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  1. Kisaragi added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    If she was tagged in the photo I can just imagine Sarah just reuploading it and not tagging/mentioning the original artist like she always does 
    Loving those comments though, like everyone knows she's faking it and you're still trying to hide it lol
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  2. Kisaragi added a post in a topic sayathefox   

    Always love how they seem to think we're just jealous people, it's literally the only thing they can think of 
    And this forum isn't just for cosplayers, it's not just looks that get discussed, there's been many other things here in Saya's thread but only commenting on Photoshop etc
    Shunsuke must lurk here or something though to find that FFXV picture posted here and if he mentions when he sees someone posting about his friends. Don't like the forums you don't have to be here looking and if it bothers you   
    And for costume making, I don't recall her making one herself, I'm sure in one of her old post she mentions about buying them.
    I'll take a quick look 
    I thought I saw it on here in the past, but I read it here - read the whole story part
    That she mainly models/doesn't make them, I guess atleast she's honest there, always nice to see credit being given/mentioned to the original maker whenever she commissions a cosplay in some if her post.
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  3. Kisaragi added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    I'm late to comment, but I agree with the comments about his legs showing in that photo for attention, it's like literally half the photo are his legs , if he didn't want attention on them he should have cropped it or something or like turn to the side to show off the cosplay and have the bottom half covering some of your legs.
    It just makes me so sad that he's so rude to his fans on those comments, without your fans you wouldn't have a following.
    And I agree about the cosplay community, it's changed so much   you have time to make an extra layer, wouldn't it just be easier to remake the whole thing because I'll like to think he has enough material because it looks like quite a big piece in that WIP picture (or he doesn't have enough material and is just making a small layer to add, who knows OTL)
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  4. Kisaragi added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    I know I haven't posted on this thread before but I enjoyed reading it and reading your posts @GoMons
    I'll miss you 
    And same for me, I'm always interested in seeing how other cosplays scenes are around the world 
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  5. Kisaragi added a post in a topic sayathefox   

    I think I'm looking at the right place when she mentioned Wisperia
    Just taken from their faq, but there is a link that goes to there to read their terms before placing your custom order (just copy and paste as not sure how to quote on phone)
    But that's probably why they don't want to refund it all as they should have been read beforehand, I had a quick skim through their wigs and stuff and that's a bit sad to hear it wasn't up to quality as they seem to have a lot of amazing quality things on their page, but I hope she atleast she manages to sell the cosplay and hopefully get this new Aranea cosplay and maybe we'll finally see some photos 
    "Returns and refunds possible only if the item does not fit you because of our fault (e. g. didn’t use your measurements). In all other cases returns are not accepted.
    If you want to return item you have to write us in 24 hours after getting it and ship it in new box in 3 days at the same condition as received and provide  international tracking number. You will get 100% refund (without shipping fee) on order’s price only when it will be delivered to us the same condition."
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  6. Kisaragi added a post in a topic Venus' height (&weight)   

    I don't think Venus is lying about her height either, when she use to be in the UK, I saw her at an convention and had also walked passed her and I'm around 163cm and we were about the same height so probably grew a bit too with the extra cm as that was a few years ago now! 
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  7. Kisaragi added a post in a topic Kaddi Chan/ Kaddi Cosplay   

    I've been waiting to see if anyone would make a thread on her, all I can see is photoshop half the time, she always comes up on my news feed I think it's because of the cosplay circle group she shares in.
    When I looked at her page before I thought she'll have some more nicely shot photos like cosplayers do/share but most the time when your scrolling it's just selfies, nothing wrong with that but it'll just be nice to actually see the cosplay in action and have photos for them (? Unless i just follow alot that do that commonly) As im sure you'll atleast have some photos unless she rather not share them because they'll be different from what she normally post/looks like  
    Thank you for this thread too though and a nice summary with all the information! I enjoyed reading it! 
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  8. Kisaragi added a post in a topic Liui Aquino   

    I've been waiting to see more things about Liui ever since I read about the Miss incident when I was lurking. Then found out about Liui because I was a fan of Alodia (not sure if she does know the drama surrounding his callout post for her to comment on his post that she's supporting him but if she does I'm very disappointed like another user mentioned earlier, also makes me think about those ears and tails Liui supposedly made for her Judy Hopps cosplay), but I liked seeing his stuff come up but I always thought something was off about him though but after his call out post I lost respect for him. 
    And thank you omo_ for all your informative posts!! ♡
    I'm so sad about him taking the credit for his cosplays  I hope one day he sees that it's never okay to take credit for someone else's hard work/pass it off as your own it's just like stealing someone's art/work which they spend a lot of time on 
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  9. Kisaragi added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    I've lurked for a long time since the father posted but I just have to post this .__. When I saw that mask it made me think of the crazy frog, I don't even know why, maybe it's the eye holes 
    But that styling is not great at all
    I don't understand that extra shirt she has tied around when you're wearing 2 jackets already 
    Maybe its just me 

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  10. Kisaragi added a post in a topic Fetsu Chan   

    I remember Emily from years back, she sent me a friend request on Facebook back then too, it must have been the times where I had wigs, circle lenses and cosplay as my pictures back then, I think we only spoke a little bit to each other and I'll like her post in Facebook when they came up on my newsfeeds when she posted up when she got some new items for her wardrobe etc and when I was wondering how she was doing I thought I'll post on her wall to find out she deleted me so I just unfollowed her after, didn't know she has such a huge following now though and looks like we still have some mutuals which are friends who have cosplay pictures etc as their profile pictures.
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  11. Kisaragi added a post in a topic 麗華(REIKA)   

    Ahh Reika is one of those cosplayers that make me smile and make me so happy when I see pictures  I'm really excited for her next Uta Pri cosplay, it's been so long as I started following when I saw Uta Pri Ren cosplay 
    I hope everyone who wants to see her can!!!! So lovely!!!! And just like her photos and also takes amazing selfies with you 
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  12. Kisaragi added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    Her reply to that person Twitter DMs though...Really???
    "Taping isn't racist if it's done properly and in good taste"
    Like what??????? 
    I know it's been said before previously about eye taping and responses but honestly so disappointed in Knite, honestly so glad for PULL that I can see what happens because I want to support lovely people. And she doesn't have to sound so rude/aggressive to that Twitter user, just because a swear word was used doesn't mean you have to use it back.
    I wish more of her fans can see the type of person that she really is.
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  13. Kisaragi added a post in a topic Misa TW Cosplayer / Misa Chiang-米砂   

    I'm the same with how she made it not fit/unfitting on her, especially with all those different panels, you could easily sew them in by just sewing a bit more of the insides of the panel together? I was always told off when I didn't make things fitted. It would have been nice if she just wore a petticoat underneath just to puff her skirt a little. That other cosplayer cosplay looks amazing!
    I remember a bunch of friends on Facebook sharing her photos though back then, also when everyone was looking for her at MCM London when she was in her Judy Hopps cosplay. Totally different though from pictures she uploads but they are still her fans and were excited to meet her.
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  14. Kisaragi added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    I've been lurking for a while too in the other topics as well as this but I have to say I use to like Knites photos when I see it in my ig explore and spend time just going through her pictures and liking them and when friends shared her pictures on fb, but after seeing through all this and learning a lot more I can see past just her photos and the type of person she is. I remember I showed one of my friends before and they were just telling me how photoshopped the pictures were and why I liked this cosplayers photos.
    Have to say it's funny how Knite only replied to that comment out of all the other things on Twitter and nothing about the eye part and not being tagged in it either.
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