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    Hmm, I think you're on to something Serenity. It couldn't have been accidental that Abe recreated more or less the exact same look. Joan was probably sponsored, but since it wasn't screaming Blackpink she made her brother act like he was picking out the outfits when she only wanted to recreate the exact same outfit on the website (low effort, gets paid, gets to say it's not her "regular" style while still getting that coin).
    Some brands do actually have super weird wishes for their videos. Like.. make it seem like you didn't get it sent from us, make it look this and that way, post it on this and that day, incorporate it into something else.. stuff like that, but then they tell that to 200 influencers so we end up with the same "not sponsored" video by all of the famous gurus.
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    I'm sorry, I know this is mean, I know I'm usually a softy and feel bad about everything and what not but OOOOOH MY GOD DOES SHE LOOK STUPID IN THAT SECOND PICTURE I'm soooo sorry but.... what's thaaaaat? She doesn't even look this stupid in real life. It's just that picture! The first one is fine. Vaseline heh, classy.
    And if she really dated Junoflo and he cheated, gurls gonna fuuuuume after the picture he posted together with Blackpink hehe
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    I mean, in some way it links up with her saying that she's had a tough time recently. But honestly, I think they probably "dated" for two months tops. And then he went on to another girl. So how does it explain her comment about dating while broadcasting? Well, she probably had a boyfriend back then, for a few months tops, but they broke up shortly after she gained more subscribers. That's the only way her schedule could be explained.
    And Joan.. you're not sassy. And we've seen it. You're just a mean bitch to your friends sometimes. 
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    I don't think she's stingy with things besides designer bags, but generally with anything someone else wants to have. If it's her own wish, yeah, sure, spend 2000$ on something just because you saw an idol wearing it, but if Coco wants to invest in some good make up brushes she asks if they are made of gold.
    Joan only ever cares about herself, her own interests and her own views. She never listens to anyone when they talk, so why would she respect their wishes and how they spend their money? 
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    That's actually a very beautiful idea. You have a very beautiful mind, I must say.  That thought didn't even cross my mind.
    The unfortunate thing about this situation is that, like hushiamtalking said, most people won't listen.. Which annoys me quite a bit. Most of their fans are irrational kids I guess.. And while donating would be amazing (or not bringing anything, especially when you're asked to) I feel like most of these kids would get angry about their favourite unnies not appreciating them and their presents. I hate this new wave of entitled, over the top youngsters that think people are basically their property and have to do as they wish. People should honestly learn what respect is. Respect towards the environment, the less fortunate, people their age and their idols. I get very frustrated seeing this amount of products go to waste. Just look at Joans 40 bottles of hair care product on her insta stories. WHO THE HELL NEEDS THIS? People need to stop crossing lines. Joan included.
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    People like Joan or Q2HAN really need to tell fans to give them one present and one letter per person max. It's such a waste. They can't eat all the snacks up before they meet their fans again. And a lot of the little presents they will never use or it'll just be clutter. You can't really appreciate the presents when there are so many. A few meaningful presents, sure. But this is getting out of hand. Where should they put all this stuff? The'll have to rent a separate apartment to store all that clutter. 
    i know these fans mean well, and I'm not trying to say the girls shouldn't be thankful, but it's honestly a waste. Plus it accumulates a lot of unneeded trash for one person. If I were in their shoes I would've told fans to only bring one thing per person months ago. I wouldn't want them to waste all their savings on me, especially since they are all so young!
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    I swear Joan would be one of those cringy fans who would copy an idols outfit 100% for the day they meet them. It's not cute. It's creepy!
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    Huh.. since people have been speculating wether Moma is gay or not, maybe Joan is gay herself. 
    Not trying to say she is or anything. I'm lgbtq as well, just having some fun. She has pinged my gaydar a few times. Just ever so slightly, but still haha.
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    I'm confused. Wasn't she completely obsessed with Jisoo originally? Joan is so flakey. And.. creepy. 
