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  1. GUMIMEGIPOID added a post in a topic Sup Bitches! (≧益≦);;   

    Well Hi! idk if i have a favorite topic but. 
    My fav tv show currently is Marvel's Agents of Shield. My favorite anime is sailor moon and my favorite Movie is too hard for me to decide.
    But I really, I like Matilda and Aristocats. 
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  2. GUMIMEGIPOID added a post in a topic Taylor and Elbow-san’s "relationship"   

    I'm sure she does whatever she wants as cuz Daddy pays the bills. I honestly find her videos talking about her spaces irritating. She's such a show off.
    All I hope for is daddy to Cutt her of and repo her shit. Someone has too, I think She's nothing but a pretty face. That's why she lies so much and has to compansate so much for being a tallentless hack. 
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  3. GUMIMEGIPOID added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Sup Bitches! (≧益≦);;
    Hey guys, How you doin? 
    I'm new here. I'm new forums. I may make a few mistakes here and there. 

    How about let's start with, 
    What are your favorite topics?
    Also if your feeling lucky? What's your favorite. TV Show, Anime, Or, Movie? 
    Let's Talk
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  4. GUMIMEGIPOID added a post in a topic Eat Your Kimchi (Simon and Martina)   

    So I've watched them for a while and, I really can say I relate to Martina on a personal level. We had a simmilar up bringing, I too had japanese neighbors.
     I spent alot of time with them and loved sailor moon from the time I was 5 years old. We have alot of shared interests as well as we both struggle with a chronic health issue.  I think Both Simon and Martina are pretty wonderful people. I think that unless you live with a chronic illness and, or chronic pain. You can't fully understand it.
    So I don't like seeing people giving Her so much crap. As I am disipointed lately that video's are slowed and, I feel like soon they will come to an end. I wouldn't want to see either of them doing anything less than what they love. I'm happy to see both of them happy and being able to do what they can while they can. As someone who want's to be able to do the same. I can say, All the more power to them. 
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  5. GUMIMEGIPOID added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    I'll bring up another point then. Remeber his vlogs? Rememebr when he cared about his fans? It doesn't seem like he gives a shit. He seems like he stopped caring after a while. Which is why I brought up his loss of sincerity in his videos. He doesn't talk to his fan base the way he used to. It's dishearting, When His Grandma died, My own mother Died Not too long after that. One of the major reasons I got through that half way sane is because of him. Humor was a big part of how I was able to deal with that and a bunch of other things. I relaise this is personal experence and, I probally care about people too much. But I really just want to see the passion from him again. I wanna see him truly happy again doing something that mattered to so many people. Controversy aside, Perhaps Orignially that's what drew me to like his videos. But what kept me was his Heart and all of the wonderful skits He made. Rememember the christmas specials? Or SuperLuv, He makes fun of himself for that, Yes it's a bit cheezy. But Really the story, the filmography and the artestry.  Ya can't say you can see that from what he's doing now. Consperacy videos are just ok. I'm rather a consperacy buff myself. There's something there but, It's like watching a muffled light. 
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  6. GUMIMEGIPOID added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    I've been watching Shane Dawson since 2008. Honestly... Idk what to think about him anymore.... I adored Shane! I always would watch his videos and, I wanted to meet him IRL. I was able to relate to him a lot.  He got me through some of the darkest times in my life with his sence of humor. Genuine personality? I hate to be like one of those people that are like " We want the old shane back " But at the same time I perfered his older content and, Vlogs. It just seems like something broke inside him. Somethings seems very wrong, Maybe it's just a feeling.  Ever since he came out. To clarify I don't think that anything is wrong with that. But I know he struggles with body dismorphia, etc. I've noticed alot of weight gain and, He just seems... Idk sick... I don't really consitter myself a fan of his anylonger. I love him. But it seems like he's given up on alot of goals he set for himself in the past. He seems more depressed than usual. He seems like he's idk.. Given into degenracy? I know he was pretty off color orignally but sometimes he just makes me cringe. It's very upsetting. I Really like Shane and I think he's given up on himself and His fans. I love how sincere he used to be. 

    I've watched the Video that Onision made about him too. 
    Which makes me question everything that I thought I knew about Shane. Tho to be fair. I'm not sure I can Trust Onision either. He's a troll afterall. 
    I don't like what Shane's done with his channel. Like really? You used to CREATE! You used to do some pretty meaningful shit. The skits, the Videos, The Christmas specials! Where's that part of Shane? That's the part I miss. Which I guess that means I miss Shane's Heart. Which Hasn't been a part of his videos in a long time. 
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  7. GUMIMEGIPOID added a post in a topic Taylor and Friends   

    I can't stand Taylor R. She's so fake and she's got a very arrogant personality. She's been rude to me on youtube when asking about things. She's extremely spoiled. She seems very self centered no matter how much she does for her friends. It seems to me like she is always trying to buy her friends. I can't put my finger on it but there is something else that just irks me about her. Like I'm very revolted when I see her. Does anyone else feel this way? 
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