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  1. BatataFrita added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #4   

    Regarding image quality, the higher the quality, the harder it is to photoshop and make it look natural. It's easier to get away with editing if something is already blurry and grainy. If we're talking about the bad posing, cheap props and wrinkly clothes, then I don't have a theory. I find that rather puzzling myself.
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  2. BatataFrita added a post in a topic Kelly Morita (previously LoveLyzKelly)   

    I used to like Kelly ages ago but she's so cringy now. Is she trying to come up with her own cult/MLM/pyramid scheme?
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  3. BatataFrita added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #4   

    Are we sure it's just alcoholism at this point?
    She just started making a lot of money all of a sudden she doesn't seem to be using it at all (from what we can see), with her cheap unironed costumes, plastic props, shitty corn vibrator and really crappy pictures when she could easily hire a professional and spend some money on better costumes and props, yet her pictures haven't improved. And we know she has been hanging out with a shady guy (photographer / sugar daddy / boyfriend). Sadly, I wouldn't be surprised if she went down that road and decided to try something harder. We know this girl has lots of mental issues and is the kind of person who abuses alcohol to cope with her life... And she definitely doesn't seem level-headed enough to actually save up her OnlyFans money, or invest it, or pay loans...
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  4. BatataFrita added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 7]   

    Ignoring the filters issue here: Kenna isn't naturally pale for sure. She works hard to stay even remotely pale. She has the type of skin with enough melanin that tans quite easily (doesn't really burn), and where you can be pale if you try hard by avoiding the sun and using sunscreen religiously but it gives you a grey-ish and unhealthy tone (you can clearly see that in non-shopped candids). I know that because I have the exact same type of skin (I'm from Southern Europe), and I am also "pale" (don't enjoy being out in the sun and wear sunscreen whenever I go out), especially when compared to my family, but I look 200% better with a tan. She def looked a lot better and healthier before she decided she wanted to be pale.
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  5. BatataFrita added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Lmao people glorify porn/hentai addicts way too much. I would feel sorry for Aki (because sex with porn addicts is unsatisfying as fuck - most of them develop pretty bad erectile dysfunction), but then again she's always displayed lots of pick-me and cool girl™ tendencies. This kind of thing is pretty common for girls with low self-esteem in their late teens or early twenties, but I feel like Aki is getting a bit too old for that. Hopefully she matures and starts respecting herself before getting married to Joey. If not... eeek, I hope she's ready for a lifetime of mediocre sex with a partner who'd much rather be watching hentai and probably thinks she's "3DPD".
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  6. BatataFrita added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #4   

    Right? I remember seeing cute vibrators/sex toys in places like Don Quijote all over Tokyo, which I'd assume it'd be her thing. A corn one is just... stupid-looking? How can that even feel good? (I know she doesn't care about that and I seriously doubt she'd use it privately - if she cared about that and with the money she's banking she'd get a Lelo or something like that)
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  7. BatataFrita added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    The video was pretty interesting and informative! I like that she doesn't sugar coat the issues Japan has when it comes to feminine and reproductive health.
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  8. BatataFrita added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #4   

    What? I'm sorry, but no men (or women) are owed sex. If he gave her any of those things in exchange for sex, he'd be a terrible person!
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  9. BatataFrita added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Completely ignoring Yasu here, but: I think Mikan is naturally an ambitious girl (I mean, she has her own issues but until recently she had accomplished more than the average "influencer" and was clearly proud of her independence), and dropping out of university and having no direction in life is probably making her mental health worse. She'd probably be happier if she had a palpable goal to work towards (not something as finicky as youtube views and social media). I also feel like she always felt that her future was in fashion (probably due to a lot of validation from followers, fashion-related sponsorships, etc), but then going to Bunka and having mediocre grades and hanging around really talented people probably gave her some anxiety and confidence issues. Mikan seems like the kind of girl who is goal-oriented and her current situation is the worst possible for her kind of personality -  knowing she'll probably depend on Yasu for the rest of her life unless she builds a career, and I'm sure they're at the point in their relationship where they start seeing each other's faults and probably regret moving in too early in the relationship. Mikan doesn't seem like the kind of person who's content with living like that for years or decades of her life. I don't know her, but it's just a feeling I get, especially as someone who also feels validated by that sort of thing.
    I feel like her experience with Bunka sort of pushed her away from pursuing an university degree, but Mikan, if you're reading this, there's so much more you can study, even creative things I'm sure you'd be great at, from Marketing to Design. Japan is also not the best place to go to college to, especially when studying in countries like Sweden is free and you aren't as limited by the language and culture and you would have a future afterwards.
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  10. BatataFrita added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 7]   