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    I feel like commenting on her smile lines has become a bit too much recently. Ugh, I'm too soft, but.. You know, she can't really change it at this point, right? Sure, skin care prevents lines from coming as quickly and it definitely would help her skin if she didn't treat it so rough. But since her smile lines have always been super deep from a younger age on, I think it's a bit mean to point that out over and over again. She obviously can't change it (unless she gets fillers, which isn't the best option either) and she seems to be self conscious about it herself. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth to make fun of someones physical traits they can't control.
    However, I'm all for pointing out her lack of good content or her really bad taste in fashion (or no taste, really). I find it a bit disturbing that a woman her age (which isn't old, please don't get me wrong, she's just not a teenager anymore) would idolize a pop group as much as she does and spent thousands upon thousands of dollars to wear EXACTLY what they are wearing. It makes me cringe so much.
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    I don't know if this is the case all around the world, but when I got my first tattoo, which is a small outline, I still had to pay about 90-100$. They explained that there is a minimum you have to pay no matter how small the tattoo is. Because even if you only get a tiny flower they still need all new equipment. A new needle, fresh colours, etc. I'm obviously not super knowledgeable on the whole matter as I'm not a tattoo artist, but I believe most tattoo parlors come up with their payments like that. If they charge by hour it will be a bit more expensive as well. Let's say they have a minimum payment of 80$ for the equipment, that only leaves 20$ for the artist actually taking their time with you.
    It's a lot of money, yes. But tattoos are generally a luxury (nowadays at least). And 100$ is a normal price for any small tattoo to me.
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    Metabolism usually doesn't make too big of a difference. There have been studies recently and over the past few years that show a "fast metabolism" only has a pretty small effect. Usually people who "eat a ton" and stay skinny don't eat THAT much. It seems like a lot. They might eat a really big lunch, but no dinner. They eat a lot of junk, but when you actually look at the calories they eat, it's not that much. Moreover she leads a pretty active life. She's not super sporty or anything, but she walks a lot. If she's not eating too many calories, she will maintain her weight or even loose some. It's math. Weight loss, weight gain. All basic math. Any doctor can tell you this. It's very rare that somebody actually has a very high metabolism and can actually eat 2000+ calories without gaining weight or leading an active life.
    She has a super small frame though and she does walk a lot. But I honestly dislike it when people share their workout routines, diet secrets, etc. There are no secrets. There's being active, eating healthy and counting calories. It's simple. Kicking your ass it though tho.
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    No, she looks like a "I'm not a regular aunt. I'm a cool aunt." from the early 2000s.
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    .. or deal with her grammar.. don't start the sentence in singular if you're gonna end it in plural. That's shit you learn in your first 3 years of school.
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    What happened to all the plans she made with Angela? I thought she was going to be Joans graphic designer? Maybe she wanted to be paid and Joan said no? I really don't understand! They spent so much time talking about it and planning it together and it just dissolved into hot air?
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    Some people just don't like being in relationships. I mean, there are many different explanations for that. Some people generally prefer to be alone, some don't crave any sexual interactions (asexual for example), some don't like intimate companionship und prefer platonic friendships. I get that it's hard to understand for most people, as it is most humans will to not be alone and share their life with a partner (it's kinda what nature wants, so it makes sense that most people feel this way), but some people just don't see the need or find it exhausting and tiring. I wouldn't judge her based on who she chooses to date or whether she doesn't date at all. It's not hurting anyone. But I definitely get the fascination with it, as it's natural for most people to crave that kind of companionship.
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    That's completely normal. Not just when you're bilingual because of your heritage. I'm from a european country where we "only" speak one language, english is our business language but nothing more, and older generations are usually not able to speak english. However, due to the internet younger generations (starting from people born in the 80s) are usually able to speak it fluently, or at least enough to get around. You can catch younger generations using complete english sentences and english words all the time, and I don't just mean words that are taken from one language and used in another, but completely random stuff where they can't think of the word from their mother tongue first, or something that sounds better in english, or something where the native word is not a perfect translation (perfect example: awkward). So this is something that even happens to people who just speak or listen to a language a lot, without it actually being something you grew up with as a child. Language is fascinating! 
