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  1. Cringemiru added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I'm not going to be surprised if Poki is going to try to leech on her (like she did with Valk / etc ) because of ~ uwu gaming gurl beSTiEs~
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  2. Cringemiru added a post in a topic Bobby Burns (Youtuber)   

    Man, I don't know what happened to him after his movie critic videos bcz i stopped watching him, but damn, he looks like a kid whom lost himself. I feel so, so bad for him. Even an awkward-looking smile can't handle it. Hes def going thru something and trying to replace it by looking like some ~weed smoker, all happeh and shit~~.
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  3. Cringemiru added a post in a topic People pretending to be Slavic/Eastern European Thread   

    In all honesty, us, russian girls, are always raised in traditional BS. Everything: media, people around us and our own family brainwashes us that our main purpose in life is to find a good husband, always looks perfectly good and get kids. Basically, everything around us generates gender roles instead of us. And just because women are partying and drinking doesnt mean they are not traditional. But at least, thanks to all the shit around us that has been going on for years, i have to tell that russian women are one of the strongest women, and the fact that our social norms are still stuck to 90s doesnt mean that we are all submissive and weak. I am not whiteknighting all of this stuff (just in case), I dont follow them even though people around find me odd bcz of that. I still do hate our country due to a ton of social and politics shit. As for traditional-thing example, i have to say that many of my female friends couldnt get into engineer (and any other so-called male) -type universities while being in small towns, because, no matter how ridiclious that is going to sound, headmisterss along with teachers are either not accepting them because of why r u even trying, you need to find a husband and raise kids either disrespecting them a ton and / or kicking because of the reason above. Cuz in Russia, people believe that only men has to be strong, while women are all about ~ only kiddos and uwu beauty and food uwu ~, but in fact, women are much stronger than men here because they are going through so much shit and they never give up. Sorry if i explained everything in a lame way, had a pretty darn hard day which led me into braindead mode. 
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  4. Cringemiru added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I head that Albert also said that 'theres a chair right there' and gestured his hand. LMAO. Man, even in this video it is shown how Poki **doesnt** suit Offline.TV. Man, can't wait for her to leave. 
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  5. Cringemiru added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I dont know guys... If you compare her to her actual 'no make up' screens/etc, im pretty sure shes using base stuff and lip balm. Though anyways, i'm going to throw a pic of her before they created the look.
    Honestly i find it really suspicious and funny... Remember JeffreeStar said hes gonna stream on twitch? And now she invited so Make-up artist to do a make-up stream... Does she really think that this is how she could gain attention from him?
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  6. Cringemiru added a post in a topic Twitch egirls (and eboys)   

    Yikes. I read her last reply as 'I'll talk shit about Bang and keep forcing Sneaky to not collab with him because ~ muh insecurity and the fear of losing attention ~... Jesus, chillax girl.
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  7. Cringemiru added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    is she trying to copy LilyPichu now to get her 'uwu guys! lesbobait fanservice for views' back? This is so weird lmao. If you dont know, Lily's fav pokemon is Pichu and shes been all about it since the start of her career.
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  8. Cringemiru added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I bet that's all because of Offline.tv reddit in which people want Poki to leave since she doesn't suit here. Plus, let's not forget about nsfw Poki reddit.
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  9. Cringemiru added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    https://twitter.com/pokibtw/status/1063148187198808064Is she talking about herself? :LUL:

    But yeah, it is funny how she tweeted that 'hurr durr, this is a meme account guys...xdd dont take anything seriously @ whines and tries to shade on people here, just to play the victim card'.
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  10. Cringemiru added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Honestly, I didn't expect Sky to go WK on her, since he is all about some anti e-thot drama, but i guess he calls out e-thot streamers only when they hurt his feelings (example: he called out Anisa (iDubbz gf) because she was a fake hypocrite that used him for shit). Feelsbad.And in case, hes not a thirsty staright guy but a gay dude that keeps screaming that hes gay for attention, also replies to popular league-streamers for again, attention. Idk whats upw him. 
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  11. Cringemiru added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Another proof that people know about her PULL thread:

    So I suppose that the reason as to why people finally started seeing thru her shit is that she started complaining about 'online bullying' here abt her, but she didnt expect people to actually realize how terrible she is, thinking that they'll go like 'omegawd these people are sooo terrible!!! and ur such a perfect angel Imane'
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  12. Cringemiru added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    You think Poki would ever actually change? In my opinion, she won't, because it's too late for her now. Though maybe if she took like a year break from all the e-famous fiesta (streaming, etc) and focused on real life than being around thirsty virgins, she would understand something.
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  13. Cringemiru added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Talking about Thotimane bs and sexualization, i got really darn scared when i saw this new offline tv video thumbnail. 
    I do believe that i seem nitpick-y by talking about how weird her outfit is here, but damn son, that's a really big MonkaS there. I wouldnt mind if i saw any normal non sexual e-girl streamer wearing it, but _aaaaaaaaah_, I don't know. This thumbnail is too distrubing for me. Lets also not forget that they added coloring for this thumbnail, since the video has compl different colors that make Poki's shirt seem pretty normal, while here its abit of too much. Sorry if thats some lame tea-wannabe, just wanted to share my opinion! 
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  14. Cringemiru added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I bet she would scream ' hurr durr, but thats the only place where my webcam can chill w/o falling!1' / etcs, but thats still not an excuse... She should have sat like a damn normal person if she has her webcam placed like that. Plus, if she 'accidentally' moves her left leg, we would obv see her panties. This screenshot legit shows us for what people watch her stream : just to fap to their dream gamer girl. Can't imagine amount of viewers who sit on her stream just to masturbate, dreaming whats under her skirt. Yikes. I keep noticing that shes always sitting in an odd way, hows her posture?
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  15. Cringemiru added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    You would have to be completely stupid to get in Bronze, so I believe she would get around 1200 MMR if she'll play shit w/o aiming etcetc. Honestly, if she'll somehow move to OW i'm going to expect SSSniperWolf 2.0!! Lmao. If you guys don't know SSS and her OW shit, thing is, that she convinces people that she never plays as healers and always picks DPS and tank, but everytime people point out that she literally plays only as a healer and the char is Lucio shes saying 'hurr durr guys, u know, people dont want to pick healers so i go like 'huh well then, im gonna heal u guys xdxd' meanwhile there are A TONS of proofs that she plays only as Lucio,and in fact, gets boosted all the time bcz she keeps playing w master-diamond tier smurfs. If u wanna know more w ridiclious proofs, here https://youtu.be/b3f3SghHtgg 
    Ngl i more expect her to be SSSniperwolf 2.0 than go ranked on stream by herself, because u know, her ~gamer pride, irl waifu pride uwu, all perfect at video games and a true homie who is trying to seem so wholesome and indepedent~. 
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