    Kenna loves being the most oppressed person in the room (despite not being oppressed at all), so she has this innate need to say the most bizarre shit so she can draw attention to herself. She hates not being the protagonist and not feeling oppressed at all times, so unlike so many other people who are just supporting the cause (as they should) and giving space to the ones who need it atm, she needs to come up with weird stuff so she can feel important and relevant and she thrives on being controversial (also how she went from being the most introverted person in the entire world to suddenly having the pressing need to have company and go out in the middle of a lockdown). Tell tale signs of a narcissist.
    Whenever something is going on in the world, expect Kenna to divert attention to herself.
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  11. BatataFrita added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #4   

    I get that sometimes too, it's just dry skin and mostly appears in the morning, so yeah, I would assume it's due to drooling ahah.
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  12. BatataFrita added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 7]   

    Of course Kenna is the type of person who buys extra stuff like fancy pens to take pictures just for the aesthetic, and then photoshops the text in. She doesn't use the stuff she buys (just as props), then moves on and buys more stuff for the next photo-set/video. How can someone be this wasteful? I mean, only an extremely egocentrical and superficial person does this kind of thing without feeling guilty... Oh well, I guess that's Kenna, the queen of "me me me". 
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  13. BatataFrita added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 7]   

    I always love seeing her "naturally giant eyes" on unedited photos 
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  14. BatataFrita added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #4   

    "just more confident" Well, using OnlyFans to build up your self-worth is gonna end well, Venus. What you need right now is to reinforce the idea that your worth is based on your looks and the totally natural and not-shopped pictures you post on the internet... /s
    As someone who posted nudes on the internet for years (despite also having a fulfilling life and secure job - so I didn't need any money and never ended up depending on that kind of thing for my sustenance) I can assure you that the lows are lower than the highs.
    Venus has an interesting but dangerous evolution. First she made money from the living doll thing, then she became too old and lazy for that and people lost interest and turned to lewd pictures... what's next? Porn? Prostitution?
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  15. BatataFrita added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #4   

    I actually don't think Venus looks that old. I mean, she looks older than her age, but what makes her look much older is the fact that she normally photoshops her face to have no lines, no expression, super smooth skin, etc, so of course when we see the real Venus (video screenshots, etc) the first impact is that, yah, she looks old and ragged but real skin has imperfections and lines and shadows, not like the weird humanoid face she usually posts on social media. Also she would look a lot younger naturally (sans photoshop!) if she ditched the alcohol, fast food and bad habits, drank water regularly and slept 8 hours a night... Also exercise and skincare also helps a ton. I also wonder if the stomach surgery she did isn't making her look worse... if her body isn't taking in enough nutrients, that really affects the skin as well (it's our biggest organ after all) and it's the kind of thing that would make anyone look gaunt.
    My issue with Venus right now is that I just don't get her OnlyFans content. It's so bizarre, unsexy and un-erotic. She's trying to be this hypersexual BDSM confident kitten; but at the same time she's so shy and embarrassed and doesn't know what penis tastes like (despite loving sex and blowjobs??). She's trying to look childish (which is fucked up), coy and awkward, but then takes photos that highlight her hips... She doesn't know how to pose, how to use props in a sexy way, it's just so... forced? I feel like she's trying to be a virginal slut but is failing at conveying that side. It really feels like she's just desperate for money and knows OF can get her good money, but is also confused and never really explored this side before, and is trying to be what she thinks men want to her to be, but is kind of failing.
    Venus, if you really want to take this seriously, instead of trying to emulate gravure shots that appeal to a very narrow set of men, do some research fist, pick up a coherent style, get a photographer, ditch the photoshop and take some high-quality shots. You're playing a part, put some damn effort into it. I'm not here to slut-shame (more power to you, your body your choice), but have some pride in your work. The thing about OnlyFans is that it's extremely fickle. You can have a lot of subscribers at one point, but if you don't get good consistent content out there, people will unsubscribe. Especially when there's thousands of other girls doing the same thing but with significantly better content. And the name "Venus Angelic" can only sustain you for so long -- once people see your boobs and pussy and the novelty is gone, they will move on unless your pictures are creative and you keep them coming. And posing ungracefully with a corn dildo (lmao, can't believe I am typing that) with a garbage bin in the shot is just trashy. Even desperate horny men who get off on the idea of Venus Angelic being slutty have standards.
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