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    It's not only to big, but it looks like a cardboard cutout that was glued onto her! I mean, look at the side with the missing hand. The jacket is completely flat and it's folded in on her waist. Why? Her pants have such a weird shape after elongating her legs. Her feet look huge compared to her head, so basically her whole body other than her feet and leg have to be way further back in the picture, which is not possible. Giirl. Stop editing. And if you have to do it, do it right and don't make yourself look like Slenderman! at least his arms matched his legs and his head isn't shrunken down to the size of an orange
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    I guess the whole language topic is such a difficult conversation to have. I do think that she's lazy, as we see in other aspects of her life, but I can't really feel comfortable judging her for it if I myself am not a 2nd/3rd whatever generation child. I do speak 3 languages (although my 3rd language really sucks now, oops), but I grew up only speaking one language with my family, friends and well, everyone. I learned the other two in school and am completely fluent in english while being excellent at my mother language. I think it definitely makes a difference if you learn a second language separately or if you used to mix them a lot due to having parents that are not fluent in the language of your home country. Stuff like this is actually still being researched, especially with the focus on refugee children. So I don't think we will ever come to a conclusion on this topic, as it's still highly researched and obviously quite a few people in this forum seem to have similar struggles to Joan.
    She could still improve herself though. Like.. overall.
    (after my 3rd time writing language I really didn't know how to write it anymore haha, what a struggle)
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    She only does exactly what you watched. Nothing, really.
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    Definitely not. She probably heard Jenn talk about them (because Dark Side Of The Moon is Jenns favourite album of all time if I recall right.. I read that somewhere else). But at the end of the day, fashion tends to be a separate thing for people, only going for aesthetic, less for message or meaning nowadays. Which, you know.. I guess it's fine. She's not hurting anyone. But I always found it weird why people WANT to wear pieces with bands or quotes or such on it when they don't care about them. Weird topic. Nobody ever finds a perfect answer to it.
    The Picture of Dorian Gray is beautiful. I read it in English when I was 16 (english is not my first language) and it was a bit of a struggle at times, but I felt like it was worth it haha.
    No, don't feel bad. It's fine. I felt like some of the buzz over his death was overblown or said just to be able to say anything at all. He wouldn't have cared anyways. It wasn't needed by everyone to insert themselves into the discussion. Kafka On The Shore has been on my wishlist for about 1-2 years now, but I never got around to picking it up. I still have sooo much material to read, but I should really pick it up soon! I've only heard great things.
    And again, to bring it back to Joan and the discussion at hand: I guess it really is a taste kind of thing. Not everyone wants to challenge themselves and not everyone is a fan of literature overall. However I felt like it didn't fit her persona, you know? She seems to portray herself in a certain light, that doesn't seem to reflect her as a person at all. Many people even own the term "basic" as something completely fine and beautiful, but you just need to be true to yourself and not try to give an image of yourself that you can't attain or are not even interested in. Same goes for fashion or anything in her life, really. She never challenges herself, she doesn't stimulate her brain. It's making me anxious to watch haha. 
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    That was me! You should definitely read some of his recommendations!  Murakami is pretty amazing, but definitely not for everyone. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle was great and I enjoyed Norwegian Wood as well. I get angry at him at times haha, but that probably means I'm invested in the story told, right? RM definitely recommends a lot of "must read" books, for people that have more than outgrown cheesy YA novels. Jonghyun has some amazing favourites as well (I miss him so much ). Both of them chose some of the most influential and important literary pieces of our time, so I appreciate that a lot. Don't be shy to buy books "only" because they recommended them. They have good taste and you probably should read these books anyway haha. 
    To tie this in with the Joan thread: I've never seen her read anything more than YA books. As someone who likes to brag about their degree and that they are cultured because they watch black and white movies (but never says WHICH movies), she definitely hasn't read any smart books. Don't get me wrong, I loved The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, I really did, but it's such an easy breezy read and it didn't challenge me or anything. To each their own I guess, but she shouldn't talk about "Oh, I miss reading so much, I haven't read in a while, I need to get back into it" like she's a bookworm or anything, when she only ever reads basic books with pretty covers. 
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    The thing with the blue shirt is: It's not even an AMAZING outfit on Rosé! She looks super comfy, cute and casual. But there really isn't anything special about it. The reason it looks so good on her is a) because it's appropriate for what she's wearing it for b) she's freaking beautiful, I mean, generally and her make up is soft and perfect c) her hair might be down and super casual, but it looks silky, beautifully wavy (day 2 curls or something) and the color suits her perfectly and d) because she has a beautiful body (although, same as with being beautiful, that obviously is in the eye of the beholder, but you know.. overall she's commercially beautiful and I don't think anyone would disagree and say she's ugly ).
