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  1. Amazing added a post in a topic joanneneko/smallicecoffee   

    No one:
    Joanne: Wow these Caucasian genes are crazy , I look so mixed. Did I mention that I'm part French, but fuck White girls they are ugly.
    Like pick a fucking side sis, do you or do you not like being White. I'm surprised she tricked another man into dating her with her rotten ass personality.She constantly slut shames other girls for dating and calls their boyfriends ugly, but here she is trying to fuck every average looking Korean man just because he's Korean and 6ft tall. I don't even know why this bitch has followers, she has no friends for a reason.
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  2. Amazing added a post in a topic Nikita Dragun   

    Nikita is so full of shit, she recently is stirring up drama because she decided to wear a box braid wig and put the fake ass post about cultural appropriation and how she's wearing it to honor Black women. Like just post your pic in a box braid wig and go, don't suddenly pretend to care about the struggles Black women face just so you can wear box braids. She never said shit about it once, but she knew she would face some backlash for wearing box braids and decided to be all fake woke. I personally don't have an issue with her wearing box braids, but it's that her post is very two-faced is just reeks of bullshit. Like how in the hell is wearing that wig bringing any awareness to the discrimination and prejudice Black people face just for their natural hair and hairstyles. It's like someone saying "world hunger is terrible" and they eat a sandwich to bring attention to it, it helps no one except themselves. It just makes no damn sense.  
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  3. Amazing added a post in a topic Amberlynn Reid   

    I just read some where that Amberlynn might be close to 700lbs based on the info in her videos, I don't know how true that is tho. According to her weight loss doctor video (if any of that was true), he wanted her to lose 8lbs a month and in 4 years he wanted her to be at least 310. So that would place her at 694lbs if she's supposed to be 310 in 4 years and we all know that Amberlynn is liar and that's she definitely over 600lbs at this point. She mentioned that she had the money for weight loss surgery, but in all honesty weight loss surgery won't do jack shit for her. If she's not putting any effort to lose weight now, she damn sure won't do it later with weight loss surgery. It's honestly really sad to see someone destroy themselves like this, I rather her be up front and her cut this act of her trying to lose weight and for her to accept the fact that she will be bed bound before the age of 30. I feel like a lot more people would like her more if she stop pretending that she'll lose weight and just be a 600lb woman. 
    And she finally found an excuse to quit her "weigh-ins" how convenient is that, not like she wasn't manipulating the scale to appear less than she is. And tbh her weigh-ins were pointless unless she was trying to prove how good she is at gaining weight. She's really out here patting herself on the back for gaining and "losing" the exact same weight she's not making any real progress because some herself size can lose a lot more and she knows this she doesn't want to. She makes the same excuses like her being swollen and water weight, she complains that the diet the doctor put her on didn't have enough fruit or vegetables and it had way too much sodium, but she eats shit with a lot of sodium and she doesn't eat fresh fruit and vegetables. She has the audacity to act like people don't like her for her weight, but there are quite a few youtubers around her size who aren't terrible people and liars. 
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  4. Amazing added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    I'm not here to say whether or not Kenna has Asperger's/Autism because I don't know enough about it, but I guess based on the video it does explain some of her past behaviors but it surely does not excuse them. I'll say this video does seem drastically different from her other videos, I'm not saying she was putting up a front or playing it up for sympathy, but her action seem different. When she's with her friends she's more lively and bubbly, when she's by herself she's more robotic and sometimes she does sound uninterested/emotionless, but in this video she seemed more "awkward" and more child-like I guess (she was also a little more likable in my opinion), maybe she was finally being herself(?). I do hope that she uses her platform to encourage people and use it to spread awareness. I hope to see a change in her and her content, I hope that she's doesn't use Autism to excuse shitty behaviors and that uses this to allow her to grow and be a better person and that she can be herself more comfortably. 
    With that said, as some others said her being diagnosed with Autism doesn't excuse her from being a straight up bitch or any of the other shit she's done in the past. Like the video where she explained that possibly can't have a fetish because she's asexual, that was just her being a bitch and condescending as hell, but her not eating Japanese food in Japan and really only eating donuts and pancakes makes more sense. 
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  5. Amazing added a post in a topic Crystal Ezeoke/TheLovelyIfy   

