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  1. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Why didn't she just make it Jessica Rabbit? It would have been better without the crossover. Jessica's body is unrealistic like that, so it would be more forgiving.
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  2. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    Has anyone else noticed that her instagram account invernoodles has 65k followers and her backup account invadernoodles2 has 35k followers but that she gets 100-800 likes per picture on both accounts? i never really noticed but it feels like her followers are either ghosts or bought.
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  3. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic General e-Artist thread   

    I used the pics you just posted to make an overlay gif:

    It does appear very traced since they overlay so identical on the eyes.. But then again, it is indeed a generic expression, so it could be that she suconsensually copied it. It happened to me as well that I figured an artwork I made had a very similiar expression to the artwork of an artist I really used to admire. So sometimes it happened. But in this case, I think it could be traced, because it indeed is too similiar.
    Copied on purpose or coincidence, going into DM conversations with others to harrass them and then publish those conversations to the followers is not okay. Not cool at all. If it was a concindence it could have been handled better. That she freaked out like that makes her more suspicious.
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  4. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Not really a fan of big artists making posts like 'come to me if you have issues with me, i want to know what you think about me, i want to be a good person, i'm openminded to discuss anything, please come to me and tell me' stuff. i see this so often and it's so often posted by the most controversial or block-friendly people. idk if she's honest about it and if she is then that's good! wanting to become better is always a good mind-set so if she is honest here, then that's great and amazing. but i've seen this so often before and it are usually controversial users or users/artists involved in drama who make these 'come to me and tell what you dislike about me, i want to know uwu' posts but it's really hard to actually have a discussion with snowflakes who block anyone they dislike (e.g. cyome blocking anyone she assumes of disliking her) or who lash out or even publish DMs. so these kind of statements always just feel to me as if someone needs to tell the world how openminded to improvement they are and that they don't really wanna improve themselves because posting this in public in itself is ego-pushing and letting everyone know how openminded and kind they are. ok this was a general rant and not just directed as sasu. i don't know much about sasu, so idk if she means it. so if she does, good for her. but i'm just tired of snowflakes asking people to come to their DMs but having 90% of people who have issues with them blocked anyway. sorry for being so off-topic, this is just bothering me in general^^;
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  5. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Spechie   

    I think the nose ring, the winged eyeliner and the contact lenses sort of look like they are part of the filter. they have really awkward colors that don't seem to be effected by the purple overlay on the whole photo, it feels kind of weird to me, so i assume that these are just part of the filter since they look really out of place to me.
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  6. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Buying face masks from Aliexpress & EBay   

