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  1. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Big ouch.
    Yes, the girl was in one of the first builds of the game so bringing her back might be nostalgic for some, and make those happy who were sad when she got patched out. But him having put any thought or even one minute of work into the creation of this character is a flat out lie.
    She is one of the asset characters from the unity store lol Her name is Satomi and she even comes with the YanSim school uniform and everything.
    He didn't even change her colors or hair style like he at least did for Ayano, Taro, the succubus etc.
    If anyone of you wants her for your games you can buy her here: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/characters/satomi-character-pack-15653
    I'm sorry but straight up putting an asset from the unity store into your game, trying to brand it as 'your character' when this very same girl has been featured in countless of mobile apps before is just... sad af.

    Also I should mention that this girl was modeled by the creator in 2014. 2014! So YanDev is currently having a 5 year old 3D model in his game, promoting it as his newest thingie.
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  2. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    Holy shit, this is a new level of creepy. imagine yourself in the shoes of one of those poor cosplayers whose photos she took, for example that nami whose already revealing photo she took, just so that she can edit it into herself (by simply just slapping her face onto the person's face - the body and even the face shape and skin and everything still belongs to the original cosplayer!) and additionally she is inflating the boobs using photoshop or an editing app to make people lust over that body - that isn't even hers! how damn creepy. i already saw cosplayers stealing cosplay parts from other people's photos. such as the wigs (ponytails etc) or ribbons, to slap it onto their own lazy photos. but this girl is technically impersonating as these other people since she's only slightly altering the faces, fusing them with her own face. creepy. a. f.
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  3. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    There is so much wrong with these photos and that's not only the fact that she sometimes censores them and then on other photos forgets to add censorship
    1. old bottle of juice and a fallen over yoghurt cup on the couch
    2. some parts on the couch the fabric is ripped off as if someone would have used a scissor to cut them out or so
    3. the tights are not put on properly, she could at least pull them up fully, that would have avoided all the wrinkling fabric around her ankles
    4. misspelling yandere-chan as 'yandre chan' various times, i mean if it happens various times it can't be a mistake, so she probably thinks the character is called 'yandre chan'?
    5. the bench she sits on needs a re-paint
    6. blood all next to her nose. looks like a punched nose rather than someone else's blood spilled on her face
    7. stuff/groceries lying next to her on the bench. i mean you could at least pushed that aside before taking photos?
    8. the wall behind the bench needs a paint job
    9. the photographer literally hopped inside a cardboard box in front of the bench to take the photos???
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  4. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    It does make a lot of sense and I sort of sense this from all of her current drawings, which makes them so unpleasant to look at for me. Sakimi knows how to draw poses and is so good at it and her sketches always look anatomically correct and the poses are interesting. But once she gets into the rendering she tries to oversexualise the butts and boobs so much that she liquifies them and shifts them around to make them bigger and more in the focus of the drawing (evidence for the statement: speeddrawings she uploaded on YT proove it). That's when the anatomy breaks and therefor the whole body breaks and the pose starts looking unpleasant and off, completly ruining the flow of action in the composition.
    I think this is an issue because it feels off to me when i look at her pieces? but a lot of people excuse this as her 'style'. when really i feel like this isn't professional behaviour.
    just look at her pic and try to imagine an imaginary flow/line going from top to bottom of the character. you will notice how this line breaks in the middle. the reason why art deco's edit looks much more pleasant is because there is one line of action that does not break or change direction randomly. that's why sakimi's tifa looks like she's about to fall over.
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  5. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    I lighted it up to make it clear:

    This seems to be her arm. She seems to use skin colored fabric as a sleeve and is attaching the roses all over the sleeve on the top side of her arm.
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  6. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    I agree. I also think he's just making the convention a huge deal not because he religiously cares for it but because he always feels like he has to excuse or justify everything he does. I think deep down he knows that the delays on Osana are the thing that is simply innaccaptable. So he makes up this weird excuse of AnimeExpo being like a religious thing for him that he must attend to, just to not make it sound like: 'I know I need to work on Osana but instead I go to a con to have fun, so let me just spend time I could work on Osana on writing a looong weird bullshit excuse why I MUST attend AnimeExpo and don't have a choice to not go.' In the end I doubt anyone cares if he's taking one weekend off or not since Osana has been delayed for YEARS. But I feel like he just has too much fun paiting himself the victim and kind of seems addicted to writing blog entries about how everyone else is bad but not him. That's probably why he wrote that long ass blog entry about why the world is at fault (aka AnimeExpo) that he can't work on Osana this weekend.
    I just wish people would stop supporting this game alltogether. At this point it's just a joke and even the dev makes clear he doesn't like his own game. I honestly don't understand how we can have summer 2019 and people still love and trust YanSim. This game is never gonna be finished and Yandev is a mess.
    I would rather suggest anyone to instead to donating to Yandev pay a team of reliable people and they probably will get a Yansim done in a year or two.
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  7. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    She seems to be keeping the number of unfinished commissions private since she never includes how much stuff she still has to do, so it seems like this is a thing nobody knows. Could be she finished everything and is therefore opening new slots, but could also be that there are still many people waiting for commissions. I still think even if she finished the wait list she should make an update on the charms instead of taking more commission slots, or at least spend the time on packing and shipping the charms since it's been a few months without news on when the charms will be shipped out.
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  8. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    Rubbing me the wrong way we she is posting photos of when she was a minor now even tho she never posts old photos, just after the drama with the dude who said he doesn't like her because she's not a minor.
    Probably NOT a coincidence.
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  9. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    It's fine. And I agree with you, not just regarding her relationship with him but this type of relationships in general. I wouldn't mind if she dated him after meeting him for the first time or moved in with him. I mean it would still be creepy but she would be able to run away from him if he turned out a weirdo. But getting engaged? After dating for a month or so? Nobody on this planet can read another person after just that little time. Especially not if she is demisexual as she claims (if that's even the truth). If she really is then she'll probably stop loving him if she gets to know him for longer and figures that he is not the one true love. I also don't want to mother hen anyone especially not a random snowflake on this forum. But I've casually checked this thread for entertainment since 1 or 2 years or so? And my feeling is telling me that since she did a lot of bad decisions in the past that this might be another one of them.
    Especially if the relationship is about bonding over porn and looks and that's basically their interests they have in common, I also wonder does he know about her hoarding problem? The fact she admitted she sometimes showers once a week? The drama with the picasso dude? Her outbursts on social media? The fights she picks when she is defending questionable morals? The fact that she can neither cook nor clean? Is he gonna take care of the household? Will he be fine with her never doing the laundry, that he will have to do the cooking and that she never tidies up and relies on her mom or probably him to do it for her? Is he the kind of guy who want to do the household and gives up on his job while she is doing her job 24/7 and provides nudes to other dudes all day? Is this really gonna be fine?
    I think it's not only the age gaps but also the circumstances. If a couple with a huge age gap casually meets and dates for a while that sounds better than a couple with a huge age gap meeting at a con and immediatly getting engaged. It just feels fishy since they don't have enough time to get to know each other. It kind of comes off as if the relationship is just about looks but not about personality.
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  10. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic General e-Artist thread   

