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  1. canigetuhhh added a post in a topic Ally, Back Together   

    wow lmao when u realize ur lies are catching up to u and being edgy isnt in style anymore
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  2. canigetuhhh added a post in a topic Ally, Back Together   

    OKAY I AM BACK FROM THE DEAD. This thread pretty much died, but I've had to distance myself from here because ive been getting too pissed off lmao. all of this is bullshit, i dont care about her. shes just giving the did community more of a bad rep, and im so close to losing it. I'd write more, but we all know her entire act is bullshit. not to mention shes still in the 13-16 emo phase. gross.
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  3. canigetuhhh added a post in a topic Ally, Back Together   

    honestly, bless you (lol). i held back from talking about shit like this online for a long time because 1. i didnt want to have to deal with idiots, and 2. because i knew that if i shared what its really like, it would just give the people lying about it more info. people like ally are truly sick. theyre sick to the point they dont know theyre sick. they lie and lie, and then try to convince themselves that their lies are the truth. they get sucked into a bubble of negative attention and their ego, and they freak out when anyone tries to pop it. they think theyre the shit, that theyre unique and theres no one else like them. in a lot of ways, ally is like a few other snowflakes (simplykenna for an example, although she isnt that bad anymore) but she just takes the gag too far. like yeah, people with DID get a bad rep bc of shitty hollywood movies and tv shows, and i can understand if people genuinely want to know more about the disorder, its interesting. i can eve understand if someone tries to get into the same headspace as someone with it, just to try and understand what they go through. but to lie to everyone on the internet, say you have this awful illness, and then say 'oh maybe i made it all up' is just pathetic. if youre gonna finally come out about lying, just stop pussy-footing around it and just say 'hey im a shitty person and i lied about everything the internet knows me for'. i dont think she realizes that a lot of medication and a LOT of therapy goes along with DID. she just treats her (fake) disorder like a joke
    also, thank you guys for being supportive. im not used to this kind of community, the previous ones ive been in were toxic and attacked the families of people we talked about. you guys are different, youre (well most of you are, anyway,) mature about things. youre such a sweet person 
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  4. canigetuhhh added a post in a topic Ally, Back Together   

    same here, her lies are on another level.
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  5. canigetuhhh added a post in a topic Ally, Back Together   

    i find that a lot of people are scared to call out others that claim to have a mental illness bc they dont want to be considered someone who thinks mental illness isnt real. i held off for a long time until i realized that letting people get away with shit is pointless. everyone just wants to say they have DID and its really annoying. on the topic of multiplicityandme, and autumn asphodel, theyre just plain retarded. you can just 'ask your alters' to introduce themselves to the camera. no. and yeah i agree, her stories dont really add up and tbh if there isnt one already, someone should make a thread about her.
    i know how you feel, i have bpd too. and honestly, anyone who makes a youtube channel dedicated to their mental illness and they arent using it to get more knowledge about it out, theyre just doing it for attention. like i understand if someone makes a yt channel and documents their depressive episodes and what not so parents and stuff know what to look out for, or if someone documents their seizures or tics or whatever, but this whole fake DID thing is getting really annoying.
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  6. canigetuhhh added a post in a topic Ally, Back Together   

    honestly, a lot of people show minor signs of DID. at some point, we need to realize that the human brain isnt just made up of one person or personality. we all have different 'sides' to us that may come out when we are under stress or things like that. and for that reason, it makes me even angrier that 'ally, back together' is getting away with this. yes, she is probably stressed and angry because of things that have gone on in her life, and that could very well contribute to her saying 'oh yeah i have alters' but i think shes just an angsty teen-wannabe. and honestly, the things she shows in her videos (i.e her talking to something that isnt there, 'feeling' things, etc.), if they arent fake, are legit signs of schizophrenia. i think shes just a mentally ill girl who wants attention. this being said, she's still very much in the wrong, she's a piece of shit that romanticizes mental illness and she needs her accounts taken down.
    to add onto this, shes just like the other youtubers who claim to have DID, like autumn asphodel, multiplicityandme, discordmia, ect. they all just want attention, and in doing that, they made videos that anger and are harmful to the real DID community, onething i forgot to mention in my earlier post is that people who really suffer from DID tend to dissociate really badly when watching videos of other people 'introducing their alters'. it triggers certain things and my buds tend to freak out a little and they try to front/split. 
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  7. canigetuhhh added a post in a topic Ally, Back Together   

    Alright. i just made this account so i could share my feelings and experiences. to start this off, im just gonna say that i fucking hate this 'ally, back together' bs. I've been diagnosed with D.I.D by two professionals (wow that makes me sound so fucking edgy. wow, 2!!!) and everything that girl says is fucking utter bullshit. living with DID is awful. fucking terrible. its not this fun joyride where you can just take a seat and let other people control your body. its called splitting and fronting. splitting gives me (and most other people) awful migraines. its like someone slamming your head against a wall for two hours straight. and fronting isnt fun either. although it doesnt hurt (for me, anyways,) it just makes me feel very uncomfortable, like when you have the flu and you dont want anything to touch you. splitting or 'switching' alters isnt something you can control. it happens when something induces your trauma. oh and all her bs about being traumatized and getting DID from her dumb mom, that horse crap. you have to go through a lot fucking worse to end up with it. i do remember some things that my buds do, and i can speak to them occasionally (its mainly just alex, my best bud) but i cant speak to all of them. and its not like i fucking talk out loud either, thats retarded. remembering stuff that happens after ive split (when im not fronting) is kind of foggy, but i remember bits and pieces. she claims that she has DID and that shes a system of 40+, which is hard to believe. you cant just up and count all your alters.
    oh, and just if you were wondering, by 'buds' i mean my alters. it sounds retarded if you go around saying "yeah my alter did this last night". sometimes alex does shit i wanna talk about, so i just call him my bud or buddy. and by best bud i mean hes the one who surfaces the most/ is the closest with me.
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