    Did she have to wear such expensive pieces? No. She could've gone out it her PJs and it would've looked good. And she probably doesn't even own the clothes anyway. If she did in fact own them, then well, guess what? She's a freaking celeb! It's not questionable, try-hard or weird, because she's wearing that outfit while flying around the world being a star. 
    Could she look as cute in this outfit if none of these items were from a high end brand? Yes. Because she's basically a model.
    What Joan does is toxic. Not only is she throwing any sense of self out of the window, probably getting herself in debt AND making herself look like an idiot.. but she's also behaving like a 14 year old that can't seem to be themselves. And why are 14 year olds (or anyone on Instagram for that matter) often times so sad? Because they compare themselves to unattainable standards. These people are super stars, models, celebs.. It's fine to not look like them. You need to stop trying so hard, because you will end up hating yourself when there is nothing wrong with you to begin with. This is starting to actually concern me. Because she will never look like Blackpink and feel horrible about herself. I know that's how I felt when I still compared myself to anyone I idolized. It's so unhealthy and can make people really sick. And Joan has really young followers, so it concerns me even more.. 
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    But didn't she have one? Her friend Angela? I don't understand what happened there. Did they fall out, did it just not happen or are her graphics actually done by Angela? In the video where they talked about the graphics, they even beeped some part out, so no one knows what Joan planned, like it was something really special. "I still need another graphic for my *beep*" or something like that. I'd love to know what happened there.
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    I generally don't think that there's anything wrong with being inspired by idols clothes. It's like being inspired by models on the runway, famous musicians, actors and other fashion icons. But that usually involves looking at their outfits as a whole, being inspired, checking your closet for similar pieces and then once in a while getting a piece that you reeeaaally love. She doesn't have her own style, so she can't incorporate items, she has to copy everything completely. And that's pathetic for a woman her age. She's not 16.
    And I find it embarrassing that she got a book just because Rosé read it. I get that you would take some ideas or recommendations from idols if you generally like their way of thinking or have a similar taste in art and literature. RM of BTS recommends great books all the time, some that I had read prior to him mentioning them and that I really loved, so I gladly took some of his ideas and picked up a few books he was talking about. I loved all of them, so I trust his opinion and don't feel embarrassed about anything haha  But just getting a book an idol mentioned, without researching what it's about, just to say "I have the same book!" is something a 9 year old would do. 
    Oh, Joan. Please grow up. I'm a child at heart as well, but you're just immature and embarrassing.
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    Yeah, it looks way more accurate in the restored picture. Still maybe a tiny bit off, but that could actually be the angle. The thing is that even though her legs look a lot longer in the first picture, it doesn't look nice because her torso is soooo long as well! If you imagine her standing there just in her underwear (non sexually, of course) and look at her stomach, it would be sooo extremely long and stretched out! I don't even know where her bellybutton or waist would be located in the first picture. It almost looks like separate pictures of her legs, torso and head glued together.
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    The picture looks a bit edited. She usually has short arms and a really big head. Her legs aren't that long either. They are skinny, but not really long. Something about that picture is off. 
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    Has she ever even worn that ugly thing at all recently? I can't bring myself to watch her.
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    Maybe she bought a display bag again. Does anyone remember that? I've bought a display bag before, because for one it was the last one and two because the bag was originally "only" 170€ and they gave it to me for 140€. Plus I had already decided on that bag weeks before I went out to get it. But with Joan we are talking 1000$ plus! I would settle for nothing but the best with such kind of item. And the discount wasn't even worth it anyway. She should've gotten one secondhand in pristine condition and thus could've saved 300 bucks in the end. She's not smart with money, or fashion for that matter. 
    And her new Gucci does look a bit off. But we should wait and try to get a look of it in a different position to make sure.
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    I still think they are very sweet and genuine girls, but I feel like they got stuck a bit lately.
    Due to them gaining a huge following recently, who are mostly very young and tend to fetishize Korea a little bit (at least I see it like that.. it doesn't seem too toxic yet, quite innocent actually, but looking at the general situation regarding a lot of teens and Korea, it does ring a bell for me), I feel like they might think they have to act this way. I do think that this is the way Qjin and Qwon act around each other, which is fine, but they definitely left anything that was professional about them in the past. I do think that it could be even exhausting for them to always act this high energy, but I feel like they don't really know how to take it down a notch, as their super young fans would probably criticize them for acting different. I think they got themselves trapped in a corner with all the over the top cutesy stuff. I guess they just wanted to show themselves as relatable people, but then their followers pushed it, and jumped on it excessively. They seem a bit overwhelmed with the amount of presents they receive as well. I don't think that they know how to go back now. 
