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  1. Ashlee added a post in a topic Paranormal Stories   

    Well for starters I have always lived in haunted houses so ghosts dont really faze me that much anymore XD. and as for the history of the house, a man had killed both of his children before hanging himself in the basement, which interestingly enough i actively avoided because he was always down there and one of the few ghosts iv encountered that were not very nice. 
    The alien one involves sleep paralysis and is a VERY long story. But i will say that i found out later that i was one of many people that had the same thing happen to them in my area at the time.
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  2. Ashlee added a post in a topic Fake friend stories   

    Had a chick who one bullied me throughout elementary so im not sure why i thought it would be a good idea to be her friend. Anyway we ended up becoming kind of friends in high school but she was always extremely pushy and bossy and just an overall B. but it escalated years later when she stole from me so i cut her off and actually ended up moving away. then about a year later i ended up moving back and thought i would let bigons be bigons and was friendly with her again but by that time she was married and had two kids and it was a mutual friends of ours bachelorette  party. And the party was thrown at the chicks house so we all got really drunk and the night was fun until everyone started leaving that when things got bad. Her husband had escorted another lady home because she was really drunk and only lived like a block over; he escorted her at his wife's request. and apparently he took longer then she thought he should so she left to go see what was taking so long and claims she saw he getting touchy feely with her. keep in mind the chick he escorted was the wife of one of his best friends so the likelihood of him cheating on her with his best friends wife is slim to none. So she comes back and is noticeably upset and is throwing a fit. and she tries to tell me what she saw and i told her that one shes extremely drunk so what she saw is probably not what she thought and to keep things short he more than likely didn't cheat on her. she got mad because i didn't take her side and pretty much made me drive home while i was VERY drunk, but not until after threatening to fight me if i didn't leave. needless to say we are officially no longer friends.
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  3. Ashlee added a post in a topic Paranormal Stories   

    Well which one should I tell? Hmm.. well go with ghosts because those are short. I have lived in many a haunted house. But this one house we had this little problem of, any time anyone stayed longer then 24hrs they were bound to have their own name whispered in their ear, it freaked out many of my friends to the point i no longer could have slumber parties. In my room of that house you could always hear a little girl humming or singing if you got really quiet. 
    Another one i have is from collage, I should first point out the set up of the dorm; there where two beds one on either side that were elevated off the ground and have a desk under it, all the desks came with a regular rolling desk chair. I woke up from a dead sleep and when i looked down i saw my room mate sitting perfectly still in the rolling chair under her desk. keep in mind it was like 3am, so i started calling out to her asking her why shes awake and just chilling in the dark. but she wasn't responding which i though weird so i yelled her name thinking she may be sleep walking. next thing i know i see my room mates head pop up in her bunk across from me and when i looked back down to the chair there wasn't anyone sitting there.
    i do have more and an alien encounter story but that would take to long to write out and im at work right now
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  4. Ashlee added a post in a topic Game of Thrones   

    I agree but i'm still curious because Bran should have known what little finger was up to. And i'm surprised he doesn't say more or warn people. But maybe its to keep from altering whats supposed to happen?
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  5. Ashlee added a post in a topic Game of Thrones   

    So I was just sitting here thinking and what if the only reason Little finger wanted to get rid of Arya is because he saw her fight Brianna and realized she was a big threat to his plan. Because he had already convinced Sansa to send Brianna away then BOOM Arya shows up.
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  6. Ashlee added a post in a topic How to overcome shyness   

    Im going to take a piece of advice i once saw in a movie. every day or as often as possible go out side and sit on a bench or in a general waiting area and ask one person for the time. or just say hello to someone who sits beside you. and ask one person for one week then the week after that ask two and so on. and the idea is that as time passes it will be easier for you to speak to people. just take baby steps 
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  7. Ashlee added a post in a topic Help gaining weight?   

    First off its important that you dont gain weight TOO rapidly. First determine roughly how many calories you should be consuming. For me i eat around 2,000-2,500 a day because i am VERY active and visit the gym daily. If you are not very active then you're looking at about 1,000-1,500 a day. You should also find out what your current BMI is and what your healthy BMI is. My healthy BMI is 25-29. If you dont intend to be active while trying to gain weight you will want to eat more nutrient rich food that contain healthy fats such as avocados, coconut oil, and so on. If you intend to be relatively active while gaining then its safer to eat the heavier carbs like vegetable oils, and meats. You also may want to consider your portion sizes, simply increasing your portions could help.

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  8. Ashlee added a post in a topic What makeup style do you prefer?   

    I believe she is a model named Ashley Moore
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  9. Ashlee added a post in a topic Game of Thrones   

    But you gotta admit its possible GOT has a habit of doing the exact opposite of what the audience expects and he technically has a right to the throne. I mean we all thought he was still rowing and then BAM GUESS WHOS BACK WEILDING A HAMMER JUST LIKE HIS FATHER.
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  10. Ashlee added a post in a topic How to increase the size of my boobs and butt?   

    EXERSIZE, lift weights and ish, if you just start gaining weight you'll just have a weird flabby flat butt ._. gain muscle along with eating higher calorie content with larger amounts of protein to gain muscle. by working the targeted areas while working to gain weight you ensure that you have firmness to them as well and they are not just squishy. 

