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    That haircut doesn't fit her whatsoever. Her face is so long for that.  The 3/4 angle hides thay.  Also...  She looks like 10 years older.
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    Gay. That's it. 
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  4. Croissanjonji added a post in a topic Anyone else sick of tumblr?   

    Really? I hope not.  
    One day i asked in the tag on purpose about it,  about how they can justify being a reincarnation of something that is product of someones creation. The answers were:
    -Fuck you kinphobe! 
    -That question is ableist because some of us use the otherkin to cope,  u sweaty;))))))
    -The worlds you call fiction are real,  they exist in another dimension different than our physical existence. 
    So yeah,  the cringe and ridiculousness is real. 
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    Most of them identify as their favorite character and impose their shitty headcanons because "i am this character reincarnated". Some of them get called out because ficticious person + another racekin but they usually answer that they had a japanese ancestor so far that they look white. They also use the therm fictionkin.
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    that sucks, holy shit.
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  7. Croissanjonji added a post in a topic Anyone else sick of tumblr?   

    Enjoy,  if you guys can..
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    Here most associations have little help and they are mostly donation funded,  but,  they get paid to do talks in schools and stuff like that. When it comes to mental health, it is in the public healthcare, is slow but free and they do a pretty good job. 
    And i agree,  intersex people are not visible, less visible than agender people (who they are being more and more present and vocal). 
    And yeah,  i don't understand the androginy being called intersex, it makes no sense in my mind. 
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  9. Croissanjonji added a post in a topic Sexuality/Gender   

    But having a different sex than male and female means having different genitalia sets and/or combination.  But the chromosome combinations you have mentioned affect in hormones in the same way that hormone abnormalities do affect people with the regular set of chromosomes. 
    People with down syndrome are not interesex even tho they have a chromose abnormality having a copy of the 21th pair.
    Intersex is technically about genitalia,  but some organizations want to widen the idea. Some of this organizations claim that having for example the female genitalia but having things like wide shoulders, wide jaw, tall should be considered intersex because they are "male qualitys". I have seen another places where they talk about having different internal organs.
    But looks like some people is pushing the idea of androgynous being the same as intersex. And hormonal ups and downs with no actual genitalia change don't mean that is a different sex.  
    Ah,  and about World health organization i have done my research.  according to them that combination they are not sexes,  even they use the  therms male or female when it comes to the people with that sets,  not "intersex people".
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  10. Croissanjonji added a post in a topic Sexuality/Gender   

    Usually the choromosome abnormalities result in the person having down syndrome or hormonal problems and fertility.  That means that that combinations do not count as actual sexes because for example someone of xxxy is still male because the genitals are male,  but has puberty retardation, fertility problems and another symptoms that share with people with xxy (who still are male because genitals). And dont even talk about xyy (also called the superman syndrome)  who have a higher level of testosterone as a sympthom.
    Someone who is intersex has both genitals and the chromosome construction is mosaic, some cells being xy or xx usually in different quantities making one of the genitals underdeveloped. The ones you listed are no intersex,  they are choromosome construction failures that end up affecting into hormone production.
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  11. Croissanjonji added a post in a topic JubyPhonic/Juliet Simmons   

    Her covers are really hit or miss,  in some songs her voice sounds annoying, but in another ones it fits.  I think that with the time she will learn what actually fits.
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    Ps,  ps everywhere
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  13. Croissanjonji added a post in a topic Sexuality/Gender   

    People who claims they are trans and still wear with their sex clothers are not struggling, they are not trying to hide that they are trans because actually they are not trans.  The "clothes are not gendered" is pure bullshitery that fakebois throw there and here to be the part of a "special minority" while dressing like some harajuku fashion lover or emo kid. 
    And as pre-everything ftm i gotta say that even though i hide it pretty well and try to just ignore it, every single time some familiar or girl tells me  to "show more your body", "be proud of your body", "ladies don't talk like that" or the famous "you would look really lovely with something feminine" i  get pissed, i dissimulate it, but that feeling is still there.  So yeah,  an actual trans guy wearing girls clothes proudly is a fake trans guy. 
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  14. Croissanjonji added a post in a topic Anyone else sick of tumblr?   

    Great examples of this
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  15. Croissanjonji added a post in a topic Sexuality/Gender   

    Fakeboys usually meet more than one thing above (note: this stuff is taken from cases i have seen on internet and real life) 
    -Wearing feminine or "kawaii"
    -Female character cosplays 
    -If makes male cosplay is usually some disney character or some "interpretation as a trans boy"
    -Uses boy instead of male, man,  dude, guy or young man to define.
    -People supports economically to do the surgeries and pay the treatment, but the treatment never starts. 
    -Claims therapy started,  months pass and no change in the person. 
    -Claims therapy started, posts pills saying they are hormones, the pills are ibuprophen. 
    -Claims therapy started, when asked about the doctor that made the recipe, blocks the one who asked. 
    -Has a couple who uses she and reffers the subject as a girl on public and online,  the fakeboy does not correct,  not even once. 
    -Otherkin,  fictionkin and divine, enough said. 
    -No dysphoria (this one is important) 
    -No plan of transitioning whatsoever (this one is important) 
    -Grocery store list of mental illnesses, most of them personality disorders that appear and disappear magically. 
    -Abnormal hate towards cis people
    -Abnormal hate towards hetero people
    -Narcissistic and bratty
    -First second talking to her: "Hello my name is dbjdhdurbdjuf and i am a boy"
    -The male name is usually weebish, a god name or sound elfic. 
    -SJW an DWC
    -Dox people that does not do what they want
    -Only dating fakeboys,  no cis gay guys want to actually date them, call the cis gays transphobic.
    -Actually only want to be with gay guys and use the trans card.
    -Slips the female form
    There is some other stuff in the gray area. Most of this people friends and family know what is going on or they simply ignore it,  fakeboys can be spotted easily irl because of their ridiculous behaviour in public. 
    There are actual ftm who wear, act and try to be girly,  but they claim to be girls because of the fear or the doubt of being or not being trans.  Some  force themselves to be girly and feel good with their body, but end up frustrated. And there are the ones who  are just closeted,  waiting for the moment.
    My case is both of them,  i tried to be happy with my body but is impossible,  i do gradual changes into how i look to make me feel better (cutting my hair,  changing my clothes, signing my works with male   )  but i am still closeted.  Sometimes my toung slips a bit and i use the male forms and i have to cover it up with a "hahah i was thinking in another thing".
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