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  2. StrangeAnimal added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Agree. Unfortunately they might be doing another as Mariale stated she missed her on Twitter and Sniperwolf said: "Me too ūüėę I'll come see u soon ūüíē". I hope Lia is just being polite and trying to poach her viewers and doesn't actually like her.
    I'm not swayed on that either. While Lia did insult boobie streamers about how little they do for views, she was talking more along the lines of camgirls and people like Zoie Burgher where it's practically the whole show so I think she had a point. Even when Sniperwolf does do it she usually does it in an interesting and professional and sometimes "ironic" way. Like in that video where she was cleaning the car in a sexy way.
    If you look at her thumbnails nowadays, there are sometimes like 5 in a row of her with this same shocked expression on her face, with opened mouth and her face at an angle, sometimes she puts her hand up to her mouth as well... all more or less the exact same shot. She seems to have worked out that this is the perfect generic reaction thumbnail for getting views and goes to town with it, and she clearly seems to know what she's doing. If you look at Azzyland's reaction videos too, there's a ton of this opened mouth shocked look.  
    ikr, I love her charisma in some of those early videos, and it's interesting how she evolved. Don't tell the haters but a big part of why I even watch and rewatch those videos is just to see more videos and images of her, especially ones she deleted. But I appreciate the good work done by some of those people in exposing her and she is often a complete and malicious liar.  
    yeah, mostly talk but also she could be a fighter. She says things like "I'd fight that girl too if they talked that way about my family" in her reaction videos, I do think she might if it was the right situation. But like, how many people really get into a real life situation where violence looks like a good idea. She brought up something before about how she "didn't burn your house down" talking about EH I think when she had his address, omg paranoia would get to me if anyone ever said that to me, but she has gotten away with so many statements.      
    Like how she called the girl in the thumbnail a hoe, or how she tells her young girl fans about how toxic an environment it is when so many celebrities are getting all that work done and touching up their images when she does it as much as she can herself. 
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  3. StrangeAnimal added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Dude, I think I can like someone without having ambitions of being romantically involved with them. I think Sausage is "ok", I don't hate him like many do and I don't want to fight him. Also I think Lia values computer game skill over real fitness. In her 2012 ComicCon video Sniperwolf said looks aren't that important to her and even like a 600lbs guy might have a chance with her if he was good at videogames, which is remarkably accurate to how it turned out. It's things like this that makes me think Lia really is genuine, but I also point out her faults as well. I always try and be fair, not a hater or a hopeless fan. I figured this site was almost all girls (and it probably is on many threads) so it's nice to see a few other guys here as well. I really like talking about Sniperwolf and appreciate the people here.
    This is veering on a "hater" theory but I wonder if Sausage being out of shape is actually advantageous to Lia for her male audience. He is less threatening to them. If she got for example Faze Censor, then some of her male fans might be put off a bit like by the sheer power he has. Or if someone thought about Yanet Garcia or Alissa Violet it's sort of in the bank of their minds, "you'd have to get past that guy first". But with Sausage "that guy" isn't very threatening. Sssniperwolf has acknowledged this effect herself - she said in her video about Enigmahood that he figured "she's with this guy, that must mean I have a chance!". I think Lia is more interested in subscribers than getting the best possible partner. 
    I'm not saying that she intentionally went out of her way to get a fat guy to cause this effect - when Sausage met Lia first, he was pretty average and fairly in shape more or less. But she kind of "fell into" the situation, and now she is seeing how it's working out for her so maybe that's part of what puts her off breaking up with him and going for someone like Faze Censor instead.... and of course the whole financial and legal bind she's in, nevermind the reputational damage she would get if he exposed her for all the games he played for her. He probably has a bunch of extremely incriminating videos of Lia hidden away, triple-encrypted just to hold over her in case she ever wanted to do something like that.
    yeah he was pretty average or maybe a bit above average.  I think it's sad what happened to her man and I hope he manages to lose more of it and keep it off. MissBlitzIV even had a theory that Lia wasn't allowing Sausage to lose weight, there are some really weird haters out there.  
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  4. StrangeAnimal added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    True but it could still happen though that her address would somehow get leaked as I explained, it's an extra risk. 
    I've "come out" a few times that I actually like Sniperwolf a lot. But for sure she deserves to be in the snowflake section because there are lots and lots of huge lies that we are all 100% certain on, the gameplay alone.   
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  5. StrangeAnimal added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    She was saying how there was noone around to help her do it, but her Stinray was right next to her in the garage. She literally wouldn't even have to move the cars, just connect the cables. It would have been a three minute job, a few more if she had to look it up online. She could have popped out to the shop in the other car to get jumper cables. I checked Mercedes Benz online and couldn't find any special indications about the battery or jump starting. On the contrary there are many step by step instructions specifically for Mercedes Benz, a 50 second youtube video.     