    So in that thread the OP posted a pic of "Crystal" and I stumbled across the exact same pic on another site and I found the account owner. I can't say that the person the OP posted was Crystal or that account owner is her because there does seem to be differences in their body shape. Plus the person is with a older white man and I thought Crystal was with a black man and she also doesn't really show her face, I don't know for sure.I'm being very vague just in case that is just a completely random stranger and I don't want to put that info on a public forum, but if y'all are interested I can PM you the link to the account. I'm just saying I'm not entirely sure if Crystal is an escort because that could be someone else. 
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  6. Amazing added a post in a topic Amberlynn Reid   

    To be honest Amberlynn has always been just an all around awful person. She was just good at hiding it in the beginning of her channel, she always had no disregard and no respect for anyone's personal space. I read at some point she filmed Krystle's breast exam results and she seemed uncomfortable that Amberlynn was filming her reaction. I know she's had a rough childhood (if she's telling the truth) and maybe that might be one of the root causes of her issues, but it doesn't excuse her actions. I don't want anything bad to happen to her because I share a lot of common problems with her when it comes to food, but I don't see her recovering with the path she's going down. I'm pretty sure she's 600 lbs at this point and soon enough those Torrid clothes won't fit anymore. I think she doesn't want to lose weight so she keeps trolling online or she's honestly thinks eating "healthy" and lying to her self about her diet for one hour will undo all the weight she put on over a course of 20 years. She prides herself on losing 89 lbs at one point in her life, but that doesn't mean shit when she's put on nearly 250 lbs since then. She can't hold herself accountable and needs inpatient care and professional help if she's serious. 
    I feel like to see a change in her people got to unsubscribe, stop watching her videos, and maybe even try to get her videos demonetized. That will hit her where it hurts because at the end of the day she only cares about the money and she doesn't seem to want to make an effort. I know recently she put on that bullshit of making an effort to change only to gain subscribers back because she noticed no one was paying attention. People need to watch her videos elsewhere so she doesn't get views and maybe that will finally give her a reality check that she's 600 lbs before the age of 30 and her life is falling apart. People only watch her because she's 600 lbs and her life is a train wreck, other than that she's boring as hell and has no personality, no one watches her because she's interesting or a good person. 
    Also Becky should get a job or break up with Amberlynn so she can get the hell away from her. Like sis is solely dependent on Becky and it shows, like when Becky was gone for a few days to visit family, Amberlynn was upset her enabler and caretaker was gone. In one of her boring as videos she was pissed that Eric got himself some fast food and not her while she was eating her dry ass sandwiches. I'm sure Becky would got some of Amberlynn's money to buy her some food, so she doesn't go on a rampage. It's upsetting that both of them don't realize how much their lives have deteriorated since being together, both of them have gained a significant amount of weight and Amberlynn pretty much has drove Becky's friends away. A lot of the problems she has stems from the fact that 600 lbs at 5'2 and she's too stupid to realize that, like her back hurting from sleeping on a mattress on the fucking floor, her not being able to walk more than 2 minutes straight or drive, or her being constantly dehydrated. What will it take for her to realize she can die pretty soon.  
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  7. Amazing added a post in a topic Amberlynn Reid   

    Honestly I really don't think Amberlynn wants to lose weight, she might have in the beginning, but now I just think she's just straight up trolling. I also think she's jealous that Becky is losing weight and she's not. I think she sees Becky as her care taker because Becky drives her around gets her food and all other she's too lazy to do herself, Amberlynn in not happy with Becky. I don't understand Amberlynn does she not realize that if she continues to gain weight she won't be able to fit into Torrid clothes anymore. She's just a boring person and lives such a mundane life, I think she knows if she loses weight she might actually lose the people who watch her shitshow of content, so she just trolls and give people's hopes up. She's a liar because she never actually shows proof of anything, like recently she said she walked 3 minutes, but how would her audience know, she could stopped a stop watch at 3 minutes and said she walked it. Plus she never shows herself getting on the scale or shows proof of the date to let her audience know the day of the weigh in to prove she's not lying.
    Also I don't think Becky is a terrible person, but I do think she enables Amberlynn because she's knows Amberlynn should lose weight but still gets her food and shit like that. I'm not saying the entire blame should be on Becky because Amberlynn is a grown ass woman who should realize the consequences of her actions, but she shouldn't run around for 600lb girlfriend and putting her closer to death. 
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  8. Amazing added a post in a topic Nikita Dragun   