    Also, as some people have mentioned, it seems like they tend to do the faces to cover insecurity. Nobody can judge your looks if you don't act serious and pull faces all the time. Qjin pulls her mouth and nose to the side nonstop now. I don't even think she notices and that's usually a big sign of someone being uncomfortable or insecure.
    Btw, they talked about why they went vegan, and the situation felt a bit weird. I didn't know Qjin was that sick before. I only remember her having the shingles. They said they were going to talk about it later, but didn't touch on it again in the vlog. Qwon even said that Qjin should explain it, as if she didn't want to say anything that Qjin didn't want to share. Qjin then went on to say that she was extremely skinny and started to get nervous and glossed over it a bit, only to say "because of my mental problems" later. I hope they are both doing alright, but since they said they are still a bit scared that Qjin could fall sick again, I'm a bit worried. 
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    Wow, I haven't watched any of her videos for weeks now (maybe even months? I don't even know anymore).. Is her face always this bloated recently? I guess sometimes you don't see things if you watch people continuously, but her face is definitely super bloated. It almost looks like she has water in her face. It doesn't really look like fillers or anything of that nature, but rather like she ate a bag of chips right before going to bed or something. Girl, you need to watch your diet! And not to loose weight! Does she ever eat any fruit? Anything that's not super salty?
    Oh, and even after not watching her for a long time, I couldn't make it through the entire thing. Why is she filming only herself when she's out with someone and they say something? I miss the days were we could really see her do something, like having a fun time with Erin (who I still appreciate a lot). Ugh.. YouTubers seem to let stuff get to their head way too much..
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    I honestly don't think that he was "throwing shade" (like you said, it sure sounds like this, because she's so unreasonable). It's just the only sane way to think about it. Ivan has made amazing progress with his skin. There's no way your skin will clear up and be balanced if you change up your products every day. I have somewhat of a "skin care wardrobe" myself, which basically means that you have more products than you use currently, which you can use every now and then according to your skins needs. Like maybe some extra oils that you don't use currently, but you incorporate them on days where your skin feels dull. But with Joan it's a roulette of "Which product will I slap on my face today?!" without any thought put into it. 
    Skincare is such a personal thing, and just because some of the products she uses don't work for some of us doesn't mean they generally don't work. But they can't work the way she uses them. Your skin needs at least a month to show effects of a new product. Sure, you can see if it's moisturizing or drying even after the first use.. but what if it suddenly makes your skin flake after a week? What if you get dry patches you never had? Clogged pores or weird skin texture. She wouldn't even know which product made her skin break out. I already find it hard to figure out what's wrong when my skin acts up, and I patch test, I use it on half of my face only for at least a week, I don't use any other new product for a while. 
    At the end of the day, the question remains: What do you use skincare for? What's the purpose for you to spend so much money on it? To keep your skin looking young and fresh, even in your later years? To protect your skin from any dangerous types of cancer? To limit break outs, or even to get your cystic acne under control? If any of those are your reasons, then you should treat your skin gentle, with a lot of love and care. I won't spend as much money on skincare as I do now, only to diminish any effect they could have or even make my skin worse. It's only going to be a new way of consumerism without any care for the environment or yourself! Joan is super unreasonable when it comes to this, our favourite YouTube "minimalist, quality over quantity". 
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    Ladies Code has definitely taken a step back ever since that horrible accident. They had two big comebacks, but they seem to take longer time off in between comebacks. Sojung was hurt pretty bad in the accident and got intensive treatment. She was still in a wheelchair when the funeral took place. I assume they have to get at things slowly, because I'm sure that every comeback is a big emotional burden. That's obviously just speculation! But maybe that's the reason for Ladies Code to not put out too many records in a shorter time. 
    Although, Ashley seems to do quite a bit of work outside of Ladies Code. The radio show and such. And the other two were doing some projects outside of the band as well if I recall right. I guess the band activity could be a difficult thing to do, even after a lot of rest.
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    Well, I use a puff to apply sunscreen if I have to reapply it throughout the day. That's the only case when that happens though! And I only do it because I can't use my hands while I'm at work or somewhere around town, and because I don't want to ruin my make up. It makes zero sense to use it this way in the morning while you're at home. You need to use about a teaspoon of sunscreen for your face. She sure didn't get enough on there to protect her skin properly.
