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  1. Marilyn added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    I actually hope they ignore Julia and her antics. Julia's behaviour is getting worse, she seems to be of the mind set that any attention is better than no attention. If R&R speak out against her, some of their followers will head straight over to Julia's channel, whether that be out of curiosity or to leave a negative comment. I'd rather see Julia's channel completely fail then see it ending up in the same realm as that of Amberlynn Reid's channel, which basically profits from "haters".
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  2. Marilyn added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    That face edit....we know Eileen doesn't look like that lol. Her face is much bigger than that lol.
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  3. Marilyn added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Yes it's true. Eileen was homeless and living in Heathrow airport. She just so happened to have a fit in the housing office and was given a home in central London. The is only reason they can afford to live in Kensington is because their rent will be significantly cheaper than that of a private rented property.
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  4. Marilyn added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    You're only supposed to wear them once before washing them so it's better to own a few. 
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  5. Marilyn added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Lauren Liddy co-wrote some of the songs on Julia's LP. I guess Lauren did most of the music and Julia just wrote the lyrics. 
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  6. Marilyn added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    I think you're ok, I mean you're not selling merch  with a plagiarized image of a dog on it, you're not lying (presumably) about where the dog came from, you're not treating the dog like a fashion accessory (as far as I can tell), hopefully you're not dressing the dog in clothes unnecessarily, you're not causing your dog to have behavioural issues by spending every waking hour with him or her and from what you've said it doesn't sound like you have other pets with behavioural problems either. 
    I think they're are almost as bad as each other. It's taken me a while to draw on a conclusion but the dog video really shows it. If you watch Eileen's reaction, she clearly wasn't in on the idea of pretending they had adopted a baby but she was happy to go along with it for Julia. Eileen is a criminal with a history of substance abuse. Those things are forgivable if a person demonstrates a desire to change but Eileen embraces them instead. It's clear she's probably still up to shady things with money and gets high regularly. I don't think Julia has been as influenced as much as we may think she has in relation to money and drugs. She wants to be rich and famous at any cost plus she has dabbled in them herself. Yes, Eileen is probably abusive when she is off her face. I too find her predatory but Julia goes along with it. I find Eileen worse but only narrowly. Julia is young, misguided and has a lot of psychological issues but she has the chance to turn things around. Eileen doesn't seem to care about her problems but is very aware of them.
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  7. Marilyn added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    So she's going down the CozyKitsune route. 
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  8. Marilyn added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    I've never seen an orange one here.
    These are the ones we usually have. However, Lieileen is right we have blister packs mostly. I did get a bottle recently though. Maybe Eileen was prescribed meds in the US and still has the empty bottle?
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  9. Marilyn added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Yes she probably has underlying health issues we don't know about. If that is the case she probably recieved a letter telling her to stay indoors for 12 weeks and because they live in a flat she won't even be able to go out for a walk as the hallway outside is considered a risk. The UK is a shambles and the government has handled the whole Covid thing terribly. We have the highest death rate in Europe or at least we did last time I checked. 
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  10. Marilyn added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    You mean the bottle with red on the label? If so then no. Pill bottles here are usually brown with a plain white label. Non-prescription stuff can be any colour so it could be that but if it is it won't be anything other than a herbal remedy or vitamins.
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  11. Marilyn added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Maybe Julia is not washing in an attempt to put Eileen off coming near her. 
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  12. Marilyn added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney   

    I can see why you think that but her eating disorder is the symptom of another problem. The fact she returned home to her family meant she was going right back to the underlying problem. I believe eating disorders are largely about control*. Eugenia appears to have no control over her life and that can be backed up by what Jaclyn has said. Unconsciously Eugenia is taking some kind of control in her life by not eating. Unless she is out of the situation with her family and in therapy she probably won't recover. However even if she was no longer at home and did get help, she'd have the trauma of realising her life with her family wasn't healthy. On top of that Eugenia would find herself very different from other people of her age and the older she gets the worse it will be. Factor in on top of all of everything else she would have a lot of health problems ever if she recovered. 
    *I don't know a huge amount about eating disorders so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
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  13. Marilyn added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    She's aggressive.
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  14. Marilyn added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Aphrodite's Peach just uploaded another video. Interesting, this is the second time she has uploaded a video about Julia very soon after Julia has posted a new video. I think AP is probably lurking here. I love her channel.
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  15. Marilyn added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    I was going to say the same thing. 
    This is because their fans are mostly pre-teens. 
    As for Julia's new video. Her makeup looks good. She's not acting as dumb as usual either. I just wish she'd find a new topic. She should do something like a Jayne Mansfield inspired fashion and makeup tutorial. Jayne was obviously the inspiration for the Elle Woods character plus she was obsessed with pink like Julia. 

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