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  1. kksd649 added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    (Hey everyone, long time no see! lol)
    Yeah, I remember arguing with her and other people on youtube about those definitions and the thing is, the official definitions don't exactly the match the way the word is used.
    Ethnicity- The fact or state of belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition
    With this being the definition that pops up on google, she can try to squeeze her into being Japanese, but the way the definition is used sounds more like this to me,
    Ethnicity- Genetic ancestry directly linking to a specific group of people. Ethnic groups can be as large as a nation or as small as a remote tribe.
    I would consider Greek and Thai to be ethnicities that are also known as nationalities, and Fulani and Comanche to be ethncities that aren't known as nationalities, but tribes as well. Same goes with being Sicilian or Tibetan. 
    The definition of race is so disputed over and blurred these days, but what I think most people are talking about is this,
    Race- Genetic ancestry directly linking to a continent or large area of land. 
    (Had to use a spoiler tag cause race is the harderst one to very clearly define.Now there is culture which google gives a very vague definition to
    Culture- The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively
    I actually found a different definition that I agree to more though which is,
    Culture- The customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group; also :  the characteristic features of everyday existence (as diversions or a way of life} shared by people in a place or time <popular culture> <Southern culture>
    That one just kind encompasses what most people mean when they refer to things referring to 'Chinese culture' or 'hipster culture', 'Black culture', 'Jewish culture', 'Southern Chinese culture', etc.
    She can use that definition to be Japanese too, but what is generally understood about culture is that it's something you have to spend a good amount of time with.
    She once claimed that her heritage was Japanese too and used a definition that resembled that of culture of nationality more, but the one I found faster was the one that I agree with and see more often when it comes to the usage of the word.
    Heritage-  Something transmitted by or acquired from a predecessor :  legacy, inheritance <proud of her Chinese heritage> <a rich heritage of folklore> <The battlefields are part of our heritageand should be preserved.>
    She can't be Japanese with a definition like that though. 
    Now there's Nationality, which is the easiest to define luckily,
    Nationality- The status of belonging to a particular nation
    One thing the google definition left out that doesn't make Mira Japanese quite yet was that it's all based off of actual documentation and stuff. You can't just become a nationality simply by living in that country, you have to go through a process to become an actual citizen. You either are are a citizen of a country/nation or not, it's a very black and white thing. If her citizenship is in Canada, then she's still Canadian. And yes, some countries do offer dual citizenship, but not all.
    Sorry for interrupting the discussion about her video with Rody and her not dating or whatever, but I guess I'll watch it later but it doesn't sound super interesting lol.
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  2. kksd649 added a post in a topic Hair Care?   

    Ah, my bad. I think I wrote that post on mobile which gets glitchy sometimes, so I had a hard time quoting you lol.

    But yeah, I agree that when it comes to the warm and cool thing, trying clothing colors is more effective than the vein or jewelry tests. I'd say most people are mixed types that lean toward one just a bit more than the other. Mine is mixed too though lol. My skin tone and eye color is more like autumn, but I also have ash brown hair that falls in the summer category. Probably why I tend to like to color my hair shades of red since that makes me fully an Autumn type.
    I used to wear more vibrant and dark colors, but now I've been wearing more muted warmer colors.
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  3. kksd649 added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    I consider someone who only dates Asians, or dates someone only cause they're Asian to be someone who has yellow fever. Someone who asks out a Japanese American or a Korean American expecting a kawaii, submissive moe maid girl, or a cute k-pop star has yellow fever to me.
     I'd say if you need to check 10 boxes to be someone with yellow fever, then Rachel would check into only like 3 or 4 of those boxes.
    I guess the vibe i get feom her is that while it is true that one of the reasons why she's dating Jun is him being Asian, i don't think that's the only reason or basis for their relationship.
    (I didn't wanna start another heated discussion, so i edited my other post as soon as i could, but i got replies already...>.> man, sorry about that.)
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  4. kksd649 added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    Oh wow, i missed out on some stuff here it looks like!
    I'd say the jvlogging thing is more like a frat club than a cult though lol.
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  5. kksd649 added a post in a topic Megfeather   