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  11. Ashlee added a post in a topic What makeup style do you prefer?   

    mine is very American .-.
    I normally do winged liner contour and highlight and if i'm feeling frisky some false lashes. and i LOVE a bold lip

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  12. Ashlee added a post in a topic Language exchange anyone?   

    LMAO i got English and das it and i barely have that X,D
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  13. Ashlee added a post in a topic Practising English   

    Of course it's worth a thread! English is hard to learn, so this thread could prove useful for anyone who does not speak English as their mother tongue.
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  14. Ashlee added a post in a topic The Mandela Effect   

    i have personally experienced the mandela effect with small stuff. for instance at my previous job we had uniforms with a small logo ob them that were always blue white and green and i went to work one day and all of the labels on EVERYONE were now black and white. and i was not the only one who noticed. then in the US we have chick-fil-a and alot of people remeber it being spelled chik-fil-a without the c. plus many many more!
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  15. Ashlee added a post in a topic How did you come up with your username?   

    my username is my name ._.
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  16. Ashlee added a post in a topic HANDSOME MEN   


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  17. Ashlee added a topic in Health & Wellbeing   

    Low impact workouts
    Hey so a couple years ago i had a back surgery in my lower back, but i LOVE working out so i was wandering if anyone has suggestions on some low impact exercising that i may be able to do while still taking it easy on my lower back. the only ones the doctors told me about was walking a swimming. and yes i have been cleared for physical activity.

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  18. Ashlee added a post in a topic Always hungry?!   

    yeah...id see a doctor because excessive hunger can be a multitude of things from simply having a fast metabolism to having a parasite and as we are the internet and don't have the capability to run tests or a medical degree to comprehend those results a doctor is your best bet.

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  19. Ashlee added a post in a topic Fasting   

    I fast whenever i start getting bloated really bad or if i start getting super sluggish or need to lose a little weight in a pinch. i normally don't go over five days and drink water the whole time so i dont get dehydrated. first two days suck and all i wanna do is sleep and i normally go to the bathroom a lot ( TMI i know but still) which is normal.but on day three i feel like i can run a marathon and conquer a small country XD. just make sure you drink water and dont do it for two long and dont use it as a means to lose ALOT of weight as that is very unhealthy and can hurt your body alot.
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  20. Ashlee added a post in a topic What to do during anxiety attacks   

    for me easiest way to get out of a panic attack is to use your senses. once you realize whats happening fond.
    one thing you can see and focus on it.
    two things you can feel (i.e carpet, couch cussion, bench)
    three things you can smell ( cooking food, freshly mowed grass, your shampoo)
    four things you can hear ( people talking, train in the distance, car horns or like music)
    just work through the list and count your sense focusing on each thing for a short period of time and kind of brings you out of your panic, or it works for me anyways.
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  21. Ashlee added a post in a topic Your Height and Weight   

    lmao pretty sure im the biggest person in here

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  22. Ashlee added a post in a topic How to get rid and move on from toxic friends   

    I had to deal with this a couple years back with someone i considered my best friend, i had to cut her of because she became so toxic to me and my life. years later we actually reconnected and she is no longer that person and has in my opinion grown up alot, and we are closer now then we ever were back then. 
    But if they are close friends you should confront them about it to see if they change but if it just end in an argument then cut them off, and know that if you cut ties there is no way you will walk away not looking like the bad guy and that is OK. because if these people are truly toxic to you and your life you need to put yourself first no matter how selfish it feels; because no one is responsible for your happiness but you and i promise they are not worth you giving up your own happiness.

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  23. Ashlee added a post in a topic Thoughts on large age-gaps in relationships?   

    In the US it is not uncommon for females to date older guys as a lot of the men in our own age group are still growing up and most are considered what we call fuck bois, because all they want to do is party and live it up. for example I am 20 and date guys that are usually between the ages of 25 and 30 because they are normally at a good place in life (i.e they no longer live with their mother and have there own vehicle). and i'm not trying to be anyone's taxi or pay for what I consider a grown ass man. Plus idk if other countries have them but in the US we have what are called Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddy's and its pretty much older men paying to date younger women, in return for the company and sometimes other stuff the older men pay for pretty much anything the woman wants (apartments, shopping ect.). some women even get them to pay for their college. Next is more likely and that is not that the younger one is being used/ manipulated but more the other way around, you'd be surprised what people will do for money and stability, and its very possible that a young women will get with a guy who she knows she would never be with on a normal basis but she uses him for his car, house and money. Now its also possible that they just prefer older men/ younger women as well. Not to say that its not possible for someone who is younger to be manipulated its just not as common as one would think.

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  24. Ashlee added a post in a topic Mavel!!!   

    ALL OF THEM. pretty much all of them are AMAZEBALLZ. minus super girl the TV series personally i hated the actress they cast for it and after the first couple episodes hated it. But other than that Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers, Doctor Strange, The Defenders with there individual shows (i.e Iron Fist, Luke Cage,) and so on are Fantastic in my opinion! 

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  25. Ashlee added a post in a topic Penny Dreadful   

    Love this show! and Harlot's is a good one thats set in the same era but its not as morbid and doesn't involve that supernatural aspect but its still a really good show with a great plot line! but be forewarned there is ALOT of sex. 

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