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  1. eh added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    She’s been jumping on political social media ever since she decided a career of being fake woke on sustainability and capitalism. She suddenly becomes aware and talks about large issues yet neglects to talk about “minor” political issues that surrounded her previously. Ellicott City is 22 minutes away from Baltimore by car. Baltimore has been known for its high crime rates poverty yet I have not heard her talk about it. But maybe that is best cause that way she won’t take the suffering of others for her own personal gain.  
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  2. eh added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    So someone in GG said that her Amazon video was reuploaded. 
    Edit: Well that was deleted fast.
    Ashley’s manager works hard to remove the videos, but her former fans work harder. Someone also archived the video as well in the WayBack Machine too.
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  3. eh added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    What’s with Ashley’s logic? What makes her assume that her professor didn’t fail at their career at Fox and pursued teaching as a back-up plan?  Why do I feel like she also insulted her parents in a sense as well? 
    If she wanted to get a teaching position - let’s say at a prestigious university, she would need to go to grad school and pursue a PhD. In order to get into the grad school of her choice, she would need to take GREs. She should do research as well to boost her chances of getting into a grad school. She should talk to professors that are in her field of interest to establish a connection with them. She would need to deal with politics that are involved with academia and if she has an awful advisor, good luck to her. She would need to defend her dissertation if she wants to obtain a PhD, which she needs to defend her thesis against criticism that is held by the board.
    There’s things that I have missed or I am wrong about, but this is a glimpse of what she might have to do to pursue a degree higher than bachelor’s. I feel that her parents might help her with this process, but who knows.
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  4. eh added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Lol all good. Anyways, there was someone from GG talking about how Ashley has another depop account. Idk if she learned her lesson from last time, or she’s trying to be more sneaky about selling PR. 
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  5. eh added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Do you mind giving me links to where you searched that it’s illegal to sell PR gifts? Cause I am seeing the FTC guidelines and nothing shows up. From what I have read, it isn’t illegal to sell PR gifts. However, if there was a contract between Ashley and a company, the company can press a civil suit cause she violated contract terms. 
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  6. eh added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Idk about y’all but doesn’t it seem disturbing that she is relying on her young audience to make herself feel better? Another thing that disturbs me is the fact that she actively oversteps her boundaries seek some sort of connection. (Ah la, talking about her family’s mental health to strangers, her tiktok videos, etc) Ashley, from what I have seen, has been fostering cyclic short term validation through her audience. That is not sustainable, nor is it a solution to her insecurity.
    Kind of OT:

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  7. eh added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    Anyways it seems that Cowsel is really thin-skinned. You’re always gonna have people talk about you if you present yourself to the internet. The fact that she keeps flaunting about herself being mixed makes me think that she has a superiority complex due to her race.  Like yikes. Thinking you’re better than someone on the basis of race...
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  8. eh added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Ashely got a degree with honors and she managed to understand what to do in order to get her degree, to use the excuse of her being young, is not valid at all. 
    Like tbh it’s kind of insulting to her intelligence in a sense, she can’t determine that it’s wrong to bring Ryan over during a pandemic or oversharing topics just because of her age? 
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  9. eh added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Thanks for the clarification y'all! Really appreciate it!
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  10. eh added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Uh do you mind explaining how the books she shilled promotes to right wing extremists? I saw the link and I don’t understand where your conclusion comes from.
    But it does makes sense that she would shill books like that imo. She agreed and collaborated with Amazon, a company that also gives a platform to neo-nazis and white supremacists.
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  11. eh added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    If girl is so horny, why doesn’t she just buy a sex toy. Like emotional connection is nice and all but with her personality, idk if anyone wants to be with her. 
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  12. eh added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    She’s just fueling her fragile ego at this point. She’s still romanticizing colleges even though she had a mental breakdown while studying at UCLA. Has she ever thought that a similar situation would have happen if she attended Stanford? 
    Ashley made her degree useless by not applying it, she did a disservice to herself. 
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  13. eh added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    How far is their head up their asses to realize that they should stay at home and not infect their families. Why are they not staying at home. People of Asian descent are getting assaulted at a higher rate bc of the virus and shit like this makes it worse. 
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  14. eh added a post in a topic Michelle Choi   

    Do you have any proof?
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  15. eh added a post in a topic Alyssa D. Silos (Alythuh)   

     Two of her works have have anime references to them, and tbh, it looks like she just got an image and pasted it there. From what I have noticed, she uses the same facial features thick lips, small nose for a majority of her work as well which is a great way to represent POC. /sarcasm Hopefully the pictures arent that big, idk how to format it to a smaller size...
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