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  1. Onee-sama added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / holyterrainbri   

    Congrats, Bri! This is one of the few things you actually deserve!
    Side note: she is definitely a massive weeb and fetishizer. I don't know why she's trying so hard to act like she isn't when all the cards have already been laid out on the table. Honestly, Bri, who are you trying to fool?
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  2. Onee-sama added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / holyterrainbri   

    lmfao this is photographic proof that her fanbase is made up of 12 yr olds. Anybody with half a brain would know that the extent that a viewer can really affect a video (and get it taken down) would be mass reporting and maybe getting a reaction from YouTube, I doubt that many people care enough about what Brianna does to even watch her shit let alone take the time to file a report on it. Her situation literally has nothing to do with "tHe HaTers" these kids really don't get it lol
    Brianna, darling. This is nobody's fault but yours, YouTube has been known to copystrike/demonitize/take down videos left and right with the biggest target being smaller channels such as yourself, that's why you need to watch the shit you put out on that website. Maybe learn to age restrict next time and stop trying to send out your army of toddlers to whiteknight you because you can't admit the fact that you're a careless dumbass who couldn't take the time to double check their content. 
    Glad to see at least one of them is starting to get a clue. 
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  3. Onee-sama added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / holyterrainbri   

    How can she cry about not having enough money to support her livelihood (rent, meds, etc.) when literally all she has to do to fix all of her financial issues is move to a cheaper apartment, or better yet, move back to her goddamn dorm and stop squeezing money out of her poor mother dry?? She doesn't even need all that space to begin with, she can hardly buy furniture to actually fill it up??? Let alone chairs for her friends to sit on during simple gatherings???
    Another tip: maybe stop spending so much on Mcdonalds and just do groceries? Learn to cook for yourself on a budget if you're in such a rut, even prisoners are resourceful enough to feed themselves with the limited resources they are given in jail. 
    No matter what kind of shit Brianna keeps spouting, I am almost certain that she is anything but struggling. In fact, she is actually pretty fucking privileged and all her whining is akin to that of an entitled little rich kid who isn't getting things their way. 
    To her idiot cashcows who actually buy her bullshit: Brianna is fine, she most definitely has the money to sustain herself, she just doesn't know how to spend it right and is trying to play it off as a legitimate issue when it's just her and her horrible budgeting. Stop giving her your goddamn money, you fucking morons. She doesn't need it, and she never has. There are much more meaningful things you could be donating your money to.
    This is going to come off as a bold statement, but I doubt Brianna would actually end up committing suicide if it ever came down to it either, she wouldn't fucking dare. Why do I say that? Because she knows she's living a life of comfort and cushions, she's literally living her dream living off of other people's money and living in her dream country, why would she throw all that away when she can just keep toying with people for extra sympathy points?
    This girl's a fucking riot. 
    EDIT: Also gotta love the fact that this thread is becoming an even bigger threat to her each time she brings it up lmfao What's the matter, Bri? Are we starting to hit too close to home?
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  4. Onee-sama added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / holyterrainbri   

    It was /pol/
    FFS this is just downright abusive. What does she expect her friends to do/say exactly when she keeps emotionally manipulating them every night with her manic episodes?? (And no offense, but her friends and fans don't seem like the brightest tools in the shed, either, so I doubt they're much help to turn to). 
    God, it must be so exhausting/problematic to be friends with her. I bet if one of her friends told her to get help straight up, she would take it as a serious offense and blame them for her suicidal tendencies. Because, as we all know, it's never Bri's fault, right? It's everyone else. It's always everyone else. 
    Nothing worse than a shitty person neglecting to do shit about their shitty problems. It's like she doesn't want to get better smh how can you help someone who doesn't even want to help themselves?
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  5. Onee-sama added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / holyterrainbri   