    Oh wow, her look encompasses everything i hate about modern makeup trends lol.
    I'm kinda outta touch with this kinda stuff, but most of these girls look like Kylie Jenner knock offs to me..
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  6. kksd649 added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   


    Ah yeah, I get that. Family members will try to make me feel more or less Japanese as well, it's really lame.  I used to feel reluctant to claim the Japanese too cause of some family and also weeaboos, but I feel it's something I should include even if I was raised in the US and don't speak Japanese fluently. I feel like I'd be leaving something out if I didn't say I was part Japanese I guess. Cultural identity is tough sometimes. Especially when different people inside and outside of the culture are always basing it off of different things. I hope you'll be able to feel more confident about your cultural identity later too. I can understand feeling like you shouldn't be able to claim an ethnicity/culture cause you feel like you don't meet all the 'requirements' or something like that.
     I'm kinda surprised anime's still around here too, but it makes sense cause it's on netflix now, so it reaches a wider range of people plus a more mainstream audience than before, not to mention, it's a part of 90s nostalgia too. I thought Korean culture would take it's place too! LOL But it seems like they only started going side by side or hand in hand instead unfortunately -.- I predict/hope that it'll have died down a lot though within 10-15 years though.
    Interesting what you say about anime fans not uncommonly being unstable in some ways, or also just normal people too. The people that seem to go too far or overboard over Japan or anime seem to be the unstable ones I'd say though while the normal people get caught in the middle sometimes it seems. I think anime's a good genre for middle school kids. I lost interest over several years ago, but back when I was like 12 and 13, the Western cartoons were either kiddie like Disney or Nickelodeon which I was getting tired of/growing out of at the time, or Adult Swim which was too adult for me.
    Like, I just wasn't ready for all the strong sexual humor and other stuff like that quite yet. Some animes though were kind of in the middle in that the content wasn't just for kids only, but it wasn't just pure adult either. Romances are more subtle in Japanese or Korean media too I noticed. Like, a friend of mine once compared K-dramas to Spanish Soap Operas saying "Couples are always making out and stuff in Spanish dramas, but the romance in K-dramas is much more mild and sometimes slower and cuter to me."  So yeah, I think there are a lot of preteens and young teens out there that want to see more sexual and romantic themes but not too intensely yet so Eastern media offers more options for them sometimes. The character tropes are something different from the Western ones too, but after awhile they'll keep repeating so it'll get boring eventually lol.
    As for Rachel and having Yellow fever or something, I mean I guess I am hesitant to consider that possibility since I don't know what her past dating history is at all. Apparently, she got to Japan rather normally through being stationed there (I think she have requested Japan and several other countries) as an American military officer and ended up meeting Jun by chance there right away where they dated for only a few months until deciding to get married. She eventually quit her job at the military and even renounced her American citizenship after getting married too I think. Him being Asian does have something to do with her being attracted to him, but I guess I don't get the impression that it's an "I only date Japanese/Asian guys!" kind of thing.
    I can see how their personalities compliment each other too. Rachel is more energetic and also anxious while Jun is on the quieter more easy going side. I often see calm/sometimes sluggish and energetic/sometimes frenetic people attracted to each other cause I think those demeanors can complement each other or even each other out. They both have some things in common though of course.
    Also unless it's like talking about cultural differences or something, I think interracial couples are boring and like any other couple really lol.
    As for her interviews and other videos like "Being Gay in Japan," "Black in Japan", or even "Women in Japan" are less her and her own opinions I think and more like her viewers/subscribers being half weebs or people into Japan but hesitant about social issues there, and the other being Japanese people that'd get upset with her if she ends of portraying the country in any kind of negative light. I don't worry about it too much cause there are other videos on youtube addressing these subjects much better and accurately.  A video I did like by her though was "Can you Become Japanese?" which is world's better than Mira's "Becoming Japanese" video lol.
    Oh, and I know my UN's kinda confusing lol so ya'll can just call me KK haha.
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  7. kksd649 added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    Well admittedly, as someone who's part Japanese that was called a weeb for saying so by people that were heavily into anime and not Japanese/Asian at all back in middle. I don't really like weeaboos either and I wish so many people didn't go about Japan in that way and that weebs weren't around in general, but they're not going away anytime soon so I figured I might as well just tolerate them until the trend phases out.
    I took Japanese in high school too and I found I was able to relate some of what Rachel said in her video to the kids I initially disliked before knowing for being weebs. Most of them did come from terrible home lives or had emotional issues, so I tried to see it in their perspective. I can relate to perspective of angryasiangirlsunited as well sometimes, I just don't like the tone of the articles I've seen by them, but I haven't seen many cause I'm not very into tumblr.
    When it comes to racial fetishization I don't really have racial preferences when it comes to dating, and I've been fetishized for my race before and didn't like it, but I know some people do have racial fetishes. Basically, those kinds of people should date people that are okay with or have a compatible racial fetish. If Jun likes that she says something like that or even fetishizes her for her race, then it's no big problem. Married couples with racial fetishes should consider the feelings of their future children though and be careful of their racial beauty standards otherwise the kid might feel bad for looking more like one race than another hence disappointing their parent and just have other issues in general.
     I can see though how saying something like that publicly online can influence others to think it's okay to just fetishize people that don't want that and that they could justify to them or something like that.
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  8. kksd649 added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Tunsic people? It took me awhile, but I think she meant 'Turkic people' and the question she posed, 'Are they White? Asian?' the answer is basically just both and sometimes also Middle Eastern. By looking at where these ethnic groups are/Turkey is, it starts to make sense. I've heard the term, interracial used to refer to ethnic groups like this. A lot of Turkic ethnic groups are either just naturally based off of geographic location, and history with wars and invasions and stuff.