    Aliexpress has paypal by now but you either have to contact the seller about it or go through a really complicated way when you buy your product. basically you have to buy the product, then when you pay for it you have to reload the page instead of filling out the payment information. the purchased item will still be marked as purchased and when you click on your recent orders and when you try to pay for it you get only the option to pay with mastercard. when you then click the 'back' link you will be able to chose the paypal option. i don't know why it's complicated like that. anyway even if you pay with paypal it's almost impossible to get the money back. aliexpress doesn't really do anything even if you fill out that the item was not as described or that a wrong or fake item arrived. it happened to me and i had so many messages with them that were in broken english, back and forth until i gave up on it. they obviously tried to extend the time limit in which you can ask to get your money back by asking dumb questions again and again, so in the end i think for me it was not worth it. also in my case the products arrived all crumbled up in a really cheap packaging and i'm surprised they didn't rip open during the shipping. i don't recommend it but i think it depends on the aliexpress seller you purchase from. it's just so hard to tell which one is genuine and which one isn't. i think you can also look at the item rating and reviews when you make a purchase, but most of the time products have either 0 rating or many mixed ratings, so it's still hard to tell. i think it just depends on luck tbh. i'd also suggest using ebay over aliexpress when it comes to beauty products since you can see the seller rating and they usually speak english.
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  7. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    A nice idea but it wouldn't work for him. He'd go overboard with it if he made money with the easter eggs. He's already too focused on making them instead of working on the main game and admitted he keeps making easter eggs and minigames because that's more fun to him and because he got bored of yansim. I feel like if he charged for easter eggs and could make lots of money from them he would abandon his work on the main game and just keep making easter eggs.
    Right, most of the ideas coming from this thread are way better and more interesting than the actual canon storyline. It's weird 100% of people on here classify as goblins if it comes to alex' standarts and still everyone is more invested in fixing the game and making it better than the mess it is right now. it really shows how sick he is of his own game if even the people who dislike his project are more passionate about fixing it than himself.
    I feel like it's too late for that and to be honest if i had worked 5 years of my life on a game (or on anything else) i also would most likely not restart it and drop all the progress i've made so far. he'll probably keep going with all the stuff he made til now, even if most of it is outdated or just plain bad. at least he mentioned in his newest blog post that he's now taking suggestions by his testers on what to polish and which elements in the game are buggy and need to be renewed or removed. let's hope that this will increase the quality of the game and the scripted scenes and events at least a bit.
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  8. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    I think what bugs me is that it's not even been so long since Cristali got arrested and it's a huge topic right now that he used his videos in the community in order to lure young kids to DM with him. But it completly flies over her head that if she continues to make sexual thumbnails - even if it's just clickbait - she keeps normalising this sort of stuff in a community where her main audience are kids. Pedophiles like Cristali can blend in easily if sexual thumbnails become a norm. It's just rubbing me the wrong way she can't tone down the sexual thumbnails at least a little after what happened and as someone else said she's focusing the content of the video itself on her childhood fears because she wants to relate to kids, because her main audience are kids and because she is aware of that. So a non-sexual thumbnail that was just cute or shocking would have been fine.
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  9. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    She really irks me currently and I wish youtube would stop recommending her videos to me. Maybe I'm nitpicking but I feel like she fetishises her own fictional young self despite being an adult woman and it's so strange to me how she doesn't want to acknowledge being an adult and at the same time lives in this fantasy world where she is a young kawaii moe anime kemonomimi girl who obviously is supposed to act and look like she's 10. In her newest videos some of the fears were when she was a kid or from old stories when she was still a minor. And it felt to me as if she only talked about fears that are those that kids have or about really old fears that she used to have as a kid but probably doesn't have anymore (the fear of the number four because of her 4th birthday sounded like a bit of a ridiculous story to me? she still remembers something from so long ago and is still scared about it? welp i do believe even if she still remembers the story she can't really be 'scared' of it as an adult woman? it feels kind of exaggerade and faked to me just to emphasize on a fear she had as a kindergarten kid). also the thumbnail is showing herself as when she was younger and is sexualised on purpose. nobody can tell me that her fear of monsters in the pool couldn't have been portrayed in a different way. and nobody can tell me she didn't make this resemble tentacle hentai on purpose. it's ridiculous to me. her channel has so many subtle sexual themes. even looking back at her old meme videos like the popito animation meme i feel like this is stuff i would never put on my channel if half of my audience was 10 years old. she just rubs me the wrong way at this point. well it's good she sexualises herself instead of sexualising others like cristali did, so i suppose she isn't that harmful. but i still wonder how people can still be okay with an adult woman being in the animation community and getting through with making sexualised art or subtle hentai references in her thumbnails just because 'she's so cute!'. i don't know. if just feels wrong and off to me. but because she has so many followers i guess everyone will just kiss her ass and ignore it.
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  10. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    She also edited her patreon page to hide how much she makes but judging on patron count it should be around 1200$.
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  11. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    I think the reason why she comes across like claiming it for attention is because she also never directs her content at women. I feel like the way she writes her descriptions and how she words her tweets always sounds like anything she does is only aimed at men. It's so weird everytime she brings up finding some 2D chick hot because her content and everything is so directed at a male audience, as if she doesn't even want to interact with real women.
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  12. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    I think a good guideline is that users usually get 10% of interaction with their total followers. So a user having 10k followers would usually get 1k likes per pic. Her having 4-5k likes per pic but having 60k followers seems like a low follower interaction, yeah. but still nothing too much out of the ordinary. could be that some people follow for the drama but won't activly like her posts or interact with her.
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  13. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Does deviantart even allow fanart of that kind? as far as i know the characters are minors and they don't allow sexualised art of minor characters.
    EDIT: they look exactly the same as in the series. even if sakimi claimed they are aged up in this i don't see any difference to their canon designs?
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  14. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Agreeing on this. I also personally don't feel good about artists oversharing in general. I like to look at their art but if I know too much about the person behind it the art somehow happens to lose it's specialness when that person does turn out to be weird. And since everyone makes mistakes that'll happen eventually. I just feel like there is more to an artwork when I don't know about the person behind it. And people like cyome just ruin that for me with oversharing all details about their life and showing their negative sides. Some people can't seperate the art from the artist and I'm one of these people.
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  15. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Cristali/Valdroxx Studios   

    It feels so unreal to see that there is actually justice served for what he did. I always had the feeling nobody would care since people continued to back him up and didn't want to see it. Sad how some people will get protected blindly by their fans just because their content is fun to them. Good to see that even people like that can be brought down by justice and that the world isn't that unfair afterall 
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