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  1. StrangeAnimal added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    lol, Michael McCrudden thinks that Sniperwolf got 120 million views in July BECAUSE of the Faze Censor drama. 
    No, of course that wasn't it. Everyone at the time saw the exact opposite happening, she was already getting ~4 million views a day = 120 a month and then after the Faze Censor drama she took a huge hit.*/  
    It's just the most ridiculous thing, MM is so terrible, why would he think that and why would he claim that.  
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  2. StrangeAnimal added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Yeah, she makes a good point. I love how she says "cuz she's getting money", it's so funny. The only thing I don't like about that video is that Lia looks really upset and angry all the time, not her usual relaxed self. However it's understandable considering she was under stress and felt attacked by this girl.    
    So you're saying if a girl does everything and is producing a pornographic video every week that she isn't a pornstar and can't be called one? She was completely right to use the word porn star. If she was in porn videos I don't care if they're not the porn version of hollywood... pornographic videos whether full-blown movies with scripts or not means porn star to me. Porn star is an idiomatic term, you can't just interpret each word individually. If you want to say cam girl to someone who has no idea about cam girls you'd say porn star. What do you want to say... adult performer? Porn actress? These conversations are getting more and more ridiculous. 
    Good, bet it won't go anywhere or do anything. 
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  3. StrangeAnimal added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    I'm talking about her streaming the Crash games lol, that came out on PS4. The streams were later deleted and she clearly wasn't raging or doing anything funny on those streams. I'm not saying her stream crashed. Many other streams where she is just playing with subs on her smurf account or with digital, the charity stream, and set to private or deleted. It wouldn't make a lot of sense for her channel to be dotted with 3+ hour streams every few days as new fans are trying to find the videos they are most interested in.  
    Okay, well that proves they're privated then. But you won't get that from just typing in the URL where it looks like they're just not available and youtube is doing badly to mark some as private when you try going to them and others not. Lia and maybe Sausage are the only people who know for sure why she privated them. 
    She knows people are going to use her Overwatch playlist, so it is completely reasonable for her to cut out the bits from hours and hours of footage she believes aren't as useful for them. Or hell maybe they don't show her in the most complimentary way, I'm pretty sure you do away with your bad pictures and keep your good ones. It does not mean she is trying to hide them from people. 
    Sure but as I pointed out technically she didn't acknowledge it was a lie because she could have started doing youtube in 2013. But it is true she started in 2010, that was one of her main lies. It doesn't mean she is a terrible person forever, give her a break. 
    stateofemotion you stated all kinds of inaccurate things here. For example saying the cam-girl didn't make money out of it because it was labelled Sniperwolf isn't true, because people find out and might still want to watch her even though it's not Sniperwolf. That's hardly a far reach. Was never reported in OW? lol, I am pretty sure haters somewhere must have reported her and they were all ignored due to being baseless. She called her a porn star because she is one, that's what a girl that produces pornographic videos is by definition.  
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  4. StrangeAnimal added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Well that does surprise me, because I've seen streams such as of Lia streaming Crash or similar disappear after a little while. Maybe she deletes every one as a matter of routine after a while, but it is strange to think she is going back and deleting them all. 
    You are 100% mistaken.
    edit: So apparently some videos can somehow change from private to "not available" as part of another youtube bug. So because of this, maybe it is possible it did say that when UnlockedPotential viewed it, but I do not see it and have not seen it and never seen or heard of anything like that happening before: Sounds very, very strange and what are the odds it would happen in the past few hours.!msg/youtube/evLXtFt7FRo/vs77nUI2DgAJ
    You write an awful lot, maybe if you spent more of that time doing the most basic checks on what you're saying and I'm tired of giving people the benefit of the doubt. I bolded another ridiculous thing you said, that if we have the URL and can't view them they must be private... it takes a fraction of a second to think how that statement isn't right. You write and write and write and so many accusations, allegations and conclusions and many of them all wrong.
    "This video is unavailable" comes up, just like every single one of her other streams and her previous unlisted urls. So no she didn't private them to hide them like you say. 