    Turkic people doing a lot of traveling, conquering, getting conquered and mixing is another reason why their ethnic groups are so mixed modern day.
    A lot of different ethnic groups that may get categorized as one race are actually naturally mixed and this explains a bit about how this came to be.
    There's also what's vaguely known as Altaic people who overlap with Turkic people sometimes in location and they're also Eurasian and mostly in the Siberia area. Half Asians will show up as some of these Turkic/Altaic ethnic groups (Like Uighur especially) on genetic data analysis tests like GedMatch, and people that are actually from these ethnic groups will come out in ranges from 1/4 to 3/4 East Asian or European along with Middle Eastern when taking a DNA test.
    It even gets interesting cause the Japanese and Korean language are a part of the not officially accepted Altaic language family that also includes Turkish, Mongolian, and sometimes Ainu. Genetic testing has shown that they do share some haplogroups too and point at some Altaic  groups as being descended from some of the first peoples to populate Japan and Korea. Apparently a lot of Koreans see modern day Turkey as a 'Brother Nation' mostly cause of their good relationship with the country, but some others believe in having similar ancient origins to Turkic people.
    Europeans, Middle Eastern, and Native American people may also share haplogroups and origins with these groups as well. A lot of these ethnic groups are extremely old so they've had time to evolve so to speak and move all over the globe.
    It's actually pretty interesting stuff that I'd really like to look more into other than just the genetic stuff, but yeah I don't think Mira knew exactly what she was talking about >.>
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  9. kksd649 added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    I saw some videos from this channel and thought to myself, 'they're painting Japan in an unrealistic light blah blah' then I saw that they do advertisements for language and travel related apps and things and realized that they're meant to 'sell Japan' (promote tourism mostly) to you in a way really and don't have a lot of room for some honest opinions, negativity, or criticism. I give them kudos for being professional and trying their best to be respectful and respectable.
    I don't like AngryAsians at all and I actually did like the 'Defending Weeaboos' video too for the most part. I honestly think Weebs only become problematic once they start acting like or serving as an authority figure on 'what is Japanese' while being pretentious and incorrect about some things for an audience that believes them, or if one fakes Japanese heritage/ancestry or pulls a Mira basically.
     I also think that sometimes people have racial preferences and if their romantic partner has no problem with it or feels the same way, then it shouldn't be a concern to an outside party.
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  10. kksd649 added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    - I think the American prison system should put more focus and effort into rehabilitating criminals rather than punishing them, but certain types of offenses like rape and murder should have some punishment though
    - I think people who buy and use any kind of drug and don't harm others are not criminals
    - Marijuana should be legal worldwide
    - Senior citizens should have a mandatory driving test by around age 65 and every 5 years from then on to make sure they are still fit to drive safely
    - The media is not trying to control us or make us think a certain way. They assume we think a certain way and strive to give us what we want in order to make the most profit
    - People that think what they see and hear on the media (from disney princess figures, to news reports on presidential candidates) is realistic, factual and non-biased are not very bright and the media shouldn't have to change just cause some people can't see through it's BS
    - People ought to focus on the economic area of politics rather than the social area all the time. There should be a balance (Even though yes, the last parts of this post will be *all about social issues* buuut)
    - I think Fat Acceptance can be harmful to peoples' health if gone about the wrong way because obesity (not being overweight, but being *obese*) without a doubt does increase your health risks in certain areas
    - Thin people should still practice good eating, lifestyle and exercise habits as well since they're not immune to health issues either
    -I don't think racial categorization is a terribly bad thing, but it could be improved or made more accurate and the same as each other. (Ie: Asian- East Asian, Middle Eastern- West Asian, Indian/Sri Lankan/Other similar areas- South Asian, White- European, Black- African, Hispanic (depends on the known mix or how the person identifies) -Latino/Latina (or just European) African, Indigenous, Indigenous-Latino, Afro-Latino, Indigenous-Afro-Latino, etc. Or just invent one word that implies neither, both, or all of these things. it seems incongruent to me to use words like, 'Asian' and then 'White' or 'Black'
    - People that are 1/8 or more of another race still count as mixed
    - Fox News is just as bad as Buzzfeed, but I don't think they influence an audience as much as they just cater to an already established type of audience
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  11. kksd649 added a post in a topic Hair Care?   

