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  1. Sapphos added a post in a topic ProJared, AtelierHeidi and HollyConrad cheating   

    I really think proof of him soliciting his fans for nudes should be included in the OP, since that's really the bigger controversy.
    I mean cheating on Heidi with Holly was scummy enough, but while this was happening he was also cheating on her with random fans. Sending and receiving nudes from people who were like way too young for him.
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  2. Sapphos added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    She's been using a lot of heavy filters lately. She's always used them but for like the past month every new picture I've seen has her looking more and more blurry and weirdly uncanny in the face. I suspect either she got some work done and is trying to hide it or she's just really dysmorphic, which could tie into it.
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  3. Sapphos added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    I've kept my head down for a while regarding this whole... mess, but I just have to come out and give a hearty Nelson Muntz "HA-HA!" at the lawsuit.

    Even if Vic wins (which is about as likely as pigs growing wings or hell freezing over) he will NEVER work in the VA industry again. If he had kept his head down he might've had a chance (a slim chance, but still a chance) of doing some smaller work in maybe a year or two. Pretty much everyone knows that suing your former employer on dubious grounds is basically a guarantee to never get work in that industry again, ESPECIALLY in any sort of entertainment industry where if you fuck up there's always a long long line of people eager to take your place.
    Anyway, let's see how this lawsuit turns out. No matter what happens I'm sure Vic will end up losing one way or another.
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  4. Sapphos added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    Whether he likes it or not, his name is now connected to a horrible and deadly terrorist attack, that's not something he can just ignore away. It doesn't matter that he doesn't want to be connected to the shooting, because he is, and that's a really shitty situation to be in. He has handled it very poorly though, in my opinion at least.
    It would've been better if he'd just not used social media at all for a while, and then later properly adress the shooting somewhere that isn't just a tweet, after he had time to process it all.
    Tweeting about k-pop right now kind of comes off as a bit insensitive.
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  5. Sapphos added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    The timing of his proposal is so bad lmao but it's a long time coming. Him and Ryland have been talking about getting married and having kids for a while now, as soon as they moved I knew they were gonna tie the knot sooner or later.
    It's a shame their anniversary happened to be on like the same day as his cat-fucking controversy (the more i think about it the funnier that sentence gets lmaooo). People who don't know much about their relationship are all over twitter calling this damage control/a cover up, and from an outsider who only found out who Shane is through the cat thing, it does look kinda bad.
    He could've waited like a day or two to post it maybe, so it didn't come off like some thrown together cover up, but I get why he didn't. Now he's gotta deal with people photoshopping a cat's face onto Rylands in the engagement photos tho.
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  6. Sapphos added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Shane really should make more of an effort with distancing himself from his past, since his half-assed tweets are obviously not doing it. People dig up old sketches, podcast clips etc of his like every couple of months and by now he should know this will keep happening and be more prepared for it.
    Or better yet, actually make a real effort to delete his old shit and properly apologize for the offensive jokes and stories BEFORE someone finds a clip of it calls him out on it. Cus like, if you know you've done something shitty, why wait to apologize for it until someone gets angry or upset with you?
    The way he's doing it now he's losing fans and respect every time he has to adress another old joke, because it doesn't look like he's learned a single thing.
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  7. Sapphos added a post in a topic Eugene Lee Yang   

    I fully believe he's playing into the weeb/koreaboo demographic and have been ever since they did the k-pop themed videos. At first it seemed pretty genuine since he seemed very happy about reconnecting to his culture but now he's fully playing a caricature of himself and it's very annoying.
    Also I've always hated his "I hate kids" thing. I get it, you don't want kids and you don't really know how to take care of babies, but jesus, dude. kids are still human beings and the way he talked about Ned's baby when he was just born was honestly really rude and not funny.
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  8. Sapphos added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Knowing his lack of hygiene I'm having nightmares thinking about what his equipment looks like, and what it will look like in a month. 
    Otherwise the makeup thing is just...eh. If it's a new hobby of his I hope he sticks to it, since a non-youtube hobby is something every youtuber needs to not go insane imo.
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  9. Sapphos added a post in a topic Dodie Clark ( DoddleOddle)   