    This is what you'd see if it were private: 

    Are you having a laugh? Lia is on rare occasions uploading double, that is a RARE thing for her. The reason she does it now. almost every single time, is when she has a gaming video that she knows will get like 200k so she uploads a reaction video as well so not to disappoint the people looking for a reaction video and not to slow down her youtube momentum. That happens rarely and this is a completely different situation in every way. She has never uploaded two reaction videos in one day.  
    Well the one good point you made is that they don't automatically delete. Maybe her network deletes them then or maybe she deletes them just to avoid clutter on her youtube, but they get deleted. So your conclusion "she privated these specific ones to hide them from people" turns out to be wrong. 
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  5. StrangeAnimal added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    UnlockedPotential said she deleted them to hide her gameplay but at least if they are unlisted they get deleted automatically after a while.  
    I just noticed that after uploading once a day for months, Azzyland has started uploading twice a day over the past few days and her views per video don't appear to be suffering. This seems like a really aggressive move, it effectively doubles her income but also her workload, and it will likely end up in people being sick of the videos a lot more quickly. I can't believe it's a coincidence she chose this exact time to try to start a fight with Sniperwolf also, for some reason she is on full attack mode. I was arguing earlier that reaction videos aren't a fad going to run out... but if she's uploading two every day, that's bound to hurt the category through overexposure especially if a lot of the audience is the same. It's as if she's trying to kill the golden goose.           
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  6. StrangeAnimal added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Lots of her youtube livestreams get deleted after a little while even totally innocuous ones playing with friends or 1-player games, I'm pretty sure the process is automatic to save youtube space. That's part of why you don't see livestreams of her from way back through her channel, if they are unlisted they also disappear after a while and you can't access them anymore. So your conclusion that "she made them private to hide these videos from people looking at her streams" isn't very safe, I also notice you specify "private" and not "deleted". I get that you think it's worth documenting, maybe part of why she has it like that is so haters won't pull up things years later of her cursing or something. I wouldn't count on a livestream of any youtuber being there a long time after it was broadcast. And if she is cleaning up her main channel she could put them as private or delete them.
    yeah, I do like her, but I always try to be fair.  How boring and fake nearly all of the rest of the really popular people on youtube are.  
    I can't really talk much about Overwatch since I don't play it, but if you put something in a game that isn't against the rules then the really competitive people are for sure going to exploit it to the maximum. If according to the game she is solo queueing then I can understand why she would do it even though she's joining with the same people. It's not a person's own responsibility to police themselves. If you could use a weapon or make a movement in the game in a faster or better way than it was supposed to be done then I'm pretty sure everyone would soon start doing that. Also she said those things about solo queueing being bad when she was speaking with friends (so she's not going to want to downtalk them) and she said it in season 2, and as we know the game often drastically changes between seasons, particularly if people are stream sniping her.   
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  7. StrangeAnimal added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    I have never seen the word "dead" being used like that ever. Being dead means noone plays it/watches it/does it anymore. Not that you don't like it or that it's one of the most popular things around. Dead is when the game is a ghost town and people aren't playing anymore. I've seen a lot of things being called "dead" suspiciously, but I have NEVER seen the most popular game/series/category being called dead at the literal height of its popularity.  
    Well, maybe I missed the tide of when I should have liked it because I'm liking it now when she puts for example those grandparents on Facebook messages out. I am HIGHLY suspicious of some of the text messages, but the most of the facebook messages seem legit. She could make reaction videos about anything, it doesn't have to be things people said in text.  
    It's because they're selling someone's reaction to a tragedy and this often annoys people. The point is it's a tragic event, not the fact that it's a reaction.   
    It's not just their telling you what's going on and their opinion, it's also their reaction.
    Okay, this is the one criticism of it that's legitimate, that they're using other people's content. 
    It is 100% not a "fad". A fad is something that everyone does for a while and soon gets sick of and it's gone. An example would be fidget spinners or mailing yourself. Reacting to stuff is an inherent part of life, it can't be a fad. The only reason it hasn't been on tv for decades is because of copyright issues. 
    While you can criticize for the reaction content, such as text messages, I don't see how you can say that anyone reacting to and commenting on anything is just bad. 