    Jesus Christ Nikita was a bitch in that video but that isn't surprising considering how bitchy she's been before. I feel bad for Princess especially since that was the first time she was meeting Nikita and all Nikita did was shit on her every chance she got. I mean Bretman never even went as far as Nikita did like was bringing up her ex cheating necessary, especially over a stupid game. Plus Nikita just looked disgusted every time Princess would say something or just in general, she really needs to check herself tbh. 
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  9. Amazing added a post in a topic James Charles   

    The controversies just don't stop for him. When will he realize that his fans can't afford everything he puts out. Charging $40 for a palette is fine, $50 for merch fine, but $500 just to meet him is where I draw the line. He always says this shit isn't about the money. but he's been getting a bunch of scandals because he's constantly charging his fans at ridiculously high prices. He doesn't care about his fans, obviously not everyone will think everything is a fair price and he won't please everyone, but if he's trying to reason paying $600 just to get a damn picture with him when people with actual talent don't even charge that much is just down right insane.  
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  10. Amazing added a post in a topic Crystal Ezeoke/TheLovelyIfy   

    I highly doubt she was shadowbanned, people just stop caring for her videos in all honesty. If a video doesn't seem interesting to them people aren't going to watch it simple as that. It's not like she had 1 million subscribers and is only getting 1k views per video, that would be alarming for sure. There are Youtubers that people watch regardless of what they upload and people that watch Youtubers because they do a certain style video or something that they're interested in and she doesn't get the difference tbh. Also I'm sure the only reason her first few videos only did so well when she returned was she was gone for like a year and her older fan base wanted to see what direction she was taking the channel in. 
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  11. Amazing added a post in a topic Danielle Bregoli/Bhad Bhabie   

    I'm not saying Dr.Phil doesn't fake some of the episodes on his show to increase rating and create buzz around his show, but I still think he didn't want these people to build a career if that makes sense. I think he just wanted another outrageous guest on his show. I'm just saying that because there seems to be a sense of regret of ever bringing her on the show when people ask him about her. I'm not denying that people do use these types of shows to get famous or some clout tho. And I do agree that he shouldn't have put Danielle on his show in the first place, but like I said I'm sure she was used to increase ratings because she was an outrageous guest. 
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  12. Amazing added a post in a topic cardi b   

    Personally I don't understand how Cardi's music is still popular, she has a wack ass flow and straight up corny lyrics. I still don't understand why someone like her has fans. If it wasn't for her personality I don't think she would be remotely as popular. 
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  13. Amazing added a post in a topic Danielle Bregoli/Bhad Bhabie   

    This might just be me, but I don't think it was Dr. Phil's intention to give Danielle a platform or get her popular. He has an insane amount of outrageous guest that has come on his show with the intent to "help", but no one has gone as viral as Danielle has. I think it's mainly because people find other people being disrespectful and rude to be funny nowadays, most of the soundcloud rappers are the same way. Danielle is only popular because some people though her saying "Catch me outside" and being rude was hilarious and she capitalized and built her career from her meme. A lof of clout chasers did the same to get fame like Lil Tay and Woah-Vicky, by trying to build a career/following by being rude and bratty. People love giving people like her a platform "because they're just so funny" then regret it in the end because these types of people are influencing kids and teens. I honestly hope that this behavior changes and she can get some help because using rudeness as an image isn't going to last forever. 
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  14. Amazing added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I just learn today what MAPs (pedophiles) are today and I'm just horrified that there are actual communities and people that support them. They really are acting like their oppressed and the fact they think that being attracted to minors (even fucking babies) is okay is disturbing. I'm disgusted that they even dare compare themselves to the LGBTQ+ community and even made their own pride flag like this shit is okay. What a big fucking insult to those in the LGBTQ+ community to have gross ass pedophiles trying to worm themselves in and hopes hearing that their "sexuality" is valid. I can't believe people are justifying this mess. 
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  15. Amazing added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    YG seems to prioritize visuals over song quality when it comes to BP, even if the song was mediocre the visuals seem to make it up for most people. And for the love of God can they stop giving Lisa those cringy ass English raps, her and Jennie both have such a recycled flow and lyrics in general. I don't hate BP, but I wish their music and talent matched up to all the hype their getting. I know I shouldn't compare, but they really are a watered-down 2ne1, there isn't that big of a difference between them concept wise. I feel like YG and a lot of other companies spend too much time trying to recreate their previous groups and don't give newer groups their own identity/sound. Also BP songs some how sound very outdated to me, if might be because YG is too scared to let anyone else produce/make their songs besides Teddy. 
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