    Ah, the warm vs cool thing can get pretty hard to discern sometimes lol. My veins are more like blue at the very top of my wrist, but greenish or teal everywhere else. I tan pretty fast and easily too, so my summer complexion can be pretty different from winter too. I'd say i'm definitely a warm undertone in the summer.
    I just kinda figured it out by seeing what colors go well with me and don't and that helped more than the vein or jewelry test. Generally i'd say that colors more suited for cool complexions seem more saturated to me, while warm colors are a bit more muted. I look much better in a cream or off-white shirt rather than a pure white which also leads more to warm apparently.
    (Cool example)
    (Warm example)
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  12. kksd649 added a post in a topic shoe0nhead / June   

    Ah, I like shoe0nhead well enough actually or at least her earlier stuff but i stopped watching a lot of anti-sjws and sjws a few months ago.
    I prefer her to Blaire White i'd say who can get a bit vicious or mean spirited sometimes. It was around her 'Black lives matter sucks' video where a ton of drama between her, the other anti-sjws, and BLM activists just exploded when i started to tune out of the sjw/anti-sjw youtube thing. I just saw both sides being huge assholes to each other and while i generally prefer anti-sjws to sjws on yt, the antis were getting pretty bad too, so i've been taking a break from that ugliness cuz sometimes they act exactly the same as each other.
    Sjws irritate me cuz most are highly prejudiced assholes tryna act like they're good and fair people, while the anti-sjws will more often at least admit to being assholes if they are.
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  13. kksd649 added a post in a topic Hair Care?   