    I think she did do that without stating it. It was a confusing video. I watched it again and I seriously can't believe the amount of time we were "on hold" talking to customer service or an automated machine. That's some great content right there huh?    
    Also isn't she trying to keep her address top secret? Complete strangers know it now, they might also tell others her general location and someone could figure out her address from that. It's probably unlikely she would get doxxed from this but once her address got out there's no putting it back, she could be swatted or god knows what. For the sake of not being bothered to jumpstart it herself or getting Sausage or her brother or anyone, like she's supposed to be interested in cars... but DAT ASS THUMBNAIL.  
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  6. StrangeAnimal added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Pushing it up into her garage to get it to start, lol.
    I wonder if she accidentally left the lights on or something and didn't want to admit it. That's what springs to my mind straightaway if a car battery is mysteriously dead. She didn't offer any other explanation.  
    On Twitter she is basically acknowledging that she could have jumpstarted it by herself with the other car right next to it but apparently didn't have the cable. Maybe she also thought it might be different for a non-standard car and didn't want to damage it. I'm not faulting her or anything, she has so much money I guess she can afford to get someone else to do it. 
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  7. StrangeAnimal added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Thanks for posting, that's the one in Kavos' video.  
    At 2:45 you can hear her voice start to crack a bit and get extremely hateful.... "there's this one.... stupid.... fucking.... cunt", and what a surprise... it's a girl!!! ... and she spends about half the video talking about her - saying she should kill herself, that she would legit physically assault her, she's an ugly Mexican, no life and is poor and glitches a lot. Because she said she thought she had low self esteem? Despite the forum filled with guys apparently spending 10 hours a day talking about her she picks out the girl. It's also funny to see this incredibly thin, tiny 5" 4 girl talking about legit beating someone's "scrawny ass"  , especially a Mexican girl, when they often have a few extra toned pounds. I also think she kind of looks better in a lot of these videos than she often does today, with all her current makeup, lips, work done, getting "fat" etc. But it's very hard to believe that everyone is so toxic towards her for no reason, maybe it was her own behaviour. 
    I wish she did another hater video or another youtube reaction one like reacting to Michael McCrudden or any youtube commentary. As long as she doesn't lie in them, perform extreme slander etc. trying to severely damage other people by lying. I thought the WoahVicky was fine, but WoahVicky is so stupid maybe she should just be ignored. I like her reaction videos sometimes, but just not all the time. Like how you say UnlockedPotential she will rarely react to her own content, apart from the Cinamon challenge. 
    I notice that her car vlog only got 233k  views, which is extremely low for her, especially for an outdoor vlog and one with her sister. The only lower one in the past over a month is the opening loot boxes. It used to be like that her reaction videos would get around 400k, and then if she did a vlog it would get like 1m or 2m. Now it seems like her reaction videos are getting more, despite all the effort the vlogs take. I hope it doesn't discourage her from doing vlogs. 
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  8. StrangeAnimal added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Today she said they didn't have money growing up, even to get braces. Her dad did have money though according to her old tweets, also someone online says they lived in a wealthy neighbourhood. But she has been consistent claiming she hasn't seen a cent of it. 
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  9. StrangeAnimal added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Her mom and dad's relationship also can't be that rosey if her mom is actively participating in something that her dad clearly forbid. She said a few times before about her father saying not to trust anyone, I used to think it was fairly good advice. But "backstab" and "sister" are really graphic terms for a father to be telling his children. Sausage used to call him Jafar, which sounds like a pretty good description now! She also put on a strong Arab accent, so he must be the real deal and not someone who is culturally western. You would think that for someone with hostility towards western culture in terms of sexuality etc., that Lia would try to get her dad to understand rather than being so confrontational and shoving it in his face? if he is as unstable and bad as she says he is, why torment someone who has these issues, and you also never know what he might do if some time he breaks and has strong islamic views. tbh though I kind of like it because it's fun to watch. Her mom sounds so strange, if you listen around 11:35 and then she's about to say something else but Lia cuts the video. Maybe she has some kind of speech impediment. I'd like to hear her just talking.  
    yeah, having Sausage in it would really be the icing on the cake against her dad wouldn't it? Just taking all his women into the wilderness...   
    I think that in theory there should have been enough for a vlog here - with her mom and sister, and with the ATV or whatever they're called. But her sister and her were too random and silly, at times they were making a lot of random noises - maybe that appeals to little kids. At one point her sister was talking about someone at work she knew, and I think you could see on Lia's face "ugh this is going to be dumb". Maybe this is meant to be experience for her sister and she's meant to get better over time, I think she has a little bit already. But imo Digital Nex is by far the best person she has in her vlogs he's really funny and he also won't just fake everything with her even though he's obviously very aware of her real skills in Overwatch.    