    What do you do when you're not doing anything? You look at what other people are doing. Well that's what Sniperwolf is doing, and reacting to it. Vlogs all the time every day are boring.  
    First you said it would be so easy for her, all she has to do is put up the videos and that would prove everything, now you're saying "what's the point of that, that could be anyone"? Can't have it both ways.    
    Exactly, her reaction videos are many times more popular. On mixer only about 200-400 people watch her from what I've seen. You could say she only does gaming videos now because she likes it and as a service to her long-time fans. 
    Well, Luminosity48 on Twitter who was top 500 says she's not boosted. 
    Don't make it so that no matter what she does she can't win. 
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  8. StrangeAnimal added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    How can the idea be "dead" when it's the most popular thing on youtube? Apart possibly from blogs they're far by the most highest viewers category of video on youtube right now. 
    Reacting is the most natural and every day thing that everyone does. If you turn on the news, you see people reacting to things, they say let's go to our correspondant for their "reaction". If you watch sports you hear the reaction of the commentator.  If you watch something with someone or even talk to them guess what, they react. Say that it's not changing the original content enough if you want but I don't know how you can say it's "dead" as if it were some kind of fad or something. As long as there are human beings and content there will room for reacting to it.  
    I love the reaction videos, I think they are the perfect complement to her vlogs which might get a bit boring if she did them every day.  
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  9. StrangeAnimal added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    I don't know of any time that has happened. I'd be really interested in seeing that if it did happen though, any time that Sniperwolf has ever copied Azzyland or uploaded just after her.  
    It is a bit funny, but not in a bad way imo. Lia doesn't have to say anything and Sausage is put to good use. 
    It's clear as daylight that Azzyland is just trying to start drama shit with Lia here. Is Azzyland of all people becoming a snowflake? Like you I think it's really out of the blue and surprising, but I guess part of her intention is to shock people and get attention for herself. I don't know whether she is having some sort of mental breakdown or possibly she is seeing people like Banks and Alissa Violet doing outrageous stuff to attention and wants some herself. I always find it sad to see people say things and act in ways they know are a complete scam. In a way she's not even really attacking Sniperwolf, more like offering to pretend fight for drama while Sniperwolf is having none of it. Now if we're going to point out bad behaviour then we have to point out good behaviour as well.  
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  10. StrangeAnimal added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    I thought she meant that she played support first and then switched to DPS and had success, that's what I got from it. And she did solo queue.  
    She streams all the time, she doesn't have to save every one and upload them all. She doesn't have to answer or prove anything against this random girl Sylvibot making these claims. 
    There are like 6 people still actively interested in this and giving her views on it. If she wanted to keep it going she could have made a video responding to Sylvibot. By not talking about it or acknowledging it except to defend herself she isn't creating conspiracies.
    yeah, I was very surprised by this from Azzyland. It's very different from the character she has portrayed herself as being. I think she is trying to grab attention and leach off Sniperwolf for views. 
    It was Azzyland who was 100% copying Sniperwolf with her Fake Homeless people within a week, and then as you pointed out the Crazy Fans video within 24 hours. The latter was just ridiculous and I'm really beginning to believe that in itself was a ploy by Azzyland to get more attention - even if it's by being seen to have copied her. I don't know of any situation where Sniperwolf actually copied Azzyland. Meanwhile Azzyland has been up Sniperwolf's butt since day one - from Cosplaying to gaming to reaction videos, who knows if Azzyland even likes playing games.  
    Azzyland has been copying her so much I really think she is just taking the piss with this remark. Maybe she figures that if people are saying she copies Sniperwolf then she should turn it around. It is such utter bullshit to say Sniperwolf is copying her. 
    In other ways they're much different though - Azzyland has been hugely boosted by Kwebbelkop, like AlissaViolet was by Jake Paul and Team 10. Kwebbelkop is also really hot and young girls like him a lot, so then they go and subscribe to Azzyland. He is also like a celebrity in Netherlands, Azzyland is getting all that untapped market. Not sure many girls are discovering Sniperwolf from Sausage's good looks and (mostly) failed weight loss videos.  The only way we know for sure Sausage clearly helped Sniperwolf's channel... apart from the whole Sausage editor and mastermind theory which may be true to an extent, is by providing her with gameplay at first. 