    Ah, cool! A hair topic! 
    I had normal straight and fine-ish hair as a kid, then when I hit puberty it got all coarse and frizzy and just hard to even run a comb through in middle school, so I started to somewhat exacerbate that state by washing and flat-ironing it everyday. The longest it'd ever been since recently was like bra-strap length which was back in my frizzy phase when I attempted to grow it out, but then I got a bob and grew it out a bit past my shoulders and had a pixie cut for about a year. I found that in order to keep it at that length and style, I'd have to get my haircut way more than I had time for, so I decided to try something new again and grow it out to waist length or even at my hips lol. My hair's not as frizzy or humidity sensitive as it was back in middle school, but it's still kind of coarse and very thick with a slight wave that's been disappearing since growing it out. One side is always wavier than the other o.0
    It's been almost 2 years since I started growing out the pixie and it's like mid back now and I've been pretty happy with my hair nowadays as I've learned a lot about how to take care of it and kind of established a routine.🙂
    I tend to wash all of my hair every other day and my bangs sometimes everyday depending on how oily they are cause I have pretty oily and acne prone skin. I use a fortifying shampoo by a local salon most times, but once a week I use a color shampoo that I leave in for like 10 minutes every now and again to restore some of the color. Like every other week too, I use this neat shampoo called Mend the Ends or something like that that helps with the health of the ends of my hair which is also the only time I shampoo my ends as well. I used to use Mane and Tail shampoo and conditioner quite a lot, but I guess I have mixed feelings about it since while it was healthy for my hair, It seemed to make it too thick and not very smooth.
    I'd been putting about 3 pumps or so of conditioner (can't tell really cause it's a squirt bottle) until one day when I accidentally put in almost way too much but was surprised at how smooth, detangled  and straight it came out, so since then with some tweaking, I started putting in a LOT of conditioner. Like 7 or 8 pumps perhaps. ^^; I also use a fortifying type meant to strengthen hair from the same salon as my shampoo. After I shower, I dry my hair with a T-shirt and I squeeze it rather than twisting it to prevent breakage.
    Unfortunately, I pretty much do blow dry my hair everytime I wash it cause it'd take like 2 1/2 hours to air dry otherwise and it gives me a headache sometimes. I brush it moderately and downward as I blow dry it. I try to avoid flat ironing it as much as I can, but when I do it's only the front strands which get a bit frizzier than the rest. I've gotten it curled with an iron like 2 or 3 times back when it was short and difficult to grab onto. It didn't wanna stay too great and required a lot of hairspray and time, but I did really like how it looked.
    I was one of those kids who had pretty light hair as a kid that got darker in my teen years and still might be getting darker even now. I don't really like my natural color though lol. It's like an ash kind of brown and it's just not very shiny and doesn't seem to go with my complexion as much. First time I colored my hair which was when I got the pixie cut in later high school and it was a slightly darker burgundy color that I quite liked. Next was a red lighter than my natural hair color that I didn't like as much. It faded to a weird shade and damaged my hair more than the previous color even though I didn't actually bleach it. After that, I took a 1 1/2 year break from coloring until a few months ago when I colored it the same color as the first time only with violet pigments added and I definitely really like it.
    I try to be very careful with coloring my hair like while blonde sounds cool, I can't bring myself to add any bleach to my hair or to go lighter than my natural color (otherwise I'd be interested in lilac too) in fear of damaging it a bit, so I always go darker. If I can manage, I want to only color it once or twice a year. Next time, I might do a full violet or something. I like unnatural colors, but only in subtly. I've considered darker shades of brown, but I guess since my hair is already brown it just doesn't interest me and black just seems too dark for me haha.