    I only heard of her now because she seems to be popular at american cons only, so I didn't know her art existed before the call-outs recently startedpo pping up. Based on what I saw she's not tracing. She's using existing references and redraws them, making little changes and making it into her own art. But the problem I see is that she's still stealing the ideas. It might be really difficult to say to which extend tho since most of the things she copies are fanarts so the original artists don't have the rights for the characters but they still come up with their own poses, color palettes, ideas in which way they portray the character. And I feel like she's stealing these ideas. As an artist myself I do invest a lot of time doing pose studies and coming up with ideas for a character that just click because the overall piece/composition just looks good. This is work I spend time on and that I had to practice in order to come up with cute poses for characters, a chibi style that just looks pleasant etc. It rubs me the wrong way she's taking this work that other artists did invest into their art as well. I think she should be held responsible for what she's doing but I think not many people think the same way as me since it's a grey zone. I think as an artist I know how hard it is to come up with a nice overall drawing or with just the right pose or color palette. But nothing of these things can be copyrighted. And she isn't tracing it either, she just.... references it? So that might be why she was able to copy stuff without being called out for it for so long. I think legally she isn't doing anything wrong since she deforms the references she uses. But morally I think she shouldn't be supported for this and that people should stop buying her works if they are clearly copied off the idea, work and imagination of another person who might have spend a lot of practice and time to be able to come up with the idea that she simply snatches and makes money from it.
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  11. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    There are two wolves inside of you, noodles, huh? one loves to exploit minors if it's for your own benfit by cosplaying minors for porn and watching porn featuring minors, the other wolf likes to scream pedo at others when they say they don't like you because you are too old for them huh? i would say it's a good thing you call creepy men out for being into minors if only you'd not only do it when it's for your own benefit and because they prefer minors over YOU. you didn't give a fuck about it when you lewded 10-12 year old characters for your porn videos but now suddenly it bothers you? i really hope this experience has thought you a lessen and you'll stop lewding kids and be surprised when pedos gather in your following. i really HOPE you learned from this, REALLY.
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  12. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    Sexualising kids and dressing up as a child in order to profit off people who are into that kinda thing? Simply disgusting.
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  13. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Well even if you are sensitive or not, I do agree with you! As someone who had to deal with depression for years I feel like someone telling you that it's 'better down there for you' and that she therefor makes it sound like the death was his salvation when really he should have gotten help and should have lead many more happy years of his life can be taken as offensive. I don't think anyone who decides to commit suicide does it because they think that suicide is the better choice compared to a happy life. He was driven to do it by his illness that talked to him like a demon. People should have helped Etika solve his problems and they should not have him get out of hospital so quickly. He needed medical treatment and they let him down. Making it sound like 'down there it's better for you' is ignoring the problem that help was denied for him and that the outcome is not fine. She makes it sounds as if she thinks he finally overcame the struggle and now that he's dead it will be better than if he was still alive, even if he'd still struggle and if it would be a long road to help him. People should not have given up on him. He did deserve to live and not to die. So I see why you get mad at her comment since she's insensitive.
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  14. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    Why does she think white people have to deal with discrimination anyway? Having smaller lips generally does not sound like something to me that she should feel oppressed for She's reaching way too hard and her being butthurt over any little tiny thing is showing.
    That makes me imagine her screaming at some gay dude for not liking her because he's not into girls. Sorry not sorry, but imagine she is that kind of woman
    Those vague tweets are that kind of teenage drama you'd expect on the twitter of a 15 year old. If you got a problem with that dude, block him or dm him about it, tell him about it in person. Oh gosh you really mention him to all of your followers to start a witchhunt just because you're jealousy he buys from another girl? Mature up, noodles. suuure that dude is gonna buy from you in the future after reading these tweets...
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  15. CosplayQueen added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Yeah I was thinking she could still just order 20 or even 50 and put the remaining chars up her etsy store in case some people missed the preorder.
    also i looked into it again and i think she really didn't send out any charm yet.
    i found a comment by a customer who asked when the charms are shipped out and cyome replied that she'll produce them soon. that was 12 weeks ago. and beside that, no sign or mention on any of cyome's posts, neither on twitter nor instagram.
    and she seems to have dissappeared now?
    poor customers.
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