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    If this clip doesn't prove that she has oily skin, then I don't know what oily skin is anymore. Sorry, but I have super dry skin, like Joan claims she has, but my skin looks like the fucking desert and the end of the day. She's fucking oily. Being oily isn't dirty or undesirable. It actually helps your skin look young and be wrinkle free longer. I hate it when people say they have a different skin type just to seem classier or whatever they want to achieve.
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    If you think about it, we don't see her eating THAT much. I used to be like her too. I ate only junk, but such little calories overall that I got skinnier and skinnier. She's probably not eating a lot otherwise. No breakfast or maybe skipping dinner a few times a week. If she ate all of her needed calories plus the junk she's eating, she wouldn't be as skinny. I know there are a lot of people who can eat as much as they want and not get big (I talk from experience), but they usually don't eat calorie dense foods in big quantities. It's usually sweets, chips and snacks. 
    I'm sure she's skipping a lot of important meals most days + walks a lot + generally has a fast metabolism
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    What the hell. It looks like someone drew a damn anime eye on the lenses haha 
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    Nah, she changed it to Chen a while ago. DO is her "number 2" now. I'm sure she has never listened to a whole BIGBANG or EXO album.
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    It's not only to big, but it looks like a cardboard cutout that was glued onto her! I mean, look at the side with the missing hand. The jacket is completely flat and it's folded in on her waist. Why? Her pants have such a weird shape after elongating her legs. Her feet look huge compared to her head, so basically her whole body other than her feet and leg have to be way further back in the picture, which is not possible. Giirl. Stop editing. And if you have to do it, do it right and don't make yourself look like Slenderman! at least his arms matched his legs and his head isn't shrunken down to the size of an orange
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    I guess the whole language topic is such a difficult conversation to have. I do think that she's lazy, as we see in other aspects of her life, but I can't really feel comfortable judging her for it if I myself am not a 2nd/3rd whatever generation child. I do speak 3 languages (although my 3rd language really sucks now, oops), but I grew up only speaking one language with my family, friends and well, everyone. I learned the other two in school and am completely fluent in english while being excellent at my mother language. I think it definitely makes a difference if you learn a second language separately or if you used to mix them a lot due to having parents that are not fluent in the language of your home country. Stuff like this is actually still being researched, especially with the focus on refugee children. So I don't think we will ever come to a conclusion on this topic, as it's still highly researched and obviously quite a few people in this forum seem to have similar struggles to Joan.
    She could still improve herself though. Like.. overall.
    (after my 3rd time writing language I really didn't know how to write it anymore haha, what a struggle)
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    She only does exactly what you watched. Nothing, really.
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    Definitely not. She probably heard Jenn talk about them (because Dark Side Of The Moon is Jenns favourite album of all time if I recall right.. I read that somewhere else). But at the end of the day, fashion tends to be a separate thing for people, only going for aesthetic, less for message or meaning nowadays. Which, you know.. I guess it's fine. She's not hurting anyone. But I always found it weird why people WANT to wear pieces with bands or quotes or such on it when they don't care about them. Weird topic. Nobody ever finds a perfect answer to it.
    The Picture of Dorian Gray is beautiful. I read it in English when I was 16 (english is not my first language) and it was a bit of a struggle at times, but I felt like it was worth it haha.
    No, don't feel bad. It's fine. I felt like some of the buzz over his death was overblown or said just to be able to say anything at all. He wouldn't have cared anyways. It wasn't needed by everyone to insert themselves into the discussion. Kafka On The Shore has been on my wishlist for about 1-2 years now, but I never got around to picking it up. I still have sooo much material to read, but I should really pick it up soon! I've only heard great things.
    And again, to bring it back to Joan and the discussion at hand: I guess it really is a taste kind of thing. Not everyone wants to challenge themselves and not everyone is a fan of literature overall. However I felt like it didn't fit her persona, you know? She seems to portray herself in a certain light, that doesn't seem to reflect her as a person at all. Many people even own the term "basic" as something completely fine and beautiful, but you just need to be true to yourself and not try to give an image of yourself that you can't attain or are not even interested in. Same goes for fashion or anything in her life, really. She never challenges herself, she doesn't stimulate her brain. It's making me anxious to watch haha. 
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