    Believe it or not, I found the whole Warm vs Cool skin undertone thing really helped me to figure out what colors look best on me. I wish that I could pull off a platinum blonde sometimes more than a gold one though
    I was always very regular on trims when it came to my hair until I started growing out my pixie and didn't wanna lose any length at all lol. I planned on just never cutting it until it got to waist length, but after 1 1/2, I finally got a trim and was really glad I did since my hair looked so much healthier and grew faster too. Since I'd been taking care of it though, they only needed to trim like 1/2 an inch or so which was a relief. I think trimming it every 3-4 months is best or at least for me since it's not so often that it seems to grow slow, but not so infrequent that it starts to tangle and split at the ends more.
    After each trim, I do something called the 'Inversion Method' for like a week (or well, some over a week depending on my schedule). Inversion Method is basically a hair treatment that is meant to grow your hair faster. I take coconut oil (sometimes heated if I can) and I massage it into my scalp while sitting in a chair or leaning forward (this time around though, I'm trying the alternative way which is just lying on a bed or couch and tilting my head back over the edge) for 2 minutes. After that, I'll leave it in for 2 hours or 30 mins depending on how much time I have then wash it out. Tilting your head forward (or back if on a bed) and massaging helps to stimulate the blood flow and hair follicles apparently and encourage growth. You're supposed to do Inversion method literally once a month (too often, and your body gets used to it so it won't react the same way anymore) but I just do it every trim cause it actually does work lol. It grows about 1/2 an inch for me, but the common claim on youtube is 2 inches.
    I always brush it from the ends upward and never the top down cause while I've heard it causes breakage which I'd say is probably true, it just makes it harder to brush the hair in general to me and it pulls all the time. I don't like to use rubber band type hair ties and prefer scrunchies for most of time. I sleep with my bangs and hair in a ponytail since my skin is acne prone and does better without my hair in face at night and in general and I use a silk pillowcase which is actually pretty cheap and helps with hair and skin.

    There's an easier version of this too which is just leaning forward while brushing your scalp/hair for 4 minutes and I do this like every 2-3 weeks for a week or rather sporadically and that one works as well too, but it's not an oil treatment. Like once a month or every few weeks, I'll put coconut oil on my hair or ends too, but I haven't been as much lately since it's been less frizzy since the conditioning thing I mentioned earlier.
    So yeah, basically what helped my hair in the most dramatic way was getting regular enough trims and using a lot of conditioner.
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  14. kksd649 added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Yeah that was a very interesting and informative video of hers, but I was confused as to why she considers herself the same as kids that were born and raised there. She's more like their parents who moved there or became citizens in adulthood. I can't see why people sometimes think though that you can only be one or the other. If you have experienced two different cultures for at least some time then you have a right to claim both. In a way, I wouldn't be bothered as much if she just said, "I'm Japanese citizen, but originally from Canada." instead of just like, "I'm from Japan."
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  15. kksd649 added a post in a topic 3rd Party Videos Related to the Venus/Margo Drama   

    Hahahaha, aw man i remember that dude from a few years back!! When i first saw keemstar, i immediately thought of mr. Gimmeaflakeman😂😂. He always got involved in all this jvlogger drama tryna act like the better man or voice of reason somehow when he himself lacked much insight or information lol.
    As for vexxed's video, well i'll watch it when i get home later but it sounds like he's kinda upset over PULL plus, he's just trying to milk the venus drama cause it got him a lot of views and reception.
    EDIT: Okay, I watched his video and I didn't think it was really all that bad. There's a lot of evidence on this forum, but a lot of speculation when it comes to the Venus situation I agree. He's right too that some of the users here and on Lolcow are definitely very catty and critical of appearances. He has a right to be mad over what Lolcow said about the leaked photo of him. Those were some pretty nasty and uncalled for insults when he's really just a normal looking guy lol. Even if he was actually ugly, there's still no need to criticize his appearance. I'm here more to criticize peoples' actions.
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