    and all I've been saying/implying is if Brianna is going to keep calling herself "Jesus," "perfect," or keep telling people that she has the outward appearance of a goddess, then she better fucking act like it. Based on her comments on looks (whether male or female), I know she's the kind of person who has shallow preferences when it comes to these things, so all I see is hypocrisy when she makes herself out to be like she's the fucking Mona Lisa, yet probably has McDonald's on speed dial at this point and most likely considers breathing a legitimate  exercise lmao If she saw another girl act exactly like this, you know her and her fans would drag her all the way to hell. It's almost like a double standard.
    It's such a funny situation to me because Brianna is literally starting to sound like one of those snowflake, delusional tumblrinas who think that they're the second coming of Aphrodite despite the fact that they do next to nothing in regards to self care and almost always look like slobs. And god forbid if you don't find them subjectively attractive lol it's right up Bri's alley.
    Overall, it's not about bodyshaming her as much as it is pointing out the sheer irony of her situation. She will put her half-baked appearance on an extremely high pedestal (with her ratchet makeup and odd fitting outfits) yet shit on some geniunely attractive girls who bust their asses to look a way they are comfortable and confident with. Do you see my issue?
    I personally don't find Bri attractive, but she is definitely not ugly or so fat that she needs to lose a couple pounds in order to be considered pretty, if that's what you were getting out of my comments. I'm just saying that 1) the lifestyle she's leading is extremely unhealthy and gross, she can't be living off of junk food all day or else she'll end up being nothing but a tub of lard and 2) she either needs to stop being such a narcissistic bitch putting other people down, or actually take better care of herself and work her own way up, it's one or the other.
    I'm going to drop this whole discussion now since this should have ended pages ago. 
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  6. Onee-sama added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / holyterrainbri   

    I saw her instagram live by coincidence and she was streaming with one of her friends who was in the house party she threw. I think her name was Keira? (OT but Keira is really cute and bubbly, she makes Brianna look like a soggy slice of loaf and overpowers her pretty easily lmao I found myself watching her side of the screen more than Bri's )
    Anyway, if the patreon streams are scheduled (most likely scripted/has a linear topic) they're probably not worth taking one for the team anyway (plus if anyone here chooses to do so at some point im sure they'll be saved somewhere for our viewing pleasure). Her instgram streams, however... seem very promising. 
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  7. Onee-sama added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / holyterrainbri   

    Damn, for real? Must've missed that one. Would love to hear what went down then. 
    Also, I don't remember her exhibiting nudity in her streams so who reported her and why? Did I miss anything else?
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  8. Onee-sama added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / holyterrainbri   

    Like I said before, Brianna is really all bark and no bite. She talks about her experiences like she's the baddest bitch in town and will not hesitate to pick a fight with a guy that even looks at her strange. But two times now she's been harrassed in Japan, and did nothing but stay quiet and walk away. She didn't even report them to the police afterwards, she didn't even try. All because she has this screwed up idea that Japanese people are somehow against her? Even the police who are known to be extremely helpful even when it comes to the most minute things like directions?
    I personally think this is all just an excuse. She doesn't really think Japanese people are against her  and that she would be stigmatized if she did anything to the guy, I believe that, in reality, she's become somewhat of a Japanese person herself -- she's afraid of actual confrontation and anything considered "mendokusai" like filing a police report or causing a ruckus in public. It is so easy to deter a japanese guy in public if you're vocal, even yelling "Chikan" is enough to embarrass them and push them away. Having said that, I do understand her fear of him getting violent if it comes to that, especially considering how she came from a part of America that has men which are... considerably more assertive/aggressive in comparison to Japanese people. 
    Now, I still think she didn't deserve any of the harrassment she recieved from those guys, but I also think she should stop hiding behind that whole "idgaf im a bad bitch dont fuck with me" persona because it is so obviously a front.
    I think half of the problems I have with Brianna would probably be fixed if she was more honest with herself and to her viewers. 
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  9. Onee-sama added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / holyterrainbri   

    I watched Brianna's rant video thinking I would have some bullshit to pick out as per usual, but is it bad that I actually feel bad for her and do think that the guy was completely in the wrong this time?
    Unlike last time with the japanese highschoolers, i didn't really think the thing she was wearing was revealing enough to recieve stares or hollers from people. It was ... pretty average looking to say the least, like a normal ass top you'd see in H&M or smth. I'm a pretty young guy and seeing it didn't really strike me as anything odd or interesting (a lot of my female friends wear tops like those), so I was surprised that anybody tried hitting on her. I almost didn't believe it and thought she was just overreacting or doing it for attention until she made the video on it. 
    I would get it if she was showing a little more skin than the season asks for, but there is a pretty huge heatwave ravaging Japan right now so I gave her a pass this time. I'm just glad her nipples and extremities are hidden lol
    The guy following her around sounded like a major creep who couldn't get his grubby hands off the first black gaijin in sight. It was pretty disgusting of him to follow her around like that. She really should have reported him to the police. 
    In the end, I actually agreed with her when she started going on about the whole "10 second rule" where if a girl loses interest in you for the first 10 seconds, just walk away or you'll be regarded as a weirdo that'll have even less of a chance. That was probably one of the only reasonable things that has come out of Brianna's mouth lol 
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  10. Onee-sama added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / holyterrainbri   

