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  1. sleepydumpling added a post in a topic Snitchery/ Eleanor Barnes   

    I remember finding her twitter but leaving quickly because something about her gives me uncanny valley vibes.  I can't pinpoint it yet but something just feels off. 
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  2. sleepydumpling added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    I understand what you're trying to say but, with things like this, I don't think there's a comparison between someone saying "boys/men suck" and trying to inappropriately touch someone or being catcalled. 
    Plus, when you go through things like this on an often a mentality like "it'll happen anyways" develops because you feel powerless. It doesn't matter what you wear or what you do, it's bound to happen and that's a disheartening thing to maneuver around. Just like any type of traumatizing situation. 
    The whole "you should never let someone do that" also rubs me the wrong way. Like, what about them keeping their hands to themselves? You also have to remember that in these situations not everyone responds the same ala fight, flight, or freeze.
    I get that you may have criticism about Jo and this post but I think it's just a girl venting out her frustrations in this particular instance and don't think it's fair to critique her about it. 
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  3. sleepydumpling added a post in a topic Angelika Oles   

    This reminds me of the whole Gabbie Hanna situation. In her follow up videos about Gabbie she always brought up how Gabbie insinuated that she was talking about Angelika's video on her. It was always about how "Gabbie saw my video and..." then a 3-4 minute rant about the same thing in multiple videos.  
    I think she likes it when influencers acknowledge her presence in any way. 
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  4. sleepydumpling added a post in a topic Angelika Oles   

    I don't know if anyone else knows this but Angelika Pickles really started getting on my nerves when she stoles someone's article without crediting them as a source then got upset when said person who wrote the article copyright struck the video after asking for credit. 
    The writer explained how she just wanted credit and how it would be no big deal but Angelika threw a tantrum over it on twitter. https://gurugossiper.com/viewtopic.php?t=36347

    More went down in the Jeffree Star thread but these best summarize what happened. This is another user not the author btw. 
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  5. sleepydumpling added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    I feel like she's so busy playing cat and mouse with the gossip sites and some of her fans that she doesn't really care about youtube and her content. I wonder how people who follow her for fashion and whatnot feel because everything seems like a response and not something she enjoys. 
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  6. sleepydumpling added a post in a topic Halsey   

    Why do I feel like those tweets sound like she's trying to convince people she's bisexual? She literally never talks about her experience being bisexual most of the time and when she does it's like...something most everyone would know? It's like how she equates being black with listening to TLC if you get the gist. 
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  7. sleepydumpling added a post in a topic Sissel AB   

    Oh yes, then I understand why. Sorry for the misunderstanding  
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  8. sleepydumpling added a post in a topic Sissel AB   

    If you look on the website, apparently there are different instructions for oily/acne-prone skin. 
    It says that you shouldn't use Sissel's routine for oily/acne-prone skin. But doesn't she have acne-prone skin and claims that it helped with her acne? I just want to double-check.
    Also, I know it's weird but for people with oily skin, you can use oil cleansers to your benefit. It can be beneficial for some cases of oily skin to use an oil cleanser but not all oil cleansers are the same. And usually, the oils in these cleansers emulsifies and attach itself to the water which helps you rinse it all off without stripping all the oils from your skin. 
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  9. sleepydumpling added a post in a topic Halsey   

    the sailor moon figurine lol it's only a matter of time before she pulls an ariana grande and starts learning japanese because she's "always loved anime and the culture" 
    i want to make a bingo card for this, i think it'd be fun...
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  10. sleepydumpling added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    I mean, the fact that she has been basically making herself 6 shades lighter for her whole online presence also can be grouped up into that. She also called herself western but called Hiro Japanese in her boyfriend tag video. 
    I don't know about the race politics in sweden but I don't think it's a large jump to conclusions that she may have an issue with her race and/or her features.  
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  11. sleepydumpling added a post in a topic Halsey   

    If only she didn't have this weird complex of skinwalking as anyone her exes has been seen with...
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  12. sleepydumpling added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    C'mon now...Y'all are doing too much over this girl's body. 
    Plus @NatalieRichard's edit of "Why is she so insecure over her body?" as if we know if she is in the first place or if the members are the reason and even if it is, it's not our business.
    It wouldn't be a big conclusion to make but at the end of the day, we don't know what goes on in her head, or what goes on behind the scenes, you know? 
    I may have nitpicks here and there but for some reason, this just rubbed me the wrong way. No hate or anything, it's just weird. 
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  13. sleepydumpling added a post in a topic Halsey   

    The longer this goes on, and the longer she makes excuses for it makes me really uncomfortable and insinuates something that is just...really gross. 
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  14. sleepydumpling added a post in a topic Halsey   

    I think she told people about Lolita and whatnot because of Lana Del Rey who at the time, kind of made it a part of her motif. She has a song with the title and she quotes the book in Born To Die.
    Make of that what you will but after the whole New Americana/National Anthem debacle, I've been quick to spot out the Lana "influence". 
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  15. sleepydumpling added a post in a topic Halsey   

    These replies have me cracking up:

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