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  10. StrangeAnimal added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    I love it how one day her dad tells her her sister can't be in any more of her videos videos, then two days later it's like: "Me, my sister and my mom go out for a drive.  It could be done in advance, but I don't think so since she references her dad which isn't usual. I agree that it isn't such a great vlog, her sister isn't anywhere near as good as her. It was a little boring.  
    oh shit, she's started following TweetDeleter. She might delete everything before she started her Sssniperwolf channel, just like she deleted SexySexySniper. If you plan on archiving her tweets for the future maybe you need to do it now.  
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  11. StrangeAnimal added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    I guess if they're uploaded gradually we can all react to them together. Like a book club or something.  The way she used to drive is honestly a disgrace, I just hope for the safety of everyone that she has grown out of that. She acts the same way on the road as if she is in game raging.
    It reminds me of that vlog she did where she said she literally kept next to a lorry, matching his low speed, on a two-lane road, just to block someone up behind her who really wanted to go ahead of her. And it wasn't about him cutting her off earlier or anything, she seemed to be more like just trolling him and laughing at how angry he was getting. And about another situation she aggressively stated that it doesn't matter who it is, nobody is going to get ahead of her ever "it just won't happen". This was when she was like 19-20, not long after she started driving and when she was probably driving a normal car. She had no idea whether that guy was extremely late for something, whether it was an emergency, whether it was a crazy dude, he would never get ahead of her.  
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  12. StrangeAnimal added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Domestic violence. Again, these records are disappearing. Someone should probably save this video in case it disappears as well as it's the only piece of evidence I can find of it now:
    Here is what I have for him from the 2016 arrest: 
    So again he looks harmless but if he loses his temper he can potentially be very dangerous. This is again circumstantial but - that was in April and her video about her dad getting a restraining order against her was in July, so that sounds like the right timeframe for Sausage and her father to have gotten into an argument, him trying to call the police and Sausage not allowing him to and then later getting a restraining order. 
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  13. StrangeAnimal added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    yeah, we would need to see him on camera for a while before we could we get a real sense of who he is. He also hates dogs, which is really interesting because dogs are considered really unclean in Islam, I think it is quite likely he is a practising muslim. Borderline sexual is a bit of an understatement.   There are lots of parents even in the west who wouldn't even allow a lot of her videos to be watched if they came on tv, they would switch to another channel. I can imagine him being furious with Lia's sexuality.    
    I rewatched the relevant parts of the video again and it's interesting what you pick up after something happens and you think about it more sometimes. How her sister said "call(ing) the fucking police" when Lia said so here she is in the video. It sounds out of place for me at first, like why would anyone call the police over that. But if he has a restraining order against her for harassment (which Lia claims) then maybe he has it in his mind to call the police if Lia harasses him, depending on the terms of the order there could be an argument this is harassment, so that could be what she's referring to. It also shows that her sister also doesn't like her dad very much and is kind of giving him the finger as well. I love Lia's body language and the smug way she says it though, (which she has a right to be this time). A bit like how she referred to Enigmahood's case in the Michael McCrudden video "it's not slander if it's true"... (which she had no right to say at all), and must have been infuriating to EH when she knew it wasn't true at all. I'm not sure if she should be goading him like that though, with some people it's just like religion is part of them and they can't let go so just try to get along maybe if possible.     
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  14. StrangeAnimal added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    I have been reading around and read mixed things about whether it would be even possible to get a restraining order like that. I mean some people have been denied restraining orders when they are black and blue from violence. Some states will not allow a restraining order without a clear threat of physical violence, though in Arizona apparently you can get it against immediate family members for harassment. Usually I would believe something like this she said because why the fuck would she make it up, but you never know with her. The other possibility is maybe he was literally afraid of her and Sausage. And I don't think they expire or anything do they? You'd have to go to court to have it removed. Restraining orders are serious, you're really not supposed to get one and then come together for a family gathering with the normal meaning of the term... though if it's a protective order maybe it just about makes sense.
    Because she took her mom to the beach, yeah right.  I'm pretty sure her mom is a fully grown and able-bodied, competent adult and can do as she likes, informing him or not.  
    Maybe she said something about her dad that could be claimed to have violated the restraining order? Maybe her lawyer talked to her? I might be completely wrong here just thinking aloud. But that wouldn't explain the "no upload today" tweet at all... unless she wanted to save this upload for a later date cutting out what was required. Then she spoke to her lawyer out of hours and they figured it would be okay? No real evidence of this just trying to figure it out. 
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  15. StrangeAnimal added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    There was another story where she was at her mom's house and sat on Evan and her dad freaked the fuck out. I think there was also another incident where he threw a plate and broke it. She has like 1,500 videos so it's kind of hard to find them, I tried calculating how much time it would take to view them all and it's scary, like hundreds of hours. One video where she talks about him a lot is of course the "he got a restraining order against me" one. Very, very strange, judges generally don't give out restraining orders for nothing especially against someone's own daughter. 
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