    And she really should stop touching her face! I tend to touch the sides of my face or my forehead (especially when I'm stressed) and even I can see irritations after a while, and I have pretty good skin (not acne prone at all). The chin/mouth area is even more prone to breaking out from touching! She really needs to stop doing that. Although I know it's difficult to break such a habit.
    I feel really bad for thinking that she looks old. I don't even think that it could be helped with skin care. In the long run, yes, definitely, but as of right now? I'm not sure. I think it's her bone structure, her smile, her smile lines, stuff like that.
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    See people, this happens when you give these YouTubers too much free time and free products.
    And I cry like a little baby when I accidentally spill a tiny drop of my favorite serum, and start to panic when my holy grail cream runs out, because I haven't checked if I can afford it this month. And I'm happy with the way I live currently. I get by just fine and splurge quite a bit every now and then. I earn good money for now. But I value my products. And I know that 25€ more or less for the month can be a lot if you've got other stuff planned as well. I don't get this wasteful attitude.  Even if I had infinite money to splurge I damn well wouldn't smear it on a fucking piece of paper! Didn't their parents teach them anything?
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    But see, you did it with good intentions and not naively. But Joan is one of those people that believe the water quality is better and it helps your skin. There's no harm in saying you think the bottle is beautiful and you want to reuse it, or even saying you think it's a cool trend because you like things being aesthetically pleasing. No harm in that. But if you run around saying "ooooooh the water quality is soooo much better", nah.
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    Am I going crazy or are those tops cute? I mean, maybe not on her necessarily. But it looks quite nice on her now that she has dark hair. The dark hair definitely elevates her outfits. That more or less red frizzy thing she had going on before made everything look bad. I like it for some strange reason. She looks cute. 
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    Well, either Joan isn't really interesting, or people are still sticking to their new years resolution of "new year, new me" and trying to be a more positive person. The usual, you know. 
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    Well, I think she mentioned that she wanted to start reading books and work out once she doesn't daily vlog anymore. So I guess that's that. I think she's gotten a lot skinnier too.. maybe I'm just seeing things. 
    I can't even watch her put on her skincare products. She's sooo rough with her skin, always tugging it.. grrrrr. And I don't think her routine is smart. She puts on so much skincare, but then goes to the gym, sweats it off, washes her face and then puts make up on her bare face without any added moisture. And stuff like this is the reason why I don't think that this girl has dry skin! I can't put on any foundation or concealer without some moisturizer underneath. It just doesn't work.
    Oh, and her new end card is sooooo messy!! I got a slight shock when I saw it pop up.
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    I don't think you get the point, Newbee. She didn't shortly move to America. She was living there almost all of her life. She only shortly lived in Korea and moved back there a few years ago. So she is fluent in English. However, her English is lacking INTENSELY. And her Korean skill is almost not there at all. So basically: She can't speak Korean other than a few sentences, and she can't speak English eloquently. And there is no reason for either of these situations. Because she went to an english speaking college and then lived in Korea for a while. So she would have to at least be decent in both of these.
    Look at Q2HAN for example! Their English is not perfect AT ALL, they have some classic grammatical issues in their speech pattern. And their Korean tends to be a bit stiff. But they are at least decent at both of them. And they try to improve, too. Their Korean vlogs are a way of learning for them, and whenever they lay out a script for their videos, you can hear that they look up different words and try to incorporate them. So Joan has no reason to lack the way she does. There's just no way to talk around it, Newbee.
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    Well, technically Erin is Korean. And she said before that it's quite difficult to have longer, meaningful conversations in English and she will oftentimes ask if she can say something in Korean. And since Erin works in a Korean company and has a boyfriend, I'm sure Joan could meet some Korean people through Erin if she wanted to. Erin met Joans friends too, so I'm sure she would introduce her friends to Joan, if Joan was interested. I'm confused about one thing though.. Erin said that it's difficult for her to speak English for a long time, and she was living in America for a really short time, but then Joan used to say that they talked for 3 or 5 hours.. What did they talk about then? Erin seems like a very thoughtful and interesting person, I really really like her. But Joan doesn't seem that way at all.
    In the 24th Vlogmas, Joan was disrupting other conversations constantly and trying so hard to insert herself into the center of attention, it was difficult to watch for me. And she seemed pissed and awkward too. Oh, and she gave us a shoutout on her Twitter! Well, at least I think so...
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    Well, how would she know? She thinks she has dry skin when actually she has oily skin. No wonder this woman has breakouts all the time. She has to blot her face throughout the day or she will look too shiny. Okaaaaay.... I have dry skin and look like the desert after my day at work, but sure. We're the same skin type. 
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