    lmfao why is Bri always such an entitled moron 
    Wasn't this the stream where she straight up admitted that she didn't study for her finals? Despite that, she still feels entitled to a good grade?? Lmao?? Does Bri even school?
    At this rate, she wouldn't even have to be deported. She'll just flunk a semester or two and leave out of the realization that she just can't survive in Japan (just like what we've been saying), that or she ends up losing her scholarship because of her horrible grades + her shenanigans. 
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  11. Onee-sama added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / holyterrainbri   

    honestly, nothing much lol which is why it was such a sad house party, i prob only watched it about 3/4's through before tuning out because it was so boring 
    things i remember happening:
    >there were no chairs so every one of her friends were sitting on the floor in a circle getting drunk off of plum wine in paper cups (k000l kidzzz!!!!)
    >there were probably only about 8 people in the room at a time which barely constitutes as a house party lmao 
    >bri started talking shit abt nicki minaj and how her music is trash and that azaelia banks is the "greatest female rapper of all time !!!" Honestly, this girl's overly strong opinions over the most trivial things is something that will bite her in the ass one day
    >the girls start talking about some hot japanese guy who would be dtf i guess because Bri immediately starts telling her friend to hook her up with him the moment he hears about him (she subsequently changes her mind because he lives too far away or smth)
    >A japanese dude named Yuya who she met on Tinder (and fucked) shows up to the party at some point too and the chat goes wild, partially making fun of him and his socks (?) And partially fetishizing him and asking bri to drop his @ (a fucked up situation if you switch the genders) she also constantly has the camera pointed to his face the entire time even though he is clearly not comfortable with it
    >she introduces her one black male friend named Samuel, says she "rejected him" and that he now has a girlfriend (good dodge, bro lmao) 
    >everyone starts trying to teach Yuya how to twerk despite the fact that he clearly doesn't want to and is not comfortable with it 
    >completely off point but she has repeated probably around 2-3 times how she's "fucked one of two guys in the room" just so she makes sure you know that she's a legit hoe, guys!! (+ she starts bragging about how boring Tinder is because she has "already fucked all of the guys" on that app. Lol sure, Bri.)
    >everyone starts dancing, everyone sucks, the only one trying is her friend Porsha 
    >some of them seem to be trying to avoid the camera (not sure if they are comfortable with being live in front of 200 people, nevertheless, Bri just shoves the entire stream to them anyway)
    And that's all I really remember lol didn't bother finishing it. I think it's just really dumb how Bri feels the need to start streaming in her stupid party despite the fact that her friends are RIGHT THERE. Like christ, JUST LIVE THE MOMENT. I feel like the only reason she started streaming is to show off how "YouTube Famous~~" she is to her friends lol 
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  12. Onee-sama added a post in a topic Yungelita   

    Just found out about this girl and her song is pretty garbage, not going to lie lol it sounds so off-beat and a little bit... meme-y? (It also doesn't seem to be mixed very well?) Like it's the kind of song a person would make as a joke for a video or something? 
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  13. Onee-sama added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / holyterrainbri   

    I think her mods are new to moderating, do they really think that all moderating is is deleting/blocking people and telling people to shut up if they get too reptitive? Lol?
    They could learn a thing or two from twitch chat mods because those are the real mods. They really don't know shit about their position and just use it for some kind of power play.
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  14. Onee-sama added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / holyterrainbri   

    I'm sorry, but she actually looks so trashy lmfao I may not know much about makeup outside of stage makeup but that eyeliner is T E R R I B L E she's going to court literally looking like a clown with thick ass, blunt wings. I was howling when I got back on stream and saw this
    Who in their right mind would show up like this to court? Nevermind being "disrespectful to the Japanese judicial system" (as Bri states it) but it just looks awful and is guaranteed to make her look like a fucking moron. 
    Also, I will forever be amused at the fact that she cares so much about what we say about her on this thread and what we'll think about her despite her acting otherwise. 
    Some other things I want to point out:
    >she started complaining about the dress code because summer wear isn't allowed
    No fucking shit, you can't waltz into court wearing short shorts and bikini tops, when you walk into court you have to look civilized and collected. A real pillar of society and not a garbage dump lol sorry you can't show off your nipples to the court of law, Bri. Lmao
    >she is studying Japanese politics and law but isn't sure if she wants to work in Japan
    Good luck with that. Generally if one is to study law from a certain country, you can only really practice it in that country. If she isn't sure about what to do with her degree afterwards and if she's even going to stay in Japan, I ask once again: what the fuck are you doing in Japan?
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  15. Onee-sama added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / holyterrainbri   

    lmfao she still isn't over it  
    so much for "not giving a shit what other people think." Lmaoo
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