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  1. nopancakes added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    With her visa, would it be possible that she gives all her earnings to the company and then they just give it all back on top of her regular salary?
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  2. nopancakes added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    Aren't big noses largely seen as typical caucasian though? Like whenever someone posts one of those "what do asian people think of foreigners" video's or article they always say "white people have big noses"
    So I'm surprised that she called it an ethnic nose since her nose is not "typically" black.
    Probably the reason she called it ethnic and not "lets appreciate black noses"
    Isn't her mother caucasian? I know she's latina, but you can be latina and caucasian at the same time right?
    Because girl, you might have a honk of a nose, but that honk of a nose is a white people's nose.
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  3. nopancakes added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    She did a live a couple nights ago with her friend Chu.
    Do you mean she went trough 1500 dollars in 2 weeks? How do you even do that? Is her rent like 100000 yen or something? Because if you are really broke all the time and you get such a large amount of money, you know how to make it last no?
    How often does she get 1k from youtube, does anyone know?
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  4. nopancakes added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    There has been some talk about sending her school all her shit (including proof of her selling her nudes online) but I don't think anyone has actually done it yet. I mean, feel free to do so, but I feel it wouldn't be taken seriously unless it's done in Japanese.
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  5. nopancakes added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    I honestly have no idea why they would think it's going to work. Skillshare is 8 dollars per month and probably much much better.
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  6. nopancakes added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    - She went to the gym
    - Explains how her husband's sister and her family are on holiday in Hong Kong from France.
    - Taylor is planning a trip to Macau for them.
    - Couldn't get her video up because of her niece wanting to play with her.
    - She ended up watching Blackkklansman
    Next day - Macau
    - They went by freaking helicopter
    - The hotel is pretty bomb too. "great for kids" according to Taylor. They get fancy little slippers and robes.
    - Afterwards they went to Kids' City, an indoor playground.
    - Tom does everything in the shower (tmi tbh), Taylor used to be grossed out by him leaving his tootbrush in the shower. There's lipstick on her teeth the entire time.
    Next day
    - Another indoor playground
    - Barney and that mouse ballerina costume characters meet and greet at the playground. The kids are not into it
    Next day
    - A whole lot "who takes longer to get ready in the morning" Taylor won with 20 minutes
    - Another helicopter ride
    - Her editing
    - She's exited for March. Her biggest meet and greet yet is on March 10 (so it happened already?) and secondly she's doing a talk at a university in front of business students. 
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  7. nopancakes added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    To be fair, if you learned powerpoint on windows 98, you're going to have some trouble with the new one.
    I haven't used powerpoint in 10 years so with this new version I too would need some refresher. 
    I just don't understand why you'd put that in your vlog. It's just so unnecessary and people will think you're dumb. 
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  8. nopancakes added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    I don't believe a word she says. Who wants to bet some white girl accidentally touched her while passing by? I mean, how likely is it for a white woman who likes girls to be in Japan to then sexually assault her. It's not impossible at all, but with Bri's over dramatic tendencies I'd take it with a grain of salt.
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  9. nopancakes added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    One of those rolling clothing racks.

    She didn't say much. She's getting tested to see why she's not getting pregnant (fair enough but if her husband isn't getting tested they're not going to get a complete picture. Maybe he's the problem), her grandfather is very ill but got made it out of surgery successfully, she showed some bts of her instagram video and the rest of the video is her talking about the million subs.
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  10. nopancakes added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    Isn't the schoolyear ending soon in Japan? We'll know soon whether or not she actually made it past freshman year I guess (or has the new year begun already? I can't really find info on the internet)
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  11. nopancakes added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    I honestly hate how this girl makes me feel. Sometimes I feel so sorry for her, and I just want her to snap out of it and get help because it's obvious she's actually deeply unsatisfied with her life and that she hates herself. But man, than she pulls some shit and is an all around bad person and I just wish she would get booted out of uni and Japan. She really brings out the worst in me and I hate it that this pathetic little girl can do that to me. I really need to learn not to care about strangers. Anyway, her makeup looks batshit crazy and she's acting like a stereotypical crazy woman regarding Sonny. Get over it sis
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  12. nopancakes added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I mean, if it's a really really good, warm coat that can last decades I kinda understand why someone would pay that much money for it. 
    I would never, but you know clothes can be an investment. But that coat doesn't seem like a good investment.
    Don't like the sweater she paired it with either
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  13. nopancakes added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    She's just using it to trick queer readers into buying her book. Have you read her book? Did she just mention it once or how did it play into the story?
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  14. nopancakes added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Not related to the whole men's magazine mess, but damn that bruise on her knuckles at the end looks painful.
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  15. nopancakes added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    Where I live in Europe it's actually super common to use a moving service, especially for bigger appliances and furniture . And when you live on the Xth floor of an apartment building because a lot of flats don't actually allow furniture in the elevators.Though movers in my country are usually incredibly underpaid and illegal workers from East-Europe so they don't want any trouble and are scared to be fired. Perhaps that's why they're more careful. Nick knacks that can be put in boxes are usually brought in by the owners, and movers don't help with packing at all if I'm right. Seems like Japanese movers are very careful with everything. I wonder how much Japanese moving companies usually ask. I also wonder if their uploading schedule is going to change once they've moved
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