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  1. DreamyCat added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I haven’t been able to watch a video of hers from start to finish lately. She has just become so hard to watch once you see all the things that she does. We all have nipples, and we are in America (she’s in New York! Where it’s literally legal to free the nipple!!) yet she is there showing her nip slip. Girls like her who oversexualize  themselves very often tend to have deep psychological issues. (Extreme example bit porn stars and sex workers tend to come out of the industry very psychologically damaged. Some of them even start working as sex workers because of mental issues as well) Normal people who have normal sex lives don’t have the need to do this. 
     This is a huge reach but I’m even starting to wonder if she was sexually abused in some way either by a previous hookup or when she was younger. We know she hookups up with random gross men who don’t give two shits about her, so I really do wonder if maybe she had a very traumatic sexual experience when she started hooking up and instead of admitting it to herself she copes with it by convincing herself that all kinds of sex and all sexualization of herself is normal. In other words, she does these kinds of things so much because she wants to normalize it in her head. 
    whatever it is, get some damn help. Her next excuse now is going to be that she  can’t go out because of the pandemic, which is valid, but there is always an excuse for not getting help. When all of this is over, what will be her next excuse for not getting help? God knows she’s been holed up in her apartment with a messy bun, on the floor, for no reason while she obsessively edits herself. She’s had plenty of time. I honestly don’t know what else to suggest for her, she seems mentally ill. 
    Also, it’s pretty clear that she has read her gossip websites, and even tried to acknowledge her faults and all of that, but she is exactly the same. What was the point of that video? Because we are going to keep calling her out for her bull so I’m really confused as to why she even felt the need to make such video and say that she used to think she was not like other girls, that she used to seek validation from men, when she is doing exactly the same things!!! What was the point? Do you think people are blind? There has to be some incredible amount of delusion in order for her to not realize how bad she looks and how she is not actually following the advice she gives. 
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  2. DreamyCat added a post in a topic Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz [iDubbbz's Girlfriend]   

    but isn’t her dad in Canada? And don’t they have universal healthcare in Canada? (Granted, I’m not very well educated on Canadian healthcare)
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  3. DreamyCat added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Remember, she thinks her life is some rom com movie in which she makes a guy fall in love with her in 10 days (cough cough, "how to lose a guy in 10 days,'' 2003 lol). Only that in this case she is writing her own life as a movie on her channel. This is a whole new level of mental illness and i know we are not supposed to do an armchair diagnosis but man, this has to be so damaging to her mental health. How can she tell what's real and what's not real when she is willfully mixing her own fantasies with reality through videos? This can't be healthy. 
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  4. DreamyCat added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Those kinds of people, including Ashley, don't realize how patronizing they are. They look at the rest of us like we are peasants or something and they are not even aware of it. Its pure elitism, delusion, and fake empathy. The good thing though is that a lot of people are calling out the bullshit of those celebrities singing. Only idiots buy it. 
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  5. DreamyCat added a post in a topic Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz [iDubbbz's Girlfriend]   

    yeah, none of this makes sense. Here’s a few of my theories lol from more likely to least likely:
    1. Anisa wants money but doesn’t want to work. She asked Ian to give her money but he refused (but I guess made a comprise to at least pay for her tits?) so she decided to start selling nudes. Ian doesn’t like this but he doesn’t want to leave her because: simp.
    2. Ian gives Anisa all the money she needs or has offered to help her out. Anisa refuses his help because she wants to pretend that she is an independent woman so she starts selling her nudes for money and validation. Ian doesn’t like this but he doesn’t want to leave her because: simp. 
    3. Anisa and Ian have a very strange and twisted relationship in which they have agreed to profit from her nudes. He bought her a pair of tits so her profits could be better. He gets some money and in his twisted mind he is showing off his girlfriend to the world while anisa gets the money and male validation that she needs. Ian is struggling financially for some reason so he is essentially being her pimp.
    4. Ian hates anisa and this is a super meta way of ruining her for being a whore and for not treating him right. While he was being mocked on the internet all this time, he has been silently and strategically planning her doom.  He will soon leave her after he destroys her and he will revive his channel with his old cancer that everyone loved. 
    cant think of any other theories lmao 
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  6. DreamyCat added a post in a topic Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz [iDubbbz's Girlfriend]   

