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  1. GabbyCamper18 added a post in a topic full coverage foundations?   

    Well it all depends on skin type I have combination skin so I tend to mix my foundations to get my desired result. If you have combination skin, I recommend Kat Von D lock-it-in foundation it really gives you that nice matte finish on any problem areas you might have. 
    For dry skin I recommend Nars Luminous weightless foundation, a cheaper alternative would be Loreal' s Lumi foundation.
    I'll update when I find something for oily skin. And the foundations I've mentioned are of course full coverage, however some do require for you to build to get your desired result. 😄
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  2. GabbyCamper18 added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    New Here!
    Hello guy's my here is Gabby, I'm new here. Hope to meet and make many new friends on here 
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