    In case you missed the latest in Ariana Grande news, she recently "bumped into" Piers "actual human garbage" Morgan and apparently had a strange connection with him. For those unfamiliar with Piers he's an openly racist, misogynist professional bad opinion haver who is pretty much hated by anyone not gulping down the alt-right kool-aid. Now this meeting is very controversial for many reasons, but our dear old Doddles decided to comment on it:

    She's received some backlash from her fans and a lot of people are disappointed that she would imply anything good could come out of speaking to Piers. No matter if you think empathy and communication are the way to go to sway political opinion, Piers Morgan has proved throughout his career that he himself lacks empathy and loves shouting down his opponents with strawmen arguments and straight up lies. If you know who he is you should know he is a lost cause. Dodie no doubt knows who he is and this is just such a weird thing to take a stance on.
    By the way, she was on Swedish morning television yesterday, which was super random. Standard awkward interview, nothing special, but the funniest thing is that the interviewers called her doody instead of Dodie lol
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  10. Sapphos added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    Can I just say how annoying and infuriating the whole fake swat thing is?
    Yes, it's a fucked up thing to lie about, nobody is denying that. But in the end it has no bearing on the sexual misconduct allegations against Vic, honestly. Yet we see people all over the internet bring up that shit like it changes ANYTHING. The replies to the io9 article is filled with people bringing up the swatting, as if a serious publication would even bring up such a bullshit a non-story like it.
    Again, it was fucked up and I'm pretty sure nobody in the #kickVic camp is supportive of the fake swatting, but now the Vic supporters have a new slogan to repeat ad nauseam to try to discredit any real and valid thing that happens.
    Also people are still up in MarzGurl's face accusing her of... implying Vic sexually assaulted her? Even though she never has? idk these Vic ppl have worms for brains and don't know what words mean.
    The fact that you still have the energy to talk to these people is amazing, but I hope you don't push yourself too hard. Take any break you need @MarzGurl, and know you have a bunch of people in your corner!
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  11. Sapphos added a post in a topic ASMR Youtubers   

    She still tweets pretty actively! Not much word on the future of her videos, tho.
    From what she's revealed on twitter the last couple of years have been pretty rough for her privately, and I believe at some point she was hinting at working on a huge ASMR project that took longer than expected to finish, but not much else on that front.
    I would love for her to make videos again, I didn't realize until she was already gone how much I liked her style. She was one of the first ASMRtists that got pretty popular, and a lot of us who've been into ASMR since the early days remember her as the pioneer of the "sksksksks" sound lol.
    Also she's one of the only people that can actually do soft speaking without it being either too loud or too quiet, at least to me.
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  12. Sapphos added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    It truly shows that his supporters have no idea how the VA industry works. Sungwon has never interacted with Vic and have zero connections to him, and he would literally gain nothing from """throwing him under the bus""" anyway since he's active in a very different world of voice acting than Vic.
    I'm kind of wondering what work, if any, Vic will get from now on? I'm guessing he's already burned most of his bridges with voice directors in the dubbing industry, so maybe he'll go on to do more shitty low budget stuff, if his ego allows it. Vic's career has basically been him clinging on to the few big roles he got over a decade ago and milking them for all it's worth. Maybe he'll go back to being a cop, eugh.
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  13. Sapphos added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    I'm pretty sure Vic's known about the investigation and his inevitable firing for a while, the whole "whatever happens to me" message he sent out to fans to make them stop threatening violence reeked of him accepting his (unemployed) fate.
    Ugh, how annoying. Hopefully not a lot of people see this but if it's already in the water we might want to make sure mods take measures to prevent any spam. (Also, "players"? what.)
    Best case scenario people will see that this topic has existed for a long while and not just after the hashtag started up, hopefully realizing this isn't just because of the Broly movie.
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  14. Sapphos added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    This whole thing took a really gross and violent turn this week. Now we got alt-right trolls who couldn't care less about anime or the dubbing industry coming out of the woodwork to defend Vic's honor. It's Gamergate all over again.
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  15. Sapphos added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    I'm so sad that Monica felt that she had to speak up just so nobody else would get harassed or hurt. Being forced to out yourself as an abuse victim before you're truly ready is extremely hard and she basically threw herself in front of Vic's crazy fans to protect her friends and family. My heart hurts for her and I hope she gets more support than abuse.
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