    wow, this is a new low, even for her.  If I’m correct, her dad and family were super ashamed of her titty streaming. She went as far as saying that she stopped it because of her dad. I doubt her dad is happy about her daughter selling her body to pay for his bills, if that’s even true. 
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  7. DreamyCat added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Poor people who can’t stay home during this pandemic are now enlightened because of Ashley. Poor people wake up every day and they think to themselves “I wish a rich person said that they feel empathy  for me. That’s what I need, that’s what would make my life better”. Poor people are always thinking about rich people and how they wish rich people would post on Instagram about how hard poor people have it. Such thing would change people’s lives. Ashley is such a courageous woman, doing what no one will do, saying what no one will say and therefore changing lives for the better.  Empathy towards poor people who put themselves at risk of getting the coronavirus because they have no choice but go to work will make them rich and immune to the virus. You did it Ashley! So proud of her, so woke.   
    If she doesn’t win the Nobel peace prize this year I’m going to be so disappointed!
    (this is satire btw, for Christ’s sake 🤦‍♀️ )
    THIS!!! These days women hide under feminism to do whatever they want just so they can use feminism as a way to silence people who are questioning them. A woman could kill a man because he cheated on her and feminists will come up with a way to excuse it. Anything bad that a woman does is hidden under the word “female empowerment”. No, not everything a woman does is good, and not everything is empowerment. If we really want equality we must keep doubting women who do or say problematic things. I’ve seen so many women being afraid of standing up to another woman because of this new wave of false feminism in which if you are a woman and you don’t agree with another woman, you hate women, and you are internally oppressed. I’ve seen that even on this thread, people getting upset towards the opinions that some have (and yes, including me) about Ashley. Just because she’s a woman does not mean everything she does is ok. Women are not so weak and dumb that we are incapable of doing harm to others and to ourselves without it being the fault of men, society, your upbringing or something else. It’s like some people want women to be perceived as innocent angels, almost children, who are incapable of doing anything (good or bad) without the help or fault of someone else which is so degrading and dehumanizing. Some women just need to grow the fuck up and stop hiding under feminism to keep doing things that only end up harming them and others.
    Saw this recently and I completely agree with it:

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  8. DreamyCat added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I completely agree with you. One thing I must say though in case anyone misunderstands is that it’s not that it’s racist to date outside of your race or that you are supposed to date and be attracted to every single race. It’s more of the fact of WHY you choose to (in Ashley’s case), date only white men even though you are Asian. This goes beyond having physical preferences, there’s ugly and attractive people no matter the race. It’s about what your dating choices, and who you date says about you. I know people who don’t give a crap about race and they will literally date every skin color. I know Latina women who only date Latinos because they prefer someone who shares their culture, language, values, etc. However, being a non white woman and choosing to date exclusively white men is very suspicious because these white men will often not share your values, your culture, and your language with you. So then that begs the question,  if you are not dating white men for their values, and at the same time, you have a “no dating men of my race” policy, what are you trying to find in white men that you think men of your race won’t provide for you? Answer: validation and a feeling of worthiness from the “superior” white man. 
    (it also doesn’t help that ashley has said some very questionable things in regards to her race)
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  9. DreamyCat added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    im latina and this happens in the Latino community as well. So many Latina girls feel literally blessed when a white guy even looks their way. The fact that people ignore this or are upset when we talk about it pisses me off if I’m being honest, as if it’s not possible for minority women or non white women to objectify themselves to white men in order to feel more valued. I’m tired of it because because I’ve seen it too many times. Mind you, there’s white guys who specifically look for some kind of minority woman/woman of color because they think we all have a low self esteem and we are going to fuck them just because they’re white. (Sort of how there’s creepy white men who go to Asian countries expecting to be treated as kings by the women there) Ashley is one of those women who does fall for that shit though and who perpetuates this and it’s annoying. I’m not Asian but I have seen a lot of Asian girls who pretty much only date white men as well and as you said, this happens way too often for it to just be a matter of preference. 
    The perpetuation of racism goes both ways; the people who consciously allow it for whatever reason and the people who practice it. It’s why we have the term “internalized racism”. It’s a real thing. Don’t know why some people get all jumpy when we talk about this.
    Two interesting videos in regards to this topic if anyone is interested (also to remind that this is a very common thing not just with asians):
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  10. DreamyCat added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I think her "relatable" and "im just like you, quirky, weird, and a human who makes mistakes!'' thing has earned her a lot of followers. Most people unfortunately are not good critical thinkers, and the people who choose to worship and obsess over youtubers are much less so. Therefore, its easy for her misogynistic comments to go by unnoticed by most, because she doesn't say them directly and you have to stop and think about her words for a bit to come to the conclusion that she says some fucked up stuff and again, most people are not gonna take the time to actually use their brains lol. For example, when she said that the girls in her high school weren't cool, most people didn't stop to think "wow, thats really harsh of you, Ashley". Instead, because of the cognitive dissonance that a lot of people who watch her have, when they heard that statement they thought "yeah! its society that hates teenage girls! its society who makes young girls like ashley think that other girls are not cool!!" (even though no one forced Ashley to believe her friends weren't cool).
    You liked her because you believed her bullshit about being a strong, independent, and self aware woman. But you realized that her words don't match her actions. Most people don't care to actually compare her words to her actions, (unless her actions are so blatantly contradictory to her words, such as with her amazon ad. You don't need to be a strong critical thinker to see that as extremely dishonest of her because it was so obvious) so she just appears to be a cute young girl trying her best to be honest, open, and real. In other words, in order to like her, you have to ignore her actions. That is why most of her audience is very young, because young teens are pretty much dumb lmao. Just read her top comments, no way girls in their early to late 20s or older write that kind of shit. 
    Im not even going to watch it because it just pisses me off to see the title lmao. "what makes @bestdressed stand out from fashion gurus?" bitch, who ever said that she stands out? Did this girl see her in fashion week? For sure, Ashley stood out, but not in a good way lmao. This girl just wants attention from Ashley. (just looked at the comments, this girl hearted  comments that said stuff like "i hope ashley sees this")Let me tell you how ashley stands out; She talks about her sex life when no one asked her to, she openly admits to how she can't live without the validation from men and she thinks she's not like other girls and does her best to remind everyone how she is not like other girls even though she does everything that other girls do. That's how she stands out, only that she does and says all of this with a smile on her face, a babydoll dress, and a pink background to make little brains think that she is just another positive cute gal! How can she be bad when she is small, thin, wears baby doll dresses and hair clips and is always smiling?  /s
    Ever heard of a wolf in sheep's clothing? (well, in this case, the wolf would be a very malnourished one )
    Remember, there is a reason why most things mainstream are considered shit whether its music, media, movies, or content creators; because its garbage and soooo many people are sheeps who can't think for themselves. Its also why so many things that are small, hidden,and not as appreciated as they should remain small; because consuming quality content, whether it is on youtube, music, or movies requires that you are a quality person yourself with individual likes and who does not rely on liking the same things as everyone else to feel like you fit in. 
    Just look at Logan and Jake Paul, still popular even after everything they've done. I lost faith in humanity a long time ago.
    TL;DR: She is popular because most humans on this earth are sheeps
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  11. DreamyCat added a post in a topic Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz [iDubbbz's Girlfriend]   

