.
    Additionally there is a lot of information come to light that Cyome will ask just anyone for money, she has no respect towards her friends. One of her friends literally worked on commissions for Cyome and had her money literally transferred directly to Cyome's bank account when Cyome said she needs financial help - the same long-time friend she ghosts now. From the anon who is friend with them:
    She is just disrespectful towards her friends who helped her out with lots of donations and is generally very rude towards most people around her.
    Here is one of her statements where she gushes about it:

    It seems like the relationship was very shallow.
    She is with a new person now which might be the reason they broke up. She lives with the new person now.
    Regarding the situation on the charms and her current financial situation, this is when I asked if she asked her ex-husband for the money to send out the charms recently:
     This whole situation and that she is currently asking for more money to send the charms out while her new guy is covering her rent is just: Wow.
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  15. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Steph/Bluepotionco   

    The first thing that comes to my mind is lazyness. She admitted that she traced the Cuphead design for example such a long time ago and to make something for a friend and to me it sounded like since she only made that for a friend that she wouldn't put much effort into it, and also thought nobody would notice because it was before the game blew up in popularity. Then once it had gotten popular she used the design to sell it knowing well that it was traced from the original art from the game. Instead of remaking it, she chose to keep the traced design in her store. If that isn't lazyness then I don't know what is. Nobody noticed for a long time so I feel like she just incooperated the lazyness into her business since to be honest tracing existing art is a way to create merch much faster than drawing original art. She sort of has in common with those people who create actual bootleg merch to sell on Aliexpress or so that she also wants to make much merch as fast as possible to make as much money as possible. It does seem as the act of creating art isn't in focus of what she's doing and that she is indeed as you said the same as some fishy bootleg seller who tries to make quick money.
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