    100% a tease. For sure she does look good and knows how to look sexy. 
    It's everything about her is just to copy Sniperwolf. How effective it is to have the thumbnail with your massive shocked face isn't obvious at all, I am pretty sure Sniperwolf was the first ever person to understand how this is the best way to make a reaction video thumbnail and Azzyland just copies it. Look at the Fake Homeless and Crazy Fans thumbnails and Azzyland even uses the same wording and the same damn jokes in some of the videos. That's not cool at all and Sniperwolf would be well within her rights to claim copyright on her for it.  
    omg... Azzyland is now claiming Sssniperwolf used to bully her? wtf?!?! 
    How could that make any sense? Bully her over the internet?! And Azzyland used to have such a squeaky clean reputation... she seems like she's trying to create drama and trigger Sniperwolf. damn, it seems like every last youtuber apart from Sniperwolf now is just being a whore for drama. I can't think of any way this could have any truth at all. I never would have thought of Azzyland as a liar, honestly I would have suspected Sniperwolf more since we know she lied in the past but I never saw Azzyland do anything like this before.  
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  11. StrangeAnimal added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    That doesn't contradict what she said. She played more games as not-Lucio than she did Lucio even in the season that you selected. 
    I want to ask this in the nicest possible way, but why didn't you point out how she lost more as Lucio (Support) and started having more success when she started playing Soldier (DPS) as she stated in her video? Serious question, wondering your answer to this.
    As Soldier she won 27 and lost 14. 
    As Lucio she won 73 and lost 63. 
    Funny I don't seem to recall Sylvibot mentioning this either. 
    I agree it's a gray area, that's the way team games go. In 1v1 games you can tell instantly. Also isn't one of the whole points of team games is that you get to know and trust your team mates, understand their strengths and weaknesses and bond etc. That all goes out the window with solo queueing. The only way her skill would not be a gray area would be if she was signed up to play on a pro team or something like that.   
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  12. StrangeAnimal added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    UnlockedPotential why are you bringing up and posting completely random old videos of Sniperwolf? People are already saying this thread is a mess, what's the point in looking at old videos and posting them with no reason for doing so? Before we would have like a few days where nothing happened with Sniperwolf, then something would happen and we would chat about it. I just don't get what's with all this??? 
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  13. StrangeAnimal added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    I'm sorry but I think this is your worst post. First of all, I also can't fathom how people could get THAT fat, could become landwhales like that. It's an extremely common feeling. Like why didn't someone just stop bringing them food at some point? People like that probably have metabolic and some other disorders, but it's still amazing to think how they could get like that. I think the vast majority of people get that sort of feeling about these ridiculously fat people, including Sausage. Sausage is completely normal by comparison. Sausage is just regular fat, he isn't ridiculously fat... and his weight loss makes him look nearly normal. Lia even prefaces it by saying she doesn't want to sound like an asshole, she's even apologizing in advance for how it might sound, even though it's a really understandable and common feeling. I also think you are wrong about Lia not being THICC and instead having a fat ass, afaik you are the only person who is saying that or who thinks Lia doesn't have a great looking body and claiming she is having trouble with her weight. Sniperwolf looks much better now than when she was extremely skinny imo.   
    Thanks for posting the thumbnail anyway, I tried to do that but it wouldn't work for some reason.
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  14. StrangeAnimal added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Her latest thumbnail (these twins share everything)....  
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  15. StrangeAnimal added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    I don't see what's so bad about it though. She's not getting Tarte products in the mail and suddenly "look guise, this is my big secret to looking great, you can look the same way!" like some beauty gurus appear to do. 
    Agree, especially the pay for play as we discussed. I saw a tweet from her stating how they completely removed microtransactions from Battlefield 2 however so at least somewhat self-aware.    
    yeah, like Keem and his stupid G-fuel. I don't really use Instagram so it's no relevance to me.  
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