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  1. valenbanana added a post in a topic Your Height and Weight   

    158 cm and 58 kg i think. 
    i'm fine with my height but i'm on a diet bc I want to lose 10 kg (I been in a diet before, I was in 155 cm and 68 kg) 
    I feel lucky because most of my body fat accumulates in my boobs and ass (I still think that's disgusting but less than body fat in stomach or tights)
    (I hope this doesn't offend anyone, this is really personal and about MY own body)
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  2. valenbanana added a post in a topic What Are Some Things That Made You Leave a Fandom?   

    I'm the quiet type of fan at everything (anime, kpop, cartoons). Like, I don't like ship wars, discussing or screaming more than gossips and jokes. I was never in big groups of people because of a fandom or anything, I just show my shit to my friends and enjoy fanarts, doing cosplay, etc.
    Maybe if there is some drama I tell my opinion and then bye or just ignore it, but I'm not interested on those things as a PERSONAL thing.
    If I leave a fandom is because i'm not interested anymore or a big shit happening with the creator (for example that he's a misogynist, idk)
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  3. valenbanana added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    This is so cringey and awkward to see, they try so hard to look like a kawaii autistic anime couple but tbh it seems like they barely know each other. Also Manaki looks kinda uncomfortable
    Btw her japanese is always really cringey kawaii desu nya too (the "pon", "desU" and stuff)
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