    Anisa said that she wouldn’t do actual nudes, she says that she’s only doing sexually provocative pictures. But she is a professional liar, how much do you guys want to bet that she’s going to do nudes eventually? I mean, she had the audacity to say she wouldn’t be a titty streamer anymore and even degraded women who were dressed provocatively and now she’s doing this. Seems like she doesn’t really take her own advice. We will see her doing full on nudes eventually, I’m fairly sure of it. 
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  12. DreamyCat added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    meh, I wouldn’t say that Ashley’s editing style is all that special to be honest. It looks just like any other “aesthetic relatable” youtubers editing with oversaturated colorgrades.  But it is creepy that this girl went out of her way to copy Ashley in the name of “reinterpreting art” or some bullshit like that. I swear, the amount of worshipping attitude that some people have towards YouTubers (and celebrities in general as well) is downright creepy and shows how bad we are as a society, looking up to and idolizing humans who shit just like you. It’s insane. 
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  13. DreamyCat added a post in a topic Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz [iDubbbz's Girlfriend]   

    Seems like a lot of people are jumping on the Anisa/Ian Roast Bandwagon (and tbh, I’m all for it):
    Ian went from edgy internet god to the simp cuck god of the internet. Idk how he can come back from this, he would have to leave anisa but it doesn’t seem like he will, at least not anytime soon. He will leave her when she has sucked all the life that’s left of him. He’s a complete moron and i almost want to feel sorry for him but he is a self proclaimed bully who said that it was his right to be one so I’m only practicing what he preached 🤷‍♀️. He really is the king of irony now, you can’t be the king of roasting others unless you are perfect and no one has anything bad to hit you with. I’m really curious as to how he is feeling with all this backlash that he is receiving. I doubt that he doesn’t care, but again, if it is hurting him, idk what to say. You are a hypocrite and you reap what you sow and everything comes back to bite you in the ass eventually. 
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  14. DreamyCat added a post in a topic Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz [iDubbbz's Girlfriend]   

    Trigger warning cause I’m about to roast this chick:
    She used to look like a refrigerator with hope. Now she’s just a busted ass fridge that you can find at a dump site.
    “time to get my butt and thighs back to their usual thickness”
    Oh, you mean, your thighs aren’t already thick? All that bad photoshop has deluded her and now she thinks she’s some skinny smol girl... 
    what in the world is up with her weird poses? Can’t she do a simple google search of “sexy girls” or something and try to imitate them at least if she’s trying to sell herself? She poses like she has scoliosis and is trying to keep a turd from falling. 
    And those panties...sigh... those types of panties are worn high at the waist to give emphasis to the waist... but when you have the waist of a cereal box it only makes you look like a jumbo fridge with a strangely short torso. 
    Lastly, those breast implants, natural looking? I guess she’s still in the denial phase, but considering she has a low IQ she’ll probably remain at that phase forever. 
    im done
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  15. DreamyCat added a post in a topic Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz [iDubbbz's Girlfriend]   

    Imagine being the father or mother of that.... if I had a daughter and she was doing that sort of stuff I would think that I failed as a parent. 
    idk why but she looks like she smells bad. And those boobs make her look even more boxier and wide than before. She’s the definition of white trash. Any man who truly desires her is a very low quality man who is just looking to pump her. The worst thing about this is that Anisa is probably going to realize how much this harmed her and is going to regret it once she’s in her 30s, when it’s too late and when she will end up truly alone. It’s a very common story of women like her; makes very bad choices when it comes to their selling their body or their sex life and they regret it once they have caused all the harm possible. I don’t think her and Ian are going to last very long, they are definitely never getting married. Between her and Ian, Ian is not losing very much if he leaves her. Anisa would be the one losing everything. She is nothing but “iddubbz girlfriend”. I don’t really like Ian, I think he’s sort of a crappy dude with a very low self esteem but he has a lot more value as a human than anisa. Ian is actually creative and funny in his own way and it just seems to me like anisa has been slowly sucking the life out of him since they started dating. I hope he wakes up soon before she decides to “accidentally” stop taking birth control or something to trap him with a pregnancy. I could totally see her doing something like that and Ian is totally the type of dude that is the perfect target for that. He’s too rich for her to let him go, but at the same time, if she wants money and that’s why she’s doing this, then why isn’t Ian giving her money? If he has the money and he doesn’t want her doing this, why is he still with her? And if he truly supports this.... what a cuck. Too many things are not adding up here but it’s obvious something is very incongruent in their relationship. 
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